John Wick


The gritty streets of the city were a dangerous place, where crime ran rampant and the law of the jungle held sway. Those who lived there were hardened by the violence and depravity they saw everyday, but none were so hardened as the man they called “The Ghost”.

He was a retired hit man, a professional killer with a reputation for being able to move through the city unseen and unheard. He specialized in taking out high-value targets, and had a fearsome reputation for both his skill and ruthlessness.

The Ghost had been out of the game for years, living a quiet life in the shadows until he was dragged back into the violent world he had once left behind. A ruthless young thug had taken it upon himself to threaten those The Ghost had once protected, and now The Ghost was out for blood.

Chapter 1

The Ghost moved through the city like a phantom. He had been out of the game for years, but the skills he had honed were as sharp as ever. He moved with a purpose through the city streets, eyes and ears open as he searched for clues to the whereabouts of the young hoodlum that had dared to threaten his family.

He had been told the kid had a safe house in one of the seedier parts of town, and so he began to comb the area. After asking a few people the right questions, he finally had a lead. Armed with this information, the Ghost set out to exact revenge on the young criminal.

Chapter 2

The Ghost arrived at the safe house and wasted no time in getting to work. He silently scaled the walls and slipped into the building, moving through the darkness with the skill of a master. He quickly located the young man who had brought him out of retirement, and before the kid even realized what was happening, The Ghost had a gun trained on him.

The Ghost interrogated the thug, demanding to know why he had threatened his family. The young man confessed, revealing that he and his crew had been sent to test The Ghost’s mettle. With his revenge now within reach, The Ghost decided to make an example of the young punk before letting him go.

Chapter 3

The Ghost returned to the old abandoned warehouse where the thugs had been holed up, and waited in the shadows until the rest of the gang returned. When they did, he emerged from the darkness and let loose a hail of bullets, quickly decimating the gang and sending them fleeing in terror.

The Ghost then moved through the warehouse, eliminating the surviving gang members one by one until he was satisfied that the threat had been neutralized. When the night was over, The Ghost had exacted his revenge. He had taught the young thug and his gang a lesson they would never forget.

Chapter 4

The Ghost returned home, satisfied yet exhausted from his night of violence. He found solace in the fact that he had protected his family, but also felt a profound sadness for the lives he had taken in order to achieve this.

In the days that followed, The Ghost avoided the underworld, choosing instead to live a quiet life. He kept to himself, and slowly began to come to terms with the events of the night he had sought his revenge.

Chapter 5

Months passed, and The Ghost eventually began to remember his old self, the man he had been before violence had consumed his life. He found a new peace in this quieter existence, and when a young woman approached him one day and asked if he was the legendary hitman they called “The Ghost”, he smiled.

He knew that he could never completely escape his past, but that he could find redemption in the present. He nodded in affirmation, and as the young woman smiled back at him, The Ghost realized for the first time in months that he was truly alive.


The Ghost spent his remaining years in peace, finding solace in the memories of the past and redemption in the present. He had finally found contentment in a world of violence and chaos, and the stories of how he had taken down an entire criminal gang became legend.

The Ghost had once been a feared hit man, but in the end he was just a man trying to find his way in the world. He was a reminder of the power of redemption, and even in death his legend lives on.



A quiet street corner in the city. A car pulls up and SLATER, a middle-aged man, gets out. He walks to the corner and looks around, his eyes cold and calculating.


Slater turns the corner and enters an alleyway. He stands in the shadows, watching and waiting.


A group of thugs appear. They are led by RYAN, a young man in his twenties. He is intense and sadistic. He eyes Slater with suspicion.


You must be Slater.


That’s right.


I heard you retired… What are you doing here?


I’m here to do a job.



You sure about that?

Slater stares him down, unmoved by the taunt.


Just tell me what you need.


I need a hitman. Someone who can get the job done without being seen.


I can handle that.


Good. I have a few targets in mind. They need to be taken out quickly and quietly.


Who are they?


They’re all connected to the man who killed my father.

Slater nods, his expression revealing nothing.


I understand.


Slater walks the streets, a gun in his hand. He moves with the grace of a predator on the hunt.


Slater crouches in a dark alley. He watches as two men enter. He pulls his gun, takes aim, and fires. The two men fall, dead.


Slater moves silently through the darkness. He finds his target and takes him out with one quick shot.


Slater walks up to Ryan. He hands him an envelope, money inside.


Tell me who else needs to be taken care of?


There’s just one man left.

Slater nods.


I’ll take care of it.


Slater surveils the area. He spots his target, a middle-aged man in a suit. He takes aim and fires. The man falls to the ground, dead.


Slater returns to Ryan. He hands him an envelope with money inside.


It’s done.

Ryan takes the envelope and nods, satisfied.


You’ve done well.

Slater heads for his car. He pauses at the corner and looks back at Ryan.


You’re welcome.

Slater gets into his car and drives off into the night.


Author: AI