Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Follow Borat’s hilarious journey across America in search of cultural enlightenment.

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In a small village in the heart of Kazakhstan, there lived a strange journalist by the name of Borat Sagdiyev. He was a man with a penchant for telling outrageous stories and bizarre tales that always seemed to captivate his audience. Borat was known for his unusual sense of humor, and often found himself at odds with the people around him. Despite this, he was determined to make a name for himself in the world of journalism.

One day, Borat received an unexpected visit from a group of American filmmakers who were interested in documenting the unique culture and customs of Kazakhstan. They offered him the opportunity of a lifetime – he would be given unlimited resources and a team of experts to accompany him on a journey across America, where he would learn about American culture and report his findings back to his home country.

Borat jumped at the opportunity, eager to see the world beyond his small village. However, little did he know that his trip to America would turn out to be far more bizarre and hilarious than anything he could have ever imagined.

Chapter 1: Arrival in America

Borat stepped off the plane in New York City, his eyes wide with wonder as he looked around at the bustling crowds and towering skyscrapers. He was accompanied by his producer, Azamat, who had been assigned to document their journey across the United States. The first thing Borat noticed was the stark contrast between the lifestyle in America and that in Kazakhstan. The people were dressed differently, spoke a different language, and seemed to live a completely different lifestyle.

Borat and Azamat made their way to their hotel room, where they were met by a team of experts who had been hired to help them navigate the confusing and complex world of American culture. They were given a crash course on American customs, such as greeting people with a handshake, tipping waitstaff at restaurants, and how to navigate the public transportation system.

Borat was fascinated by all of the new information and couldn’t wait to start exploring. His first stop was Times Square, where he was immediately struck by the bright lights and towering billboards. He began asking people on the street about their lives and their thoughts on America, and was surprised by the diversity of opinions and experiences.

As they made their way through the city, Azamat suggested that they stop at a local McDonald’s for lunch. Borat was hesitant at first – he had never tasted American fast food before – but eventually agreed. The moment he took a bite of his burger, he was hooked. The taste was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and he couldn’t get enough.

After lunch, Borat and Azamat went for a walk in Central Park. They encountered a group of street performers, who were juggling and performing various tricks. Borat was amazed by their skills, and decided to join in. He began juggling three fruits he had picked up at a nearby fruit stand, causing a small crowd to gather around him. However, he quickly became overenthusiastic and accidentally hit a passerby in the head with an apple. The man was not amused, and began shouting angrily at Borat.

Borat was confused – in Kazakhstan, it was customary to offer an apple as a sign of respect. He had meant no harm by his actions, and was surprised by the angry reaction. Azamat quickly stepped in, apologizing profusely and offering the man some money as compensation.

As they made their way back to their hotel room, Borat couldn’t help but reflect on the bizarre experiences he had already had in America. He was excited to see what else lay ahead on their journey, but also realized that he had a lot to learn about the customs and culture of this strange and fascinating country.

Chapter 2: Meeting Pam

Borat had heard of the American actress, Pamela Anderson, and was determined to meet her. He didn’t know much about her other than that she was blonde and famous. To him, she represented everything that was great about America – freedom, beauty, and success. He had already written a love letter to her, which he carried everywhere he went.

One day, while wandering around a beach, Borat saw a poster of Pamela Anderson. He was overjoyed and felt like he was getting closer to his goal. He asked a passerby if he knew where she lived, but the man seemed uninterested in helping him.

As Borat continued his search, he stumbled upon a group of frat boys who were drinking and having a good time. They were impressed by Borat’s accent and his strange behavior. They thought he was from a different planet and laughed at him. Borat didn’t understand why they were laughing, but he enjoyed their company.

The frat boys introduced him to their friend, Azamat, who turned out to be Borat’s producer. Azamat was skeptical of Borat’s plan to meet Pamela Anderson, but he agreed to help him in exchange for Borat’s promise to make a great documentary.

Azamat rented a van and they set off on their journey to California, where Pamela Anderson was rumored to live. Along the way, they encountered various people and situations that were both hilarious and strange.

At one point, they stopped at a hotel where Borat attempted to seduce a woman by reciting his love letter to her. The woman was confused and repulsed by his advances, but Borat persisted. Azamat, who was growing increasingly annoyed with Borat’s behavior, had to intervene.

As they drove, Borat tried to teach Azamat some Kazakh traditions, including the game of “Testicle Olympics.” Azamat didn’t want to participate, but Borat insisted. They ended up fighting each other with their pants down in the middle of a busy street, causing a traffic jam.

When they finally arrived in California, Borat and Azamat tried to sneak into Pamela Anderson’s house, but they were caught by the security guards. Borat, who was dressed in a green swimsuit and a cowboy hat, tried to explain that he was there to meet Pamela, but the guards didn’t believe him. They called the police and Borat and Azamat were arrested.

In the police station, Borat met a man named Luenell, who was also in custody. Luenell was a prostitute who found Borat’s accent and behavior amusing. They struck up a conversation and Borat asked her to marry him. She laughed and declined, but Borat was serious. He thought that if he married an American, he would have an easier time getting a green card.

The next day, Borat and Azamat were released from jail and they continued their journey. They visited a driving school, where Borat took a lesson and ended up crashing the car into a parked vehicle. They also went to a rodeo, where Borat attempted to sing the national anthem.

By the end of the chapter, Borat had still not met Pamela Anderson, but he had experienced many funny and strange situations. He was determined to keep trying and believed that he would eventually succeed.

Chapter 3: Driving lessons

Borat decided to take driving lessons in America since he had never driven a car before. He wanted to learn how to drive in order to explore America at his own pace. Azamat, his producer, found a driving instructor who agreed to teach Borat. On the day of the lesson, Borat was dressed in his traditional Kazakh outfit and his instructor, a middle-aged woman, was surprised to see him.

“Are you here for driving lessons?” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” Borat replied.

The driving instructor’s name was Linda, and she was a patient and kind woman. She introduced Borat to the car and explained the basics of driving. Borat was excited to learn and asked Linda to teach him some American driving customs. Linda was impressed by Borat’s eagerness to learn and decided to teach him some advanced driving techniques.

They started with the basics, and Borat seemed to have a good grasp of driving. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Borat attempted to turn the car around. He was supposed to reverse the car, but instead, he turned the wheel in the opposite direction, causing the car to crash into a parked car.

Linda was surprised and worried about the damage. Borat apologized profusely and promised to pay for the damages. Linda told Borat that it was okay and decided to take him for a spin around the parking lot to boost his confidence.

As they drove around, Borat noticed a group of black men dancing nearby. He was fascinated by their moves and asked Linda to stop the car. He got out of the car and started dancing with them, copying their moves. Linda was amazed by Borat’s enthusiasm and decided to join in the dance.

After the dance, they went back to the car, and Linda resumed the driving lesson. She taught Borat some more techniques, and he seemed to be improving. However, he kept getting distracted by the sights and sounds of America, causing him to forget to check his mirrors or use his turn signal.

Eventually, Linda decided to end the lesson, as Borat was not ready to drive on the road yet. She told him to practice on his own and come back when he felt confident. Borat thanked Linda for the lesson and promised to come back.

As they drove back to the hotel, Borat was excited to tell Azamat about his experience. He was amazed by the differences between Kazakh and American driving and was grateful to Linda for teaching him. However, he was worried about the damage he had caused to the parked car and wondered how he was going to pay for it.

When they arrived at the hotel, Borat asked Azamat for his opinion on his driving skills. Azamat was not impressed and told Borat that he needed more practice. This made Borat angry, and he stormed off to his room.

Later that night, Borat had a dream that he was driving a car on a highway, with Pamela Anderson sitting next to him. They were singing and laughing as they drove into the sunset. Borat woke up with a smile on his face and decided to practice his driving skills the next day.

Chapter 4: Dinner with a Southern Family

Borat arrived at the home of a Southern family for his next documentary filming. He was greeted with open arms by the family, who were curious about his culture and country. As they sat down for dinner, Borat was amazed at the amount of food on the table. There were fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread, collard greens, and sweet tea. He had never seen so much food in one place before.

The family started asking Borat about his culture and he began to explain some of the traditions of Kazakhstan. He showed them a traditional dance and they all joined in, laughing and having a good time. The father of the family even pulled out his banjo and started playing some music.

As they ate, Borat noticed that the family kept offering him more food. He didn’t want to offend them but he was already feeling full. He tried to politely refuse but they kept insisting, saying that he needed to try everything. Eventually, Borat gave in and started eating more.

But as the night went on, Borat’s stomach began to feel uneasy. He had eaten so much food that he could barely move. He tried to excuse himself from the table, saying that he needed to go to the bathroom, but the family wouldn’t let him leave. They kept offering him more food and drinks, not realizing that they were making him sick.

Finally, Borat couldn’t take it anymore. He ran to the bathroom, barely making it in time before he threw up. The family heard the commotion and rushed to the bathroom to see if Borat was okay. When they saw what had happened, they were mortified.

Borat apologized profusely, explaining that he wasn’t used to eating so much food at once. The family was understanding and forgave him, saying that they had never seen anyone eat as much as he had. They even joked that he had eaten enough to feed a small army.

As the night came to a close, Borat thanked the family for their hospitality and promised to keep in touch. He left their home feeling grateful for their kindness but also embarrassed about what had happened. He realized that he had a lot to learn about American culture and its customs.

Overall, the dinner with the Southern family was a hilarious and memorable experience for Borat. It showed him the generosity and warmth of the American people, but also the potential for misunderstandings and cultural clashes.

Chapter 5: Visiting a church

Borat had never been inside a Christian church before, but he was curious to see what it was like. He had heard that Americans were very religious, and he wanted to learn more about their beliefs. So, one Sunday morning, he decided to attend a church service in a small town in the Midwest.

As he walked into the building, he was struck by the ornate decorations and stained-glass windows. People turned to look at him, bemused by his traditional Kazakh clothing and thick accent. Borat smiled at them and took a seat in the back of the church.

The service began with a choir singing hymns, and Borat found himself tapping his feet to the music. He didn’t understand the words, but he appreciated the beauty of the music. Suddenly, the pastor invited everyone to stand for the opening prayer, and Borat followed suit.

However, he had no idea what was going on. The pastor spoke rapidly and with a lot of emotion, and Borat just stood there, unsure of what to do. He fidgeted awkwardly as everyone else seemed to be lost in prayer, with their eyes closed and heads bowed.

When it came time for the sermon, the pastor began to speak about the importance of faith and the power of prayer. Borat listened attentively, trying to make sense of the words. He found it difficult to follow, as the pastor used a lot of unfamiliar words and phrases.

At one point, the pastor asked if anyone in the congregation wanted to share a prayer request or a testimony. A few people stood up and talked about their experiences with God, expressing gratitude for his blessings in their lives. Borat was impressed by the sincerity and openness of their testimonies, but he didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Finally, it was time for the offering, and the ushers passed around collection plates. Borat had no money to put in the plate, but he felt obligated to do something. So, he took out a handful of change from his pocket and dropped it in the plate, hoping it would be enough.

The service ended with a final hymn, and Borat stood up to leave. As he walked out of the church, he was greeted by a friendly woman who introduced herself as a member of the congregation. She asked him what he thought of the service, and Borat struggled to find the right words.

“It was very…interesting,” he said finally.

The woman smiled, not sure if Borat was being serious or joking. As she walked away, Borat looked up at the tall steeple of the church and wondered what it would be like to have faith in something greater than himself.

As he walked back to his car, he realized that he had learned something new about American culture. He may not have understood everything that had happened in the church, but he had experienced something meaningful and unique. And in his own way, he had participated in the traditions of a foreign land.

Chapter 6: Staying with a Jewish family

Borat arrived at a Jewish family’s house to stay for the night. The family was friendly and welcoming, but Borat’s lack of knowledge about their culture quickly became apparent. He asked the family some strange questions, like whether they had horns, and they were initially taken aback. The family was patient with Borat and tried to teach him about Judaism.

The family served traditional Jewish foods for dinner, including brisket and matzo ball soup. Borat tried the food and enjoyed it, but when he saw the family praying before eating, he became confused. He had never seen Jewish prayers before and thought it was strange that they were thanking God for the food.

The conversation took a turn when Borat asked the family about their views on the Holocaust. He was shocked to learn about the tragedy and expressed his condolences. However, he then began making inappropriate and offensive jokes about the event, which greatly upset the family.

The family tried to educate Borat about the importance of remembering the Holocaust and respecting those who were affected by it. Borat initially seemed to listen and understand, but then he made a tasteless joke about the event again.

The family became fed up with Borat’s behavior and asked him to leave. Borat was surprised and didn’t understand why they were upset with him. He thought he was being funny, but he didn’t realize how offensive his jokes were.

As Borat left the house, he muttered to himself about how sensitive the family was. However, as he walked away, he began to feel guilty about his behavior. He didn’t want to offend anyone or make light of a tragic event. He realized that he needed to be more mindful of other people’s feelings and cultures in the future.

The chapter ends with Borat wandering the streets, pondering about the lessons he learned during his stay with the Jewish family. He still had a lot to learn about American culture and how to interact with people from different backgrounds. But he hoped that he could continue to grow and learn in his journey across America.

Chapter 7: Visiting a gun store

Borat had heard about America’s love for guns, and he decided to visit a gun store to learn more about it. He wanted to understand why Americans were so obsessed with guns, as this was not a common practice in Kazakhstan. Borat and his producer Azamat entered the gun store, and they were greeted by a store clerk.

The store clerk asked if they were interested in purchasing a gun, to which Borat replied, “No, I am only here to learn about your culture.” The clerk was taken aback by this, but he agreed to show them around the store. He handed them a brochure that listed all the guns they had for sale.

“What kind of gun do you recommend for beginners?” Borat asked.

“Well, it depends on what you plan on using it for,” the clerk replied.

“I am thinking of using it for self-defense,” Borat said.

The clerk nodded and showed them a few different guns. He explained how each one worked and what they were used for. Borat was fascinated by the different types of guns and how they were designed.

“Can I try shooting one?” Borat asked.

The clerk hesitated for a moment, but he agreed to let Borat shoot a gun in the back of the store. He handed Borat a gun and showed him how to aim it. Borat was nervous but excited. He aimed the gun at the target and pulled the trigger.

The gun fired, and the recoil shocked Borat. He had never felt anything like it before. He tried shooting again, but this time he accidentally hit a customer who was walking by. The customer fell to the ground, and the store clerk and Azamat rushed over to help him.

Borat was shocked by what he had done. He apologized profusely and offered to pay for the customer’s medical bills. The store clerk called the police, and Borat and Azamat fled the scene.

As they drove away, Borat was shaking with fear. “What have I done?” he said to Azamat.

“I don’t know, but we need to get out of here,” Azamat replied.

Borat had not intended to hurt anyone, but his ignorance and fascination with guns had led him to make a terrible mistake. He had learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of guns and the importance of responsible gun ownership.

As they drove away from the gun store, Borat felt a sense of relief. He had learned more about America’s culture, but he also realized that there were some aspects of it that he would never understand. The obsession with guns was one of them. He vowed to never pick up a gun again, and to always respect the power it held.

In the end, Borat’s journey across America had taught him a lot about himself and the world around him. He had exposed the prejudices and hypocrisies in American culture, but he had also learned about the kindness and generosity of its people. He returned to Kazakhstan with a newfound appreciation for the differences between cultures, and a desire to bridge the gaps that separated them.

Chapter 8: Speaking at a rodeo

Borat was thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak at a rodeo in the heart of America. He arrived dressed in his usual Kazakh attire and was immediately met with stares and scoffs from the crowd. Borat approached the microphone and began speaking in broken English about his love for America and his appreciation for the rodeo. The crowd grew increasingly restless and began heckling him.

Borat then attempted to sing the national anthem of Kazakhstan, but the crowd mistook it for the American anthem and began booing him. Borat was confused and tried to explain his mistake, but he was drowned out by the angry crowd.

The situation escalated when Borat pulled out a small Kazakh flag and waved it proudly. The crowd went wild and began throwing objects at him. One man even climbed the railing and attempted to attack Borat. Borat quickly ran away from the chaos and hid in a nearby bathroom.

As he sat in the bathroom, Borat couldn’t believe the hatred and anger he had just witnessed. He had come to America with an open mind and a desire to learn about its culture, but instead, he was met with hostility and ignorance. Borat realized that his documentary would have to change its focus. Instead of celebrating the greatness of America, Borat now had a duty to expose its darkness and hypocrisy.

Borat eventually made his way out of the rodeo and returned to his hotel room. He sat down and began to write his new documentary, one that would be a scathing indictment of American society. As he typed away, Borat couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness and disappointment. He had once believed that America was a beacon of freedom and hope, but now he saw it as a country filled with fear and hate.

The next day, Borat left the rodeo and headed back to the airport. As he boarded his flight, he knew that he would never forget his experiences in America. He had seen both the good and the bad, and he was determined to share his story with the world.

In conclusion, Borat’s experience at the rodeo was a turning point in his journey. It was a moment when he realized that he had to use his documentary to expose the dark side of America. His experiences with the crowd at the rodeo showed him that there was a deep-seated fear and ignorance in American society, and that it needed to be confronted. Borat left America with a heavy heart, but also with a newfound sense of purpose.

Chapter 9: Return to Kazakhstan

Borat returns to Kazakhstan after his eye-opening journey in America. He is eager to share his experiences with his fellow countrymen and to make them aware of the cultural differences between their country and America.

As he arrives in his hometown, he is greeted by a large crowd who are curious about his journey. Borat is excited to tell them about the strange and fascinating things he saw and encountered in America.

He begins by telling them about his encounter with a Jewish family. The crowd listens attentively as he tells them how he stayed with the family and learned about their culture. He tells them how he unintentionally offended them, but how they forgave him, and how he was touched by their kindness.

He then tells them about his visit to a church, where he attempted to sing a hymn. The crowd erupts in laughter as Borat imitates his terrible singing voice, and they are amazed by the different customs that exist in America.

Borat then tells them about his experience at a gun store. He explains how Americans have a unique obsession with guns and how it is deeply ingrained in their culture. He tells them how he accidentally shot a customer and how he had to flee the store to avoid being arrested.

The crowd is both shocked and fascinated by what they hear. They cannot believe that such things exist in America, and they are grateful to Borat for sharing his experiences with them.

Borat then shares his experience at a southern family’s home, where he was served an enormous amount of food. He tells the crowd how he ate everything, including the chicken’s head, which he thought was a delicacy. The crowd is grossed out by this and laughs at Borat’s naivety.

Finally, Borat tells them about his encounter with the frat boys and his attempt to teach them Kazakh customs. The crowd is impressed with his efforts to promote Kazakh culture in America and applauds him for his bravery and dedication.

As Borat finishes his story, the crowd erupts in cheers and applause. They are proud of their countryman and grateful for his commitment to educating them about the world beyond their borders. They realize that there is much to learn from other cultures and are determined to become more aware and accepting of these differences.

Borat’s journey may have ended, but his impact on Kazakhstan will live on. His story has helped to bridge the gap between their country and America, and has opened their eyes to the vast and diverse world beyond their borders.

Some scenes from the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see BORAT SAGDIYEV, a middle-aged Kazakh journalist dressed in his traditional garb, carrying a worn suitcase as he arrives at the bustling airport.


Inside, Borat is greeted by his eccentric AMERICAN PRODUCER, AZAMAT, who is holding a cardboard sign that reads “BORAT”.



Borat! Welcome to America, my friend!

Borat looks around in amazement, taking in the sights and sounds of this foreign land.


(in awe)

Wow, America is very nice.



Just wait until you see what we have in store for you. You’re going to make the greatest documentary of all time!



I am very excited!

AZAMAT leads Borat to a car and they get in.


As Azamat drives, Borat looks out the window, staring at the highway and buildings.



So, Borat, tell me about your plans for the documentary.


(slightly nervous)

Well, I want to learn about America and its people. I want to know what makes it such a great nation.



Great idea! We’ll travel across the country and meet all sorts of people. You’re going to love it here.

BORAT nods, unsure of what lies ahead.


(punching the air)

This is going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread!

Borat looks at Azamat, confused.



Sliced bread?



It’s just an expression, my friend.


Scene 2

Genre: Comedy

Setting: Los Angeles, California


Borat Sagdiyev – The Kazakh journalist making a documentary in America.

Azamat Bagatov – Borat’s producer and traveling companion.

Pamela Anderson – Famous actress and Borat’s love interest.

Frat Boys – Party-loving American college students.

Scene 2: Meeting Pam


Borat is sitting in his hotel room with Azamat. He is scrolling through photos of Pamela Anderson on his laptop.


(to Azamat)

Look at this woman! She is a treasure of Kazakhstan!

Azamat looks at the photos and rolls his eyes.


Borat, we’re here to make a documentary, not to pursue some Hollywood actress.


But she is my destiny! I must meet her!

Azamat sighs and shakes his head in resignation.



Borat and Azamat arrive at Malibu Beach. Borat is wearing a tiny swimsuit and carrying a giant teddy bear.


(to Azamat)

I must impress Pamela with my beach body.

Azamat shakes his head in embarrassment as Borat struts around the beach, trying to impress girls with his Kazakh dances.

Suddenly, Borat spots Pamela Anderson walking along the beach. He rushes towards her, dragging his teddy bear behind him.



Who are you?



I am Borat Sagdiyev, a journalist from Kazakhstan. I am making a documentary about America, and I would be honored if you would be a part of it.

Pamela looks at Borat skeptically.



Okay, why not?



Great success!



Borat and Azamat are at a wild frat party in a typical American college. They meet a group of frat boys and teach them some Kazakh traditions.

One of the frat boys suggests they all get tattoos. Borat and Azamat agree, not realizing what they’re getting themselves into.



Borat and Azamat are getting tattoos on their backs. Borat is getting a giant picture of Pamela Anderson tattooed on his back.



Borat, this is crazy! You’re getting a picture of Pamela Anderson tattooed on your back?



Yes! Now she will always be with me!

Suddenly, the tattoo artist realizes that the ink he is using is not suitable for tattoos. Borat and Azamat are both in pain and start to freak out. The tattoo artist throws them both out of the parlor.

Borat is now in agony and can barely move. Azamat is trying to help him when they suddenly hear a loud noise coming from outside.



Borat and Azamat stumble out of the tattoo parlor and find themselves in the middle of a riot at the party. They run for their lives as bottles and chairs are hurled their way.


(in pain)

Azamat, what have we done?



I don’t know, Borat! We need to get out of here!

They escape the party and run back to their hotel room, bruised and battered.



Borat is lying on his bed, moaning in pain from his tattoo. Azamat is sitting beside him, shaking his head in disbelief.



Borat, this is madness! What are you thinking?

Borat looks over at Azamat, still grinning from ear to ear.



I think I’m in love.


Scene 3



Borat and his instructor, a middle-aged man named JIM, are sitting inside the car. Borat is in the driver’s seat, trying to start the car.

JIM: Okay, Borat. First things first. Put the key in the ignition and turn it clockwise.

Borat puts the key in the ignition and turns it counterclockwise.

JIM: Nope, other way.

Borat turns the key clockwise and the car starts.

BORAT: Great success!

JIM: Alright, now let’s start driving. Put your foot on the brake and shift the gear into drive.

Borat puts his foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake, causing the car to lurch forward.

JIM: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy there, partner. That’s the gas pedal, not the brake.

BORAT: Ah, I see. Sorry.

Borat then puts his foot on the brake and shifts the gear into drive.

JIM: Good. Now release the brake and gently press down on the gas pedal.

Borat slams his foot on the gas pedal, causing the car to speed forward.

JIM: No, no, no! Easy on the gas pedal, Borat. We don’t want to crash.

Borat tries again and this time, the car moves forward at a steady pace.

JIM: Alright, not bad. Now let’s try turning left.

Borat turns the wheel to the left, but forgets to check for oncoming traffic. The car swerves and narrowly misses hitting another car.

JIM: Holy cow! You gotta be more careful, Borat. You almost killed us.

BORAT: (laughing) Very nice.

JIM: (shaking his head) Okay, let’s just stick to driving in a straight line for now.

Borat nods and continues driving, but ends up crashing into a parked car.

JIM: (facepalming) Oh boy, this is gonna be a long day.


Scene 4


Borat sits at the dinner table with the southern family, who are all gathered around him. A huge platter of chicken is placed in front of him.


(to the family)

This is very good. In Kazakh tradition, we always share meals like this with our families.

The family notices how much Borat eats and is astounded.


(in disbelief)

Son, do you always eat like that?



Yes, in Kazakhstan, we have big appetites.

Suddenly, Borat’s face turns red and he clutches his stomach.


(in pain)

Oh no, I’m feeling unwell.

The family looks on in concern as Borat rushes to the bathroom.



Borat is violently ill, vomiting and feeling weak. Azamat enters the bathroom.


(to Borat)

What’s going on in here?



I think I ate too much chicken.



You ate the whole platter?



Yes, I didn’t want to be rude. But now I pay the price.

Azamat hands Borat some medicine.


Here, take this. It should help.

Borat takes the medicine and starts to feel better.


(smiling weakly)

Thank you, Azamat.



Borat and Azamat sit with the family in the living room.


(to Borat)

Son, we hope you’re feeling better.



Yes, I am feeling much better. Thank you for your hospitality.



You’re welcome. You know, we don’t get many visitors around here.



Is that so? Why is that?



Well, people around here are set in their ways. They don’t like outsiders.



I understand. It’s the same in Kazakhstan.

The family looks at Borat in surprise.


(taken aback)




Yes, we have our own traditions and values that we hold dear.

Azamat looks at Borat, surprised by his sudden seriousness.



Borat and Azamat leave the house and wave goodbye to the family.


(to Azamat)


What a funny family. I hope we can come back here someday.

Azamat looks at Borat, confused.



Really? After what just happened?

Borat laughs.



Of course! They were very kind to us.

Azamat rolls his eyes as they walk away from the house.


Scene 5



Borat walks into a church in a small town in America. He looks around in amazement at the grandeur of the building. He sees a group of people singing a hymn and joins in, but his accent is thick and he can’t keep up with the lyrics. The congregation begins to notice and stares at him in confusion.




The pastor approaches Borat.


Excuse me sir, are you new here?


Yes, I am Borat from Kazakhstan. I come to learn about American Jesus.

The pastor smiles.


I’m glad you’re here. Would you like to learn more about Jesus?


Yes, please.

The pastor takes Borat to his office.


The pastor hands Borat a Bible.


This is the Bible. It’s the story of Jesus and his teachings.

Borat flips through the pages and looks confused.


This makes no sense to me.


It takes time to understand. Let me teach you.

The pastor begins to read from the Bible and explains the teachings of Jesus to Borat. After a few moments, Borat interrupts.


Jesus seems like very nice man. Why do Americans not follow his teachings?

The pastor looks thoughtful.


Unfortunately, many people in this country don’t practice what they preach. They may say they are Christian, but their actions don’t always reflect their beliefs.


I see. Thank you for teaching me.


You’re welcome. Feel free to come back anytime.

Borat stands up and bows.


Thank you, American Jesus.


Scene 6



Borat, dressed in traditional Kazakh clothing, sits awkwardly on the couch surrounded by the Jewish family. The family, consisting of a mother, father, and two children, look uncomfortable as Borat tries to make small talk.

BORAT: So, tell me about your Jew laws.

FATHER: Excuse me?

MOTHER: Borat, we don’t really have ‘Jew laws’, we just follow our religion.

BORAT: Ah, I see. (Pauses) Do you have a book of Jew rules?

The family looks at him, clearly uncomfortable.

BORAT (CONT’D): In my country, we have book of Kazakh rules. It very good.

The mother tries to steer the conversation in a different direction.

MOTHER: So, Borat, what do you think of America so far?

BORAT: (excitedly) Very nice! I meet many interesting people. I eat much food. But, I think I like Kazakhstan better.

The father, clearly wanting to change the subject, offers Borat some tea.

FATHER: Would you like some tea, Borat?

BORAT: Yes, please! (sips tea) Mmm, very nice tea. (pauses) Do you have any fermented horse milk?

The family looks at him, disgusted.

MOTHER: I think we’re all out of that.

BORAT: (disappointed) Ah, shame.

Suddenly, Borat’s cell phone rings.

BORAT: (answering) Hello? (pauses) Yes, Azamat! (whispers) It’s my producer.

The family eavesdrops on the conversation as Borat talks to Azamat in Kazakh.

FATHER: Is everything okay?

BORAT: (nervously) Yes, everything fine. Azamat just need me to go back to Kazakhstan soon.

MOTHER: (concerned) Why? Is something wrong?

BORAT: (hesitates) Just… family emergency. I must go.

The family looks disappointed but understanding.

FATHER: Well, we’re sorry to see you go, Borat. It was nice having you here.

MOTHER: Yes, please come back to visit sometime.

BORAT: (smiling) Thank you for having me. You are very hospitable. (pauses) And forgiving. (looks at camera)


Scene 7

Scene 7: Gun Store


Borat enters the gun store with Azamat. He is in awe of the vast collection of firearms on display.


(to Azamat)

In my country, we only have sticks and stones. This is like a toy store for adults.

Azamat rolls his eyes.


(to Borat)

Be careful Borat, these things are not toys.

Borat walks up to the counter, where a salesman greets him.


Can I help you gentlemen with something?


Yes, I would like to buy a gun.

The salesman looks at Borat with suspicion.


Do you have a license?


What is a license?


(to the salesman)

He’s from Kazakhstan, he doesn’t know much about America.

The salesman shakes his head in disbelief.


I can’t sell you a gun without a license.


(to Azamat)

What is this license? Can we get one?


(to Borat)

I don’t think so, Borat. We’re only here for a documentary, remember?

Borat looks disappointed.


But I wanted to shoot a gun. Can we at least see how they work?

The salesman nods and takes out a rifle.


Here, let me show you how to load it.

As the salesman is showing Borat how to load the gun, Borat accidentally pulls the trigger and shoots a customer who is browsing nearby.



You shot me! You crazy son of a bitch!

Borat and Azamat run out of the store, leaving the salesman and customer behind.


Borat and Azamat run down the street, with the customer chasing after them.



I’m gonna call the police!

Borat and Azamat run faster and jump into a waiting taxi.


Borat and Azamat look at each other, panting heavily.


(to Azamat)

That was exhilarating! I want to do it again!



Borat, you are insane.

Borat grins and looks out the window as they drive away.


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