Cinderella Man

Witness the inspiring true story of the Cinderella Man, a boxer who fought his way out of poverty and into the hearts of a nation.

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Jim Braddock had always been a fighter. Growing up in a poor Irish family, he learned at an early age that life was tough, and the only way to survive was to fight for what you wanted. He started boxing when he was just a teenager, and soon realized that he had a natural talent for the sport. But life had a way of throwing obstacles in his path, and despite his talent, Jim struggled to make a name for himself in the boxing world.

When the Great Depression hit, Jim’s life took a turn for the worse. He had a wife and three kids to support, but work was scarce, and he struggled to make ends meet. He turned to boxing as a last resort, hoping to make enough money to provide for his family. But even that proved to be difficult, as he lost fight after fight, and his dream of being a successful boxer slipped further and further away.

But then, something changed in Jim. He found a new determination, a new grit that he didn’t know he had. He refused to give up, and despite the odds, he managed to make a comeback that would go down in history. This is the story of Jim Braddock, the Cinderella Man who defied the odds and became a national hero.

Chapter 1: The Struggling Boxer

Jim Braddock was a shadow of his former self. Once a promising boxer with a bright future, he had fallen on hard times. It was the height of the Great Depression, and work was scarce. Jim had a wife, Mae, and three young children to provide for, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to make enough money to keep them all fed and clothed.

One night, Jim stepped into the ring for what he hoped would be a lucrative fight. But things didn’t go as planned. He broke his right hand in the second round, and despite his best efforts, he lost the fight. It was a devastating blow – not only had he lost the chance to make some much-needed money, but he was also out of the sport he loved.

For months, Jim struggled to make ends meet. He took odd jobs wherever he could find them, but they never paid enough to provide for his family. Things got so bad that he had to send his older children to live with his in-laws, as he couldn’t afford to take care of them himself.

But even in the depths of his despair, Jim refused to give up. He continued to train, even though he couldn’t afford a proper gym. He shadowboxed in his backyard and ran through the streets of his New Jersey town. He sent his wife Mae out to scavenge for scraps of food, so that he could eat enough to keep up his strength.

It was during this time that Jim began to realize something important – he had nothing left to lose. He had hit rock bottom, and the only way to go was up. He began to develop a new determination, a new grit that he never knew he had. He started to see boxing not just as a way to make money, but as a way to prove to himself and the world that he was capable of great things.

As Jim began to train harder and harder, he caught the attention of his old boxing manager, Joe Gould. Joe had always believed in Jim’s potential, and saw something in him that others didn’t. He began to set up fights for Jim again, hoping to help him get back in the game.

But Jim’s comeback was far from easy. He lost fight after fight, unable to regain the form he had once had. He became known in the boxing world as a “tomato can” – an opponent that other boxers could easily defeat. But Jim refused to give up. He continued to train harder and harder, determined to prove to himself and the world that he was capable of greatness.

And then, finally, something changed. In a fight against a highly ranked opponent, Jim defied the odds and won. It was a stunning victory, and one that sent shockwaves through the boxing world.

Jim Braddock was back, and he was ready to fight.

Chapter 2: The Supportive Wife

Mae Braddock sat at their kitchen table, shuffling through unpaid bills and wondering how they would make rent that month. Jim had broken his hand during a fight a few months ago, and with no money coming in, they were struggling to make ends meet. Mae knew that Jim was trying to find odd jobs to provide for them, but nothing seemed to be working out.

Mae was always amazed at Jim’s determination, even in the face of adversity. She knew that he was a talented boxer, but it was hard to make a living in the sport, especially during the Great Depression. Mae had always been Jim’s biggest supporter, and she believed in him even when he didn’t believe in himself.

She put the bills aside and went to check on their three children, all sleeping peacefully in their small, cramped apartment. Mae worried about their future, and the future of their children. She didn’t want them to grow up in poverty, always worrying about money and basic necessities like food and shelter.

As she walked back to the kitchen, Mae heard Jim come in the front door. He looked tired and defeated, and Mae could tell that he had been searching for work all day.

“Any luck today, honey?” Mae asked, trying to sound upbeat.

Jim shook his head. “No, not today. But I’ll keep trying,” he said, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Mae nodded, knowing that Jim would never give up. She took his hand and squeezed it, silently telling him that she was there for him, no matter what.

The next few weeks were tough for the Braddock family. They had to sell their furniture and pawn their wedding rings just to make ends meet. Mae spent her days walking to soup kitchens and charity organizations, hoping to get some food for her family. Jim looked for work every day, sometimes taking odd jobs like shoveling coal just to make a few dollars.

But even in the midst of their struggles, Mae and Jim’s love for each other never wavered. They clung tightly to one another, finding comfort in each other’s embrace. Mae knew that they were in this together, and that they would get through it together.

One day, Jim received a call from his old boxing manager, Joe Gould. Joe had a proposition for Jim – a last minute fight against a highly ranked opponent. The money was good, but Jim was hesitant. He hadn’t fought in months due to his injury, and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to get back in the ring.

Mae saw the doubt in Jim’s eyes, and she knew what she had to do. She sat him down and told him that she believed in him, that he was meant to be a boxer, and that this was his chance to provide for their family.

“Even if you lose, Jim, I’ll still love you. You’ve got nothing to lose,” Mae said, taking his hand in hers.

Jim looked at Mae, their eyes locked in a silent understanding. Mae gave him the courage he needed to take the fight, to step back into the ring and fight for their future.

Mae watched from the stands as Jim battled his opponent, his grit and determination shining through. In the end, Jim won the fight, shocking everyone in the arena. The crowd erupted in cheers, and Mae’s heart swelled with pride, knowing that they were going to be okay.

As they walked out of the arena, hand in hand, Mae knew that they still had a long way to go. But with Jim’s fighting spirit and her unwavering love, they would get through anything that came their way.

Chapter 3: The Underdog

Jim Braddock had always been an underdog. Growing up in New Jersey, he was a scrawny kid with a tough upbringing. But he found solace in boxing. It was a sport that allowed him to channel his pent-up frustration and anger into something productive. And Jim was good at it. Really good.

But as the Great Depression swept across the country, Jim’s boxing career came to a screeching halt. He struggled to find work, let alone boxing matches. And when he did get a fight, it was usually against a bigger, stronger opponent who he had no chance of beating.

But Jim refused to give up. He continued to train, even when it seemed like everything was against him. And then one day, out of the blue, he got a call from his longtime promoter.

“Jim, I’ve got a fight for you,” the promoter said. “It’s against Corn Griffin.”

Jim had heard of Griffin. He was a highly ranked opponent with a string of wins under his belt. But Jim didn’t hesitate. He knew he had to take the fight, even if it seemed like a long shot.

He trained harder than he ever had before. He ran miles every day, lifted weights, and sparred with some of the best boxers in the business. Mae, his wife, supported him every step of the way. She believed in him, even when he didn’t believe in himself.

The day of the fight arrived. Jim stepped into the ring, his heart pounding in his chest. The crowd was roaring, but he barely heard them. All he could see was Corn Griffin, looming above him like a giant.

The bell rang, and Jim sprang into action. He circled around Griffin, throwing jabs and hooks. Griffin countered with powerful punches, but Jim dodged them with ease. He was faster and more agile than Griffin, and he knew it.

As the rounds went on, Jim’s confidence grew. He could see the weariness in Griffin’s eyes, the hint of doubt. And then, in the seventh round, Jim landed a punch that sent Griffin staggering back.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Jim pressed his advantage. He threw punches with everything he had, determined to knock Griffin out. And finally, in the eighth round, he landed the punch that did it. Griffin went down, and the referee counted him out.

Jim had won. He couldn’t believe it. Tears of joy streamed down his face as the crowd lifted him up and cheered him on. He had done the impossible. He had defeated Corn Griffin, one of the best boxers in the business.

But as Jim celebrated his victory, he knew that this was just the beginning. He had a long way to go before he could truly call himself a champion. But he was determined to get there. He was the Cinderella Man, and he was just getting started.

Chapter 4: The Cinderella Man

Jim Braddock woke up the morning after his unexpected victory with a sense of disbelief. Had it really happened? He pinched himself to make sure he was awake and then looked over at his wife Mae, who was still sleeping soundly beside him. They had been through so much together, struggling to make ends meet during the Great Depression, and now they were living a dream.

Jim got out of bed and looked out the window. The sun was just starting to rise, casting a golden glow over the city. He knew that he had become something of a symbol of hope for people who were struggling just like he had been. He felt a sense of responsibility to live up to that reputation, to keep fighting and keep winning.

As Jim dressed and headed out into the city, he was amazed by the number of people who recognized him and congratulated him on his victory. He had never felt so popular and so important. It was a heady feeling, but he knew that he couldn’t let it go to his head. He needed to stay focused on his training and his family.

Jim’s manager, Joe Gould, was just as excited as Jim was. He saw an opportunity to make a lot of money by promoting Jim’s fights and was already planning the next big event. Jim was happy to go along with it, but he also knew that there were risks involved. The spotlight could be harsh, and his opponents would be gunning for him.

As Jim prepared for his next fight, he made sure to keep his training rigorous. He spent hours in the gym, working on his strength and endurance. He knew that he had to be at the top of his game if he wanted to keep winning.

Meanwhile, Mae was taking care of their children and managing their finances. She was proud of Jim and everything that he had accomplished, but she also worried about the risks that came with boxing. She knew that one bad hit could end his career, or worse.

Despite the risks, Jim continued to win, one fight at a time. He took on tougher opponents, and each time he emerged victorious. The press dubbed him “The Cinderella Man,” and his popularity continued to grow.

But with great success came great pressure. Jim felt the weight of expectation on his shoulders, and he worried about letting his fans down. He also worried about losing everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

As the day of Jim’s next big fight approached, the tension in the air was palpable. Everyone knew that this was going to be a tough match, and the outcome was far from certain. But Jim was determined to give it his all.

The night of the fight was electric. The arena was packed with cheering fans, all of them hoping to see Jim emerge victorious once again. Jim stepped into the ring, feeling a surge of adrenaline. He knew that this was the moment he had been working for, the chance to prove himself once again.

The bell rang, and the two fighters circled each other, looking for an opening. Jim dodged a punch and then struck back, landing a solid blow to his opponent’s chin. The crowd erupted in cheers.

The fight went back and forth, with both fighters landing blows and taking hits. Jim’s face was bruised and bloodied, but he refused to give up. He had come too far to let this slip away.

In the end, it was Jim who emerged victorious once again. He had fought with everything he had, and his hard work and determination had paid off. The crowd went wild, and Jim felt a sense of satisfaction that he had never experienced before.

As he left the ring and made his way back to Mae and his children, Jim couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. He was no longer just a struggling boxer from a poor family. He was a symbol of hope and resilience, a man who had overcome incredible odds to achieve greatness. He was the Cinderella Man, and nothing could stop him now.

Chapter 5: The Manager

Jim Braddock’s success as a boxer continues to grow, and with each fight, he becomes more of a symbol of hope for the struggling population during the Great Depression. But with great success comes greater responsibility and challenges. Jim’s success also brings him a new manager, Joe Gould, who sees the opportunity to make a quick buck.

Joe Gould is a well-known fight promoter with a sharp mind for business. He sees the potential in Jim Braddock and offers to manage him, promising to secure bigger fights, higher paychecks, and greater fame. Jim is at first hesitant, but eventually agrees, knowing he needs someone who knows the ins and outs of the boxing world.

Joe is good at what he does, but he has a vice that threatens to consume him: gambling. As Jim climbs the ranks, Joe’s addiction grows stronger, and he begins to place bigger and bigger bets on Jim’s fights. When Jim wins, the bets pay off, and Joe’s pockets get fatter. But when Jim loses, Joe’s debts stack higher, and the pressure on him to repay them escalates.

While Joe is a shrewd businessman, he has a blind spot when it comes to his gambling addiction. He begins to make reckless decisions that could put Jim’s career in jeopardy. Jim starts to notice Joe’s behavior and tries to intervene, but Joe brushes him off, insisting that he knows what he’s doing.

One day, Jim receives a call from Joe, who tells him that he’s bet everything he has on Jim’s next fight. Jim is confused and frustrated. He didn’t want his career to be tied up in Joe’s gambling debts, and he didn’t want his success to be dependent on someone else’s destructive habit.

As the day of the fight approaches, Jim is distracted by Joe’s behavior. He knows that Joe has put everything on the line for this fight, but Jim can’t help but feel that Joe is gambling with more than just money. Jim feels like his future is also at stake, and he wonders if he’s made the right choice in putting his trust in Joe.

The fight is brutal, and Jim is up against a formidable opponent. But Jim’s determination and grit continue to shine through, and he ultimately wins the fight. Joe is ecstatic, and Jim is relieved that the bet paid off, but he’s also uncertain about where his career will go from here.

As Jim sits in his dressing room, he hears the crowd cheering his name outside. He feels a sense of pride and accomplishment, but he also knows that his success is not just about him. It’s about the people who have supported him along the way, his family, his fans, and even his manager.

Jim stands up, looks at himself in the mirror, and thinks about his next move. He knows that he needs to take control of his own career and not let it be controlled by someone else’s vices. He decides to have a heart-to-heart talk with Joe, telling him that he needs to get help for his gambling addiction.

Joe is resistant at first, but eventually agrees to seek help. He knows that he can’t keep risking everything he has on Jim’s fights, and he knows that Jim deserves better than that.

As the two men discuss their future together, Jim realizes that he’s not just a boxer anymore. He’s a champion, and he has the power to make decisions that will shape his own destiny. He knows that he can’t do it alone, but with the help of those around him, he can become the best version of himself, both in and out of the ring.

Chapter 6: The Family Man

Jim Braddock had achieved a great deal in his comeback as a boxer. He had won several fights and earned a reputation as the “Cinderella Man.” He was a symbol of hope during the Great Depression, a man who had risen from poverty to become a national hero. But despite his success, Jim couldn’t shake the guilt he felt for not being able to provide for his family earlier.

As he sat at the kitchen table with his wife Mae, Jim couldn’t help but feel like he had failed them. He had always been a proud man, but the reality of their financial struggles was weighing heavily on him.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Jim? I’m proud of you. You’re doing what you have to do to provide for us,” Mae said, placing a comforting hand on Jim’s shoulder.

“But it wasn’t always like this, Mae. I should have been able to provide for us earlier. I should have been a better husband and father,” Jim said, his voice thick with emotion.

Mae gave him a reassuring smile. “You were always a good husband and father, Jim. You did what you could, and that’s all that matters.”

Jim knew Mae was right, but he couldn’t help feeling like he had let them down. He had always dreamed of giving his family a better life, but the reality was far from his expectations. They lived in a cramped apartment, and he had to take odd jobs to make ends meet.

As Jim got ready for his next fight, he felt a sense of determination. He was fighting not just for himself, but for his family. He wanted to give them a better life, to make up for the times when he couldn’t provide for them.

During the fight, as he dodged punches and delivered blows, Jim couldn’t help but think of his wife and children. He thought about the sacrifices they had made and the support they had given him. It gave him a sense of purpose, a reason to keep going.

When he won the fight, Jim felt a sense of pride and relief. He had done it for his family. Mae was waiting for him in the crowd, and as they embraced, Jim knew that he had accomplished something that meant more than just a boxing victory. He had provided for his family.

As the weeks went on, Jim continued to win fights and move up in the rankings. He was becoming a more confident and skilled boxer, but he was also becoming a better husband and father. He had learned to appreciate the little things, like sharing a meal with his family or playing with his children.

One day, Jim came home to find Mae sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of bills in front of her. She looked up as he walked in, worry etched on her face.

“What’s wrong, Mae?” Jim asked, feeling a sense of dread.

“We’re behind on the rent, Jim. We don’t have enough money to pay it,” Mae said, her voice trembling.

Jim felt a wave of panic wash over him. He knew that if they couldn’t pay the rent, they would be evicted from their apartment.

But then he remembered something his manager Joe had said to him. “You can’t let the fear of losing stop you from winning.” Jim realized that he couldn’t let the fear of not being able to provide for his family stop him from trying.

He took a deep breath and looked at Mae. “Don’t worry, Mae. I’ll find a way to make it work.”

And he did. He worked harder than ever, taking on more fights and training longer hours. He was determined to provide for his family, no matter what it took.

As the weeks went by, Jim’s hard work paid off. They were able to pay the rent and even had a little extra money left over. Jim felt a sense of relief and pride. He had provided for his family.

But more than that, he had learned an important lesson. It wasn’t just about winning fights or earning money. It was about being a good husband and father, about showing his family that he loved them and would do anything for them.

As he looked at Mae and his children, Jim knew that he had accomplished something that was more important than any boxing victory. He had become the man he had always wanted to be, for himself and for his family.

Chapter 7: The National Hero

As Jim Braddock prepares for his fight against Max Baer, he knows that he is up against one of the most brutal and feared opponents in the sport of boxing. Baer has already killed two men in the ring, and his reputation precedes him. But Jim is determined to win. He knows that this fight is not just about boxing, but about proving something to himself and to the world.

The hype around the fight is intense. People all over the country are talking about it, and tickets sell out in record time. Jim’s wife Mae and their children are all there to support him, along with his manager Joe. The atmosphere inside the arena is electric, with the sound of thousands of people cheering and chanting.

As Jim enters the ring, he feels the weight of the moment. This is the biggest fight of his career, and he knows that the eyes of the world are on him. But he is determined to stay focused and do his best.

The first few rounds are intense, with both fighters taking hard hits. Baer is a fierce opponent, and he uses his size and strength to overwhelm Jim. But Jim is resilient, and he keeps fighting back. The crowd is on their feet, cheering for both fighters.

As the fight progresses, Jim begins to tire. Baer lands a few hard blows, and Jim’s legs start to wobble. But he refuses to give up. He knows that this is his chance to show the world what he is made of.

In the ninth round, Baer lands a brutal punch that sends Jim crashing to the mat. The crowd gasps in horror as they watch their hero struggle to get back up. But Jim refuses to stay down. He gets back to his feet and continues to fight.

In the eleventh round, Jim lands a hard punch that sends Baer staggering. For a moment, it looks like Jim might actually win the fight. But then Baer comes back with a vengeance. He lands a series of devastating punches that knock Jim to the ground once again.

This time, Jim doesn’t get up. The referee counts to ten, and the fight is over. Baer is declared the winner.

As Jim lies on the mat, battered and bruised, he knows that he has lost more than just a fight. He has lost his chance to prove himself to the world. He has lost his chance to provide for his family. And worst of all, he has lost his confidence.

But as he looks up, he sees his family standing in the crowd, cheering for him. He realizes that he hasn’t lost everything. He still has them. And that is enough.

As Jim leaves the ring, he is surrounded by reporters and fans. They all want to know how he feels, what he thinks about the fight. But Jim can’t find the words. He is too emotional, too overwhelmed.

Later that night, as Jim lies in bed with his wife, he tells her how he feels. “I tried my best,” he says. “But it wasn’t enough. I let everyone down.”

Mae takes his hand and looks at him with love and understanding. “You didn’t let anyone down,” she says. “You did what you could. And that’s all anyone can ever ask.”

Jim knows that she is right. He may have lost the fight, but he hasn’t lost everything. He still has his family. He still has his dignity. And he still has the courage to get back in the ring and fight again.

Chapter 8: The Heartbreaking Loss

Jim Braddock’s fight against Max Baer was brutal and intense. Jim had fought valiantly, but ultimately he had lost the fight. The defeat was devastating, and Jim struggled to come to terms with the loss and what it meant for his future.

As Jim sat in his locker room after the fight, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of emptiness and disappointment. He had worked so hard to get to this point, but in the end, it had all come crashing down. He had let himself down, his family down, and his fans down.

Mae, Jim’s wife, came to sit by his side. She put her hand on his shoulder, trying to console him. Jim just sat there, lost in thought. Mae could see the pain etched on his face, and she knew how much this loss meant to him.

“It’s okay, Jim,” Mae said softly. “You gave it your all. You fought with everything you had.”

Jim sighed deeply. “I know, Mae. But it wasn’t enough. I let everyone down.”

Mae shook her head. “You didn’t let anyone down. You fought like a champion. You should be proud of yourself.”

Jim looked up at her, his eyes full of tears. “I am proud of myself, Mae. But it still hurts. I wanted this so badly.”

Mae wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. Jim rested his head on her shoulder, feeling a sense of comfort in her embrace.

Joe Gould, Jim’s manager, walked into the room. He could see the disappointment on Jim’s face and knew that it was going to be a tough conversation.

“Jim, I’m sorry,” Joe said. “I know you wanted this one.”

Jim just nodded, not trusting himself to speak. He knew that Joe had put everything into this fight, and he couldn’t bear to let him down.

“I’ll get you another fight,” Joe said. “We’ll come back stronger and better than ever.”

Jim looked up at him, his eyes full of determination. “No, Joe. I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.”

Joe was taken aback. “What do you mean, you’re done? You’re the heavyweight champion of the world!”

Jim shook his head. “I don’t want to be known as just a boxer, Joe. I want to be known as a good husband and father. I can’t keep putting my family through this.”

Joe tried to argue with him, but Jim was firm in his decision. He knew that boxing wasn’t the only thing that mattered in his life.

As Jim and Mae left the arena that night, Jim knew that he was closing a chapter in his life. He wasn’t sure what the future held, but he knew that he wanted to spend more time with his family and create a better life for them.

The loss had been heartbreaking, but Jim realized that it wasn’t the end of the world. There were other things in life that were more important than winning or losing a boxing match.

As Jim and Mae drove home, they held each other’s hands, grateful for the love that they shared. They knew that they had each other and their family, and that was all that mattered.

Chapter 9: The Comeback

Jim Braddock stood in front of the mirror, his eyes fixed on his reflection as he tightened the straps of his boxing gloves. He had been training harder than ever before, pushing himself to the limit every day in the gym as he prepared for the biggest fight of his life.

After his devastating loss to Max Baer, Jim had been consumed by a fierce determination to redeem himself. He knew that he had let his fans down, let his family down, and he knew that he needed to prove to himself and everyone else that he was capable of greatness.

As he stepped into the ring, his heart pounding in his chest, Jim felt a sense of purpose that he had never felt before. He knew that this fight was more than just about boxing, it was about his legacy, his family, and his identity as a man.

His opponent was a young fighter named Joe Louis, a rising star in the boxing world. Jim had watched him fight before and knew that he was fast, strong, and had a devastating knockout punch. But Jim was confident in his own ability, he had been studying his opponent’s every move, and he knew that he could beat him.

The bell rang, and the two fighters began to circle each other, testing the waters. Jim moved quickly, his footwork smooth and precise as he feinted and jabbed. Joe Louis was no slouch, however, and he quickly caught on to Jim’s game plan. He landed a few solid punches to Jim’s body, but Jim managed to dodge most of his shots.

As the rounds progressed, Jim began to find his rhythm. His punches were sharper, his footwork more agile, and he was landing more jabs and hooks than his opponent. Joe Louis began to tire, his punches getting weaker, and Jim took advantage of this by pressing the attack.

In the seventh round, Jim landed a powerful left hook that sent Joe Louis staggering back against the ropes. The crowd erupted in cheers, sensing that Jim was about to turn the tide of the fight. Jim pressed the attack, landing a flurry of punches that had Joe Louis on the ropes, but he managed to stay on his feet.

The rest of the fight was a blur of punches, sweat, and determination. Jim and Joe Louis traded blows, each fighter refusing to give an inch. But in the end, it was Jim who emerged victorious, winning the fight on points.

As he stood in the center of the ring, his arms raised in triumph, Jim felt a sense of satisfaction that he had never felt before. He had proved to himself and everyone else that he was capable of greatness, that he was a true champion.

But as he left the ring, his mind began to wander back to his family. He had won the fight, but he knew that his biggest victory was still ahead of him. He needed to provide for his wife and children, to ensure that they never had to struggle again.

And so, Jim continued to train and fight, his determination and resilience becoming an inspiration to many during the dark times of the Great Depression. He became a symbol of hope, a Cinderella Man who refused to give up on his dreams.

Chapter 10: The Champion

Jim Braddock stood in the center of the ring, his arms raised in victory as the referee announced him the new heavyweight champion of the world. The crowd roared, and Jim’s heart swelled with pride and emotion. It had been a long, difficult road to get here, but he had finally made it.

Jim looked over at his family, who were sitting in the front row of the arena. Mae, his wife, was crying tears of joy. His children, Jay and Rosemarie, were jumping up and down and cheering. Jim felt a sense of overwhelming gratitude for his family, who had supported him through all of the highs and lows of his career.

As the crowd continued to cheer, Jim was approached by Max Baer, his opponent in the title fight. Max held out his hand, and Jim hesitated for a moment before taking it. They exchanged a few words, and Jim could feel the respect and admiration that Max had for him. It was a far cry from the animosity they had felt towards each other before their first fight.

The press swarmed around Jim, asking him questions and snapping photos. Jim smiled for the cameras, but his thoughts were elsewhere. He was thinking about all of the people who had helped him get to this point. Joe Gould, his manager, who had believed in him when no one else did. His trainer, Jack Blackburn, who had pushed him to his limits in the gym. And of course, his family, who had sacrificed so much to support him.

Jim felt a sense of responsibility to all of these people. He knew that his victory was not just his own, but theirs as well. He had become a symbol of hope for millions of people who were struggling through the Great Depression. Jim knew that he had a platform now, and he wanted to use it to make a difference.

As the celebration continued, Jim’s mind was already turning to the future. He knew that there would be more fights to come, more challenges to overcome. But he was ready for them. He had proven to himself and to the world that he was capable of achieving greatness.

In the weeks and months that followed, Jim was welcomed home as a hero. He was interviewed on radio programs and appeared in newsreels. People stopped him on the street to ask for autographs and to tell him how much his story had inspired them.

But Jim didn’t let the attention go to his head. He remained humble and focused on his goals. He continued to train hard, and he used his platform to speak out about the struggles of the working class.

In the years that followed, Jim remained involved in boxing as a trainer and mentor to young fighters. He continued to be a role model and inspiration to many, and his legacy lived on long after his death in 1974.

As the years went by, the world changed in many ways. But Jim Braddock’s story remained a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a belief in oneself. And for those who had been inspired by his story, he would always be remembered as the Cinderella Man.

Some scenes from the movie Cinderella Man written by A.I.

Scene 1

Genre: Drama/Sports

Logline: In the midst of the Great Depression, struggling boxer Jim Braddock makes a comeback to provide for his family and becomes an unlikely symbol of hope.


Jim Braddock – A former boxer who becomes a struggling laborer during the Great Depression. He is determined to provide for his family and make a comeback in the boxing world.

Mae Braddock – Jim’s supportive wife who works hard to provide for their family while Jim struggles to find work.

Joe Gould – Jim’s manager who has a gambling addiction and puts Jim’s career in jeopardy.

Scene 1:


We see a crowd of people outside of the arena, waiting to enter. Jim Braddock, dressed in tattered clothes, walks by with his head down. He stops to tie his shoe, revealing a hole in the sole. We see Mae Braddock walking towards him.

MAE: (concerned) How did it go?

JIM: (disappointed) Not good, Mae. They say my days as a boxer are over.

MAE: (encouragingly) You’ll find something else. I know it.

JIM: (frustrated) I’ve been trying, Mae. No one wants to hire me. I can’t provide for our family like this.

MAE: (determined) We’ll find a way, Jim. We always do.

Joe Gould approaches them, holding a cigarette.

JOE: (smirking) Hey there, Cinderella Man. You got a minute?

JIM: (skeptical) What do you want, Joe?

JOE: (excitedly) I got an opportunity for you. A fight against Corn Griffin.

JIM: (surprised) Corn Griffin?

MAE: (worried) Jim, you’re not ready for that.

JIM: (resolute) I need this, Mae. For our family.

JOE: (smiling) That’s the spirit, Jim. You got this.

The scene ends with Jim looking determined and Mae looking worried as they walk towards the arena.

Scene 2


Jim and Mae sit at their kitchen table, surrounded by piles of bills and papers. A baby’s cry can be heard in the background.

MAE: Jim, we can’t keep living like this. We’re barely making ends meet.

JIM: I know, I know. But what can we do? My hand still hasn’t healed from the last fight.

MAE: I’ll find us some odd jobs. We’ll make it work.

JIM: (sighing) I just feel like I’m letting you and the kids down.

Mae takes Jim’s hand and looks at him with a determined expression.

MAE: You’re not letting us down. We’re a team. We’ll get through this together.

JIM: (smiling) Thanks, Mae. You always know how to lift me up.

Just then, there’s a knock at the door. Mae gets up to answer it.

MAE: (opening the door) Oh, hi Joe!

JOE GOULD, Jim’s slick-talking manager, walks into the apartment.

JOE: Jimbo, I got a lead on a fight for you.

JIM: (perking up) Really? Who’s the opponent?

JOE: Tommy Ellis. He’s ranked number ten in the state. It’s a chance to make some decent money.

JIM: (nodding) Okay, let’s do it.

MAE: (looking worried) Jim, are you sure your hand is ready?

JIM: (putting a reassuring hand on Mae’s shoulder) I’ll tape it up real good. I can do this.



Jim steps into the ring, his taped-up hand held high. The crowd cheers as the announcer introduces him.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, making his comeback tonight is the one and only Cinderella Man, Jim Braddock!

As the bell rings, Jim and Tommy Ellis circle each other, sizing each other up. Jim’s footwork is slow, but his punches are strong. Ellis lands a few hits, but Jim weathers them and lands a devastating blow to Ellis’s jaw, sending him crashing to the mat.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Jim’s hand is raised in victory. Mae runs into the ring, tears streaming down her face, and throws her arms around Jim.

MAE: (crying) I knew you could do it!

JIM: (grinning) We did it. We’re a team, remember?

As they walk out of the arena, arm in arm, Jim and Mae know that they can face anything together.

Scene 3

Logline: A struggling boxer makes an unexpected comeback during the Great Depression to provide for his family and becomes a symbol of hope for the nation.

Character Development:

Jim Braddock – A determined and hardworking boxer who is struggling to make ends meet during the Great Depression. He is a loving husband and father who will do anything to provide for his family.

Mae Braddock – Jim’s wife who is supportive and caring. She is the backbone of the family and helps Jim through his struggles.

Joe Gould – Jim’s manager who is addicted to gambling and has a reputation for being unreliable. Despite this, he believes in Jim’s talent and helps him get back into the ring.


New York City, 1920s-30s



We see a montage of shots of Jim training, hitting a punching bag, doing drills, running up stairs, jumping rope, and lifting weights. Mae watches him from the sidelines, cheering him on.



Jim sits on a bench, sweating and breathing heavily. Joe hands him a water bottle.


“You’re looking good out there, Jim. You’re ready for this.”


“I hope so. This is my one shot. If I don’t win this fight, I don’t know what we’re going to do.”


“Don’t worry about it. Just focus on the fight. Forget about everything else.”



The announcer introduces Jim and his opponent. They touch gloves and the fight begins. Jim is cautious at first, dodging punches and waiting for the right moment to strike. But then he lands a hard punch that knocks his opponent down. The crowd cheers as the ref begins the count.



Jim sits on the bench, taking off his gloves. Mae and Joe enter the room.


“You did it, Jim! You won!”


“I did it for us. For the kids. For our future.”


“You’re going to be a contender now, Jim. You’re going to make some money and finally get us out of this slump.”

Jim smiles, feeling a sense of relief and accomplishment, but also knowing that this is just the beginning.


Scene 4


The crowd is in a frenzy as Jim Braddock, aka “The Cinderella Man,” enters the ring to face off against his opponent. He looks nervous but determined, as if he knows he has a lot riding on this fight. As the bell rings, Jim and his opponent circle each other, testing each other out.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The heavyweight champion of the world, Jim Braddock!

The crowd roars with approval as Jim lands a powerful punch on his opponent, sending him staggering backwards. But the other fighter quickly recovers and comes back with a series of jabs. Jim blocks them, but it’s clear that his opponent is not going to be an easy win.



Mae watches nervously as Jim fights. She clutches her purse tightly, her face tense with worry.


(to herself)

Come on, Jim. You can do this.



Jim and his opponent continue to exchange blows, each one trying to gain the upper hand. Suddenly, Jim lands a devastating punch that sends his opponent to the mat.



Cinderella Man! Cinderella Man!

Jim looks up at the crowd, a look of disbelief on his face. He can’t believe he’s done it.



Mae jumps up and down, cheering for her husband. She can hardly contain her excitement.



That’s my Jim! That’s my Cinderella Man!



Jim raises his arms in victory as the referee declares him the winner.


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by knockout, Jim Braddock!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Jim celebrates his victory. He looks up at Mae, who is beaming with pride.


(to Mae)

Did you see that, Mae? We did it!


(hugging Jim)

I knew you could do it, Jim. I always knew you could.



As Jim and Mae make their way out of the arena, they are mobbed by reporters and fans. But for Jim, nothing can bring him down. He’s on top of the world, and he knows that he couldn’t have done it without the support of his wife and family.

Scene 5

Logline: Jim Braddock, a struggling boxer during the Great Depression, makes a surprise comeback to provide for his family and becomes a symbol of hope.


– Jim Braddock: A tough, hardworking boxer who is determined to provide for his family.

– Mae Braddock: Jim’s supportive wife who helps him through his struggles.

– Joe Gould: Jim’s manager who has a gambling addiction that threatens their success.

– Max Baer: A brutal opponent who has killed two men in the ring and sets his sights on Jim.


New York City during the Great Depression.


(Jim and Joe are sitting in a dingy apartment, going over Jim’s finances.)

Jim: “I don’t know how we’re going to get by, Joe. I can’t even pay my electricity bill.”

Joe: “I’ll think of something, Jim. You just focus on getting back in the ring.”

Jim: “I don’t know if I can. My hand is still giving me trouble.”

Joe: “You can do it, Jim. You’re a fighter. You’re the Cinderella Man.”

(Jim looks at Mae, who is holding their crying baby in the background.)

Jim: “I’ll do it for them, Joe.”

(They shake hands.)


Jim and Joe are sitting at a table, going over Jim’s finances.

Joe: “Jim, we need money. You can’t keep scraping by like this. There’s a fight coming up, and I think you should take it.”

Jim: “I don’t know, Joe. My hand is still giving me trouble.”

Joe: “I know it is, but we don’t have a choice. You have to fight.”

Mae enters the room, holding their crying baby.

Mae: “What’s going on?”

Jim: “Joe thinks I should take a fight.”

Mae: “What about your hand?”

Joe: “He’ll be fine. We just need to get through this rough patch.”

Mae: “I don’t know if I can handle it if something happens to you.”

Jim: “I’ll be careful, Mae. I promise.”

They share a look, and Mae nods reluctantly.

Joe: “Great. We’ll start training tomorrow. You’re going to be a champion, Jim. I can feel it.”

Jim nods, determined. He knows that he has to do whatever it takes to provide for his family, even if it means risking his health in the ring.

Fade out.

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