Man on Fire

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John Creasy inhaled a deep breath and let it out in a long, heavy sigh. He had been in this same spot, year after year, and nothing ever changed. The same broken-down building, the same endless, barren desert, and the same brooding, broken man.

He had once been an exemplary CIA operative, feared and respected for his skills and courage. But those days were long since gone, his career and life left in shambles by a series of events he could never quite piece together. He was a shell of his former self, a walking corpse kept alive only by a deep longing for a better life, a longing that seemed more out of reach than ever.

But then, as if by fate, he was given a chance to atone for his failures. A chance to protect, perhaps for the first time in a very long time. It was a chance he couldn’t refuse.

Chapter 1

John Creasy stepped out of the cab, his long leather coat flapping in the wind as he made his way to the grand estate on the outskirts of the city. He had been hired to serve as bodyguard to the three-year-old daughter of a wealthy business mogul, and while he was no stranger to danger, this job was different. This was a chance to protect someone, to make a difference in someone’s life, and he was determined to make the most of it.

He had been briefed on the job and the family before he arrived, but he could never have prepared himself for the scene that greeted him when he stepped into the enormous foyer. The little girl, Pita Ramos, was playing on the floor, her infectious laughter washing over him like a wave of warmth and reassurance. He felt a strange stirring in his chest that he hadn’t felt in a very long time, and he knew in that moment that he would protect this child with his own life if necessary.

Chapter 2

John settled into his new role as bodyguard as if he was born for it. He spent every waking moment with Pita, accompanying her to the park and her lessons, playing games with her and taking her out for ice cream. Little by little, he began to feel alive again, and he no longer saw the world as a place of perpetual despair.

In Pita, he found a sense of purpose and the beginnings of a family. He treated her as if she were his own daughter, never letting her out of his sight. He was determined to keep her safe, and he was determined to build a better life for them both.

Chapter 3

Just when John thought he had found a place in this world, tragedy struck. Pita was kidnapped, and he was helpless to do anything but watch as his newfound family was ripped away from him.

The abduction set off a chain of events that brought John back to his old life, a life of danger and death. He became a cold, calculating machine of destruction, a predator on the hunt for justice. He vowed to bring Pita home, no matter the cost. He was ready to reclaim his soul, and he was ready to fight.

Chapter 4

John set off, leaving no stone unturned in the search for Pita. He used his CIA training to track down clues, and slowly he followed the trail that led to her captors. He discovered a powerful drug cartel operating in the area, and he quickly realized that the cartel must have been behind her abduction.

Desperate to save Pita, he made a daring plan. He infiltrated the cartel’s inner circle, putting himself in danger to get close to the people who had taken her. Using every ounce of his training and cunning, he was able to locate her location and mount a daring rescue mission.

Chapter 5

The raid was a success, and John was able to reunite Pita with her parents. She was safe, and he felt a sense of peace and fulfillment that he hadn’t felt in years.

But the road ahead was not finished. The cartel was still out there, still a threat. John knew that he couldn’t let them continue to operate unchecked, and he began to work on a plan to bring them down.

With the help of his former colleagues in the CIA, and a few daring stunts of his own, he was able to dismantle the cartel and bring the leaders to justice.


John returned to the Ramos family, and he finally felt at home. He resumed his role as Pita’s bodyguard, and he watched with pride as she grew up into a strong, independent young woman.

The years passed, but John never lost his sense of purpose. He continued to protect Pita and the Ramos family, and he was always there when they needed him.

When Pita graduated from college and began to pursue her own dreams, John felt a sense of pride. He had done his job, and he had protected the one thing that mattered most to him.

No matter what else happened in his life, John Creasy knew that he had fulfilled his duty as a protector. He had found a place in this world, and he had found a family. He was at peace.

Some scenes from the AI movie Man on Fire

Fade In.


A busy street of a major city. Pedestrians walk past and cars drive by.



The Ramos family estate is on the edge of the city. The property is large and impressive, with a tall iron gate surrounding it.


John Creasy steps through the main entrance and is greeted by Maria Ramos, Pita’s mother. Maria is relieved to see him and immediately brings him up to speed on Pita’s disappearance.


John, it’s been three days since Pita was taken. We’ve searched everywhere, called the police, but nothing. We don’t know what to do.

John nods in understanding, then turns to one of the servants.


Get me a map of the city. I’m going to find Pita.

The servant hurriedly does as he’s told. John takes the map and looks it over.


I’ll need a car, a driver, a gun.

Maria nods her head in agreement and motions to the servant again. The servant quickly fetches the requested items and John is ready to go.


John drives the car quickly through the city streets, his expression focused and determined.


John’s car pulls up to an abandoned underpass. He gets out of the car and starts to cautiously walk around, looking for any sign of Pita.

Suddenly, he hears a noise from nearby. He whips around and finds himself face to face with a group of armed men. He slowly raises his hands in surrender as one of them moves towards him, gun drawn.


What are you doing here?

John calmly responds, his voice strong.


I’m here to get my daughter.



The gang member pauses for a moment, then slowly lowers his gun. He recognizes John as someone who can be trusted, and a hint of respect enters his voice.


So, you’re the one they’ve been talking about. The man who’s been searching for his daughter.

John nods.


I am.

The gang member looks around, then speaks in a lowered voice.


I heard she was taken by some guys from the cartel. Rumor is, they’re holding her in an old warehouse in the industrial district.

John’s eyes light up. He knows that this is the information he needs.


Where can I find it?


I’ll show you.

The gang member leads John away, and John follows. They walk quickly through the underpass and then out into the industrial district.


John and the gang member make their way through the industrial district. The buildings are all old and run-down, and the streets are filled with thugs and criminals.

Finally, they come to a stop in front of an old warehouse. The gang member points to it.


That’s the place.

John stares at the building for a moment, then turns to the gang member.


Thank you.

The gang member nods, then takes off. John watches him go, then turns back to the warehouse. He takes a deep breath, then strides forward.


John cautiously enters the warehouse, gun in hand. He moves quickly and quietly through the dark corridors, searching for any sign of Pita.

Suddenly, he hears a noise coming from behind a door. He tenses, then slowly opens the door. Inside, he finds Pita, bound and gagged. He rushes over and quickly undoes the bindings, then holds her close.


Pita…I’m here.

Pita looks up at him, relief and gratitude in her eyes. John smiles down at her, then stands and takes her in his arms.



John and Pita return to the Ramos family estate. Maria rushes out, tears of joy streaming down her face. She embraces Pita tightly.


Oh my darling, I’m so glad you’re safe!

John watches the reunion, feeling a sense of pride and satisfaction. He had done it – he had found and rescued Pita. He had fulfilled his duty as a protector.



John watches as Pita and her family enjoy their reunion. He quietly slips away, feeling a sense of contentment. He had done his job, and he had saved the one thing that mattered most to him.

As he turns to leave, Maria calls after him.


John, wait.

John stops and turns back to her.


You don’t have to go. Stay with us.

John looks back at the family, then smiles.


I’d like that.

He steps forward and joins the group, feeling like he finally belongs.



The sun is setting over the estate, casting long shadows across the grounds. John stands on the balcony, watching as the evening light bathes the city in a warm, orange glow.

Suddenly, the sound of laughter breaks the peaceful silence. John turns to see Pita and her family playing a game of tag on the lawn. He watches them fondly, feeling a deep sense of happiness in his heart.

After a moment, Pita notices him and runs up to him. She beams up at him and he smiles down at her.


Come on, John! You have to play too!

John laughs and happily joins the game. For the first time in years, he is truly happy.


Author: AI