Knocked Up

“An unexpected twist. A chaotic romance. A beautiful accident. Discover love, laughter, and life in the most surprising ways!”

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In the pulsating heart of Los Angeles, where dreams flourish and wither, were two people from different walks of life. Ben Stone – your quintessential laid-back loafer, living life in the slow lane without a care in the world. His crumpled T-shirts and faded jeans were as unimpressive as his perpetual unemployment status. Not a worry or ambition clouded his mind; his life revolved around harmless pranks and endless banter with his equally slacker roommates.

Aliison Scott, on the other hand, was the epitome of the modern, driven woman. Her glossy hair, polished attire, and the air of authority were the results of relentless dedication and meticulous planning. She was on the fast track, her career on the rise at the E! Network, and her life neatly aligned with her aspirations.

Would it be fate or just a mere coincidence that these two characters, as different as chalk and cheese, would cross paths on a night peppered with unexpected events?

Chapter 1: “A Whirlwind Encounter”

The chapter opened on a night where the stars graced the sky, while the glitz of the city served as a perfect backdrop. Ben’s merry band of friends planned a night of wild revelry at a downtown club. Every corner was alive with laughter, clinking glasses, flashing lights and pulsating music. It was the quintessential scene of hedonism where Ben fit like a glove. Shaking off any semblance of responsibility, he blended into the crowd, sporting his goofy grin and wielding his unending charm.

Across the energetic dance floor, with her friends for a promotion celebration at the same club, was Alison. She was a picture of radiant beauty and grace in the midst of all the revelry. As the night progressed and the drinks flowed, their worlds collided. The vibrant lights fading into a haze, the music becoming a distant hum as they met.

Alison laughed at Ben’s ridiculously languid demeanor and his uncanny impersonation of their acerbic boss at E! network, while Ben found her unabashed laugh and sparkling eyes refreshingly intoxicating. Their chemistry was undeniable; a strange but mesmerizing dance of contrasting lives unraveling.

Fueled by alcohol and the surreal atmosphere, they ended up on a ride of passion, as unexpected as it was uninhibited. The mutual attraction, combined with the reckless abandon of the night, led them to spend the night together, oblivious of the consequences that lay ahead. Their differences faded away as they immersed themselves in a whirlwind of passion, a moment that would change their lives in ways they could never imagine.

By the break of dawn, both went their separate ways, believing it to be the end of an isolated incident — a brief adventure wrapped in the folds of a single night. Little did they know that destiny had other plans. An unexpected journey lay ahead, bringing chaos, laughter, love, and a life-altering situation, all orchestrated by a single night of passion.

As the dawn painted the sky with hues of gold, marking the end of their whirlwind encounter, the seeds of a story with unexpected twists and momentous decisions were sown. This was just the beginning. Unseen, unheard, there was a gentle heartbeat that marked the start of their unforeseen journey, a journey that would intertwine their lives forever.

Chapter 2: “The Unexpected Result”

Alison couldn’t shake off the gnawing feeling in her stomach that something was off. She paced her apartment, phone pressed against her ear. “I just think I’m late, you know?” She confessed to her sister Debbie over the phone. “Late for another promotion?” Debbie quipped. “No, Debbie,” Alison sighed deeply, “late as in… my period.”

Meanwhile, Ben was huddled in front of his gaming console, clouded in a carefree oblivion. His friends loudly debated about comic-book crossovers around him, their offbeat banter bouncing off the unkempt walls of their shared bachelor dwelling. He was miles away from Alison’s impending revelation, immersed in an alternate universe of superheroes and virtual victories.

Back at Alison’s, she sat in her bathroom, a pregnancy test on the counter, its result threatening to change the course of their lives. “Go buy a test, Ally,” Debbie’s words echoed in her mind, the reassurance in her voice masking a streak of anxiety that matched Alison’s own. Uncertainty hung heavy in the air as she waited for the results.

Across town, Ben found himself the triumphant conqueror of his game, his friends cheering him on. Yet, in the midst of this triumph, his phone buzzed. He glanced at the caller ID – it was Alison. The name on the screen stirred a flutter of butterflies in his stomach, an unexpected reaction that left him perplexed.

Back in her pristine white apartment, contrasting starkly with Ben’s chaotic living situation, Alison clutched the phone, her heart pounding with a mixture of fear and anticipation. She watched as the sand in the hourglass of her life started to shift, one grain at a time.

Ben, still surrounded by the euphoria of his win and the bursts of laughter from his friends, answered, “Hey, Alison.” His voice cracked a bit, the unexpected call catching him off guard. “Ben,” she began, her voice choked with emotion, “I think we need to talk.”

Suddenly, the room around Ben started to spin. The cheers of his friends seemed to fade into a muffled background noise. He felt a chill run down his spine, his victory in the game seeming insignificant now.

Alison, heart pounding like a drum, spilled out her truth. “I’m pregnant, Ben.” The words hung in the air like a guillotine, heavy and final. On the other end of the line, Ben was silent, his mind racing to fathom the words just spoken.

Finally, he broke the silence, “Alison, are you sure?” Alison affirmed, “I’ve taken the test, Ben. It’s positive.” The reality of the situation started to slowly sink in, the gravity of it pulling them both down into a whirlpool of uncertainty.

His friends’ raucous chatter suddenly became a hollow echo in his mind. His palms became sweaty and he held the phone tighter. “What do we do now, Alison?” He asked, his voice timbre revealing his internal turmoil. This unexpected result was a plot twist neither of them had anticipated. Their folly, a one-night stand, had now conceived a new life.

As the news began to resonate within them, they were both engulfed by a wave of emotions. From fear and anxiety to a strange, unfamiliar excitement, they were on the cliff’s edge of a new journey. Their lives had diverged from their planned paths, thrusting them into a shared future they were not prepared for.

This was a challenge that neither Alison, with her meticulously planned out life, nor Ben, in his unplanned existence, had ever imagined confronting. They were now standing on the precipice of a life-altering decision, their paths intertwined by the thread of an unborn child.

The chapter ends here, leaving a thoroughfare of suspense, curiosity, and anticipation. It sets the tone for the whirlwind of emotions, decisions, and life changes that are yet to come in their lives. The unborn child, an unexpected result of their one-night stand, was now the nucleus of their strangely entangled lives.

Chapter 3: “The Unplanned Parenthood”

The sun hadn’t made its complete round yet, and the world was just on the brink of twilight when Ben Stone found himself standing outside Alison Scott’s house. It was a house he remembered from a hazy night of revelry, a souvenir of their momentary companionship.

Ben was slightly trembling, his heart pounding like a drum. He held a small piece of plastic in his hand, a clear digital pregnancy test which read ‘positive’. It was a symbol of their night of passion and folly, now transformed into an emblem of their future. The weight of it was far beyond its physicality. It was, much to his dismay, a potential life-changing device.

He knocked on the door, the noise echoing in the quiet evening. Alison opened the door, her face a mix of anticipation and fear. They looked at each other, hundreds of unsaid words hanging in the air. Ben held out the pregnancy test, and without uttering a single word, Alison understood.

They sat on the couch, a safe distance between them, each lost in their thoughts. Questions hung in the air like unlit lanterns. How did this happen? What next? Are we ready? Could we ever be ready for something like this?

As the night grew, they made the involuntary decision – to keep the baby. It was their shared responsibility, an alien concept to a freelancing goof like Ben, but not altogether shocking to Alison, a career-driven woman. They knew they had to be there for each other, for this unborn life that was crafted out of a reckless night.

“We need a plan,” Alison said, breaking the silence that had descended upon them. “We need to get you involved, Ben. I can’t do this alone.”

Ben was at a loss of words. A part of him wanted to run, to escape this impending responsibility, this unanticipated parenthood that was suddenly thrust upon him. But looking at Alison, he knew he couldn’t – wouldn’t – abandon her in this crucial time. “I’ll be here,” he offered, his voice sincere and resolute.

The following days were a flurry of activities. They visited doctors, shopped for baby essentials, and attended Lamaze classes, where they stuck out like a sore thumb amid affectionate couples. Despite the oddity of their situation and the challenges that lay ahead, they found themselves bonding, sharing secretive smiles and whispered jokes.

A part of Alison couldn’t help but soften towards Ben. She saw him trying to grow, to step away from his slacker life and shoulder the responsibilities of a soon-to-be father. In those moments, Alison glimpsed the person Ben could become and it gave her hope.

Meanwhile, Ben was learning too, slowly realizing the essence of responsibility. The sight of Alison standing beside him, blooming with motherhood, stirred a deep respect in him. In her, he saw a strength he wanted to possess, a maturity he yearishly aimed for.

However, things weren’t simple. Their differences often led to disagreements, putting their patience and tolerance to the test. Ben’s carefree nature clashed with Alison’s organized approach, leading to countless bickerings. Yet, in those very arguments, they learned about each other, understanding their flaws and strengths, developing an awkward but heartfelt camaraderie.

Chapter 3 ends on a note of uncertainty. Parenthood, it appeared, did not come with a playbook. For Alison and Ben, it was a journey teetering on the edge of chaos and unpredictability. But amidst the storms, they found moments of calm, instances of connection. It was these tiny victories that fueled their courage, pushing them forward into the unknown, testing their perseverance against the odds staked high like walls around them.

As night turned into day and back into night, they found themselves embarking on the most unusual path of their lives, an unplanned parenthood conceived in a moment of passion, now blooming into a journey of self-realization, responsibility, and the promise of an unforeseeable future. Little did they know that their saga was only beginning, and the world had a lot more surprises in store for them. And yet, they chose to march on, holding onto the shreds of optimism and resilience, hoping against hope that they could somehow make this ‘unplanned’ situation into an ‘unforgettable’ experience.

Chapter 4: “The Reluctant Cohabitation”

As Ben Stone stepped into Alison Scott’s pristine apartment, he felt like a bull in a china shop. His life had been a medley of ramshackle apartments and makeshift living situations, a stark contrast to Alison’s chic, minimalist domain. This was their first step towards a shared life, an experiment imbued with anticipation and high anxiety.

Their lives collided in the most comical ways. Alison’s militant cleanliness clashed hilariously with Ben’s lax hygiene habits. One morning, Alison found Ben using her expensive face cream as toothpaste. She was appalled, while he was blissfully ignorant, finding humor in the absurdity of domestic life.

On the other hand, Ben discovered Alison’s obsession with organic food and kale smoothies. He covertly snacked on potato chips when she wasn’t watching. After all, living without fast food was torture for him, a man who once considered pizza to be an essential food group.

Their lifestyle differences extended beyond just their living habits. Mornings were a battleground. Alison’s pre-dawn power yoga sessions were rudely interrupted by Ben, who considered any time before noon as ungodly. For him, Alison’s morning routine was a brutal assault on his slumber.

Their nights were also a spectacle. Ben, used to marathon gaming sessions, would accidentally knock over Alison’s prized decorative pieces in his heated virtual battles. Conversely, Alison would stay up late catching up on work emails, her typing echoing in their shared space, a constant reminder of her accelerating career.

The essence of their dissimilarity lay in the way they perceived time. For Alison, every minute was an opportunity, to be filled with tasks and goals. Ben, on the other hand, was happy to let moments slip into hours, days into nights. This was a perplexity that they struggled with, a profound difference that underlaid their every interaction.

Their shared space was constantly bursting with reminders of their polar opposite lifestyles. Alison’s posh designer dresses hung next to Ben’s faded graphic tees. The bathroom hosted a battle between his comic book collection and her high-end skincare products. A console subtly challenged a high-powered workstation for space. Their home had become a quirky playground where two unique universes converged.

Yet, despite the comedic turbulence, their cohabitation wasn’t devoid of harmony. There were moments of pure connection that cut through their contrasting lives. Ben would randomly surprise Alison with breakfast, managing to conjure up edible toast and scrambled eggs. In return, Alison would set aside her work to indulge in spontaneity, joining Ben for a random movie marathon.

These were the moments that mattered, the occasions in which their lives beautifully intersected. The more they collided, the more they discovered layers of each other that they had never imagined. Ben learned about Alison’s vulnerability and tenacity, her fierce commitment to her career, and her hidden love for old school rock music. Alison discovered Ben’s creative side, his childlike innocence, his heart of gold, and surprisingly, his hidden wisdom about life.

The beauty of their cohabitation lay in the realization that they were more than what they appeared to be. Beneath Ben’s nonchalant slacker avatar was a man capable of love, responsibility, and growth. Underneath Alison’s poised, driven demeanor was a woman longing for warmth, comfort, and companionship.

Their reluctant cohabitation had turned into an amusing journey; where every mishap led to laughter, every disagreement precipitated understanding, and every collision resulted in the evolution of their relationship. It was a bursting playground of unexpected emotions and experiences, a perplexing labyrinth that promised a chance at love and family.

Their lives, once quintessentially different, were slowly but surely intertwining, creating a story that was ridiculously funny, profoundly touching, and undeniably real. The reluctant cohabitation was triggering a change, a transformation that held the promise of something beautiful — a family.

Chapter 5: “The Roller Coaster Romance”

Alison Scott and Ben Stone were in the throes of a budding but complex romance. The majority of their relationship had been, thus far, against a backdrop of laughter and disagreements, a strange symphony of madness and joy that was their life together. But each disagreement had stamped an indelible imprint on their hearts.

Ben, the quintessential slacker, with his laid back attitude towards life was in stark contrast to the high-strung Alison who had an ambitious approach towards her career. His laissez-faire attitude often clashed with her meticulous nature, leading to moments of intense confrontations. Despite that, there were those special moments when they both compromised for each other. The way they always found themselves together, despite their glaring differences, suggested an underlying bond pervading through their complicated relationship.

The unpredictability that laid the foundation of their relationship, often led to humorous situations such as Alison adjusting to Ben’s group of eccentric friends or Ben trying to comprehend the gloss and glamour of Alison’s professional world. These moments, though seemingly trivial, added to the rich tapestry of their evolving relationship, providing readers with the delightful intrigue of watching an unusual love story unfold. Their undeniable chemistry often rose above their constant bickering, offering readers a glimpse into the deep affection that existed between them.

In one poignant scene, after a heated fight about their differing lifestyle choices, Ben surprised Alison with a makeshift romantic dinner on their apartment terrace. The dimly lit setting, the effort he put into creating the atmosphere, and above all, his genuine honesty were enough to melt Alison’s hardened exterior. As they spoke about their fears, their dreams, and the shared journey of unexpected parenthood, an intimate connection was formed between them, embedded in the depth of understanding and acceptance. The readers would be charmed by the rawness of this moment, showcasing their characters’ depth and potential for deep love.

However, the more they allowed themselves to fall, the bigger the challenges they seemed to confront. The harsh reality of Alison’s demanding job and Ben’s lack of motivation led to frequent clashes hinting at the intense climax that awaited them. Every time they attempted to escape their bubble of comfort, external factors posed challenges that tested their romance. In one such dramatic turn of events, they found themselves in the middle of an E! network party, where Ben’s out of place demeanor became a point of contention.

But despite these ups and downs, their story glued the readers, compelling them to turn page after page. Every disagreement, every joke, every shared glance followed with a shy smile, pulled the readers into their world, wrapping them in a whirlwind of emotions. The introduction of a potential love interest for Ben created some dramatic tension, but it was clear that their hearts were set on each other. Their narrative had a certain ‘burstiness’, characterized by sudden moments of excitement, punctuated by calm, intimate scenes that showed their undeniable bond.

As the chapter closed, an unexpected turn of events saw Alison and Ben admitting their feelings for each other in a heartfelt confession. It was in the chaotic mess of their lives that they found comfort, understanding that love wasn’t about perfection, but about finding beauty amidst the chaos. Their roller coaster journey, although perplexing, managed to bring out a romance that was as touching as it was amusing. The chapter, with its unexpected twists and turns, intricate character arcs, and engaging storytelling, provided a perfect blend of comedy and romance, leaving readers eager to see how their story unfolds in the upcoming chapters.

Chapter 6: “The Trial of Truth”

The sun had sunk beneath the horizon, casting an orange-blue hue over Alison’s apartment. The compact dwelling had begun to feel more like home to Ben, it was this place that witnessed their trivial squabbles, intense debates, heart-melting moments, and the burgeoning feelings they had for each other. But today was different. Today, their utopia would be shaken by an argument, one that would test their newly formed bond.

The day started like any other. Alison, who was now visibly pregnant, had woken up to morning sickness; a routine now. Ben, trying to be supportive, made a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast; a far-from-perfect meal but made with a dollop of affection that Alison had started to admire. They sat across the table, Alison poking at her plate with disinterest and Ben, attempting to lighten the mood with humor, as he tended to do. On the surface, it was just another day. But the storm was quietly brewing.

The heart of their argument began as a murmur. A comment made by Ben about Alison’s work, an insensitive jest about her prioritizing career now that she was pregnant, intended to be a joke but pierces Alison like a sharp arrow. And thus, the dam breaks.

Alison turned towards him, her gaze hardened. “You think this is a joke, Ben?” she asked, her voice cold. Ben, taken aback by her sudden change in demeanor, attempted to defuse the situation. But Alison was unyielding. Her career was her identity, one she was fiercely protective of. She promptly reminded him of the sacrifices she would have to make, following this unplanned pregnancy.

The argument escalated, their voices louder, their words harsher. Ben argued that she was not alone in this, whereas Alison pointed out his lax attitude towards responsibility. The underlying conflict they had managed to ignore until then, their differing priorities, was uncovered brutally. Their voices echoed the tumultuous feelings they each harbored within themselves – frustration, fear, and a desperate longing to understand.

As the evening turned into the night, their argument cooled, leaving a hollow silence that was deafening. They retreated to their separate corners, each contemplating the distance that had abruptly sprung up between them. Ben, sitting alone on the threadbare couch, realized his casual lifestyle had finally caught up with him. Alison, on the other hand, indulged in some soul-searching, acknowledging the fact that her life would never be the same. She was to be a mother, and Ben was to be the father of her child, a reality both beautiful and daunting.

The climax of their altercation led to a temporary break in their relationship. Days turned into weeks, with Ben moving out of Alison’s apartment. They lived in separate worlds yet tethered by a connection that neither could sever – an unborn child. The heartache of their split was palpable; their absence in each other’s life was a constant reminder of the bond they shared, a bond they were still exploring.

The argument, the break, the solitude were all bitter pills to swallow. Still, it brought forth the undeniable truth that they had been avoiding. A fear that lurked in the corners of their heart, a question that shadowed their happiness – Would they ever traverse the chasm of their differences to embrace the miracle that life had thrown at them? The trial of truth was a storm they had to survive to see the silver lining. Their love, commitment, and the unborn child were the witnesses to this tumultuous trial – a trial that was yet to reveal the strength of their bond.

Chapter 7: “The Unforeseen Turnaround”

The day started ordinarily, or as ordinarily as it could in the tumultuous living situation they’d grown accustomed to. Ben was sprawled on the couch flicking through a parenting handbook, spouting unsolicited advice about breastfeeding while Alison rolled her eyes and craved pickles. The air was still tense from their previous dispute, the harsh words lingering like the faint smell of burnt toast. Their relationship, once a clumsy dance of learning steps, had now become a ticking time bomb of resentment and unspoken regret.

Suddenly, in the midst of their uncomfortable silence, a sharp gasp escaped Alison, her face draining of color. “Ben,” she breathed, her eyes wide with panic. “I think it’s time.” Her voice, usually filled with confidence, was edged with fear, giving the usually juvenile Ben a sobering jolt.

Everything that followed happened in a whirlwind. The parenting books had glossed over the chaos, the panic, the sheer burstiness of this moment. There was a flurry of grabbing coats, searching for car keys, and one incident involving a very confused Uber driver. The trip to the hospital resembled a scene from an unwritten, exceedingly disorganized action movie.

In the delivery room, Alison, drenched in sweat and teeth gritted in pain, clung to Ben’s hand. Whatever differences they had seemed to shrink in the face of the imminent arrival of their child. Ben, who was usually the embodiment of immaturity, showed an unexpected side of himself. He stayed at Alison’s side, his usually impish eyes now filled with a serious, determined gaze. There was an unspoken agreement, a silent promise that lingered between their shared glances. They were in this, together.

Hours turned into a blur. The room was filled with an orchestra of medical sounds – the beeping of machines, the shuffling of the doctors, the comforting whispers of the nurse. And then finally, a baby’s cry pierced through the cacophony, a sound so profound it felt like time itself had stopped. The sight of their child, red-faced, eyes closed and hands flailing, was a surreal sight.

The nurses placed the baby into Alison’s arms, both parents gazing in awe at the life they had created. All the laughter, arguments, moments of despair, and times of joy amalgamated into this one moment, making every bit of chaos worth it. The sight of their newborn child, the fruit of an unexpected twist of fate, made their hearts swell with a level of affection they never knew they could possess.

“I think…” Ben choked out through a tear-clogged throat, “…we should call her Emma.” The suggestion hung in the air, the name echoing softly around the room. Alison tilted her head and found herself smiling through a mix of exhaustion and joy.

“Emma,” she whispered, tears of happiness welling in her eyes. “I love it.”

As Alison and Ben looked down at their daughter, they felt something shift within them. They were not simply two strangers thrust together by circumstance anymore. They were a family. A family bound by an unforeseen event, strengthened by the challenges and differences that they had navigated together.

The chapter closed on their newfound family, a bond stronger than ever. Little did they know, this unplanned yet beautiful turnaround was a journey they would embark on together, forever cherishing their ‘beautiful accident.’ Their saga was far from over. It was, in fact, only the beginning.

Chapter 8: “The Newfound Family”

The morning light leaked in from the cracks in the blinds, throwing motley patterns of luminosity on the floor of their apartment. The air was imbued with the smell of diapers and baby formula, the distant song of nursery rhymes wafting in from the speakers. This was a far cry from the life Ben had become accustomed to- no late-night parties, no haphazard living. Yet there was something surprisingly comforting about this domestic chaos.

His gaze shifted to Alison, her face illuminated by the soft morning glow, her eyes filled with a tired contentment. She was nursing their baby girl, her attention unfailingly centered on the tiny being. Ben held his breath, watching this intimate scene, a warmth creeping into his heart. This was his family. A family he had never planned but one he wouldn’t change for the world.

Alison caught his gaze and smiled, her eyes glowing with affection. Years of ambition and toiling for her career had never brought her as much satisfaction as this moment, she mused. Motherhood had given her a sense of fulfillment that no promotion or job could ever offer.

The challenges that paved their path seemed insignificant in the wake of this newfound love. Their differences, once seeming impossible to navigate, had all but melted away. They were parents now, bound together by the sweet innocence of their child and a love that had crept up on them, unnoticed.

Ben approached them, carefully taking the baby into his arms. She looked up at him with wide, curious eyes and gurgled, reaching out her tiny hand to grab his finger. His heart swelled as he took in her tiny features. She was a perfect blend of him and Alison, a little miracle that had inadvertently pulled their lives together.

He turned to look at Alison, her eyes brimming with tears. He moved closer, pulling her into a hug. He could feel the tremors of her body against his, the silent tears soaking his shirt. There was no need for words. They were in this together, and their journey was just beginning.

They spent the day basking in the joy of parenthood, sharing responsibilities, and trading off when the other needed rest. There was a sense of balance, of harmony that hadn’t existed before. The spontaneity of their actions, the adaptation to sudden changes, was a beautiful adventure they now treasured.

As the sun set, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, their apartment was filled with a peaceful silence. The baby was asleep, her soft breaths the only sound breaking the tranquility. Alison snuggled against Ben, her head resting on his shoulder.

“Do you think we can do this?” she asked, her voice soft with vulnerability.

Ben paused, then sighed. “I don’t know, Ali,” he admitted. “But I do know that we’ve made it this far. We’ve managed to turn a one-night stand into a family. And if that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.”

He kissed the top of her head, pulling her closer. They sat there in silence, lost in their thoughts, the challenges and the uncertainties looming in the distance. But amid all these, there was an undeniable spark of hope, a sense of certainty that they were meant to be together, in this chaotic, unpredictable, beautiful journey of parenthood.

Their story was not a conventional love story. It was a story of unexpected turns, of trials and errors, of laughter and tears. But most importantly, it was a story of two people knocked up by fate, bound together by a miracle, and united in love and parenthood.

Some scenes from the movie Knocked Up written by A.I.

Scene 1


Loud, pulsating music REVERBERATES through the crowded club. People dance, others drink, the air is electric.


ALISON SCOTT (mid 20s, smart, poised) tries to order a drink. She exudes a sense of ambition, a stark contrast to the atmosphere around her.


BEN STONE (early 30s, unkempt, relaxed) spots Alison. He’s the embodiment of a carefree lifestyle, content with where he’s at.


(murmuring to himself)

Beautiful and out of place. That’s my type.

Ben approaches Alison. He’s charming in a laid back, quirky sort of way.



You look like you could use a drink. Or maybe, a more interesting company?


(raised eyebrow, amused)

Is that your best pickup line?



No, just the most effective one.



They laugh, stumble through the front door, a playful tug of war. The mood is light, flirty.



Morning sunlight streams in. Ben and Alison wake up, realize what happened, and share a look of surprise and regret. A one-night stand they didn’t plan.



Scene 2


Alison, in her mid-30s, impeccably dressed and put together, is staring at a PREGNANCY TEST. She looks shocked, then scared.


(whispering to herself)

This can’t be right…

She frantically rips open another pregnancy test from a box on the counter.



Ben, a laid-back, scruffy-looking guy in his late 20s, is fast asleep on a hammock in his overgrown backyard. His PHONE RINGS, waking him up with a start.






Ben… I think I’m pregnant.

There’s a BEAT of silence.



Good one, Ali.



I’m not joking, Ben.




Scene 3


ALISON, an ambitious E! network employee, sits nervously on her couch, pregnancy test in hand. BEN, a laid-back slacker, walks in carrying a bag of take-out.


Chinese, to celebrate the beautiful accident.

Alison chuckily nods, while Ben sits down.


So, we’re having a baby.


Yes, we are.

They share a quiet moment before Ben speaks up.


Have you…thought about what’s next?


I guess we try to make this work?


For the baby, you mean?


Yes, for the baby.

Ben moves closer to Alison, offering her a comforting hand.


I’m going to step up, Alison. For both of you.


Alison and Ben stand outside a baby shop, peering through the window at the cute clothes and toys, both looking like they’ve ventured into alien territory.


Guess we’re getting a crib then?

Alison laughs as Ben imitates the crying of a baby, lightening the mood. The scene fades as they step into their new roles as parents-to-be.

Scene 4


Ben is unpacking his things while Alison watches. Her sleek, clean apartment now cluttered with Ben’s belongings.

BEN: (grinning)

You know, I think my Spider-Man poster would look great right there.

Alison looks horrified as he points to an empty wall space in her living room.

ALISON: (sarcastic)

Just what this place needs, comic book decor.

A beat. Ben shrugs, amused.

BEN: (smiling)

I think it’ll liven up the place.


Ben is cooking an unidentifiable meal, smoke billowing from the pan. Alison watches, in between laughter and exasperation.

ALISON: (laughing)

Are you trying to burn the kitchen down?

BEN: (defensive)

I’m just seasoning the pan.


Ben is sprawled on the bed, clicking through channels. Alison, eyeing the limited space left, sighs and shuffles to the edge.


A montage of Alison and Ben adjusting to each other – arguing about cleanliness, quiet hours, and cooking; but also sharing laughter over silly things, having pillow fights, and nights cuddled on the sofa watching movies.


Ben squints at the stars from the balcony, a beer in hand. Alison joins him, leaning on the railing. A moment of tranquility shared.



Scene 5


Kitchen is a mess. Dirty dishes piled high.

Ben is lounging on the couch, gaming controller in hand. Alison comes home, carrying a bunch of files, looking exhausted but determined.



Ben, we need to talk.


(Barely looking up)

Sure. Just let me finish this level…

Alison sits next to him, tries to make eye contact.



The level can wait.

Ben pauses the game and turns to Alison.



Okay, what’s up?

Alison takes a deep breath.



This…us…it’s not working.

Ben looks surprised.


(Mock surprised)

You mean living with a guy who leaves pizza boxes on the floor and plays games all day isn’t your dream?

Alison gives him a serious look.



Okay, I get it. I’ll…try harder.

Alison leans in, looking hopeful yet skeptical.



Please do, Ben. For all our sakes.


Ben and Alison lie in bed, looking at the ceiling, both lost in thought.


Scene 6


Alison, sitting on the couch, looks stressed. She glances towards Ben, clearly still adjusting to his new lifestyle as he struggles to fix a crib.


(Breathing deeply)

Ben, we need to talk.

Ben looks up, surprised. He walks over to Alison and sits next to her.



Sure, what’s up?

Alison hesitates, then blurts out her concerns.



You’re not taking this seriously, Ben. This isn’t some kind of joke to me!

Ben looks taken aback but tries to lighten the mood.



Hey, I’m trying. Look at the crib, half of it’s ready!

Alison shoots him a stern look.



This isn’t about the crib, Ben. It’s about our future. Your lifestyle isn’t compatible with parenting.

Ben’s jovial attitude fades. He looks into Alison’s eyes.



You knew who I was when this happened, Alison. I’m trying to change. Isn’t that enough?

Alison breaks down, tears streaming down her face.



I don’t know, Ben. I just don’t know…


As the tension builds, both are forced to confront their fears and insecurities, setting the stage for the trials that lie ahead.

Scene 7


Water suddenly SPLASHES on the floor. Alison (late 20s, elegant and anxious) gasps.


Oh, god!


The sound of SPLASHING water wakes Ben (early 30s, disheveled yet well-meaning slacker).



Alison is pacing, clutching her stomach. She frantically dials Ben’s number.


Ben, half asleep, fumbles for his phone and answers.






Ben, it’s HAPPENING!






My water broke, Ben! We need to go to the hospital!



Oh, wow! Okay, I’m coming…


Ben arrives, panting and panicked. He helps a grunting Alison to the car.


Ben SWERVES through the traffic, Alison SHOUTING directions at him from the passenger seat.


A flustered Ben helps an agonized Alison into the emergency room, setting into motion the climactic point of their unexpected journey together.



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