Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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The wizarding world had been thrown into chaos since the fall of the dark wizard, Voldemort. People were unsure of what to do without their feared ruler. But amidst the confusion and uncertainty, a young boy named Harry Potter was about to discover his true destiny. Harry had lived with his cruel aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, for his entire life. He had always known he was different, but he had no idea how important he was until his eleventh birthday. That was the day that would change his life forever.

Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived

Harry James Potter sat in his cupboard under the stairs, staring at the spider crawling across the floor. He had been living with his aunt and uncle for as long as he could remember – ever since his parents had died in a car crash. Or so he had been told. Harry had always felt that there was something strange about his life, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He had always been an outcast, the odd one out. But he couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen to him.

It was a bright morning and Harry had just turned eleven. The Dursleys had promised him a special birthday treat – something he had been looking forward to for weeks. But as he reached out to pick up his present, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his hand. It was a letter with a red seal on the front – an invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Happy birthday, Harry!” said a giant of a man, bursting into the small room. “I’m Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Harry looked up at the huge hairy man in awe. He had never seen anyone like him before.

As Hagrid explained Harry’s fate, the young boy sat there, feeling like his whole world had just turned upside down. He was a wizard. He had powers beyond his wildest dreams. And he was famous – The Boy Who Lived.

The Dursleys weren’t pleased with the news. They had always been embarrassed by Harry’s strange ways, and they didn’t want him to be associated with anything magical. They tried to stop him from going to Hogwarts, but Hagrid wouldn’t have it.

“No more dursleys, Harry. You’re comin’ with me,” said Hagrid, before whisking him off to the wizarding world.

As they walked through the Leaky Cauldron, Harry was amazed by the sights and sounds around him. He saw witches and wizards of all shapes and sizes, creatures he had never seen before – this was a whole new world to him.

They reached the entrance to Diagon Alley, a bustling street filled with shops selling everything from owl food to broomsticks. Hagrid led Harry to Gringotts, the wizard bank, to withdraw some money for his school supplies.

In the depths of the bank, Harry discovered that he was heir to a small fortune, left to him by his parents. He had never felt so rich, or so important.

Armed with his new wealth, Harry set off to buy his school supplies. He visited Ollivanders, the wandmaker, and was matched with a wand made of phoenix feather – the perfect match for him.

As the day drew to a close, Harry realized that he was finally free from the Dursleys. He had never felt so alive. He was going to Hogwarts, where he belonged.

But little did he know that his journey was just beginning. He had no idea what was in store for him – the adventures, the friendships, and the battles that he would face. Harry was about to discover his true destiny, and it would change the wizarding world forever.

Chapter 2: The Sorting Hat

As Harry entered the Great Hall, the sights and sounds of Hogwarts were overwhelming. The ceiling was enchanted to look like the night sky, and the four house tables were packed with students of various ages, all chatting and laughing. Harry’s heart was racing with excitement and nervousness as he followed Professor McGonagall to the front of the room.

“Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” said McGonagall. “Before we begin the feast, we have a few traditions to go over. First, the sorting ceremony.”

The sorting ceremony was a tense affair, with the first-years being sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Harry had heard from Hagrid that the sorting hat would read your mind and place you in the house that suited you best.

As the sorting began, Harry watched with bated breath. First, Hermione Granger was sorted into Gryffindor. Then it was Ron’s turn, and he was placed in the same house. Finally, it was Harry’s turn.

The sorting hat was placed on his head, and Harry felt a strange sensation. It was as if someone was talking to him inside his mind.

“Hmm, very interesting,” the hat said. “You have a good mind, Harry Potter, but you’re also very brave. You would do well in Gryffindor. But there’s something else, too. A darkness. Are you sure you wouldn’t be better off in Slytherin?”

Harry thought of Malfoy, the boy who had insulted Hagrid and called him names on the Hogwarts Express. He thought of how much he disliked him and how much he wanted to prove him wrong. But he also thought of Ron and Hermione, who had become his friends almost immediately. He couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from them.

“Gryffindor!” shouted the sorting hat.

The Gryffindor table erupted in cheers as Harry took his place at the table. He felt a sense of belonging he had never experienced before, as if he had found a second family.

As the feast continued, Harry couldn’t help but feel curious about the other houses. He looked over at the Hufflepuff table, where a group of cheerful students were chattering away. Then he gazed at the Ravenclaw table, where a group of studious-looking children were buried in books.

Finally, Harry turned to the Slytherin table. Malfoy was there, smirking at him. But there were other students there too, who looked just as ambitious as Malfoy. Harry wondered what it would be like to be in Slytherin, but he pushed the thought aside. He was happy where he was.

After the feast, the Gryffindors were led to their common room by their prefect, Percy Weasley. The common room was cozy and warm, with a roaring fire and squashy armchairs. Harry, Ron, and Hermione collapsed into the chairs, feeling exhausted but exhilarated.

“So,” said Ron, grinning. “We’re all in Gryffindor!”

“Yeah,” said Harry, grinning too. “We’re like a team.”

They spent the rest of the evening talking about their hopes and dreams for Hogwarts. Harry was excited about learning magic, but he was also eager to find out more about his parents and their history.

As the night wore on, Harry began to feel more and more at home at Hogwarts. He had a feeling that this was just the beginning of many exciting adventures to come.

Chapter 3: The Philosopher’s Stone

As Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue their classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they become increasingly suspicious of a plot to steal the Philosopher’s Stone. This powerful magical object has the power to grant immortality, and the trio is sure that someone is after it. They set out to stop the thief, with the help of their teachers and a three-headed dog named Fluffy.

Their first clue comes from Hagrid, who accidentally lets slip that Fluffy is guarding something at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are convinced that Fluffy is guarding the Philosopher’s Stone, and they set out to find a way to get past him.

Their next clue comes from a book in the Hogwarts library. Hermione, who is always the most diligent student in the class, finds a book on Nicholas Flamel, the alchemist who created the Philosopher’s Stone. According to the book, Flamel is still alive, despite being over 600 years old. This discovery only fuels the trio’s suspicions that someone is after the Philosopher’s Stone.

As they investigate further, Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin to suspect that their Potions professor, Severus Snape, may be involved in the plot. Snape has always been cold and hostile towards Harry, and they know that he has a grudge against Harry’s father, James Potter. When Snape catches Harry, Ron, and Hermione wandering the halls at night, he accuses them of trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone.

Despite Snape’s accusations, the trio is more determined than ever to stop the thief. They hatch a plan to get past Fluffy by playing music on a enchanted flute that Hagrid lent them. The music puts Fluffy to sleep, and they are able to get past him and into the corridor where the Philosopher’s Stone is being kept.

Inside the corridor, Harry, Ron, and Hermione encounter a series of traps that have been set to deter thieves. They must use all their wits and magical abilities to get past the obstacles, including a deadly plant called Devil’s Snare, a room full of flying keys, and a giant chess set.

Finally, they reach the room where the Philosopher’s Stone is being kept. They are confronted by the thief, who turns out to be none other than their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirrell. Quirrell has been working for Voldemort, who is trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone so that he can gain immortality.

In a tense and terrifying battle, Harry faces off against Quirrell and Voldemort. Voldemort tries to possess Harry, but he is unable to touch him because of his mother’s ancient magic. Harry uses his wits, his magical abilities, and the help of his friends to defeat Quirrell and Voldemort.

In the end, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are hailed as heroes by the Hogwarts community. They have saved the Philosopher’s Stone and prevented Voldemort from gaining the power of immortality. But they know that their adventures are far from over, and that they will face many more challenges in the years to come.

Chapter 4: The Midnight Duel

As Harry, Ron, and Hermione make their way back to Gryffindor Tower after their eventful first day at Hogwarts, they hear whispering from behind a tapestry. Curiosity getting the better of them, they pull back the tapestry to reveal a small group of older Slytherin students.

Malfoy, who had been on the Hogwarts Express with Harry, was among them. He immediately starts taunting Harry about his family and their lack of wealth, telling him that he should have been placed in Slytherin as he has all the qualities of a great wizard.

Harry, not one to back down from a challenge, retorts that he would rather be in Gryffindor, the house of the brave and noble. Malfoy then insults Ron and Hermione, calling them “red-headed Weasley” and “know-it-all Granger,” respectively.

Ron, getting angry, pulls out his wand and points it at Malfoy. The Slytherin students follow suit, and a stand-off ensues. Just then, they hear footsteps coming down the hallway, and the group quickly disperses.

The next day, Malfoy challenges Harry to a duel at midnight in the Trophy Room. Ron and Hermione insist on going with Harry, even though they are all first-year students and have no idea how to perform magic.

They sneak out of Gryffindor Tower after curfew, careful to avoid Filch and his cat, Mrs. Norris. As they make their way through the darkened corridors, they feel a sense of excitement and danger.

When they reach the Trophy Room, they find Malfoy waiting for them. He tells them that the duel will be a wizard’s duel, without the use of wands. Harry and Malfoy face off, circling each other with their fists raised.

Just as they are about to make contact, a loud bang echoes through the room. Malfoy gasps and falls to the ground, clutching his nose, which is now bleeding profusely. Harry and his friends are momentarily stunned before they hear a voice from the shadows.

It’s Peeves, the poltergeist, who has been wreaking havoc on the Hogwarts students for centuries. He taunts them with insults and tries to scare them, but they stand their ground.

Suddenly, they hear Filch’s footsteps approaching. They quickly hide behind a suit of armor as Filch bursts into the room, searching for the students who had broken curfew.

Peeves, seeing an opportunity for mischief, starts throwing trophies at Filch, causing him to stumble and fall. Harry, Ron, and Hermione take advantage of the distraction to make their escape.

As they make their way back to Gryffindor Tower, they are giddy with excitement. They had just had their first adventure at Hogwarts, and it had been both terrifying and exhilarating.

When they return to their dormitory, they find a note from Neville Longbottom, a fellow first-year student. He warns them that they had better watch out for Snape, the potions master, who had been seen lurking around after curfew.

Harry and his friends settle into their beds, exhausted but happy. They had faced danger and come out victorious, and they knew that there were more adventures in store for them at Hogwarts.

Chapter 5: The Forbidden Forest

As they walked through the Forbidden Forest, Harry, Ron, and Hermione shivered with both fear and excitement. They had never been in the Forbidden Forest before, and they knew that it was dangerous, but they were determined to find out what was killing the unicorns that lived there.

The forest was dark and eerie, with thick trees that seemed to be alive and watching them as they walked. They heard strange noises, rustling in the bushes, and the screech of owls. Suddenly, they heard a loud snap, and Ron jumped.

“What was that?” Harry whispered.

“I don’t know,” Ron replied nervously. “Maybe it’s just a twig.”

They continued walking, and the noise became louder and more frequent until they came across a large clearing. In the center of the clearing was a dead unicorn, its blood drained from its body. The sight was gruesome, and the trio felt sick and scared.

“What could do this?” Hermione asked, her voice trembling.

“I don’t know,” Harry said, “but we need to find out.”

As they continued to investigate the area, they saw a hooded figure drinking the unicorn’s blood. The figure turned out to be Professor Quirrell, and he was working with Voldemort, the dark lord who had killed Harry’s parents.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were stunned. They had never seen anything like this before. They watched in horror as Quirrell and Voldemort discussed their plans to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, a powerful magical object that could grant immortality.

“We need to stop them,” Harry said, his eyes blazing with determination.

But before they could do anything, they were discovered by Quirrell, who summoned a group of centaurs to attack them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione fought back, using their wits and magical abilities to defeat the centaurs.

As they ran for their lives, they stumbled upon a wounded unicorn, and Harry knew that they had to save its life. They used their magic to heal the unicorn, and it thanked them by giving them a message from Hagrid, who had been taken into custody by the Ministry of Magic.

The message led them to believe that the Philosopher’s Stone was being kept in the castle, and they rushed back to Hogwarts to stop Quirrell and Voldemort from stealing it.

As they entered the castle, they encountered a series of traps that had been set up to protect the Stone. They had to use their wits to solve puzzles and fight off dangerous creatures, like a giant chessboard and a room full of flying keys.

Finally, they came face to face with Quirrell and Voldemort, who had been waiting for them in the Chamber of Secrets. Harry and Quirrell engaged in a heated battle, and Harry was able to use his mother’s ancient magic to defeat Voldemort.

The trio emerged victorious, but not without scars. They had seen and experienced things that they never imagined. But they knew that they had come out stronger and wiser in the end.

As they stood together, staring at the destroyed chamber, Harry realized that he had found true friends in Ron and Hermione, and that he was not alone in this fight against evil. He knew that there were many more battles to come, but he was ready to face them with his newfound strength and courage.

Chapter 6: The Mirror of Erised

As Harry enters the empty classroom tucked away on the seventh floor of Hogwarts, he cannot shake the feeling that he is being watched. He scans the room, noting the stacks of old books, the gargoyles standing sentinel on the mantle, and the large, ornate mirror in the corner. The mirror, Harry realizes with a start, is the very same one he and Ron stumbled upon on Christmas night.

He approaches the shimmering surface, curious to see what it might show him this time. As he draws near, he notices an inscription engraved along the top of the frame: “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.” Harry repeats the phrase several times, trying to make sense of it, but it remains an enigma.

Undeterred, Harry gazes into the mirror and gasps as he sees a reflection that tugs at his heartstrings. He sees himself standing with a family he has never known; a mother with red hair, a father with glasses, and a group of siblings who are all smiling at him with warm affection. Harry feels hot tears prick at the corners of his eyes as he takes in the scene before him.

He spends long hours lost in the world of the mirror, sitting cross-legged in front of it, staring at the family he longed for. It takes Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore to convince him to leave and return to the world outside of the mirror.

Hermione, who has been growing increasingly concerned about Harry’s obsession with the mirror, tries to make him see that he is wasting his time pining for something that can never be. Ron, who has been equally worried, tries a different approach. He tells Harry that when he looks into the mirror, he sees himself as Quidditch captain and Head Boy, surrounded by adoring fans and classmates. But, Ron says, he knows it’s just a dream, and he doesn’t let it ruin his present.

It is Dumbledore, however, who finally succeeds in prying Harry away from the mirror. When Harry recounts what he saw in the mirror, Dumbledore tells him that the mirror is called the Mirror of Erised, and that it shows the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. Dumbledore admits that he, too, was once captivated by the mirror, but he had to stop looking into it because it was becoming an obsession.

He warns Harry that the mirror can be dangerous, that it can lure people into never-ending daydreams, and that it can lead them to abandon the present in favor of an unattainable future. He urges Harry to keep his wits about him and to focus on the present and what he can accomplish in the here and now. Dumbledore also drops a hint to the inscription at the top of the mirror, which when read backwards says “I show not your face but your heart’s desire.”

Harry takes the advice to heart and begins to focus on his studies and his friends. He still visits the mirror from time to time, but now he sees himself as he truly is, not as he wishes to be or as he thinks he should be.

The chapter ends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaving the mirror behind, but acknowledging that it still holds a special place in their hearts and minds. They vow to come back and visit it from time to time, but only when they need to remind themselves of what truly matters, and to help themselves stay grounded in the present.

Chapter 7: The Final Battle

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were determined to stop Professor Quirrell, who was trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone. They disguised themselves as Slytherin students to sneak past the protective enchantments guarding the stone. They encountered Fluffy, the three-headed dog, and tricked him into sleeping with music from Ron’s broken wand.

As they continued through the trapdoor, they fell into a room filled with flying keys. Harry managed to catch the key they needed and unlock the next door. They then faced a giant chessboard, which they had to play to get to the next room. Ron sacrificed himself by being knocked out in a game-changing move, allowing Harry and Hermione to proceed.

In the next room, they found a troll, which Hermione knocked out with a spell. They then found the Mirror of Erised, where Harry saw his parents. Dumbledore appeared and warned Harry of the dangers of the mirror. Harry realized that it was showing him his deepest desires and that he needed to focus on reality.

Harry and Hermione then entered the final room, where they discovered Professor Quirrell and Lord Voldemort. Voldemort revealed that he was possessing Quirrell, who was now weak and dying. Voldemort tried to possess Harry, but he was unable to touch him because of his mother’s ancient magic. The two engaged in a battle of wands while Quirrell tried to steal the stone.

Harry thought about his friends and loved ones and realized that he had something Voldemort did not: love. Focusing on love and with the help of his friends, Harry was able to defeat Voldemort. Quirrell died, and Voldemort fled.

Harry and his friends were celebrated as heroes. Dumbledore explained that the stone had been destroyed and that Voldemort was gone, for now. Harry returned to the Dursleys’ home for the summer, but he knew that he would be returning to Hogwarts. He had tasted adventure and knew there was more to come.

As they left Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and Hermione reflected on their adventure. They had become fast friends, and Harry knew that he could always count on them. They eagerly awaited their return to Hogwarts and the unknown adventures that awaited them.

Little did they know, their next adventure was already waiting for them.

Some scenes from the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone written by A.I.

Scene 1

Setting: Grimmauld Place, London, England


Harry Potter – A young orphan boy who discovers he is a powerful wizard.

Hagrid – The gamekeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Vernon Dursley – Harry’s uncle who despises anything to do with magic.

Petunia Dursley – Harry’s aunt who is afraid of anything magical.

Dudley Dursley – Harry’s spoiled cousin who takes great pleasure in bullying Harry.

Scene 1: The Boy Who Lived



The Dursley family hurriedly packs their car, ready for their annual vacation. Harry is seen sitting on the doorstep with a long face.


The Dursleys are discussing Harry in a heated conversation.


We don’t want him with us. He’ll ruin everything.


He’ll just have to stay here, won’t he?



That’s all right. I don’t mind.


Harry is shown making a cozy little space with a blanket and a torch.


Vernon and Petunia are discussing Harry again.


By the way, you will not be going to that school tomorrow. You’ll be celebrating Dudley’s birthday.


But I thought…

Vernon glares at him.


A huge motorbike with a giant of a man, Hagrid, comes to a stop outside the Dursley’s house. He takes out his umbrella and gives it a tap on the door.


(to Vernon)

I’ve come to take Harry away. Uncle Vernon tries to shut the door on him, but Hagrid shoves it open.


Who are you?


I’m Hagrid. Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. You’re a wizard, Harry.


Scene 2

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Format: Feature Film

Setting: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Characters: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Professor McGonagall



Harry sits at the Gryffindor table surrounded by his new classmates. The Sorting Hat rests on the head table as the first-year students nervously await their fate.

RON: (whispering) I hope I’m in Gryffindor with you, Harry.

HERMIONE: (whispering) Don’t be silly, Ron. You’ll be in Gryffindor. We all will.

DRACO MALFOY saunters over to the Gryffindor table.

DRACO: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the famous Harry Potter.

Harry bristles at the mention of his name.

HARRY: What do you want, Malfoy?

DRACO: Just wanted to wish you luck, Potter. You’re going to need it.

PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL appears on the dais carrying a scroll.

PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL: (to the students) Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a few moments, you will be sorted into your houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin.

She unrolls the scroll and calls out the first name.


The sorting hat is placed on Hannah’s head.

SORTING HAT: Hufflepuff!

The hall erupts in applause. The sorting continues until it is Harry’s turn.


Harry takes a deep breath as the hat is placed on his head.

SORTING HAT: Ah, difficult. Very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh my goodness, yes – and a nice thirst to prove yourself, now that’s interesting. So where shall I put you?

HARRY: Not Slytherin. Not Slytherin.

SORTING HAT: Not Slytherin, eh? Are you sure? You could be great, you know. It’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that. No? Well, if you’re sure – better be GRYFFINDOR!

The Gryffindor table erupts in cheers as Harry takes his seat. Ron and Hermione high five him.

RON: (whispering) I told you we’d be in Gryffindor.

HERMIONE: (whispering) Congratulations, Harry. You’ll do great things.

Scene 3



Harry, Ron and Hermione head towards the Forbidden Corridor, a place they have been warned to stay away from. Their curiosity gets the better of them and they make their way to the door that leads to the Philosopher’s Stone.

HERMIONE: “We’ll be expelled if we’re caught.”

RON: “What do you think Snape will do if he catches us?”

HARRY: “I don’t care what Snape will do. We need to know what’s behind that door.”

HERMIONE pulls out a book from her bag and starts flipping through the pages.

HERMIONE: “I’ve read about this. It’s called the Philosopher’s Stone. It can turn metal into gold and give the owner eternal life.”

RON: “Eternal life? That’s impossible.”

HARRY: “But what if someone is trying to steal it?”

HERMIONE: “We should tell Dumbledore. He’ll know what to do.”

HARRY: “No. We have to find out who’s trying to steal it ourselves.”

The trio cautiously opens the door and enters a long, dark room.

RON: “I don’t like this. It’s creepy.”

HERMIONE: “Be quiet, Ron. Someone might hear us.”

Suddenly, they hear a loud noise. They peek through a crack in the door and see Fluffy, the three-headed dog, in the next room.

HARRY: “We have to get past Fluffy.”

HERMIONE: “I read about this too. Fluffy falls asleep when he hears music.”

RON: “Well, who’s going to play music?”

HARRY: “I will.”

Harry pulls out his wand and casts a spell. A harp appears and begins to play music. Fluffy falls asleep and the trio sneaks past him.


The trio comes across a room filled with obstacles.

HERMIONE: “These are challenges to protect the Philosopher’s Stone. We have to get past them.”

RON: “What’s that chessboard?”

HERMIONE: “It’s a life-sized Wizard Chess. We have to play it to get through.”

HARRY: “I’ll go first.”

The trio starts to play the game. Harry and Ron take on the roles of knights, while Hermione is the queen. They successfully make it past the chessboard and onto the next challenge.


They finally reach the final room where the Philosopher’s Stone is kept. They see Professor Quirrell trying to steal it while Voldemort is on the back of his head.

HARRY: “What’s going on here?”

QUIRRELL: “I’m trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone for my master, Voldemort.”

HARRY: “You won’t get away with this.”

QUIRRELL: “Oh, but I will. You see, I have someone who’s protecting me.”

Voldemort emerges from the back of Quirrell’s head and tries to possess Harry.

HARRY: “Get out of my head!”

Harry remembers the love of his mother and the curse on Voldemort breaks. Harry defeats Quirrell and saves the Philosopher’s Stone.


Scene 4


Harry, Ron, and Hermione are sitting by the fireplace. They are all wearing their robes, as it is after hours. Ron is holding a chess board, while Hermione is reading a book.


So, what do you want to do now?


I don’t know. It’s too late to go anywhere.


We could always study. I have some notes on Transfiguration that I want to review.


Groan. That’s the last thing I want to do.

Suddenly, the portrait hole opens and Malfoy walks in.


Well, well, well. What have we here? Potter, Weasley, and Granger out of bed after hours.


What are you doing here, Malfoy?


I could ask you the same thing. But I know what you’re up to. You’re plotting against me.


We’re not plotting against you, Malfoy.


Oh, please. I know you don’t like me. But I don’t care. I have something to tell you, Potter. A secret. But I can’t tell you here. Meet me in the trophy room at midnight. If you’re brave enough.

Malfoy leaves the common room, leaving Harry, Ron, and Hermione confused.


Do you think we should go?


Absolutely not. It’s an obvious trap.


I have to go. I have a score to settle with Malfoy.

Later that night, Harry sneaks out of the common room and makes his way to the trophy room. Malfoy is waiting for him with his wand drawn.


Well, well, well. Potter. I knew you would come.


What do you want, Malfoy?


A duel, of course. To prove who’s the better wizard.

They circle each other, wands at the ready. Finally, Malfoy makes the first move and casts a spell. Harry dodges it and retaliates with a spell of his own. They continue to duel, casting spells left and right.

Suddenly, Filch and Mrs. Norris appear out of nowhere.


What’s going on here?


It’s Malfoy’s fault, sir. He challenged me to a duel.


That’s a lie! He attacked me!


That’s enough. Both of you will come with me.

As they walk back to the common room, Harry feels a sense of satisfaction. He may not have won the duel, but he stood up to Malfoy and proved that he was not afraid.

Scene 5



The trio – Harry, Ron and Hermione, stand outside in the chilly night air, as Hagrid leads them towards the Forbidden Forest. Harry is nervous, but Ron and Hermione try to reassure him.


Now, I shouldn’t have to warn you lot, but the Forbidden Forest is full of dangerous creatures. So, just stay close to me, all right?

The group steps into the forest, and the sounds of the castle fade away. They walk for a while, and suddenly, they hear a strange, eerie noise.


What was that?


(A bit nervously)

Nothing to worry about. Probably just a centaur or two.

Suddenly, a dark, cloaked figure emerges from the shadows. It is Professor Quirrell, huddled over something in his arms.


Hagrid, what are you doing here? And with students, no less?


What’s that you got there, Professor?

Quirrell hesitates for a moment before revealing a unicorn, its horn bloody and broken. The trio gasps in horror.


Who did that?


I’m afraid I cannot say, Mr. Potter. But you and your friends would do well to leave now. This is no place for children.

Before they can leave, a hoard of cloaked figures surrounds them – it’s a group of Voldemort’s followers. Harry recognizes one of them as Draco Malfoy’s father, Lucius.


Well, well, well. If it isn’t Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

The followers close in, and the group is outnumbered. Suddenly, Hagrid jumps to their defense, picking up the followers and flinging them aside. But Quirrell manages to sneak away in the chaos.


C’mon, kids. We need to get out of here.

They run back towards the castle, Harry’s mind racing with the knowledge that Quirrell must be trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone.



The group bursts into the castle, out of breath and frantic.


Harry, we have to stop him!


I know. But how?


(Smiling wryly)

We’ll have to use our heads. Or, more specifically, your head, Hermione.

Hermione looks confused for a moment, and then her face clears as she realizes what Ron means.


The riddle from the Mirror of Erised. It said that the Stone would be given to “the one who has it at their heart’s desire.” That must mean someone who doesn’t want to use it.



And that’s us.

The group sets out to stop Quirrell and protect the Stone. But they know that the mission will not be easy.


Author: AI