Good Time

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— before it’s too late.


The night was cold and still in New York City. The street lights shone their yellow glow down onto the otherwise empty street, casting eerie shadows against the walls of the high-rise buildings. There was an air of anticipation about the night as it lay in wait for something to happen.

But it soon became clear that something was happening, as the sound of a revving engine shattered the silence. Suddenly, a black van came careening around the corner, its tires squealing in protest. Inside was a desperate man, and he was in a hurry.

Johnathon Lynch had his brother, James, in the passenger seat beside him. James was mentally disabled and had recently been arrested for a botched bank robbery. Now, Johnathon was determined to bust him out of the jail and set him free.

As the two brothers raced through the streets of the city, they were pursued by police cars and unmarked cars. Things were getting more and more out of control with every moment, but Johnathon was determined to get his brother out no matter what.

The chase took them through the dark alleys of the city, with bullets flying through the air and explosions shaking the ground. The two of them were in constant danger, but Johnathon knew he had to keep going. He had to save his brother before it was too late.

Chapter 1

Johnathon ran as fast as he could, the sound of police sirens ringing in his ears. He had managed to escape the police cars and the unmarked cars, but he knew they wouldn’t be far behind. He had to get his brother to safety before they caught him.

He turned a corner, his heart pounding in his chest as he looked around desperately for a place to hide. His brother was trusting him with his life, and he couldn’t fail him. He had to keep going, no matter what.

Just as he was about to give up hope, he spotted a rusted old alleyway. He quickly ducked inside, his breath coming in quick gasps as he tried to make himself as small as possible. He could hear the police cars coming closer and closer, and he knew he had to stay hidden.

The two brothers stayed in the alley for what seemed like an eternity before the sound of sirens faded away. Johnathon sighed with relief, but he knew they weren’t out of danger just yet. He had to find a way to get his brother out of jail before it was too late.

Chapter 2

Johnathon and James walked through the streets of the city, looking for any clue as to how they could get James out of jail. They stopped at a bar to ask for help, but the bartender just shook his head and told them he didn’t know anything.

Just as they were about to leave, a tall, burly man walked in and sat down at the bar. He had a mean look about him, and Johnathon immediately tensed up. The man looked around and then slowly turned his attention to Johnathon and James.

“You two lookin’ for a way outta the city?” the man asked gruffly.

Johnathon looked at James and then nodded. “Yes,” he replied. “We need to get my brother out of jail.”

The man nodded and then stood up. “Well, you’ve come to the right place. I know a guy who can help.”

Johnathon and James followed the man to a dingy apartment in a rough part of town. The man knocked on the door, and after a few moments, it opened to reveal a small, scruffy-looking man.

The man smiled when he saw the two brothers. “Come on in,” he said. “My name is Eddie and I think I can help you get your brother out of jail.”

Chapter 3

Eddie explained that he had a contact in the police department who could get James out of jail for a price. He told them the plan and the amount of money that would be needed, and Johnathon reluctantly agreed.

The next morning, Johnathon made the payment and then waited anxiously for the plan to be put into motion. Finally, late in the afternoon, a police car arrived at the jail. Johnathon and James were escorted out and onto the waiting car.

They drove for what seemed like hours, with Johnathon constantly glancing out the window to make sure they weren’t being followed. Finally, they arrived at their destination – a secluded cabin in the woods.

Johnathon and James spent the next few days at the cabin, waiting and hoping that they hadn’t been tracked down by the police. But they were safe – for the moment at least.

Chapter 4

After a few days, Johnathon and James decided to leave the cabin and head back to the city. They had a plan – they would find a way to make the money needed to pay off Eddie and his contact in the police department.

They returned to the city and immediately started making plans for a heist. They were going to rob a bank and use the money to pay off the debt. Johnathon knew it was risky, but it was their only chance at freedom.

The two brothers spent the next few days preparing for the heist. They scouted the bank, making sure they knew every inch of it before they made their move.

Finally, the day of the heist arrived. Johnathon and James walked into the bank, guns drawn, and the robbery went off without a hitch. They managed to make off with the money and then quickly made their escape.

Chapter 5

Johnathon and James were in the clear, and they had the money to pay off their debt. But just as they were starting to relax, they heard a voice from behind them. It was Eddie, and he was not happy.

He had followed them to the bank and had seen the whole thing go down. Now, he wanted his money – or else.

Johnathon and James were in a panic, desperate to come up with a plan. They needed the money, but they didn’t want to risk going back to jail.

Then, Johnathon had an idea. He pulled out his cell phone and called the police, telling them to come and arrest Eddie. They agreed and soon, Eddie was in custody and the money was safely returned.


Johnathon and James were finally free, and they had the money they needed to pay off their debt. They had been through a lot, but they were finally safe.

Johnathon and James went on to lead happy and successful lives. They never looked back on their past and never looked down on their adversaries – they just kept on living life to the fullest.

They had gone through a lot together, but they had come out on top. Johnathon and James were proof that, no matter how desperate the situation, there was always a way out.

— before it’s too late.

Scene 1:


The streets of New York City are buzzing with activity as Jack (early 30s) hurries along, sweating. He is carrying a bag and looks nervous. He stops at an ATM and punches in his PIN number.



Jack strides into the bank and takes out a gun from his bag. He points the weapon at the teller and the customers.


Put the money in the bag! Now!

The teller hastens to comply, filling a bag with cash.



Jack runs out of the bank and is met by two police officers with their guns drawn.






Jack looks around in confusion as he feels the cold steel of the police officers’ guns against the back of his head.


Scene 2:


Jack sits across from his younger brother, Michael (20s). Michael has a mental disability and looks disheveled and scared.



What happened in there?!

Michael stares silently, his eyes filled with fear.


Come on, Michael! They say you were the one that robbed the bank!


(shaking his head)

No, it wasn’t me!



I gotta get you out of here.

Jack stands up, determined to do whatever it takes to help his brother.


Scene 3:


Jack is walking quickly down the street, looking over his shoulder. He is being followed by two men. He ducks into an alley and turns to confront them.


You got something we want.


What is it?

The Mafia man smirks and pulls out a gun.


We want the money from the bank.



I don’t have it.



You better get it, or your brother’s gonna have a big problem.

Jack looks scared and uncertain.


Scene 4:


Jack is racing against the clock to get the money from the bank before it’s too late. He takes out a gun and strides up to the teller.


Put the money in the bag! Now!

The teller does as he says and the customers look on in fear. Jack spies a security guard coming towards him and makes a break for it.



Jack is being chased by the security guard and two police officers. He turns a corner and finds himself face to face with the two mafia men.


You got it?

Jack nods, out of breath. He opens the bag to reveal the money. The mafia man scoops it up greedily.


You saved your brother.




The mafia man nods and steps aside, allowing Jack to run past.


Author: AI