Paradise Highway

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Chapter 1

Sally had been feeling uneasy for days, she just couldnt shake the feeling that something was off. It had started the day she received a call from her brother, Mark. He was in trouble and needed her help, but it wasn’t like him to ask for help. She knew it must be serious, but he didnt tell her what it was. All he said was that if she didnt help him, it would be the end of him. She didn’t hesitate and agreed to do whatever it took to save him.

Later that evening, she was contacted by a prison gang, saying it was a matter of life and death. They told her that if she agreed to smuggle a parcel for them, her brother’s life would be spared. She knew the consequences if she refused, so she reluctantly agreed.

Chapter 2

The next day, Sally made her way to the prison gang’s hideout. She was escorted inside and handed a pouch. The man who handed it to her warned her not to open it and to make sure she delivered it to the address he gave her. She was also told that if she failed or was caught, it would mean her brother’s life.

Sally was relieved when she got to the address without any problems. She handed the pouch to the person who answered the door and was about to leave when a small voice called out. She turned around to see a young girl – Leila, just 13 years old – standing in the doorway. Sally froze, finally realising the pouch contained a person and not just an item. She had been unwittingly smuggling a child.

Chapter 3

The man who had given her the pouch was the girl’s father. He thanked Sally for taking the risk and told her that his daughter was being hunted by a rival gang and that he had been trying to get her to safety. He asked her to keep Leila hidden for one night and promised that in return, he would spare her brother’s life.

Sally agreed, but she was worried. She had never been in a situation like this before and she was scared of what might happen if she was caught. She decided to take Leila to her brother’s house. She had to be careful not to be spotted by anyone, and on the way she had to stop a couple of times to hide in the shadows while they were being followed.

Chapter 4

When they finally arrived, Sally was relieved to see that the house was empty. She found a spare bedroom and settled Leila in there, while she tried to think of a plan.

She had to find a way to get Leila to safety, while also avoiding being caught by the rival gang. She thought of asking a friend for help, but she was sure they would refuse. She then remembered a small boat she had seen moored in the harbour. She thought it would be the perfect way to get Leila away without anyone noticing.

Sally quickly made her arrangements and set off for the harbour. She was thankful for the cover of darkness as she loaded Leila into the boat and set off.

Chapter 5

Sally sailed through the night, constantly looking over her shoulder for signs of danger. Eventually, she reached the other side of the bay and she and Leila disembarked.

Sally was exhausted from the long journey. She said goodbye to Leila and watched as she was met by her father. She said a silent prayer for the girl’s safety and thanked God for getting them both to safety. She knew she had taken a huge risk, but it had been worth it.

When she returned home, she knew her brother was safe. In that moment, she felt relieved and proud of herself for taking the brave step to save him.



SALLY (20s), is walking down the dark alleyway. Her face is pale and her hands are shaking. She stops outside a shady looking warehouse and takes a deep breath.


No turning back now…

She pushes open the door and steps inside.


The warehouse is dimly lit, but Sally can make out a few shadowy figures in the corner. She takes a few steps forward, her heart pounding.

SALLY (gulps)

I’m here…

Suddenly one of the figures moves forward, revealing itself to be a tall, muscular MAN (30s). He has a cruel look in his eyes and a gun in his hand.


You must be Sally. You’re late.


Sorry. I…

Suddenly, the Man grabs Sally by the arm and leads her to the back of the warehouse, where there are several large crates.


This is the cargo. Make sure you don’t drop it, or else.

Sally looks at the crates fearfully. She knows what is inside – illicit cargo for a deadly prison gang. She swallows hard and nods.


Yes sir.

The Man throws her a bag and points to a shipping container in the corner.


Put the cargo in there, and then get out.

Sally takes the bag and walks over to the shipping container. She takes a deep breath and unzips the bag, revealing a small bundle inside. She feels a chill run up her spine as she realises what it is – a child. She looks around, panic stricken, and notices the Man staring at her with a cold, calculating gaze.


Please, don’t make me do this…

The Man steps closer, his eyes burning with anger.


Do as you’re told. This cargo is worth a lot of money, and you’ll get a share for helping us out.

Sally can feel her heart pounding in her chest. She knows what she must do, for her brother’s life hangs in the balance. She takes a deep breath and nods.



The Man hands Sally a small envelope which contains instructions on how to transport the cargo safely. Sally looks at it fearfully and takes a deep breath.


I’m ready.

The Man nods and watches as Sally carries the bundle into the shipping container and seals it shut. She takes one last look at the Man before walking out of the warehouse.


Sally walks down the street, her head bowed. Tears stream down her cheeks as she thinks of the young girl she had just smuggled into the hands of a dangerous criminal organisation. She takes a deep breath and quickens her pace, determined to get her brother out of trouble.


Sally is at the park, waiting for the exchange to take place. Suddenly, a black car pulls up beside her and a man steps out. He smiles coldly at Sally, who can feel her heart racing in her chest.


You have the package?

Sally nods and hands him the envelope.

The man opens it and pulls out a small bundle – 13-year old LEILA, who is bound and gagged. He smiles coldly at Sally, who can feel the bile rising in her throat.


Good. Now, as agreed, I will keep your brother safe. If you ever try to interfere, you will both regret it.

Sally can feel her eyes welling up with tears as she realises what she has done. She takes a deep breath and nods, unable to speak. The man steps back into the car, taking Leila with him, and drives away.


Sally sits on the park bench, her head in her hands. She can’t believe she has been party to such a heinous act. She takes a deep breath and stands up, determined to make things right.


I won’t let this happen again.



Sally walks into the police station and tells the officers everything she knows about the criminal organisation and the child she had smuggled. She promises to help in any way she can to bring them to justice.

The officers nod, impressed by Sally’s courage.

The officers arrest the criminals and rescue Leila from their clutches. Sally watches with relief as Leila is reunited with her family.



Sally and her brother are sitting on the park bench. They embrace, both of them grateful to be alive and reunited.


I’m so glad you’re OK.

Her brother nods and smiles at her.


Thanks to you. I don’t know what I’d do without you, sis.

The siblings sit in silence for a few moments, taking in the moment. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows, sending a soft breeze their way. Sally takes a deep breath and smiles.


It’s a fresh start.

The siblings hug, knowing that no matter what happens, they will face it together.


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