Death Proof

“When the hunted become the hunters, death becomes a high-octane game of survival.”

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In the blistering city of Austin, Texas, where the blues intermingled with the wafting scent of Texan barbecue and the distant strumming of a lone guitar, a figure observed from the cloaking shadows. His features were obscured, save for the malicious glint of his eyes, by the dim streetlights. He sat within the belly of a muscled beast of a car, watching, waiting, and preparing for the night’s game.

His name was Stuntman Mike. He was a relic of a bygone era, left scarred and hardened by life’s cruel jests. He was no hero. Far from it. His blemishes were not just physical, but clawed deep within his soul, twisting him into a dangerous enigma. An intoxicating mix of charm and impending doom, he was a beast prowling in the urban wilderness, his favourite hunting ground. His weapon of choice? A roaring muscle car, as monstrous and dark as his own soul.

And tonight, his gaze fell upon Jungle Julia, Austin’s most notorious DJ. She appeared on Mike’s radar as a challenging prey, a lively spirit who could perhaps offer him a worthy hunt. Julia, with her jangling, boisterous laughter and a fire in her eyes that rivalled the Texan sun, was about to have her life entwined with a force she could not understand.

Chapter 1: “The Night Begins”

In the grungy yet affectionately named Texas Chili Parlor, Jungle Julia, known as Julia to friends, was the embodiment of the Austin nightlife. Her friends, Shanna and Arlene, were her fellow nocturnal adventurers. As Julia’s laughter pierced through the usual bar chatter and clinking glasses, her dark curls swayed above the crowd, a beacon for admiration and envy.

“Here’s to another wild night!” Julia declared, her glass held high above her head, catching the light in a kaleidoscope of colors. Shanna and Arlene joined in the toast, their glasses meeting with a satisfying clink that reverberated in the bar, their chorus of laughter merging with the regular humdrum of the night.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the girls, Stuntman Mike watched from the shadows, his scarred face half illuminated under a flickering neon sign. His muscled car idled in the alleyway, its engine purring like a beast waiting to pounce. His gaze locked onto Julia, whose vivacity stood out against the gloom. A wicked smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

As the night deepened, the friends immersed themselves in the pulsating rhythm of Austin. They danced, they laughed, they lived. The night was their canvas, and they painted it with tales of reckless adventures and shared secrets. All the while, Stuntman Mike was a silent observer, his presence a hidden blemish on the otherwise perfect night.

Yet, every story has a twist. As the nightlife of Austin continued its orchestrated dance of joy and liberation, the beast in the shadows was preparing to pounce, his engine revving in hungry anticipation. What started as a night of unbridled joy for Julia and her friends was about to turn into a furious game of cat and mouse.

The night was still young, yet it bore an ominous vibe, a fear that lurked just beneath the surface, ready to explode. It was the night that would intertwine the lives of Jungle Julia, Shanna, Arlene, and the sinister Stuntman Mike, each unaware of the riveting, heart-stopping journey that lay ahead. And so, the night began, the players took their positions, and the stage was set for a thrilling game that would resonate in the heart of Austin for years to come.

Chapter 2: “Chasing Shadows”

Stuntman Mike peppered with the ghosts of his past, sat contemplative for a moment, probing into the depth of his scarred visage in the rearview mirror. His story was a dreadful hymn, a chorus of scars that marked his life trial by trial. As a former Hollywood stuntman, he had often been in the line of fire, putting his life at risk to make movie stars look good. One fateful day, a stunt had gone terribly wrong, leaving him badly scarred and effectively ending his career.

Now, he had found a new purpose, a new thrill. He thrived on the adrenaline rush, the scent of fear, the palpable dread that his victims felt. The hunter in him stirred, aroused by the chase. His muscle car, a relic of his past life was now his accomplice, a roaring beast that served his dark intentions. Each rev of the engine was a call to the hunt. He was no longer a man but a predator stalking his unsuspecting prey.

Jungle Julia, the city’s hottest DJ along with her friends Shanna and Arlene, were oblivious to their fates being entwined with Mike’s. The night was young, the city alive with the music of life, and they had stepped out to taste the intoxicating freedom it offered, unaware of the danger that lurked in the shadows. Austin had always been their sanctuary, a haven of music and camaraderie, but tonight the city’s shadows held a more sinister promise, one forged in the fiery engine of Stuntman Mike’s muscle car.

Mike watched with a predatory gaze as Julia and her friends swayed to the rhythm of the night, their laughter echoing over the hum of city noise. They were the perfect prey for his twisted games. The giggles, the carefree banter, their free-spirited revelry, everything about them drew him closer. He could almost taste the thrill of the impending chase.

His scarred eyes followed them meticulously, memorizing their moves, their habits, leaving nothing to chance. He was a ghost in the night, leaving no trace of his presence, his stalking wrapped in the cool cloak of shadows. Each rev of his engine served as a sinister soundtrack to his hunt. With every heartbeat, he pulled closer to his victims, his foot pressing on the gas pedal, the roar of the engine slicing through the city’s vibrant pulse.

The night bore witness to his pursuit, the moon casting long shadows that danced on his scarred face. The neon city lights reflected in his eyes, giving them an eerie glow, matching the sinister grin that played on his lips. Streets turned into a twisted labyrinth, houses morphed into grim spectators, and the city’s pulse unknowingly danced to the pace of his hunt.

The thrill of the chase surged through his veins, fuelling his sinister intentions. His fingers gripped the steering wheel tightly, knuckles white against the black leather. His foot pressed harder on the pedal, shooting adrenaline throughout his body. Stuntman Mike was in his element, a predator on the prowl, chasing shadows in the heart of Austin.

Tonight, the city of Austin was no longer the haven Julia and her friends knew. Instead, it transformed into a stage for Stuntman Mike’s twisted game of cat and mouse, their laughter unknowingly echoing the eerie prelude of a terrifying symphony yet to play out. The girls were now ensnared in Stuntman Mike’s deadly web, their lives unknowingly tangled in the dangerous dance of a scarred predator on the prowl. This was the beginning of a night that would transform their lives, the first act in a saga of terror, courage, and survival. A chapter in which shadows chased the innocent, and the hunter marked his prey.

Chapter 3: “Unseen Danger”

The night was wrapped in a blanket of anticipation, a concoction of neon lights, unspoken secrets, and the intoxicating rhythm of downtown Austin. Unaware of the gathering storm, DJ Jungle Julia, Shanna, and Arlene continued their journey deeper into the heart of the city, their laughter bouncing off the painted brick walls and murals of the bustling district.

They swayed into the Jazz Cat Club, their steps in rhythm with the pulsating bluesy notes emanating from inside. The trio was a burst of color in the monochrome night, three stars burning most brightly in the urban galaxy. Each step they took was followed by the rolling echo of Stuntman Mike’s merciless engine, a hint of the dread they were yet to encounter.

Inside, the Jazz Cat Club was a glorious chaos of sounds, colors, and people. Lost in the throbbing music, the ladies let themselves be swept away by the hypnotic rhythm, their worries left behind at the door. They didn’t notice the shadow that lurked outside, the hungry eyes watching their every move from behind a scarred visage.

The evening took them to the charming eccentricities of Rainey Street, the so-called Mecca for Austin’s youth. With Shanna leading, they hopped from one vibrant bar to another, each holding its unique charm, the warm glow of the night masking the immense danger that trailed them.

Their evening was a symphony of shared stories, music that made their hearts soar, and moments that crystallized into cherished memories. And yet, despite the joy, the electric current of fear was slowly seeping into their night, their shared laughter growing quieter over time, the haze of unease settling into the air.

Arlene, the observant one, began noticing a recurring pattern. An unnerving presence, brief glimpses of a man ensconced in a muscle car, a chill that didn’t go away. Despite her instincts screaming danger, she reasoned with herself, attributing the unease to late-night jitters.

As the trio wandered further into the recesses of the night, their path illuminated by the starlit sky and playful city lights, they remained oblivious to the impending doom. The city, though teeming with energy and life, failed to notice the predator lurking in its corners.

Their last stop was the legendary Broken Spoke, where dancers twirled and boots kicked up dust to the strains of authentic Austin country. As Julia’s voice joined the hearty chorus of a popular country song, Stuntman Mike’s car revved menacingly in the distance, his arrival shrouded in the growing suspense.

The serpentine roads, peppered with late-night enthusiasts, bore silent witness to the vicious game of cat and mouse. As the girls reveled under the country bar’s nostalgic glow, the covert predator was closing in, his intentions as sinister as the snarl of his engine reverberating through the city streets.

Despite the fun and frivolity, Arlene’s nerves were fraying. An icy fear was coiling in her stomach, the dread creeping into the edges of their night out. The laughter was fading, replaced by a tension that hung over them like a storm cloud.

However, the danger lay unseen, hidden beneath the city’s radiant veil, beneath the rhythm of the night. It lay in the growling engine that echoed through the streets, the ominous silhouette inside a ragged muscle car, a man with a scarred face and a deadly fixation.

This chapter closed with an unsettling undercurrent, a bone-chilling sense of foreboding that ricocheted off the city’s walls. The night was no longer just an adventure, but an eerie labyrinth they had unwittingly entered. As the city went on about its nightly dance, the women found themselves in the eye of a brewing storm, unaware of the thrill and terror that awaited them.

Chapter 4: “Revelation of the Beast”

The pulse of the Austin nightlife was still throbbing in a rhythmic symphony of bass notes and drunken laughter. Jungle Julia, Shanna, and Arlene were deeply engrossed in their night, the world around them blurring into a vibrant, bustling haze of neon lights, clinking glasses, and the thrumming bass of Julia’s chosen beats. They reveled in the intoxicating camaraderie of their trio, oblivious to the darkening storm brewing on the periphery of their joyous escapade.

Meanwhile, Stuntman Mike, a solitary figure cloaked in shadows, observed them from afar, the scar across his rugged face a stark testimony to a history of violence and danger. He sat enthroned behind the wheel of his monstrous muscle car, an extension of his warped psyche. With each passing minute, each rev of his engine, Mike grew bolder, inching malevolently closer to the girls. His mind plotted, scheme born upon scheme, as the monstrous steel beast he commanded skulked in the urban jungle.

The girls, on the other hand, were blissfully ignorant of their plight. In their world, the night was still young, still filled with the promise of laughter and uninhibited freedom. As they moved from one lively spot to the next, Mike followed, leaving the scent of gasoline and rubber in his wake. But as the night grew darker and the girls’ laughter echoed through eerily secluded streets, Mike’s true beastly nature began to take form.

Unbeknownst to the girls, his muscle car ceased to be a mere vehicle—it became a predator. Its burning lights mimicked predatory eyes on the prowl, stalking, hunting. Its engine, once merely growling, now roared with an unquenchable thirst for the chase. The car, just like Mike, was a scarred beast, its dented steel and scratched paint revealing a past filled with reckless abandon and chilling thrill.

Suddenly, Mike’s foot slammed the accelerator, the car lunged forward with a ferocious roar. A predatory beast, unleashed. The mood shifted suddenly, the night’s enchanting spell shattered by the beast’s roar and its sudden advance. The girls, caught off guard, could sense an overpowering sense of doom creeping over them.

The bright, golden hues of neon signs turned into a sickening vortex of flashing reds and greens, casting eerie shadows around them—a vivid nightmare materializing from the abyss. The comforting rhythm of the nightlife became drowned by the crescendo of a roaring engine, resonating with their pounding hearts. The world around them flipped, transforming into a horrifying chase scene. Their laughter faded into the echoes of the night, replaced by panicked breaths and terror-stricken faces.

Mike, the faceless tormentor behind the wheel, reveled in the terror his beastly transformation evoked. The muscle car veered and skidded, tearing through the asphalt like a ravenous beast on the loose. His scarred face was illuminated by the menacing glow of the dashboard, his eyes reflecting a cruel joy, a sadistic satisfaction.

The once vibrant cityscape turned into a twisted nocturnal labyrinth, while the girls’ joyful escapade transformed into a desperate struggle for survival. The tables had turned drastically, and Stuntman Mike had shifted from a mere silent observer to an active predator. Behind the wheel, he was the master puppeteer, controlling the night, using his horrifying beast of a car to cast a shadow of terror over Julia, Shanna, and Arlene. The revelation of the beast was complete, turning the once calm, serene night into a horrifying nightmare.

However, despite the terror, a flicker of resistance sparked within the girls. They were no longer just Julia, Shanna, and Arlene – they became the unsuspecting heroes of their own tale. But for now, they were at the mercy of the beast on wheels, the scarred man who reveled in their fear. The nightmare had just begun. And the true nature of Stuntman Mike and his deathproof car had finally been revealed. The city waited with baited breath, for the night was still young, and the beast was just starting his hunt.

Chapter 5: “Turn of the Tide”

The night had taken a grotesque turn. Julia, Shanna, and Arlene’s laughter, once the soundtrack of their adventures, now faded under the monstrous growl of Stuntman Mike’s muscle car. Their once-happy evening had been stolen, replaced with grim panic. But as the women quickly discovered, fear had a way of clarifying one’s resolve. In its icy grip, they found an unexpected surge of bravery.

Their minds whirled, teetering between hysteria and determination. Every rev that echoed from the bowels of Mike’s monstrous car fed their terror, but also their resolve. Yet the terror stalking them from the shadows of the Austin nightlife was a predator, its hunger radiating off the scarred man behind the wheel. Predators, as the girls knew, could only be fought off by becoming a threat themselves.

Back in the car, Shanna at the wheel, with Julia navigating from the passenger seat and Arlene in the back, they began formulating their rudimentary plan. Julia’s voice was commanding, her words crisp as she picked apart their situation. Each sentence was a life raft thrown into the churning chaos of their predicament.

“Here’s the plan,” she began, her eyes fixed on the rearview mirror where Mike’s car was ominously reflected. Shanna and Arlene listened keenly, their eyes wide in the dim light. “We lead him into the open, where he doesn’t have the advantage of darkness and surprise.”

Shanna nodded, her knuckles white on the steering wheel. Arlene, usually the quiet one, interjected with her own idea. “Let’s take him to the old motorway. It’s deserted, well-lit, and we know it like the back of our hands.”

The women’s faces brightened. It was a good plan. But they also knew that Mike wouldn’t be fazed easily. He was a specter that had slipped out of the darkness, a consequence of some past nightmare that had come for them. But they were determined; they would not be easy prey.

The car sped through the streets, the city lights gliding past like specters in the night. Each woman was consumed by her thoughts, grappling with the surreal horror that had swallowed up their carefree evening. They could feel Mike’s presence, an impending storm of terror and violence, but it didn’t break them. Instead, it fuelled their determination, created an unbroken chain of resolve.

The old motorway rose in the distance, a thread of concrete and neon light. Julia, Shanna, and Arlene exchanged glances – a silent vow passed between them. They were no longer victims of an unforeseen circumstance; they were now fighters, ready to take control of their fate.

The muscle car roared in pursuit, Stuntman Mike a silhouette behind the wheel. But he was chasing them now – the hunted had become the hunters. This was a game they were ready to play, and the stakes had never been higher.

Julia looked back into the rearview mirror, meeting the reflection of Mike’s car. In her gaze was a warning, a silent dare. “Your move, Stuntman,” she murmured. The Austin night swallowed her words, carrying them to the predator tailing them. His monstrous car roared in response, the sound ringing through the city like a war cry. Unseen, within the car, the girls grinned. The game was on.

The thrill of the chase, the danger, and the adrenaline – they’d never sought this nightmare. But now they were in it, they resolved to face it head-on, to attack it with every ounce of courage, grit, and determination they possessed. Stuntman Mike might consider himself deathproof, but the shock lying in wait for him on the old motorway would make him question that belief.

In the face of terror, Jungle Julia and her friends had not only recognized their potential but had also decided to embrace it. They were proving that they too were ‘deathproof’ in their own right. It was their turn to show Stuntman Mike what they were made of. The city of Austin, that night, held its breath as the tide turned, and three unsuspecting women took the driver’s seat in a chase they hadn’t started, but were determined to finish.

Chapter 6: “Hunted Becomes Hunter”

The quiet night in Austin had been rudely disrupted by the menacing roar of Stuntman Mike’s muscle car, the sound reverberating off the naked brick walls of the city. His vehicle, a monstrous beast under the glow of the city lights, had been an instrument of terror. But now, under the leaden skies lit with the cold, far-off stars, the hunted had turned hunter.

Jungle Julia, Shanna, and Arlene, three women who had stepped into the night in pursuit of freedom and fun, had unknowingly stepped into a nightmare. But it was a nightmare they weren’t willing to surrender to. They devised a strategic response, their fear metamorphosing into a resolve as hard as the steel of the car that had stalked them. With Julia at the helm, they planned to turn the tables on their mysterious predator.

The tension in the air was thicker than the cloud of dust their tires kicked up. Each rev of their borrowed engine represented a heart-beat, each shift of the gear a quickened breath. From being an object of terrifying pursuit, the car had morphed into a symbol of their newfound strength.

Stuntman Mike’s grim figure, once shrouded and distant, was now at the crosshairs of their vindictive pursuit. The girls navigated each narrow alley with an adrenaline-induced precision, their headlights casting long shadows that danced grotesquely against the old city buildings. As they chased, their pulsating engines sang a symphony of relentless pursuit, of danger turned defiant.

Every twist and turn was a statement, a testament to their grit, their refusal to be victims. Despite the odds stacked heavily against them, they drove with a fierce determination, their courage echoing in the roar of their engine, their resolve reflected in the car’s blazing headlights.

As the chase intensified, so did their resolve. Stuntman Mike, who had started the night as a feared predator, was now the prey in their headlights. His car, a cue of dread, now became a beacon attracting retribution. The austere shell of his scarred persona began to crack under the unprecedented role reversal, revealing the cowardice that resided beneath the hardened exterior.

No longer the silent damsels in distress, the girls had become Amazonian warriors fearlessly navigating the urban jungle. As the city watched in a suspenseful silence, the plight for power continued. The world witnessed the transmutation of pain into power; fear into force. The hunted were now hunters.

The balance of power had shifted. The monstrous vehicle which once seemed deathproof began to quiver under the relentless chase. The girls, exploiting this weakness, drove with a newfound vigor, ripping through the quiet city streets like fiery meteors.

The climax was drawing nearer, every heartbeat synced with the pulsating engine, every breath held in anticipation. As the city fell into a deeper sleep, the girls kept their predator awake. A thrilling terror hung heavily in the air, as if the city itself was holding its breath.

As the night aged, so did the chase, building up towards an explosive climax. The hunter had become the hunted, the game had changed. And on this cold, star-studded night, a new legend was being born in the heart of Austin – a legend of courage, of resilience, and of the unyielding spirit of three women who refused to surrender.

Chapter 6 was the epitome of suspense; it was a high-octane pursuit that could make hearts palpitate. It was adrenaline personified, personifying the raw power of courage and determination. The once hunted had become the hunter, and the streets of Austin bore witness to their indomitable spirit. This was not just a chase–it was a testament to the power of resilience. These women weren’t just driving a car, they were steering their destiny.

Chapter 7: “Deathproof Showdown”

The night was more potent than ever. Anxiety raced through the veins of Austin as if the city itself was hanging on a precipice. The darkened streets called out in eerie silence, and among them, the three women: Jungle Julia, Shanna, and Arlene, approached their destiny. Deep within, they felt their hearts pound in unison, as if set to the rhythm of a song that only they could tune into.

The air was thick with anticipation. The muscle car, once a symbol of Stuntman Mike’s brutal reign, now stood as an object of their defiance. The ladies had taken the wheel, driving headfirst into a deadly dance with their tormentor. As their slender fingers gripped onto the steering wheel, they felt an uncanny blend of fear and exhilaration.

Arlene sat on the passenger’s seat, her gaze hardening as she peered through the gloomy night. Shanna was gripping onto the backseat, her knuckles white, perspiration glossing her forehead, and an intense determination in her eyes. And then, there was Julia. She had effortlessly slipped into the authority of a leader, a raging flame lit in her eyes, ready to face the predator who had chased them through the labyrinth of Austin’s nocturnal landscape.

Suddenly, the night was ruptured by the unmistakable roar of an engine. Stuntman Mike was nearby. It was a signal, a challenge thrown into the open arena of the city’s underbelly, a deadly declaration of the showdown.

Julia pressed onto the gas, her eyes squinting, scanning the rearview mirror. “He is coming,” she whispered. “Are you ready, ladies?” Her voice was steady, her spirit undeterred.

“Let’s turn this nightmare into his nightmare!” Shanna huffed, her voice filled with a determination forged through the fiery ordeal. Arlene nodded, her lips pressed into a thin line, her eyes catching the glimmering city lights that reflected off Stuntman Mike’s approaching vehicle.

As Mike’s car came into view, the women tightened their grip – their courage mounting up against the beasts of uncertainty and fear. The showdown was no longer a matter of fate, but a battle of wills, a struggle between the predator and the prey in the urban jungle.

The chase was on. Their car darted through the labyrinth of streets, narrowly avoiding collisions, leaving behind a distraught city awash with the echoes of their daring escape and pursuit. Every twist, every turn was a calculated risk, a potential trap for their predator.

Julia, taking the lead, deliberately took a dangerous turn toward an abandoned construction site, her plan crystal clear in her mind. Flashes of the once vibrant city nightlife were replaced by towering cranes, and piles of rubble. Iron bars cast monstrous shadows, creating a nightmarish maze perfect for their final stand.

With Mike’s monstrous car in pursuit, the girls raced through the skeletal tomb of the construction site. The echo of grinding metal and crashing stones replaced the city’s music. Suddenly, Julia jerked the steering wheel hard. Their car spun, skidding across the gravel, headlights facing the incoming menace. Mike now stared into the face of his once prey.

“Say your prayers, Stuntman!” Arlene shouted defiantly, as Julia pressed on the gas. Their car surged forward, a missile targeting its prey, the muscle car – the symbol of their nightmare.

The final collision was deafening – a metal beast killed in its own den. Stuntman Mike was caught off guard, his reign of terror abruptly ended by the roar of his once helpless victims. As the dust and smoke lingered, the echo of the crash slowly faded into the night, and the city sighed in relief.

There was silence before sounds of survival echoed. A creak, a groan, and then a triumphant cry. Julia, Shanna, and Arlene, emerged shaken, but unbroken from their battle, their predator finally subdued, their nightmare turned upon its creator.

Exhausted, they slowly paced away. Their shadows tall against the wreckage, the unsung heroines of a night that Austin would not soon forget. This was their city, and they had reclaimed it, proving to themselves, and to Stuntman Mike, that they were indeed – deathproof.

Some scenes from the movie Death Proof written by A.I.

Scene 1



A funky beat pulses as an LED spotlight illuminates JUNGLE JULIA (early 30s, fiery, strong), who is spinning records. Her friends, SHANNA (avant-garde, bubbly) and ARLENE (reserved, delicate), dance among the sea of clubbers.


A scarred hand lowers a pair of binoculars. Revealed is STUNTMAN MIKE (50s, scarred, menace in his eyes). He’s in a battered, black muscle car, watching the club entrance.


Jungle Julia finishes her set. Cheers erupt. She descends the stage, joining Shanna and Arlene.


(over the music)

Let’s paint the town red!


Stuntman Mike starts the muscle car, the engine ROARS to life. He grins ominously.


Julia, Shanna and Arlene, arm in arm, exit the nightclub, laughing. They step into the Austin night, not noticing the engine’s distant roar.



Scene 2



A black muscle car, vintage but well-maintained, is parked inconspicuously at the corner of the vibrant streets of Austin.


STUNTMAN MIKE, a rugged man marked with scars, watches from his rearview, his gaze fixed on a trio of young women across the street. He starts his car, the engine ROARING to life.


JUNGLE JULIA, SHANNA, and ARLENE, vibrant and full of life, step out of a nightclub. They’re clueless of the danger that looms.



Stuntman Mike pulls out a faded photograph from his jacket, a group of smiling young women. The semblance between them and Julia’s group is haunting. He runs his fingers across their faces, a smirk on his face.


(to himself)

“Oh, how history repeats itself.”

He puts the picture away and revs the engine, following the girls’ cab from a distance.



Julia, Shanna, and Arlene burst into LAUGHTER, sharing secrets and tales oblivious of the muscle car trailing them.



Stuntman Mike’s scarred face reflects in the rearview mirror, a predator lurking in the night. The engine’s ROAR intertwines with the growing tension in the air.



Scene 3


(CHATTER and MUSIC fill the glamorous club. JUNGLE JULIA, a fiery DJ, dances among the crowd, her friends SHANNA and ARLENE by her side.)


(Laughs, shouts above the music)

Julia, you are unbelievable on turntables!


(Flashes a confident smile)

It’s just warming up, girl. Wait till the night really starts!

(They cheer, sharing a moment of pure joy. But outside the club, the roar of a car ENGINE can be heard.)


(We see STUNTMAN MIKE, a rugged, scarred man, watching the club from behind the wheel of his muscle car.)



Enjoy your dance… it won’t last long, ladies.

(Something ominous is suggested in his gaze, his foot pressing on the gas pedal.)


(Back inside the nightclub, ARLENE raises a glass.)


(Shouts, clangs her glass)

Here’s to a night we’ll never forget!

(The girls CLINK their glasses together.)


(Stuntman Mike revs his engine outside. We see a CLOSE-UP of his eyes, reflecting the neon lights of the Austin cityscape.)


Scene 4


Jungle Julia and her friends Shanna and Arlene are on the dance floor, losing themselves in the rhythm of the music. The room is full, the music loud, and the energy infectious. They’re having the time of their lives.



Stuntman Mike, a scarred figure, sits menacingly in his muscle car, parked in the shadows, watching the nightclub entrance. This is the calm before the storm.


(under his breath)


The engine ROARS to life, the monstrous sound cutting through the silence of the night.



The girls decide to leave the club, their laughter and happy chatter filling the quiet street as they walk into the night.

Suddenly, a LOUD ENGINE ROAR drowns out their conversations. They turn towards the sound. HEADLIGHTS. Blindingly bright. They’re growing larger fast. Too fast.



What the…?

Before she can even finish, the muscle car BURSTS on the scene, charging towards the girls like a angry bull. They SCREAM.

QUE SERA, SERA – Doris Day begins to play over the scene.



Mike, eyes wild, jaw clenched, steers with ruthless determination.


(yelling over the engine’s roar)

Welcome to a real nightmare, ladies!



The girls scatter in panic, trying to escape the charging beast. But the vehicle is too fast, too relentless.


Scene 5



A muscle car ROARS down the street, REVS echo.


Jungle Julia, Shanna, and Arlene are in the car, panicked. Julia GLANCES at her friends.


Enough. We fight back!


But how, Jules?

Shanna looks down, spots a MAP of the city.


Guys, I think I have an idea…



Stuntman Mike’s car halts. He searches for the girls, frowning.



They scan the map, planning their strategy with determined eyes.


This is our city ladies, we know every damn corner.


Right. We can lose him in the labyrinth of lanes here.


What then?

Julia smirks, winks at Arlene.


Then my dear Arlene, the hunt begins.

They share a look of fierce determination as the engine REVIVES.



Scene 6


The roar of engines fills the deserted Austin streets. Stuntman Mike’s muscle car prowls the streets while Jungle Julia, Shanna, and Arlene stand huddled, their fear replaced with a shared determination.

Close on Jungle Julia’s face, eyes hardening, lips in a grim line.


No more running.

Shanna nods, steeling herself. Arlene swallows hard, her fear warring with her newfound bravery.


Let’s do this.


They split up, each taking a different path. The roar of the engine grows louder and Stuntman Mike’s vehicle hurtles around the corner.


Stuntman Mike looks surprised, then grins. The hunt is on.


Shanna is running, her breath ragged. She takes a sudden left, and a SECOND later, with a squeal of tires, Mike appears, roaring down the street where she had just been.


Mike looks annoyed, but then his grin returns as he spots Arlene in his rear-view mirror.


Arlene hides around the corner, her breath hitching. She pulls out a brick, waiting for him.


Mike roars around the corner, spotting Arlene in his headlights. He grins wickedly.


Then a THUMP! The brick hits the windshield. Mike swerves, car skidding sideways, out of control.


Jungle Julia watches, determination etched on her face.


Your turn, ladies.



Author: AI