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Behind Enemy Lines

In the shadow of war, one pilot’s fight for survival becomes a mission to expose the truth. Watch…

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Tropic Thunder

In the jungle of illusions, they found reality’s bravest role. Watch the original version of Tropic Thunder ★★★★★…

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In the shadows of war, a broken family seeks the light of forgiveness and unity. Watch the original…

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Three Kings

In the desert of war, four soldiers find gold, comedy, and a mission that would change their lives…

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The Great Escape

In the shadow of war, a daring quest for freedom defies the impossible. Watch the original version of…

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Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

“In the darkest chateau, the struggle for survival begins, where innocence is lost, and resilience is tested.” Watch…

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Flags of Our Fathers

“In the face of valor, truth, and brotherhood, three unsung heroes battle their haunting past, seeking redemption amidst…

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“Courage runs deep; beneath the waves, an unseen war decides our fate.” Watch the original version of U-571…

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Barry Lyndon

“A rogue’s thrilling ascent to nobility, a tale of ambition, love, and war that leaves you breathlessly entwined…

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A Very Long Engagement

“In the war’s shadows, a woman’s undying love embarks on an unforgettable journey, unravelling an epic tale of…