AVP: Alien vs. Predator

When ancient hunters clash, those who are in their path will face a deadly fight for survival.

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Deep within the desolate expanse of the Arctic, the remnants of an ancient civilization lay buried beneath the ice. For millennia, these ruins remained forgotten, lost to time, and the world continued to turn. But then, something changed.

Satellites orbiting high above the Earth detected an anomaly in the ground below. In the middle of the Arctic wasteland, a massive structure had been discovered, its exact location hidden by the relentless storms that raged across the region.

Scientists from around the world were mobilized to investigate this discovery, eager to uncover the secrets that lay hidden beneath the ice. However, they could never have anticipated what they would find, for the structure buried deep beneath the snow was not of this world.

Chapter 1: The Discovery

Dr. Alexei Kozlov stood at the edge of the massive excavation site, staring out across the Arctic landscape. The icy wind whipped his lab coat around him, and he shivered despite the heavy winter clothing he wore. He had been part of the team that had discovered the structure, and ever since then, he had been consumed with curiosity.

The excavation site sprawled out before him, a vast expanse of snow and ice, dotted with tents, generators, and drilling equipment. Dozens of scientists and support staff worked tirelessly, digging ever deeper into the ground to uncover the secrets hidden beneath.

Alexei had been part of the team that had been tasked with the initial analysis of the discovery. They had drilled a core sample into the ice and found something strange, something totally unexpected.

At first, they had thought it was a glitch in the data, some kind of error in the readings. But as they dug deeper, the evidence grew more and more compelling. There was something down there, something big.

As the drill bit churned away, sending up a plume of ice and snow, Alexei couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. There was something about this place that made him feel uneasy, something primal and dangerous.

The sun hung low in the sky, casting a golden light across the ice. Alexei watched as one of the support staff trudged past, bundled up in a heavy coat and a fur-lined hat. He recognized her as Maria, one of the geologists on the team.

“Hey, Maria,” he called out, “Anything new today?”

Maria stopped and turned, a look of exhaustion etched on her face.

“Nothing yet,” she said, her voice barely audible over the howling wind. “But we’re getting closer. The scans are showing some kind of structure, and we’re estimating it’s at least a hundred meters down.”

Alexei nodded, impressed despite himself. The team had been making good progress, but the harsh weather conditions and the sheer expanse of the excavation site made it difficult to move quickly.

He watched as Maria trudged off to join her colleagues, then turned his attention back to the excavation. He knew that there was something down there, something important. But he had no idea just how important it really was.

Little did Alexei and the rest of the team know, they were about to step into a hunting ground where Aliens were grown as sport for the Predator race.

Chapter 2: Expedition

Alex stood on the deck of the research vessel, staring out at the frozen wasteland that stretched out before them. He had been on countless expeditions over the years, but this one felt different. The discovery of the pyramid in the Arctic had set his heart racing, filled him with a sense of excitement and dread.

The team had been preparing for weeks, gathering equipment, supplies, and personnel. The journey to the pyramid would not be easy. The harsh climate, treacherous terrain, and unpredictable weather made the expedition risky at best, deadly at worst.

As Alex watched, the last of the supplies were loaded onto the helicopter that would take them to the pyramid. He nodded to the pilot, a grizzled veteran who had flown in some of the most inhospitable places on earth.

The team climbed aboard the helicopter, their faces set with determination and fear. Alex checked his equipment one last time, making sure everything was secure. He felt a sense of responsibility for this group of people, his colleagues and friends. He had worked with some of them for years, others were new to the team. They all looked to him for leadership, for guidance.

The helicopter lifted off, its rotors cutting through the frigid air. Alex felt a surge of adrenaline as they soared above the frozen landscape, heading towards the pyramid. He looked out the window, trying to take in the stark beauty of the Arctic, the glaciers and snow-covered mountains that stretched on for miles. But his mind was focused on the task ahead, on the risks and challenges that lay ahead.

The helicopter landed near the pyramid, and the team disembarked, eager to begin their investigation. They set up a base camp, with tents and equipment scattered among the rocky outcroppings. Alex took charge of the team, delegating tasks and assigning responsibilities. He knew that they needed to work efficiently, quickly, and with precision.

The first order of business was to assess the pyramid, to determine its structure, size, and composition. They moved cautiously, scanning the area with sophisticated equipment that could detect even the smallest anomalies. Alex was impressed by the precision and skill of his team, their attention to detail and their willingness to work in harsh conditions.

As they explored the pyramid, they began to uncover strange artifacts and symbols. They photographed, measured, and cataloged everything they found, hoping to piece together the mystery of this ancient structure.

But even as they worked, there was a sense of unease, a feeling that they were not alone. Alex couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched, that something was waiting for them just beyond the shadows.

As night fell, the team gathered around a campfire, sharing stories and jokes, trying to lighten the mood. But the darkness seemed to amplify the sense of dread, the fear that something was out there, waiting to pounce.

They heard strange noises in the distance, howls and growls that seemed to come from all around them. Alex knew that they needed to be alert, to keep their guard up at all times.

The night passed without incident, but the sense of danger lingered. Alex knew that they had only just begun this journey, that the hardest challenges were yet to come.

As dawn broke, the team set out to explore more of the pyramid, to uncover its secrets and confront the dangers that lay ahead. They would need courage, skill, and determination to survive this expedition, to uncover the truth behind the pyramid and the beings that called it home.

Chapter 3: Pyramid

As the research team approaches the strange structure in the Arctic, which they believe to be a pyramid, they prepare to embark on a journey of discovery. The team includes Alex, the seasoned archeologist leading the expedition, as well as engineers, biologists, and security personnel.

As they approach the pyramid, the team is amazed by its size and complexity. Its smooth, reflective surface glistens in the sunlight, giving the appearance of being made of some kind of metallic material. The pyramid seems to have no visible entrance, which adds to the mystery surrounding it.

Once the team is close enough to the structure, they use specialized equipment to scan it, mapping the interior and exterior of the pyramid in detail. As they begin to analyze the data, they realize that the pyramid is not a natural formation, but has been constructed with incredible precision.

Alex leads the team as they begin to search for a way inside the pyramid. They try various approaches, scanning the structure for hidden entrances, but all their efforts prove fruitless. Finally, they discover what appears to be an air vent on the surface of the pyramid, and decide to investigate further.

After a tense period of waiting, the team manages to remove the covering from the air vent, revealing a small opening leading into the pyramid. Alex takes the lead, crawling into the narrow passage, with the rest of the team following closely behind.

As they make their way through the narrow passages, the team is amazed by what they see. The pyramid is unlike anything they have ever encountered before. The interior is filled with intricate, geometric patterns that glow with an eerie light, casting shadows on the walls.

Suddenly, the team hears a strange noise that seems to be coming from deep within the pyramid. It’s a faint, eerie sound that sends chills down their spines. As they move deeper into the structure, the noise grows louder, until it becomes a deafening roar.

Finally, the team reaches a massive, central chamber that seems to be the heart of the pyramid. Inside, they see something that defies explanation – a massive, glowing, extraterrestrial object that seems to hover above the ground.

As the team approaches the object, they realize that it’s alive – some kind of alien organism that seems to pulse with an otherworldly energy. Suddenly, they hear a screeching sound, and dozens of Aliens emerge from hidden crevices throughout the chamber.

The team is caught off guard as the Aliens attack, scurrying up the walls and launching themselves at the humans with terrifying speed and agility. Alex and the rest of the team struggle to defend themselves, using whatever weapons they have at their disposal to fend off the horrific creatures.

Just as they think they are gaining the upper hand, they hear a new sound – a guttural roar that sends a shiver down their spines. Suddenly, a Predator appears, leaping into the chamber with an agility and grace that belies its massive size.

The Predator is a formidable opponent, with skills and strength that far surpass those of the Aliens. The team watches in awe as the Predator effortlessly dispatches the Aliens, using a variety of high-tech weapons and tools.

As the battle wages on, the team realizes that they are in grave danger. They have stumbled into a hunting ground where Aliens are grown as sport for the Predator race. They must fight for their lives as they try to avoid becoming prey for the Predators and Aliens alike.

The team manages to escape the chamber, but they know that they must be more careful as they continue to explore the pyramid. They have stumbled upon something far more dangerous and complex than they ever could have imagined, and the threat that surrounds them is growing by the moment.

Chapter 4: Aliens

As the team explores the pyramid, they quickly realize that it’s not just a simple structure buried beneath the ice. It’s a hunting ground for the Predators, where the Aliens are grown and released for them to hunt. As they descend deeper into the pyramid, they become more and more aware of the dangers that lurk within.

The archeologist, Alex, leads the team through the dimly lit corridors, following the clues that will lead them to the heart of the pyramid. However, they are constantly aware of the presence of the Aliens – the strange, humanoid creatures that are the prey of the Predator race.

The first signs of the Aliens are subtle – strange markings on the walls and floors, and a sense of unease that grows with every step the team takes. Then, they find the first of the Alien egg chambers. The eggs are huge, covered in a thick, slimy layer that pulsates with a sinister energy.

The team watches in horror as one of the eggs suddenly opens, revealing a writhing mass of tentacles and teeth. The Alien quickly scurries away, disappearing into the darkness of the pyramid. The team knows that they are not alone, and that the Aliens are watching them, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

As they continue their search, the team comes across more and more evidence of the Aliens – dead bodies, mutilated beyond recognition, and strange, alien artifacts that seem to be part of some ancient Predator ritual. The team knows that they must be careful if they want to survive, and they move forward with caution, constantly on the lookout for any signs of danger.

The Aliens are everywhere – crawling through the air ducts, scurrying along the walls, and hiding in the shadows. The team now understands the true nature of the pyramid and its purpose – to serve as a battle ground for the Predators and their prey. It is a twisted, gruesome ritual that has been going on for centuries, and the team is now trapped in the middle of it.

The team soon comes across one of the Predator’s hunting parties. They watch in awe and terror as the Predators systematically hunt down the Aliens, using their advanced weapons and tactics to take down their prey. The sight is both horrifying and mesmerizing, and the team knows that they must stay out of the way if they want to survive.

The team now understands that they must find a way out of the pyramid, and fast. They know that they are being watched, and that the Aliens and Predators are closing in on them. It’s a fight for survival, and the team must use all of their skills and wits to stay alive.

As they navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the pyramid, the team begins to realize that there are other dangers lurking within. Strange, alien artifacts that seem to be alive, and strange, inhuman sounds that echo through the dark. They realize that the pyramid is a place of unspeakable horror, a place where the line between life and death is blurred.

Finally, the team reaches the heart of the pyramid. They find a chamber filled with Alien eggs, and in the center of the room, a strange, inhuman figure. It’s a Queen Alien, the source of all of the eggs that the team has encountered. The team knows that they must escape now, before the Queen Alien and her brood awaken and consume them all.

But as they try to make their escape, they encounter the Predators once again. A fierce battle ensues, with the team caught in the middle. It’s a fight for survival, with no hope of escape.

Will the team survive the horrific battle in the pyramid? Will they escape the clutches of the Aliens and Predators, and make it back to civilization alive? Only time will tell, in this thrilling adventure of science fiction, action, and horror.

Chapter 5: Predator

As the team delves deeper into the pyramid, they become acutely aware of their surroundings. Every step they take, every sound they make, is filled with a sense of danger. Suddenly, there is a loud screech from above, and the team looks up to see an Alien perched on the ceiling.

Tension is high as the team readies their weapons for a fight. But before they can take any action, they hear a loud thud from behind them. They turn around to see a Predator silently approaching. In an instant, the Predator unleashes its arsenal of weapons, obliterating the Alien with deadly precision.

The team watches in awe and terror as they realize they are in the midst of a battle between the two alien races. The Predator turns its attention to the team, and they must think fast to avoid becoming collateral damage.

Alex, the team leader, attempts to reason with the Predator, believing that they are not there to disturb the hunt. But the Predator isn’t interested in words, and a fierce battle ensues.

The Predator is a formidable opponent, with strength and agility that far surpasses any of the team members. But they are resourceful, and they use their knowledge of the pyramid to their advantage, luring the Predator into traps and narrow spaces.

The battle is intense and brutal, with the team barely escaping with their lives. But despite their best efforts, the Predator continues to pursue them relentlessly. One by one, the team members begin to fall, until only Alex and one other team member remain.

They find themselves cornered, with no way out. The Predator approaches, its weapons at the ready. Just when all seems lost, a group of Aliens emerges from the shadows, attacking the Predator with ferocity.

The team takes advantage of the distraction, making a run for it. But as they flee, they realize that they are being pursued by the remaining Aliens. The chase is relentless, with the team member eventually succumbing to the Alien’s deadly embrace.

Alex is left to fight on his own, his emotions ranging from fear to anger. With nothing left to lose, he takes on the Aliens with renewed ferocity, his survival instincts kicking in.

The battle rages on, with no end in sight. But just when Alex thinks it’s over, the Predator returns, having defeated the remaining Aliens. The two adversaries stand face to face, their weapons at the ready.

In a surprising twist, the Predator extends a hand to Alex, recognizing his bravery and tenacity. Alex hesitates for a moment, but ultimately accepts the truce, realizing that they both have a common enemy in the Aliens.

The team and the Predator form an uneasy alliance, using their combined skills and knowledge to navigate through the pyramid. As they move forward, they realize that there is much more at stake than just their own survival – the fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance.

Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins

The team huddled in the central chamber of the pyramid, their weapons ready and their senses on high alert. The walls were slick with the alien mucus, and the air hung heavy with the stench of death. They knew that the time had come for the Aliens to be released for the hunt.

Alex, the leader of the team, took a deep breath and looked around at his companions. There was Maria, the geologist who had discovered the pyramid’s location. She was nervously checking her equipment, making sure everything was in working order. Next to her was Wang, the team’s electronics expert, who was constantly scanning the area for signs of movement. And then there was Blake, the ex-marine who had been hired as the team’s security specialist. He was standing stoically, his eyes fixed on the chamber entrance.

Suddenly, the first Alien burst through the wall, its razor-sharp teeth and claws glinting in the dim light. The team opened fire, their weapons blazing, but the creature was too fast. It leaped to the ceiling, clinging to the slick surface with its powerful tendrils, before dropping back down to the floor with a sickening thud.

More Aliens followed, bursting from every corner of the chamber. The team fired continuously, each shot taking down one of the deadly creatures, but they kept coming. Maria had retreated to a corner, her back against the wall, as the creatures closed in around her. Wang was frantically trying to hack into the pyramid’s security system, hoping to find a way out. Blake was holding his own, taking down the Aliens with calculated precision.

As the team was slowly being overwhelmed, a loud roar sounded through the chamber. The Predators had arrived. The team saw them for the first time, cloaked in their advanced camouflage systems, as they commenced their hunt of the Aliens.

It was like nothing the team had ever seen before. The Predators moved with incredible speed and agility, their weapons causing huge explosions and sending the Aliens flying. The team did their best to stay out of the way, ducking and dodging as the two alien species battled it out.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and the team found themselves thrown across the chamber. When they regained their senses, they saw that the Queen Alien had been released from her chamber, and the Predators were struggling to contain her.

The team realized that they had to get out of the pyramid, and fast. They saw a tunnel leading upwards, and made a dash for it. The Aliens and Predators were still battling it out, giving the team a small window of opportunity.

As they climbed upwards, they could hear the sounds of the battle echoing through the pyramid. Explosions, gunfire, and roars filled their ears. They knew that they were lucky to have survived this long, and that their luck could run out at any moment.

Finally, they reached the surface, breathing a sigh of relief as they emerged into the freezing cold air. They saw the Pyramid collapsing in on itself, explosions and debris flying everywhere. The team knew that they had narrowly escaped with their lives, and that they would never be the same again.

As they made their way back to civilization, the team knew that their mission had been a failure. They had discovered the truth about the pyramid, but at a great cost. They had lost friends and colleagues, and had been forever changed by the horrors they had witnessed. The Aliens and Predators would continue to battle it out, but the team knew that they would never be in the middle of it again. They had seen enough to last a lifetime.

Chapter 7: Showdown

The team had finally reached the heart of the pyramid, a sprawling chamber that served as the breeding ground for the vicious Queen Alien. As they surveyed the surroundings, they realized that they were not the only ones present. The Predators had also arrived, and were gearing up for the ultimate showdown.

Alex, the team leader, felt a shiver run down her spine as she watched the Predators prepare for battle. They moved with a grace and power that seemed almost otherworldly, their weapons gleaming in the dim light.

Meanwhile, the Queen Alien lay in wait, pulsating and ready for the fight. Her brood of drones circled around her, their razor-sharp claws clicking ominously.

Alex knew that it was only a matter of time before the fight began. The tension was palpable as both sides sized each other up, waiting for the first move.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. The Predators charged forward, their weapons firing with deadly accuracy. The Queen Alien countered with a barrage of acid spit, and the two sides clashed in a brutal melee.

The team found themselves caught in the middle of the battle, dodging and weaving as the combatants tore each other apart. Alex grabbed her weapon and started firing, hoping to do some damage to the aliens.

The scene was chaotic, with blood and acid flying in every direction. The team struggled to stay alive amid the carnage, dodging the furious blows of the Predators and the relentless assaults of the Aliens.

In the midst of the battle, a strange creature appeared. It was unlike anything the team had ever seen before – part Alien, part Predator. Alex watched in horror as the creature attacked both sides with equal ferocity.

The Queen Alien sensed the new arrival, and turned her attention to the hybrid. But even her legendary strength was no match for the creature’s brutal attacks.

As the dust settled, the team realized that the hybrid had emerged victorious. With a final roar, it disappeared into the shadows, leaving the team to breathe a sigh of relief.

But their respite was short-lived. With the Queen Alien defeated, the drones were running amok, attacking anything and everything in sight. The team scrambled for cover as the drones swarmed around them, their claws tearing at the air.

In the end, it was the Predators who emerged triumphant. They had come to the pyramid to hunt, and they had succeeded in their mission. The team watched as they collected their trophies, including the heads of the Aliens and the hybrid. Then, with a final nod of acknowledgement, the Predators melted back into the shadows, leaving the team to pick up the pieces.

As they retreated from the pyramid, the team realized that they had been forever changed by their experience. They had witnessed a battle that was beyond human comprehension, and had emerged scarred but alive.

And as they looked back at the pyramid, they knew that they would never forget the horror that lay buried deep within its walls.

Chapter 8: Battle for Survival

The team knew they were in for a fight for their lives. The sounds of war echoed throughout the pyramid chamber as the Predators and Aliens clashed in their final battle. The team could hear the distinct clicking and hissing sounds of the Aliens, mixed with the throaty growls of the Predators.

The archeologist, Alex, had been separated from the rest of the group and was cornered by a group of Aliens. He raised his flamethrower, but the Aliens were too fast. They moved in for the kill, their razor-sharp tails poised and ready to strike.

Just as Alex thought his fate was sealed, a Predator appeared, launching a plasma bolt at the Aliens. The Aliens hissed in rage and turned their attention to the Predator, who had become their new target. Alex used the opportunity to regroup with the others.

The team was scattered, fighting for their lives against the Aliens and the Predators. They used everything at their disposal, from guns to flamethrowers, but it seemed like nothing could stop the relentless onslaught. They were running out of options and out of time.

One member of the team, a skilled marksman named Jack, had managed to climb onto a high platform. From there, he had a commanding view of the chamber and could take out both Aliens and Predators with his sniper rifle. However, he was soon spotted and targeted by a group of Predators.

As Jack prepared to make his final stand, he suddenly heard a familiar sound. It was the roar of a helicopter, coming to rescue them. Jack fired off a signal flare, alerting the helicopter to their location.

Just as the team began to make a break for the helicopter, a massive explosion rocked the chamber. It was the Queen Alien, and she had emerged from her chamber. She was larger and fiercer than any of the other Aliens, and she was determined to take down the Predators once and for all.

The Queen Alien unleashed a barrage of acid and hissing roars, forcing the Predators to retreat. However, the team was caught in the crossfire as the Queen targeted anything and everything in her path.

As they ran towards the helicopter, they could see the battle raging behind them. The Aliens and Predators were locked in a deadly struggle, and it seemed like neither side would emerge victorious. But the team had no time to ponder the outcome of the battle; they had to focus on their survival.

Just as they reached the helicopter, one of the Aliens leapt out from the shadows, striking one of the team members. The team member screamed in agony as the Alien began to drag them away.

Without hesitation, one of the team members, a young scientist named Emily, grabbed a flamethrower and ran towards the Alien. She unleashed a torrent of flames, incinerating the Alien and saving her teammate.

Finally, the team reached the helicopter, and they clambered aboard. As they took off into the sky, they looked back at the pyramid and saw the Aliens and Predators still locked in battle. They knew that they had been lucky to escape with their lives, and that the danger was far from over. But for now, they could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they had survived the ultimate battle for survival.

Chapter 9: Escape

The team emerged from the pyramid battered and bruised, but alive. Alex led the way as they trudged through the snow, away from the scene of their nightmare. Their journey had started with excitement and intrigue, but had quickly turned into a fight for survival.

As they made their way towards their base camp, they couldn’t help but reflect on what they had witnessed. The pyramid was not just a structure, but a twisted hunting ground for two of the most deadly species in the universe. The team had been mere prey, caught in the middle of a war between Aliens and Predators.

It wasn’t just the physical scars that would remain with them, but the mental ones as well. They had seen things that no human should ever have to see. The team was changed forever, and they knew it. They wondered if they would ever be able to return to their old lives, or if this experience would haunt them forever.

As they neared their base camp, they could see the welcoming lights of the research station in the distance. It was a beacon of safety, a reminder that they had made it out alive. But they also knew that the nightmare wasn’t over yet – they had to report what they had seen.

Their accounts would be met with skepticism and disbelief. Who would believe that there were aliens and predators fighting for survival on an ancient pyramid in the Arctic? But the team knew the truth, and they would do whatever it takes to make sure that humanity knew the danger that lurked out there in the vast expanse of space.

They arrived at the research station, where they were greeted by their colleagues with open arms. Hot showers and warm food awaited them, and they were grateful for the small comforts. But they couldn’t rest easy yet – they had a report to write, a story to tell.

Days turned into weeks, and the team poured over their notes and observations. They put together a comprehensive report of their findings, complete with photos and video footage. They knew that it would be a hard sell, but they were determined to get the word out.

Their report made its way to the highest levels of government and military organizations. There were skeptics, of course, but there were also those who knew that they couldn’t afford to ignore the threat the team had uncovered.

Plans were made to send in a specialized team to investigate further, to see if they could uncover any more secrets about the pyramid and the creatures that lay within. The team members themselves were offered counseling and therapy to help them deal with the trauma they had experienced.

As for the Aliens and Predators, they continued their age-old battle in the Arctic wasteland. The team had managed to escape with their lives, but they knew that there were others out there who wouldn’t be so lucky. The cycle would continue, the hunt would go on.

But for the team, it was over. They had faced the unthinkable and had come out the other side. They were changed, but they were alive. They had a story to tell, one that would be talked about for generations to come. And they knew that they had accomplished something truly incredible – they had survived the ultimate showdown between Aliens and Predators.

Some scenes from the movie AVP: Alien vs. Predator written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see snow-covered mountains and icy plains stretching out for miles. Suddenly, a helicopter appears in the distance, flying towards a mysterious object jutting out of the snow.


ALEX (30s), a dashing archeologist, is fidgeting with his gear. His team includes: LUCAS (30s), a muscle-bound mercenary, and KAREN (20s), a tech expert.

ALEX: (over the radio) Lucas, we’re getting close. You ready?

LUCAS: (over the radio) Always ready, boss.

KAREN: (over the radio) We’re picking up some strange readings. It’s definitely not a natural formation.

ALEX: (over the radio) That’s what we’re here to find out.

The helicopter hovers over the pyramid, dropping the team off. Alex examines the object, revealing hieroglyphics and other strange markings.

ALEX: This is incredible. We could be discovering a whole new civilization.

As they set up a base camp, they notice claw marks in the snow and strange sounds in the distance.

KAREN: (whispers) Alex, do you hear that?

ALEX: (whispers) I hear it. Stay alert.

Suddenly, a loud roar echoes through the tundra, sending chills down their spines.

ALEX: (whispers) Get your weapons. We’re not alone.

The team grips their guns tightly, prepared to face whatever danger lies ahead.


Scene 2



We see a helicopter approaching a snowy landscape. The CHOPPER PILOT looks at the GPS and then turns to the passengers.


We’re getting close to the coordinates, folks.

ALEX, a rugged archeologist, nods and looks at his team.


Alright, let’s get ready to land.

As the chopper lands, the team disembarks and stares in awe at the pyramid in the distance.


This is incredible. Look at the size of it.

The team sets up camp and begins to prepare for their journey to the pyramid. They check their equipment, load their sleds, and have a quick meal.


Alright, let’s move out. Stay close and watch your footing.

The team sets out on their expedition, pulling their sleds behind them. They traverse through the snowy landscape, braving the harsh conditions.



The team has encountered a deep crevasse in their path.


(beckoning his assistant)

James, give me a hand with this.

The two men work together to build a makeshift bridge across the crevasse so that the team can pass.


Alright, we’re making good time. Let’s keep moving.

As they continue on their journey, one of the sleds breaks down.


(taking charge)

Alright, we need to make some repairs. Everyone pitch in.

The team works together to repair the sled, demonstrating their solidarity and determination.



As they set up camp for the night, the team huddles around a small fire, sharing stories and laughter.

JESS, an enthusiastic biologist, is excited to explore the pyramid.


I can’t wait to see what kind of alien species we might find in there.



Remember, we don’t know what we might find. Stay alert and be prepared for anything.

The team settles in for the night, exhausted but excited for the journey that lies ahead.


Scene 3

Scene 3: Pyramid



The Research team led by Alex trudges through the snow-covered terrain, their breaths visible in the freezing air. They come to a stop as they see the pyramid in the distance.


We are almost there. Stay alert, we don’t know what we might find.


What do you think is inside it?


We are going to find out.



The research team reaches the pyramid and begins to survey the area.


This is incredible. The architecture is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


We are not here for the architecture. We have to find the entrance.

The team spreads out and begins to look for a way in. A loud growling sound interrupts their search.


Everyone, stay put. We are not alone.



The team enters the pyramid and it’s dark and eerie inside. They use flashlights to navigate through the narrow corridors.


I’ve got movement up ahead. Something is moving around.


Stay sharp, it could be anything.

Suddenly, the team is attacked by a swarm of chestbursters. They struggle to fight them off, but they are outnumbered.


We have to go back. We can’t fight them.


We can’t go back now. We are in this to find out what’s inside. We have to keep moving forward.

The team continues down the corridor towards the source of the growling sound.



The team comes to a large chamber and finds rows of strange, egg-like objects.


What the hell are these?


We have to leave. This is not something we should be messing with.

Suddenly, one of the eggs opens and a facehugger jumps out, attaching itself to SAM.


We have to get it off him.


We can’t. It’s too late.

Sam convulses and falls to the ground. The team watches in horror as the chestburster emerges from Sam’s chest.



The team exits the pyramid, shocked and traumatized by what they just witnessed.


We have to contact the outside world. They have to know about this.

The team huddles together, wondering what other gruesome secrets the pyramid holds.


Scene 4



The scene opens on a group of scientists and explorers setting up camp on the Arctic tundra. Among them is ALEX, an experienced archeologist, and his research team. They are preparing for a journey to investigate what seems to be a buried pyramid.


(to the team)

Alright, let’s get everything set up. We leave at dawn.


(to Alex)

Do you really think there’s something out here?



I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

The team works quickly to set up their makeshift campsite, and as they finish, Alex gathers them around.


(to the team)

Alright, I want everyone to be prepared for any situation. We have no idea what we might find out there.

As the team prepares to set out, they are unaware of the danger that awaits them in the form of Aliens grown as sport for the Predator race.



The team reaches the pyramid, and it takes their breath away. It is massive and awe-inspiring.


(to the team)

Alright, everyone be on high alert. We don’t know what we’ll find inside.

As they enter the pyramid, they immediately notice strange markings and symbols that they don’t recognize. However, they keep moving forward, intrigued by what they might find.

Suddenly, one of the team members notices something moving in the shadows.



Guys, did you see that?



Everyone stay alert. We don’t know what’s inside.

As they move further into the pyramid, they begin to see the first signs of the Aliens lurking around them.


(to the team)

Everyone, weapons at the ready. We’re not alone in here.

The tension is high as they continue to explore the pyramid.

Suddenly, they come to a room filled with Alien eggs.


(to the team)

Everyone, stay back. We have no idea what these things are capable of.

As they are examining the eggs, they hear a sound from deeper within the pyramid.


(to the team)

Let’s move. We can’t stay here any longer.

As they make their way deeper into the pyramid, they realize that they are in a hunting ground for the Predators. Aliens are grown and released into the pyramid to be hunted by the Predators as a rite of passage.



The team is ambushed by a group of Aliens, and they must fight for their lives against the deadly creatures.


(to the team)

Stay together. We need to fight our way out of here.

The battle is intense as the team struggles to survive against the Aliens. Will they make it out alive and solve the mystery of the pyramid? Only time will tell.

Scene 5

Scene 5: Predator

The team is caught off guard as they hear a loud roar coming from behind them. They turn around to see a Predator standing before them, his cloaking device deactivated. The Predator’s mandibles click as he sizes up his prey, his laser sight trained on them.


(to the team)

Stay calm. We don’t want to provoke him.

The Predator takes a step forward, his blades clicking together menacingly. The team backs away slowly, their eyes fixed on the alien hunter.


(to the Predator)

We mean you no harm. We’re just here to study the pyramid.

The Predator tilts his head slightly, as if considering Alex’s words. He then suddenly lunges forward, his blades slicing through the air. Alex barely manages to dodge out of the way, his heart pounding in his chest.

The team scatters, trying to avoid the Predator’s deadly attacks. The alien hunter seems to be toying with them, enjoying the thrill of the hunt.


(to Alex)

What are we going to do?


We need to find a way to stop him.

The Predator continues his assault, his blades flashing in the dim light of the pyramid. Alex spots a piece of machinery nearby, and quickly runs towards it.


(to the team)

Cover me!

The team provides covering fire as Alex makes his way to the machinery. He quickly activates it, unleashing a powerful electromagnetic pulse that knocks out the Predator’s cloaking device.

The Predator is momentarily stunned, giving the team a chance to regroup. They ready their weapons, preparing to take down the alien hunter once and for all.


(to the team)

Let’s show him we’re not easy prey.

The team launches a coordinated attack, unleashing a barrage of bullets and explosives. The Predator fights back fiercely, but is eventually overwhelmed by the team’s firepower.

As the dust settles, the team looks around in disbelief. They’ve managed to take down a Predator – something that few humans have ever accomplished.


(to the team)

Let’s get out of here, before any more of them show up.

The team quickly gathers their equipment and makes their way towards the exit. They know that they have a long way to go before they can reach safety, but they’re determined to make it out alive.


Author: AI