Deep Rising

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Chapter 1:

The night sky was ablaze with a beautiful blanket of stars, and the waves of the Pacific Ocean seemed to glimmer under the silver moonlight. The only thing that could be heard was the gentle hum of the ocean and the occasional call of a distant seabird. That was, until the deafening sound of an engine engine filled the air.

It was the MS Poseidon, the world’s most luxurious cruise ship. A single vessel on a journey of pleasure and comfort for its passengers. But tonight, the MS Poseidon would become the stage for terror and horror.

The engine sound grew louder as the ship approached. It was soon accompanied by loud shouting and what sounded like gun shots. It seemed that the ship had been hijacked.

Chapter 2:

The chilly night air was filled with chaos as the hijackers stormed the ship, brandishing guns and knives. They quickly took control of the ship and began searching for any passengers who might be on board.

The search was thorough but fruitless. There were no passengers to be found anywhere on the ship. It seemed that the MS Poseidon was completely deserted.

The hijackers were beginning to panic, unsure of what to do next. That was, until they heard an eerie sound coming from below deck. It sounded as though something was moving in the depths of the ship.

Chapter 3:

The hijackers quickly descended into the lower levels of the ship, their guns drawn. As they moved closer to the source of the mysterious sound, the darkness began to pulse with a strange, blue light.

One of the hijackers stepped forward, shining his flashlight into the gloom. A horrible sight greeted him. It seemed that the ship’s passengers had all been killed, their bodies suspended in mid-air in a bizarre and grotesque display.

The hijackers began to panic, unsure of what to do next. That was, until they felt a sudden tremor in the ship. It seemed that something was rising from the depths of the ocean. Something terrifyingly powerful.

The hijackers had no time to flee as a giant tentacle grabbed one of them and pulled him down into the depths. It seemed that the MS Poseidon had something much more sinister onboard than just hijackers. They had awoken a deadly force from the unexplored depths of the ocean.

Chapter 4:

The remaining hijackers scrambled to the upper deck, hoping to escape the creatures that had risen from the sea. Panic was beginning to take over, fueled by the screams and wails that echoed through the ship.

The hijackers searched around the upper deck for a way to escape, until they came across a small boat. It seemed like their only hope.

The hijackers quickly boarded the small boat and untied the ropes, pushing off from the MS Poseidon just as a giant, slimy tentacle began to reach for them. But the small boat was too fast, and the hijackers quickly sped away from the monstrous creature.

Chapter 5:

The hijackers continued to row madly towards the shore, desperate to get away from the creature. They had no idea what it was, and disbelief was starting to give way to fear as they realized the monster was still following them.

Finally, just as the hijackers were about to give up hope, the shoreline came into view. But the creature was still behind them, and it was gaining.

Just as the shore was in sight, one of the hijackers had an idea. He quickly grabbed a container of gasoline and a lighter, and instructed the rest of the crew to row towards the shore. He then stood at the bow of the boat, and as the creature gained ground, he threw the container of gasoline into its mouth.

The creature’s mouth was quickly engulfed in flames, and it released its grip on the boat, allowing the hijackers to make it safely to shore.


The hijackers were never seen or heard from again, and the MS Poseidon disappeared in the night. Some say the creature still lurks in the depths of the ocean, biding its time until it can exact its revenge.

Others say the ship was taken by a more sinister force, never to be seen again. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain: the terrifying creatures from the depths still remain a mystery.

Some scenes from the AI movie Deep Rising

Scene 1: Exterior – Cruise Ship

The camera pans across an infinity of stars, the night sky twinkling brightly above the ocean. The MS Poseidon appears on the horizon, its towering spires reaching up into the sky. The engine sound is loud and oppressive as the ship moves closer.


The camera moves up to the upper deck, where we see a group of hijackers armed with weapons. They move quickly and methodically, taking control of the ship and beginning to search for passengers.


The camera moves below deck as the hijackers search for passengers. The eerie blue light pulses from deep within the darkness. The hijackers are about to turn away when they hear a strange sound from below.


The hijackers move closer to the source of the noise, and the camera pans down to the lower deck. The hijackers are horrified to see that all of the passengers have been killed and suspended in mid-air, their corpses floating in a grotesque display.


The hijackers quickly scramble to the upper deck, hoping to escape the creatures that have risen from the depths of the ocean. They are too late, though, as a giant tentacle grabs one of them and pulls them down into the depths of the sea. The remaining hijackers quickly board a small boat and speed away from the monster.

Scene 2: Exterior – Ocean

The camera follows the boat as it speeds away from the creature, bouncing over the waves in a desperate attempt to get away. The creature continues its pursuit, getting dangerously close to the boat every time it dives below the surface.


The hijackers frantically search the boat for any way to escape, until one of them notices a container of gasoline in the back. He grabs it and turns to the rest of the crew.


We can use this to get rid of it.


The hijackers begin to devise a plan as the shore approaches. The creature is still pursuing them, getting closer with each passing moment. Suddenly, one of the hijackers grabs the container of gasoline and stands at the bow of the boat.


We have to do it now!

He quickly tosses the gasoline into the creature’s mouth, and it is soon engulfed in flames. The creature releases its grip on the boat, allowing the hijackers to make it safely to shore.


The hijackers make it to shore, and we can hear the creature screaming in the background. The sun is beginning to rise, and the hijackers are safe. The camera pans away from the shore as the creature disappears into the depths of the sea, never to be seen again.

Scene 3: Interior – Local Pub

The camera pans over to a local pub, where the hijackers are now sitting at a table. They are discussing their experience and thanking their lucky stars that they made it out alive.


We follow the hijackers out of the pub and onto the street. They are still in shock from the events of the night before, and the camera follows them as they make their way home.


The hijackers walk together in silence, until one of them speaks up.


I can’t believe we made it out alive…

The rest of the hijackers nod in agreement, and one of them looks up at the sky.


Let’s just be thankful the creature stayed in the depths of the ocean. We don’t know what could have happened if it had made it to the surface…

The hijackers look at each other in silent understanding, and the camera pans away as they make their way home.

Scene 4: Exterior – MS Poseidon

The camera pans across a scene of destruction as the MS Poseidon lies abandoned and derelict on the ocean. As the camera moves closer, we see the bodies of the passengers still suspended in mid-air.

The scene is eerie and surreal, a reminder of the horror that took place onboard the ship. The camera continues to move around the ship, taking in the damage and destruction until the camera finally pans up to the night sky, the stars twinkling brightly above.

Fade to black.

Author: AI