Mulholland Drive

In Hollywood, dreams can become nightmares, and identities unravel like a thread in the wind.

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The city of Angels, Hollywood, has been a beacon of hope for many aspiring actors and actresses seeking their fortunes. It has seen people rise to fame and fortune and has witnessed the fall of many others. Betty Elms, a young starry-eyed hopeful, is no different. Her dreams of becoming a movie star have brought her to the city of dreams, but little does she know that her path will cross with a mysterious woman, and her life will never be the same again.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Betty Elms arrived at LAX on a warm afternoon. It was her first time in the city of Hollywood, and she was eager to get started. Fresh-faced and dressed neatly, Betty looked around the airport in anticipation, taking in the hustle and bustle of the airport. She had an air of determination about her, like someone who knew what they wanted and wasn’t afraid to go for it.

As she stepped out of the airport into the warm Californian sun, Betty’s eyes lit up with excitement. She knew she was about to embark on a new adventure and couldn’t wait to see where it would take her. She hailed a taxi and gave the driver the address of her aunt’s apartment.

On the way to her aunt’s apartment, Betty soaked in everything the city had to offer. She stared in awe at the towering skyscrapers, the billboard signs advertising the latest movies, and the long stretches of palm-tree lined streets. She knew that this was the place where dreams came true.

After a short ride, the taxi pulled up in front of a modest-looking apartment building. Betty paid the driver and stepped out of the car, taking a deep breath as she looked up at the building. She took a moment to straighten her dress before making her way inside.

As she walked up the stairs to her aunt’s apartment, Betty couldn’t help but feel a flutter of excitement in her chest. Everything felt new and exhilarating, and she was excited to see what the city had in store for her.

When she reached the door to her aunt’s apartment, Betty took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A moment later, her aunt opened the door and welcomed her inside. After catching up for a bit, Betty told her aunt that she was going to explore the city and left the apartment.

Walking around the city, Betty took in the sights, smells, and sounds around her. She wandered the busy streets, past the shops and restaurants, taking it all in. As she made her way back to her aunt’s apartment, she saw a woman stumbling out of a nearby alleyway, looking disorientated and confused.

Betty approached the woman cautiously, asking if she needed help. The woman, who introduced herself as Rita, seemed to be suffering from amnesia. She had no memory of who she was, or how she ended up in the alleyway.

Betty felt compelled to help the woman, who seemed lost and frightened. She took Rita back to her aunt’s apartment, where she offered to let her stay until they could find some answers. Betty’s curiosity was piqued, and she couldn’t help but wonder who this mysterious woman was and what had happened to her.

As they settled Rita into the spare bedroom, Betty’s mind was racing with possibilities. Who was this woman, and why was she in such a state? Betty knew that she had to help Rita, and together they set off to solve the mystery of her identity.

Chapter 2: The Mystery

Betty and Rita sit in Betty’s aunt’s apartment, trying to make sense of the situation they found themselves in. Rita has no memory of who she is or how she ended up stranded on the dark, winding road that Betty found her on. She has no identification and no belongings, save for a small purse she was clutching when Betty found her.

Betty takes out Rita’s purse and begins to sift through it, hoping to find some clue that might give them a lead. She finds nothing remarkable at first but then her fingers brush against something hard and metallic. She pulls out a small, unusual looking blue key and holds it up to the light.

“What’s this?” Betty asks, her curiosity piqued.

Rita shakes her head, her eyes widening in surprise. “I don’t know,” she says. “I don’t remember anything.”

Betty continues to study the key, trying to make sense of its shape and design. It is unlike any key she has ever seen before, with strange, jagged edges and intricate grooves. She wonders what it could possibly unlock.

As they continue to go through Rita’s purse, they come across a wad of cash. Betty is surprised to find several hundred dollars in the purse. The money seems out of place, and she wonders why Rita would be carrying it around with her.

“Did you have any idea that you had this much money on you?” Betty asks Rita.

Rita shakes her head, her eyes widening in confusion. “No, I don’t remember having that much money,” she says. “I don’t know where it came from.”

Betty begins to suspect that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. She wonders if Rita might be involved in something dangerous, or if she is fleeing from someone or something.

“Maybe we should go to the police,” Betty suggests.

Rita shakes her head, looking panicked. “No, we can’t go to the police,” she says. “I don’t know what could happen. What if they find out something bad about me?”

Betty nods, understanding Rita’s reluctance to involve the authorities. She knows that Hollywood can be a dangerous place, and that law enforcement might not be able to help them.

“Okay, we won’t go to the police,” Betty says. “But we need to figure out who you are and why you’re here. Maybe we can find some clues in your purse.”

They continue to search through the purse, hoping to find something that might give them a lead. Betty discovers a matchbook from the Club Silencio, a popular nightclub in the city. She wonders if it might be a place that Rita frequented, or if it might be connected to her past in some way.

“Have you ever been to the Club Silencio?” Betty asks Rita.

Rita shakes her head, looking confused. “I don’t know,” she says. “I don’t remember anything.”

Betty tries to remain optimistic, hoping that they will find more information that might lead them to answers. She senses that there is something sinister beneath the surface of the situation they have found themselves in, and she worries that they might be in grave danger.

As they continue to search through Rita’s purse, Betty feels a growing sense of unease. She wonders what secrets the blue key might unlock, and what other clues might lead them to the truth. She knows that they must remain vigilant and cautious, for there is much at stake.

Little did they know that the key and the cash were just the beginning of a twisted and dark mystery that would plunge them into the depths of Hollywood’s underbelly.

Chapter 3: The Ominous Meeting

Adam Kesher, a successful filmmaker, was in the middle of casting his latest project when he received unexpected visitors. Two menacing men barged into his office and announced that they were taking over the casting. Kesher was shocked and confused, not understanding why or who these people were.

The men introduced themselves as mafia men and informed Kesher that they were sent by a powerful individual who had a vested interest in the movie. Kesher protested, stating that he had creative control and had already cast some of the actors for the film. However, the men were not interested in his arguments and demanded that he step down and leave the casting to them.

Kesher was terrified, as he had never encountered such a situation before. He tried to resist and negotiate with the men, but they were insistent and threatened him with violence if he did not comply. Kesher knew he was in trouble and had no idea what to do next.

As the men left, Kesher decided to take matters into his own hands. He called his lawyer, who advised him to go to the police and report the incident. Kesher hesitated, knowing that this would only escalate the situation and put his life in danger.

Feeling lost and overwhelmed, Kesher decided to take a drive to clear his mind. He drove up Mulholland Drive, the scenic road that overlooks Los Angeles. As he drove, he saw a woman crying on the side of the road. He pulled over to see if she needed help.

The woman was disoriented and seemed to be in a state of shock. Kesher tried to calm her down and ask her what was wrong, but she could not remember anything. The woman introduced herself as Rita, and Kesher offered to take her to the hospital.

As they drove, Kesher noticed that Rita’s purse was lying on the seat next to her. He thought it might contain some identification or clues to her identity and asked if he could take a look. Rita agreed, and Kesher searched through the bag.

Inside, he found an unusual blue key and a wad of cash. He asked Rita about them, but she had no memory of them. Kesher became curious and decided to investigate the key and cash further.

Kesher dropped Rita off at a nearby hotel and then headed back to his office. He called in a private investigator to help him unravel the mystery of the key and cash. The investigator discovered that the key belonged to a storage locker in Downtown LA, and Kesher decided to investigate further.

As Kesher arrived at the storage locker, he found the door slightly ajar. He pushed it open and entered the dimly lit room. Inside, he found a stack of cash, a strange blue box, and a letter addressed to a woman named Diane Selwyn.

Kesher was intrigued and started to piece together the clues. He discovered that Diane Selwyn was an aspiring actress who had disappeared a year earlier. He realized that the box might contain important information about her whereabouts and opened it.

Inside the box was a collection of trinkets, including a blue key similar to the one he had found in Rita’s purse. Kesher was confused and felt like he was getting closer to solving the mystery, but the pieces did not quite fit together yet.

As Kesher left the storage locker and drove back to his office, he could not shake the feeling that he was in danger. He knew that the mafia men were still after him and that he needed to be careful.

Kesher arrived back at his office, only to find that it had been ransacked. The files on his project were scattered on the floor, and his computer had been stolen. Kesher was terrified and knew that he was in too deep.

As Kesher sat in his office, he realized that he could not fight this alone. He needed help, and he needed it fast. He searched for any leads or connections that he could make and remembered Rita. He decided to reach out to her and see if she could provide any additional information.

In the next chapter, Kesher and Rita will team up to try and solve the mystery together, as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, leading them down a dangerous and unpredictable path.

Chapter 4: The Search Continues

Betty and Rita headed to Mulholland Drive, a winding road that runs through the hills of Los Angeles, to search for clues about Rita’s identity. They drove past expensive mansions and gated communities until they reached a strange-looking apartment complex. The building was old and run-down, with peeling paint and broken windows.

Betty parked the car, and they walked up to the building, which had a large neon sign that read “Silencio.” They went inside and were surprised to see that it was a night club. A man in a top hat, who was also the emcee, gestured for them to enter. The room was dark and smoky, with people sitting at small tables. A woman came on stage and began singing a haunting song. Betty and Rita were captivated by her voice.

When the song ended, the emcee introduced a magician who performed a series of illusions. Afterward, he came over to their table to show them a trick with a deck of cards. He asked Betty to pick a card, which she did, and then he asked her to show it to Rita. When they looked back at him, he had transformed into a different man. Betty and Rita were shocked and confused, wondering what they had stumbled upon.

After the show, they decided to investigate further. They walked through the crowd and into the empty hallway behind the stage. They saw a door with a light on, which led to a small room. Inside, they found a mysterious box with a name tag that read, “Diane Selwyn.” The box was locked, and there was no keyhole. Betty tried to open it, but it was clear that it was meant to remain closed.

They left the building and headed back to the car. As they were driving away, they noticed a man following them on a motorcycle. Betty tried to lose him, but he kept up with them until they reached a dead-end street. The man approached their car and demanded the blue key that Rita had found in her purse. Betty hesitated, but Rita handed it over. The man took the key and rode away.

Betty and Rita were shaken by the encounter. They drove back to Betty’s aunt’s apartment, and Betty decided to call the police to report the incident. When the police arrived, they were skeptical of their story, pointing out that they had no evidence of any wrongdoing. Betty and Rita were frustrated and felt like they were on their own in their search for answers.

Later that night, Betty had a vivid dream that transported her to a parallel reality. In the dream, she was a successful actress and was happily married to a man named Adam Kesher. The dream ended abruptly, and Betty woke up, feeling disoriented and confused.

The next day, Betty and Rita decided to go to a movie studio to look for clues about Diane Selwyn’s identity. They went to the casting office and asked to see her audition tape. The receptionist was hesitant, but after Betty explained their situation, the receptionist agreed to show them the tape.

As they watched, they soon discovered that Rita was actually Diane Selwyn, and that she was involved in a love triangle that ended tragically. Betty became distraught, feeling like everything in her life had been a lie. She and Rita left the studio and headed back to the apartment, where they planned to confront Diane and ask her for the truth.

In the final scene of the chapter, Betty transformed into an unknown woman, suggesting the possibility that everything was a dream or a result of her delusions. The reader is left wondering what will happen next and what the ultimate truth of the story will be.

Chapter 5: The Dream Sequence

Betty opens her eyes and looks around the room. The sun is shining through the window, casting a warm glow on the walls. She stretches and smiles, feeling content and relaxed. She gets out of bed and walks across the room, admiring the photos of her and her husband hanging on the walls.

As she walks into the kitchen, she sees her husband, Adam Kesher, sitting at the table. He greets her with a kiss on the cheek, and she sits down to join him. They pour each other coffee and talk about their plans for the day.

Betty is amazed by how vivid and real the dream feels, as if she is living in a parallel universe. She goes about her day, running errands and meeting with her agent. Everywhere she goes, she sees posters and billboards advertising her latest movie, “The Sylvia North Story.”

As she walks down the street, she sees a group of fans approaching her. They ask for autographs and pictures, thrilled to meet their favorite actress. Betty happily obliges, feeling grateful for the love and support she receives from her fans.

Later that evening, Betty and Adam attend a glamorous party, filled with Hollywood’s elite. Betty is wearing a stunning black gown, and Adam is dressed in a sharp tuxedo. They socialize with the guests, drinking champagne and enjoying the music.

As the night goes on, Betty notices a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. She can’t quite make out who it is, but she feels uneasy. Suddenly, the lights go out, and she hears a scream. She turns to look for Adam, but he is nowhere to be found.

Betty runs through the dark, trying to find her husband. She hears footsteps behind her, and she turns to see a man in a black suit. He grabs her and drags her into a room, locking the door behind them.

Betty is terrified, unsure of what is happening. The man walks toward her, and she realizes that he is one of the hitmen from Diane’s audition tape. The man advances on her, and Betty tries to fight him off, but he overpowers her.

Just as the man is about to strike, Betty wakes up. She is lying in bed, panting and sweating. She feels disoriented, not sure if what just happened was real or a dream. She looks around the room, seeing her familiar surroundings, and realizes that it was all a figment of her imagination.

Betty is shaken, unsure of what to make of the dream. She questions whether it was a sign of her subconscious desires or a warning of what is to come. She tries to shake off the feeling of dread, telling herself that it was just a dream.

As she gets up to start her day, she sees a photo of her and Diane on the nightstand. She remembers their search for answers, trying to uncover the mystery of Diane’s identity. Betty wonders if there is a connection between the dream and the investigation, leading her to wonder if it was all just a coincidence.

Betty takes a deep breath, trying to clear her mind of the dream and focus on finding Diane’s true identity. She knows that the truth will be revealed soon, and she is determined to uncover it, no matter the cost.

The chapter ends with Betty staring out the window, feeling a mix of confusion and optimism. She knows that the road ahead will not be easy, but she is ready to face it head-on, no matter what lies ahead.

Chapter 6: The Revelation

Betty and Rita arrive at a theatre, where they plan to watch an audition tape belonging to Diane Selwyn, the woman whose name they discovered on the mysterious box they found in the apartment complex on Mulholland Drive. As they sit in the dark theatre and the lights dim, the tape begins to play.

The scene opens with Diane sitting in the same room where Betty and Rita had found the box. She is visibly upset and can be heard muttering to herself. She seems to be rehearsing a breakup speech, and as the scene progresses, it becomes clear that she is in the middle of a love triangle.

Diane’s lover is a successful filmmaker named Adam Kesher, the same man who had run into trouble casting his latest project. The other woman in the triangle is an actress named Camilla Rhodes, who has landed the lead role in Adam’s film.

As the tape continues to play, Betty and Rita realize the depth of Diane’s despair. She is completely broken, and it is clear that something terrible is about to happen. As the camera pans away from Diane, the scene changes, and Rita suddenly gasps in recognition.

“That’s me,” she whispers, pointing at the screen. “That’s who I used to be.”

Betty is taken aback, realizing that Rita is actually Diane Selwyn. The revelation is a harsh blow, and Betty’s world seems to shatter around her. Rita’s amnesia is clearly linked to the events of the love triangle, and Betty is left to piece together the fractured story.

The tape plays on, and Betty watches in horror as Diane’s life falls apart. Camilla Rhodes becomes more and more prominent in Adam’s life, and Diane is pushed to the sidelines. In one scene, Adam is shown kissing Camilla on the lips, and Diane’s reaction is almost too painful to watch.

Betty realizes that Diane’s jealousy and heartbreak were too much to bear. In a fit of despair, Diane hires two hitmen to kill Camilla and drive her to suicide. It is a shocking revelation, and Betty is left reeling.

The scene on the tape switches again, this time to an alternate reality where Rita appears as a glamorous actress, and Diane is nowhere to be seen. Betty watches in fascination as the scene plays out, suddenly understanding that it is all a dream, or perhaps a delusion.

As the tape ends and the lights come up, Betty and Rita are left to confront the reality of their relationship. They are not the friends they thought they were, and Betty is left to wonder if anything in her life is real. She transforms into an unknown woman, and the camera fades to black, leaving the audience with more questions than answers.

The end of chapter 6 is a turning point, and the audience is left in suspense about what will happen next. The plot has thickened, and Betty’s character has been stripped down to her core. The revelation about Diane’s involvement in the love triangle is shocking, and the alternate reality scene adds a layer of complexity that is sure to keep the audience engaged.

Chapter 7: The Climax

Betty stared at Diane in shock, unable to process the revelation. Her whole world had turned upside down in a matter of minutes. She had come to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, but instead, she had stumbled upon a web of deceit and despair.

“Diane, how could you?” Betty asked, tears streaming down her face. “How could you do something so terrible?”

Diane looked at her sadly, her eyes full of regret. “I was in love with him, Betty. I thought he loved me too, but he was only using me for his own gain. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I hired those men to kill him. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone else.”

Betty shook her head, unable to believe what she was hearing. “But why did you involve me in all of this? Why did you pretend to be Rita?”

Diane sighed. “I didn’t know what else to do. I was scared, and I needed someone to help me. When I saw you, I knew I could trust you. And then…well, things just got out of hand.”

Betty sat down on the couch, feeling numb. She had been so naive, so trusting. She had wanted to believe that Hollywood was a place where dreams came true, but now she knew the truth. It was a place full of darkness and despair, where people did anything to get ahead.

Suddenly, everything began to blur. Betty felt like she was in a dream, where nothing made sense. She looked at Diane, who was now staring at her with a strange expression.

“Betty…are you okay?” Diane asked, her voice distant.

Betty tried to respond, but her throat felt like it was closing up. She looked around the room, noticing that everything was fading away. The walls, the furniture, even Diane, were all melting into nothingness.

And then, suddenly, she was in a different place. She was standing in a dark alley, surrounded by shadowy figures. She couldn’t see their faces, but she knew they were dangerous.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice trembling.

One of the figures stepped forward, and Betty could see that it was a man. He was handsome and charming, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“Hello, Betty,” he said, his voice like honey. “Welcome to the real Hollywood.”

Betty felt a sense of familiarity, like she had met this man before. But she couldn’t place him.

“Who are you?” she asked again, more urgently.

The man smiled. “I’m the reason you’re here, Betty. I’m the one who brought you to this place. And I have a proposition for you.”

Betty felt a surge of fear and excitement. She didn’t know what this man wanted from her, but she was curious.

“What kind of proposition?” she asked, trying to sound brave.

The man leaned close to her, whispering in her ear. “I want you to be a star, Betty. I want you to be the biggest actress in Hollywood. And I can make it happen.”

Betty’s heart raced as she listened to him. She knew it was crazy, but she wanted to believe him. She wanted to believe that she could be someone important, someone special.

“What do I have to do?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

The man chuckled. “Oh, nothing too difficult. Just sign this contract, and you’ll be on your way to the top.”

He handed Betty a piece of paper, which she took hesitantly. She tried to read it, but the words were blurry and indistinct.

“What is this?” she asked, feeling a sense of unease.

The man smiled again. “Just a little agreement between us, Betty. Sign it, and you’ll be on your way to fame and fortune. Refuse, and…well, let’s just say you won’t like the consequences.”

Betty looked at him, feeling a sense of dread. She didn’t know what this man wanted from her, but she knew it couldn’t be good.

“I don’t want to be famous,” she said, her voice shaking. “I don’t want any of this.”

The man’s smile faded, and his eyes turned cold. “I’m afraid you don’t have a choice, Betty. You’re already in too deep. You’ve seen things you weren’t supposed to see. You know too much. And I can’t have you running around, telling people what you know.”

He reached out to grab her, but Betty pulled away. She ran down the alley, trying to find a way out. But no matter which way she turned, she was blocked by shadowy figures.

Suddenly, she was back in Diane’s apartment, staring at her in horror. Diane was gone, and in her place was the man from the alley.

“I told you, Betty,” he said, his voice cold and menacing. “You can’t escape me. You belong to me now.”

Betty tried to run, but the man grabbed her arm, pulling her close. She could smell his cologne, a sickly sweet scent that made her want to gag.

“You’re going to be a star, Betty,” he whispered. “Whether you like it or not.”

And then, suddenly, Betty woke up. She was back in her aunt’s apartment, lying in bed. It was morning, and the sun was shining outside.

She sat up, feeling disoriented and confused. Had it all been a dream? Or had it been real?

She got out of bed and went to the window, looking out at the city below. She felt a sense of sadness wash over her, thinking about all the people who came to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, only to end up broken and disillusioned.

But she also felt a sense of hope. Maybe she didn’t need to be a star to be happy. Maybe she could find fulfillment in other ways.

She turned away from the window, feeling more determined than ever. She was going to make a life for herself in Hollywood, on her own terms. She didn’t need anyone else’s approval to be happy.

And with that thought, she set out into the city, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

The end.

Some scenes from the movie Mulholland Drive written by A.I.

Scene 1



Betty Elms, a beautiful and ambitious young woman, steps out of the taxi and takes in the sights and sounds of Hollywood for the first time. The sun is shining and the streets are buzzing with excitement.


Betty meets her aunt, Ruth, who welcomes her to her Hollywood apartment. Betty is overjoyed to see her aunt and eager to start pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress.


Betty stops at a coffee shop, where she meets an enigmatic brunette with amnesia, who introduces herself as Rita. Betty is immediately drawn to Rita’s mysterious aura and offers to help her.


Betty takes Rita back to her aunt’s apartment, where the two bond over dinner. Betty is fascinated by Rita’s story and vows to help her uncover her true identity.


We’ll figure this out together, Rita. Whatever it takes.


Thank you, Betty. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Betty smiles, feeling a newfound sense of purpose and excitement about the adventure that lies ahead.


Scene 2



Betty sits at her kitchen table, staring at the blue key and wad of cash that Rita left behind. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the door. She quickly hides the items in a drawer and answers the door to find Rita standing there.


Hey, come on in.

Rita steps through the door and immediately starts to look around the apartment.


Have you found anything yet?


No, not yet. But we’ll figure it out.

Rita walks over to the drawer and pulls it open, revealing the key and cash.


What’s this?

Betty hesitates for a moment before explaining.


It’s what we found in your purse. I thought it might be important.

Rita picks up the key and examines it closely.


I don’t recognize this. Do you know what it’s for?

Betty shakes her head.


No, but maybe we can ask around and see if anyone else knows.

Rita nods in agreement, and they both sit down at the table.


Do you remember anything else?


No, I keep trying to remember, but it’s like my memory’s been erased.

Betty leans in, trying to think of anything that might help.


What about your clothes? Do they look familiar?

Rita shakes her head.


No, they don’t. But I do remember waking up in a darkened alley, with no idea how I got there.

Betty looks concerned.


That’s scary. We’ll figure it out though. We’ll find out who you are and what happened to you.

The two women sit in silence for a moment before Betty speaks up.


Hey, I know! Let’s go to my Aunt Ruth’s dinner party tonight. Maybe we’ll run into someone who knows something.

Rita looks hesitant.


I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. What if someone recognizes me?

Betty puts a reassuring hand on Rita’s shoulder.


Don’t worry. We’ll keep a low profile. Besides, it might be our best chance at finding some answers.

Rita nods in agreement, and they both start to prepare for the dinner party.


Scene 3


– Betty Elms: A young, determined actress

– Rita/Diane Selwyn: A mysterious woman with amnesia

– Adam Kesher: A struggling filmmaker

– The Cowboy: A mysterious figure who puts pressure on Kesher

– Hank and Gene: Two intimidating men who work for The Cowboy


Hollywood, in the heart of the movie industry.


Adam Kesher: “What’s going on? Who are you people?”

Hank: “We’re here to help you cast your movie. The Cowboy sent us.”

Adam Kesher: “I don’t need your help! I have everything under control.”

Gene: “You don’t understand, Mr. Kesher. The Cowboy has a vested interest in this project. We have to make sure it goes smoothly.”

Adam Kesher: “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be! I have a vision for my film, and I won’t let anyone take that away from me!”

The Cowboy (off-screen): “Mr. Kesher, you’re making a big mistake. You don’t want to mess with us.”



Adam Kesher is flipping through headshots of potential actresses for his upcoming film when there’s a knock at the door. He rises to answer it, expecting to see one of his associates, but he’s met by two menacing men: Hank and Gene.

Adam Kesher: “What’s going on? Who are you people?”

Hank: “We’re here to help you cast your movie. The Cowboy sent us.”

Adam Kesher: “I don’t need your help! I have everything under control.”

Gene: “You don’t understand, Mr. Kesher. The Cowboy has a vested interest in this project. We have to make sure it goes smoothly.”

Adam Kesher: “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be! I have a vision for my film, and I won’t let anyone take that away from me!”

The Cowboy (off-screen): “Mr. Kesher, you’re making a big mistake. You don’t want to mess with us.”

Adam Kesher turns around to see The Cowboy, a mysterious figure, standing in the doorway. He’s dressed in a cowboy hat, boots, and a leather jacket, and he exudes confidence and power.

Adam Kesher: “Who are you?”

The Cowboy: “I’m The Cowboy. I’m here to make sure your film gets made.”

Adam Kesher: “I don’t want your help. I have everything under control.”

The Cowboy: “That’s where you’re wrong, Mr. Kesher. You’re in over your head. This is my town, and I run things my way.”

Adam Kesher: “I won’t let you bully me into doing something I don’t want to do.”

The Cowboy: “You’re a stubborn man, Mr. Kesher. But I have a feeling you’ll come around. Just remember, you don’t want to cross me. You won’t like the consequences.”

The Cowboy and his two associates leave, leaving Adam Kesher feeling shaken and alone.


Scene 4


Betty and Rita arrive in front of an old, eerie apartment complex. The building is in disrepair, and the neighbors seem sketchy. They enter the building and make their way up to the fourth floor landing.


Betty pulls out the blue key she found in Rita’s purse and tries it on the locked door. The door creaks open, and they step inside. It’s an empty apartment with all its belongings removed. The only thing remaining is a large cardboard box.

Rita approaches the box and lifts the lid. Inside, she finds a pile of personal items, including old letters and a small photo album.

Betty sits beside her, and they begin to look through the photos. They see pictures of a couple on vacation, a young woman with her friends, and various snapshots of happy moments.



Whose are these? Who do they belong to?



I don’t know, but something about them feels familiar.

Suddenly, they hear a sound from outside the door. They freeze.



Did you hear that?



Shh. Be quiet.

They hear the sound again, and this time it’s louder. Betty gets up to investigate, but the door slams shut, locking her inside.


(pounding on the door)

Rita, help! The door’s stuck!



I don’t know what to do!

Betty looks around the apartment for anything that might help, but there’s nothing. Suddenly, she spots a section of the wall that looks different than the rest. She approaches it and gives it a push. The wall opens up, revealing a secret passage.


(grabbing Rita’s hand)

Come on, let’s go!

They crawl through the narrow passage and emerge into a dusty storage room. They hear footsteps approaching from the other end of the room.



Who’s there?

Suddenly, the lights go out, plunging them into darkness.

Scene 5



Betty and Rita drive up the winding Mulholland Drive, arriving at a beautiful Spanish-style house nestled among the trees. They follow the path to the back where a stunning pool overlooks the sweeping view of the city below.


This is it. This is the place I saw in my dream.


Your dream?


Yes, the dream I told you about. This is the house.

Rita looks at Betty, confused.


I know it sounds crazy, but I dreamed about this place. It was like I’d been here before.


Do you think we’ll find anything here?

Betty nods and they walk to the door. Betty hesitates before ringing the bell, her hand shaking slightly.


I hope I’m not wrong about this.

Rita comforts her and they ring the bell. After a moment, a woman answers the door.



Diane! It’s you!

The woman looks at Betty, puzzled.


I’m sorry, do I know you?



I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.



It’s quite all right. Can I help you with something?

Betty and Rita look at each other, unsure of how to proceed.


We were just admiring your home. It’s beautiful.


Thank you. Although I’m afraid it’s not really mine anymore.



What do you mean?


I had some financial trouble and had to sell it. I’m actually moving out later this week.



That’s too bad.


It is what it is. Can I offer you some lemonade or something to drink?



No, we should go. Thank you for your time.

They say goodbye and walk back to the car.



Well, that was a bust.



I don’t know. Something about her seemed familiar.



Betty, we’ve hit a dead end. We don’t have any leads, any clues. What are we going to do?

Betty looks out at the view, lost in thought.


I don’t know. But I have a feeling we’re going to figure this out. We just have to keep searching.

Rita nods, looking at Betty with newfound respect.


Okay. Let’s keep going.


Author: AI