American Pie

“One pact, four friends, a saga of hilarious love pursuits – a journey from adolescence to adulthood wrapped in laughter and life lessons.”

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One could say East Great Falls High was a place like any other – students dashing through corridors, teachers barking assignments, the faint aroma of cafeteria food lingering in the air. Yet, it was less of a school and more of a battlefield where the lines between the nerds, the jocks, the pretty girls, and the invisible kids were distinct. But within these walls, existed a foursome that defied all clichéd high school classifications — Jim, Oz, Kevin, and Finch.

They were four cornerstone friends whose bond was as inexplicable as their individualities. Jim was a friendly goofball, painfully average, and hopelessly smitten with the ‘Girl Next Door’. Oz was a lacrosse player with a hidden sensitive side. Kevin was the poster boy for suburban normalcy, and Finch was an oddball, his eccentricities the source of many a schoolyard legend. The one common thread they shared was an unanticipated yet imminent problem: They were all virgins.

Chapter 1: “Prom Pact”

It was in the throes of a boisterous high-school party, amidst the cacophony of music and laughter, that the pact was born. As the boys found themselves huddled in an isolated corner, conversation took a mortifying turn towards their collective predicament.

“Guys,” Jim began, clumsily nursing his beer, “It’s prom. I mean, we’re supposed to…you know, right?” His voice trailed off as he nervously eyed his friends.

Kevin voiced what they were all thinking. “Hell, we can’t be the only virgins to graduate high school! We’ve got to do something about it.”

Oz surprisingly agreed, a thought bubble clearly floating over his head with Heather, the choir girl, nestled in it. Finch, though seemingly indifferent, was intrigued by the possibility of enhancing his school reputation.

And so, they pledged – the infamous Prom Pact, a solemn vow to ‘score’ by their senior prom – an agreement inked by their teenage desperation.

In the days that followed, the boys embarked on personal quests to charm their love interests. Jim, caught in the crosshairs of his attraction for Nadia, an alluring foreign exchange student, and his budding friendship with Michelle, the peculiar band geek, found himself in a maelstrom of emotional confusion. Kevin, however, had his compass set. His mission was Vicky, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, a relationship that had seen more highs and lows than a roller coaster ride.

On the other hand, Oz, the jock with a heart, joined the school choir, his booming voice contrasting with the mellow tunes, all to get closer to Heather, the sweet soprano he had inexplicably fallen for. Finch, the enigma, was less direct in his approach, enlisting the help of an eccentric dating guru and delving into books on how to attract women.

The corridors of East Great Falls High, already buzzing with rumors and teenage melodrama, were now set ablaze with their antics. From heartfelt confessions to horrid pick-up lines, failed attempts to stolen kisses, the story of the Prom Pact became a part of high school folklore. Little did the friends know that their pact would not only guide them on a path filled with laughter and heartbreak, discovery, and growth but also lead them to redefine their friendships and view on love.

As the days to prom night dwindled, the boys, with their unwavering determination and camaraderie, geared up for the most unforgettable ride of their lives. Will they succeed in their mission or will it all go hilariously awry? Will love find its way amidst this comedy of errors or falter at teenage folly? Only time could tell.

Chapter 2: “The American Dream”

In the hustle and bustle of East Great Falls High, our four heroes decided to stake their claims on love. The seamless transition from adolescence to adulthood was riddled with unexpected challenges, especially when romance was concerned. They were fueled by desire and a good dose of bravado, both warranting their hilariously misguided attempts at luring women.

The subplot of the chapter kicked off with an amusing scene displaying Kevin’s desperate attempt to rekindle the flame with Vicky. The redheaded beauty, once head over heels for Kevin, had grown exasperated by his continual fixation with sex. Kevin sought advice from his older, seemingly wiser brother, who proposed a grand scheme of romantic gestures. The suggestions ranged from poetry recitals to an impromptu candle-lit dinner at the school’s football field. And while Kevin stumbled through putting these ideas into action, each attempt led to a hilariously cringe-worthy outcome. Whether it was forgetting the lines of his ‘passionate’ poem or setting off the sprinklers with his romantic dinner, Kevin’s efforts were both a testament to his tenacity and a showcase of his comedic failures.

On the other hand, Jim’s story introduced a comical twist. The nerdy, awkward boy had found himself smitten with the girl next door, Nadia. Yet, his overzealous attempts to impress her often led to a series of laugh out loud moments. There was the unforgettable incident where he attempted to learn her native language, only to butcher it so horrendously that it caused a considerable uproar in the language department. Or the time he tried to win her over with his ‘impressive’ music skills, only to deafen her with a terrible rendition of a popular love song. But for all his mishaps, Jim’s infatuation with Nadia was painfully adorable, adding an endearing layer beneath his comedic mishaps.

Meanwhile, Finch engaged in an entirely different strategy. Drawing on his mature demeanor, Finch sought the guidance of a renowned love expert. His enthusiastic pursuit involved reading countless books, attending numerous seminars, and testing out various techniques on the unfortunate objects of his attempts. The outcomes were uproarious, especially when he employed a hypnotic technique on a cheerleader, only to send her into a deep sleep instead of a romantic trance. Much to his chagrin, Finch’s unconventional tactics landed him in the principal’s office more than once, a consequence that seemed to mystify him every time.

However, amidst the whirlwind of comedic failures, arose a beacon of hope and laughter in the form of Oz. The macho lacrosse player, notorious for his lackadaisical approach to love, found himself captivated by the choir’s leading soprano, Heather. Oz’s comedic journey began with his decision to join the choir to get closer to Heather. The image of the burly athlete, standing amidst the harmonious choir, stumbling through the high notes was a sight to behold. His attempts to converse with Heather were equally amusing, introducing a slew of hilarious misunderstandings arising from his sports analogies. Yet, somewhere between their duets and shared laughter, Oz found himself genuinely enjoying their time together, a sentiment reflected in his less-than-perfect, yet amusingly endearing singing.

The chapter concluded with an entertaining gathering at Stifler’s notorious house party. The four friends, united by their hilarious attempts at wooing women, toasted to their shared ‘American Dream’. Amid the laughter, tequila shots, and uproarious confessions, they celebrated their journey so far, oblivious to the comedic heartaches and surprises that awaited them. After all, love was an unpredictable game, one that our heroes were determined to navigate, even if it meant stumbling through a labyrinth of comedic errors. The stage was set, the characters firmly rooted in their comedic journey towards love, and the reader, thoroughly entertained and eager for the ensuing hilarity.

Chapter 3: “Cupcake Catastrophes”

The third chapter of this riotous journey opens with our four friends in school, each trapped in their fumbling attempts to win over their chosen girls. Their high-school corridors echo with the uncomfortable silence of their unspoken pact, each one stumbling through the treacherous and, at times, comic path of adolescence.

Jim, the most socially awkward of the group, is consumed by a singular obsession: to practice. Drawing from a strange reservoir of advice gleaned from half-baked internet searches and dubious teen magazines, he decides to use his mom’s cherished pastry as stand-ins for some practice – a decision that will spiral into one of the most hilarious scenes in the book.

Meanwhile, Oz enlists in the choir, a move that leaves his football buddies dumbfounded and the readers in stitches. Then comes the unexpected twist: his gruff voice, which was up till now only used for calling out plays on the football field, manages to produce a surprisingly pleasant tune. Heather, a beautiful soprano, is taken aback as well. Her initial disdain gives way to reluctant admiration as Oz croons an off-beat rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’.

The practices ensue, leading to a concoction of comic banter, missteps, and an unexpected friendship between the jock and the choir girl. Oz, in his clumsy attempts to score, discovers a newfound love for singing and an undeniably growing attraction towards Heather. Their relationship, although still in its fledgeling stage, thrills with the promise of something more.

Back to Jim. The unfortunate hero, in his misdirected enthusiasm, blissfully unaware of the impending disaster, lures himself into an embarrassingly hilarious situation with the pastries. His expression of absolute horror when he’s caught red-handed by his father is priceless. The rib-tickling narration of this event leaves the readers gasping for breath as they try to suppress uncontrollable bouts of laughter.

Parallel to these events, Finch, the intellectual of the group, dives headfirst into his unique approach, hiring a dating guru to master the ‘Art of Seduction’. The guru, a peculiar character with an eccentric dress sense and an even more eccentric teaching style, imbues Finch with invaluable nuggets of wisdom such as ‘being mysterious’ and ‘showing dominance’. The guru’s quirky techniques, performed by the ever-so-serious Finch, result in a series of humorous mishaps that leave the readers rolling with laughter.

Amidst the chaos, Kevin and Vicky share an awkward moment in their attempt to rekindle their romance. This encounter, filled with miscommunication and teenage awkwardness, contributes to the chapter’s comedic undertone.

“Cupcake Catastrophes” is a flurry of adolescent trials and tribulations, tugged along by comedic mishaps and unexpected revelations. The boys, in their distinct trajectories towards manhood, unwittingly end up learning more about themselves than their original quest promised. They come to realize, amid fits of laughter and waves of embarrassment, that the road to adulthood is more complex than they previously thought, and certainly more entertaining.

Chapter 4: “The Love Confessions”

It was a morning fraught with tension. Kevin arose, the undercurrents of a dream still flitting in his mind. The dream, a hazy reflection of last night’s disastrous tryst with Vicky, sent a wave of anxiety crashing over him. If ever there was a moment where Kevin wished he could turn back time, it was now.

Meanwhile, Vicky, nestled in her canopied bed, was fumbling to decode the awkward encounter. Both of them had been driven by the unspoken pressure to honor the prom pact, but it had cost them their intimacy. The realization was a sudden punch in the gut. She felt a pang of regret and frustration, but also an urge to clarify things with Kevin.

As the day unfolded, Oz, with his characteristic charming clumsiness, had found himself entranced by Heather, the dulcet-voiced soprano from the choir. Joining the choir had initially been a part of his elaborate plan to ‘score,’ but the unexpected had happened: he fell for her. The whimsicality of it all sounded like a cliche romance novel plot, but to Oz, who had always hidden behind the facade of the popular guy, it was a pleasant surprise.

He found himself admiring Heather’s grace, her soft laughter, and the way her eyes sparkled when she sang. It was a powerful, enigmatic emotion pulling him towards her, something he hadn’t experienced before. He decided to confess his love to Heather— a thought that simultaneously filled him with apprehension and excitement.

At the same time, Finch was preoccupied with his own strange predicament— a date with Stifler’s mom. Contrary to the usual teenage male fantasy, Finch was more intrigued and ambiguous about this sudden curveball life had thrown at him. He had hoped to charm his school beauty with the dating guru’s teachings, but fate had offered him an entirely different woman – older, experienced, and tantalizing in a forbidden way. It was confusing, to say the least, and hilariously ironic.

As evening descended upon the town, the stage was set for the four boys to confront their realities. Kevin decided to meet Vicky at their special spot by the lakeside. Walking under the golden dusk sky, he practiced his speech, trying to express his mixed emotions. Their meeting, however, was nothing like he had imagined. Vicky, with tear-streaked cheeks, voiced her own confusion and how the pressure to consummate was ruining their relationship. It was a poignant moment, with heartfelt confessions and raw emotions flowing through.

On the other hand, Oz had planned a special evening for Heather. Armed with roses and a self-composed poem, Oz was a picture of a lovestruck teenager. Heather was smitten by his earnestness, and amidst the moonlit choir room, they shared their first kiss. Laughter echoed through the hallways as Oz tripped in his excitement, turning the romantic moment into a comic one.

Meanwhile, Finch’s date proceeded in leaps and bounds. Stifler’s mom, with her flirtatious glances and playful insinuations, made Finch flounder for control. The evening was filled with eccentric conversations, unexpected revelations, and a burst of laughter as Finch grappled with the surreal situation.

Chapter 4 was a turning point in our friends’ journey – a rollercoaster of emotions, hilarious situations, and newfound introspections. They had several moments of realization, sprinkled with confusion and hilarity, which further complicated their pact. Little did they know; these were the missteps that would ultimately guide them towards their true destinies, enveloping them in trousers of new wisdom and smiles of content.

Chapter 5: “Prom Night Panic”

Prom night is viewed as a vital rite of passage by the students of East Great Falls High. The air is electric with anticipation, the hallways buzzing with primped-up teenagers desperate to make this night memorable; the tension was palpable.

At the epicenter of this mesmerizing chaos were our four protagonists. Jim, Kevin, Oz, and Finch, trapped in their personal whirlwind of emotions, were about to experience a night they would never forget. The Prom Pact loomed significant over their heads like an impending storm.

Jim, clad in a not-so-snug rental tux, looked disoriented. His typically lackluster hair was gelled back, giving him an even more uncomfortably awkward appearance. Taking a deep breath, he rang Nadia’s doorbell, only to be met by her apologetic parents informing him of her sudden illness. The echoing laughter from a group of passing teenagers added insult to injury. Stricken yet deflated, Jim found himself dateless, his dreams of Prom night hilariously crushed.

Meanwhile, Kevin was juggling his own catastrophe. Nostalgic sentimentality had him reminiscing about his long-term relationship with Vicky. He was determined to reconcile with her, to keep their love from becoming another high school cliché. He adorned her wrist with a corsage, his eyes sparkling with anticipation and fear. Their encounter, however, further deepened the divide between them, escalating into a disastrous heated argument that ended with Vicky leaving him stranded on the dance floor. The Prom Pact seemed further from Kevin’s grasp, his heartache on full display to the expectant crowd.

While the drama unfolded with Jim and Kevin, Oz was living his fairy-tale moment with Heather. Enveloped in a soft hush under the twinkling canopy of fairy lights, their eyes shone with genuine love. Oz, swapping his jock’s attire for a classy tux, looked more like a lovesick choir boy than a lacrosse star. Heather, stunning in her silk gown, was drawn to his sudden vulnerability. As the choir performs a rendition of a popular love ballad, Oz hesitatingly voiced his feelings for Heather. Readers held their breath as Heather lent in, sealing his confession with a tender kiss. For Oz, the Prom Pact had turned into something far more profound.

Amidst all the romantic fervor, Finch found himself in an unimaginably comical situation. On his ‘date’ with Stifler’s Mom, he was a spectacle, making the readers laugh out loud. Opting for a sleek black tux and mask, he came across as a charming enigma, catching everyone’s attention. The unconventional pair danced amidst puzzled glances and whispered gossip, their chemistry adding to the night’s perplexity.

The chapter ‘Prom Night Panic’ captures the unimaginable uproar, the desperate attempts at redemption, and the unpredictable climax of youthful love. The characters, each facing their individual trials and tribulations, contribute to creating a captivating scene that leaves readers invested in their journeys. The plot thickens with each cleared and failed hurdle, the unexpected interactions leaving readers at the edge of their seats. The sheer dynamism of the narrative, combined with its comic elements and heart-tugging incidents, makes it a night impossible to forget.

Chapter 6: “The Unexpected Twist”

Sunrise painted the post-prom night sky in hues of orange as Jim staggered back home. The conspicuous absence of his date, Nadia, had left him gutted, and he’d spent most of the night nursing his wounded ego. However, his despair was short-lived as a familiar face appeared to take Nadia’s place – Michelle, the eccentric band geek. Somehow, in the chaotic aftermath of his date cancellation, Michelle had become a comforting presence, offering him a refreshing perspective on romance.

Her quirks were oddly endearing, sparking amusement in Jim as he discovered an attraction that was as bewildering as it was surprising. Their time spent together comprised of awkward silences, meaningful gestures, and fits of laughter sprouting from Michelle’s unusual anecdotes about band camp and her passion for the flute. It was not the romantic intimacy that Jim had imagined, but it was something real, genuine, and oddly comforting, a tumultuous mix of emotions that left readers both laughing and empathizing with Jim’s plight.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s roller-coaster relationship with Vicky reached a boiling point that night. As he found himself navigating the labyrinth of his emotions, Vicky was also grappling with her feelings. The evening led them to one irrevocable conclusion; they were better off as friends. It wasn’t the typical fairy-tale ending one would expect, but it was a resolution that showcased the bitter-sweet reality of first loves.

Their decision to part ways was met with an unusual sense of relief and peace, a testament to their maturity and mutual respect for each other. They danced their last dance under the moonlit sky, their silent smiles dazzling more than any prom-queen tiara. As their favorite song played in the background, they shared a nostalgic moment that was both bitter and sweet, leaving readers with an aching sympathy for their unfortunate, yet necessary parting.

In sharp contrast, Finch found himself in a wholly unanticipated scenario. His benevolent guru had forgotten to prepare him for the unexpected turn his love life had taken. His prom night did not end with a typical teenage romance, but with an encounter with an older woman – Stifler’s mom. The already comical plot took a hilarious turn as Finch navigated the intricacies of older woman-younger man dynamics, leaving readers in stitches from their hilariously awkward encounters.

As for Oz, his gentle confession of love to Heather had been met with reciprocal warmth, leading them to bond on a deeper level. Nevertheless, the looming threat of going to different colleges slightly dampened their magical evening. They danced to the melancholic rhythm of their choir’s melody, their hearts heavy with the prospects of a long-distance relationship. However, they found solace in the promises they made to each other, vowing to keep their love alive despite the distance.

In the end, the foursome had a collective epiphany that the “Prom Pact” had provided them more than they had anticipated. The pact had inadvertently acted as a catalyst for life-altering realizations about friendship, love, and teenage fantasies. Each encounter was filled with some form of emotional complexity, leaving them wiser and more mature than they had ever been. It was this unexpected twist that added the perfect touch of realism and human connection to their comedic adolescent escapades.

Chapter 7: “Graduation Glory”

As the morning sun spread its golden rays across East Great Falls High, the quartet of friends stared wide-eyed at the four years of memories they had built within these walls. Their collective hearts pounded with anticipation – today was not merely the end of their high school journey. It was the final chapter of their tumultuous mission to lose their innocence, a mission which had resulted in a barrel full of laughs and a bottomless pit of life lessons.

As the boys prepared for the day, each with a distinct glint of nostalgia in their eyes, they exchanged melancholy smiles. They’d come a long way since they’d made that infamous “Prom Pact.” It wasn’t just about losing their virginity anymore – it was about friendship, love, and the crazy rollercoaster ride that was adolescence.

Jim’s room was a chaotic mess of scattered clothes and graduation gowns. His parents, full of teary-eyed pride, handed him his mortarboard, the tangible proof of his achievement. The night before, his unexpected encounter with Michelle had turned into a memorable end to his high school love life. His heart fluttered as he thought of her. He knew he’d recount this tale lots of times, each with a hint of embarrassment and a bucketful of laughter.

Meanwhile, Kevin sat on his porch, pensively watching Vicky leave. Their unanticipated reconciliation on prom night had opened a new chapter for them, one of friendship and understanding. They had parted ways, promising to remain friends, their love story reaching its inevitable and bittersweet conclusion. Kevin knew that this moment of heartache was just a stepping stone towards a future that held countless possibilities.

At the other end of town, Oz, with a melancholic look in his eyes, strummed his guitar, humming the tune he and Heather had sung together. Their farewell had been a whirlwind of emotions – a promise to stay in touch, a pledge to hold onto their love, and a tuneful symphony of their shared passion. Little had he expected that his journey to lose his innocence would lead him to discover his love for music and his feelings for Heather.

Finch, the intelligent and suave member of this motley crew, found himself unable to stop laughing at the hilarious turn of events from the night of the prom. His unexpected date with Stifler’s mom had ended in a comedic climax, the perfect anecdote to brighten their post-graduation blues.

As they gathered at the school, wearing their graduation gowns and donning their mortarboards, they looked at each other, their eyes twinkling with the brilliance of the journey they’d shared. The sight of the four friends together, ready to walk the stage and accept their diplomas, was a testament to their resilience and the strength of their bond.

As they threw their caps in the air, they realized the pact they’d made all those months ago had in fact brought them closer than they had ever been before. Through the triumphs and tribulations, the laughter and tears, the wins, and losses, they’d discovered more about themselves than they’d ever expected.

And so, they stood there, basking in the “Graduation Glory,” having journeyed together through a saga of love, friendship, and the harsh, comical realities of their fantasies. The pact had served its purpose, their mission was complete, but the lessons they learned, the camaraderie they shared, and the memories they made were now the bedrock of their friendship. Their story, though filled with countless surprises and unexpected turns, ended on a high note, leaving readers in hearty laughter and profound contemplation about the nuances of adolescence and camaraderie.

The tale of our quartet from East Great Falls High was a testament to the unpredictability of life, a portrayal of the humorous, painful, and exhilarating journey of growing up. The “American Pie” they baked together was more than just a nod to their shared mission, it was a symbol of their enduring friendship and the perfect mixture of comedy, romance, and life’s surprising twists.

Some scenes from the movie American Pie written by A.I.

Scene 1


A typical high school party in full swing. Congregated in the BASEMENT, four best friends, JIM, OZ, KEVIN, and FINCH. Amidst the noise, they discuss their shared dilemma.


You guys realize we’re graduating and none of us have done it yet?



‘IT’, he says. As if it’s some feat of manhood.


Well, isn’t it?


The act itself isn’t. It’s the emotional connection that’s important.

The three look at Finch, perplexed.



Only Finch could turn sex into a philosophical question.

All four share a moment of laughter.



Guys, let’s make a pact.


A pact?


Yeah, all four of us, by Prom. We should try to make ‘it’ happen.

They all ponder for a moment, then slowly nod in agreement.


I’m in.


Me too.



I suppose I can lower my standards for the sake of camaraderie.

They raise their cups in a toast.


To the Prom Pact!



Scene 2



*The echoes of laughter and chatter fill the gymnasium, adorned with party decorations. JIM, OZ, KEVIN, and FINCH sit on a secluded corner bench, nursing their cups of punch.*


I’m serious, guys. We’ve got to do this before graduation.


Jim’s right. It’s high time we lost our V-cards.


A pact. Prom night.


Yeah, but who do we get to “help” us fulfill this pact?

*Everyone ponders, their gazes drifting across the room*



*Kevin spots VICKY, his long-time girlfriend, across the garden, laughing with friends. He smiles mischievously.*


I have my plan.



*Jim bumps into the GIRL NEXT DOOR, their eyes meeting in an awkward moment. Jim blushes, stammering out a greeting before walking away hastily.*



And I, mine.



*Oz stares at HEATHER, the school’s beautiful soprano, from the back of the choir room, a dreamy smile on his face.*


(whispering to himself)

And so it begins…



*Finch taps his smartphone, revealing a dating app.*


And I’ve got a date with destiny.

*They clink their punch cups together, sealing the pact.*


Scene 3



JIM, an awkward teenager with glasses, stands in front of a mirror, practice-flirting with an apple pie, sweat trickling down his forehead. His friend, KEVIN, peeks in, rolling his eyes at the sight.



Are you seriously trying to seduce a pie?



It’s all about practice, Kev!



OZ, a buff jock with a heart of gold, walks towards the school choir room. He looks at the choir room sign, takes a deep breath, and enters, surprising everyone inside.



HEATHER, a shy soprano, looks at Oz, surprised.


You’re in the choir now, Oz?


(feigning enthusiasm)

Why not? I always had a thing for singing!

OZ tries to sing a note but fails miserably. Everyone laughs. Despite the embarrassment, he shares a glance with Heather. They both smile.



FINCH, the intellectual in the group, sits across from Stifler’s mom, a sultry older woman. He pulls out a book on existential philosophy, trying to impress her.


Kierkegaard said, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

STIFLER’S MOM smirks, clearly amused at his attempts. The scene ends on Finch’s smug smile, oblivious to the impending comedic disaster.


Scene 4


Kevin, Jim, Oz, and Finch, walking together. Kevin looks nervous, holding a folded note.


“So I’m finally going to do it… Tell Vicky how I feel.”


“What? After that disastrous encounter?”

Kevin nods, Jim pats him on the back. They stop at a locker, Kevin opens it to reveal a mirror. He practices his speech.


Oz sits with Heather under the bleachers. Oz clumsily holds a piece of paper – a love letter.


“I’ve fallen in love…with…you, and…cool choir stuff.”

Heather giggles, covers her mouth. They share an awkward but endearing moment.


Finch sits at a table across from STIFLER’S MOM, nervously fiddling with his cup.


“You look beautiful, Mrs… I mean Jeanine.”

Stifler’s mom giggles. Finch blushes, causing a comedic moment of relief.


Kevin unfolds the note, starts speaking to an imaginary Vicky.


“Vicky, I messed up but I love you.”


Oz reads the letter aloud to Heather. She wipes away a tear.


“Heather, I may not be a choir boy, but my love for you is real.”

Heather embraces Oz. They share a passionate kiss.


Finch, now relaxed, laughs with Stifler’s mom. They share a whimsical dance to the coffee shop music.



Scene 5


Decorations glittering, music throbbing. It’s PROM NIGHT. Our protagonists – JIM, OZ, KEVIN, and FINCH – stand at the entrance, looking apprehensively across the gym.


Kevin spots VICKY across the room, looking stunning in her prom dress. He swallows hard and walks towards her.



Just like we rehearsed, Kev. You can do this.

Kevin reaches Vicky, she looks surprised.



Vicky, can we talk?






About us…


Across the room, Oz spots HEATHER singing melodiously. He’s mesmerized by her beauty. He strides up to her as she finishes her song, grabbing applause.



That was… beautiful, Heather.

Heather blushes, then giggles.



Didn’t know you were into choir, Oz.



Only if you’re singing.

Simultaneously, Jim’s phone BUZZES – a text. His date CANCELLED. He looks devastated.



Sorry, mate.



Prom night is supposed to be the night, Finch. What am I gonna do now?



Things have a way of working out, Jim.

As the curtains close on this Prom Night scene, viewers are left in suspense about what twist each character’s night might take next.

Scene 6


The grandeur of PROM NIGHT is in full swing. “Stairway to Heaven” plays over the speakers as high school seniors dance.


JIM, alone and dejected after his date cancels, spots MICHELLE, a band geek, sitting alone. He walks towards her.



Hey, Michelle… Wanna dance?



Alright, but you’d better not step on my toes.

They start to dance, resulting in a series of comic moments as they trip and stumble but laugh it off.


KEVIN seeks out VICKY, they talk and decide to stay friends, even though it’s hard. Tears are shed, but they share a sweet goodbye.


OZ and HEATHER arrive, pausing to exchange loving glances before entering. They immerse themselves into dance, feeling the music without saying a word.


FINCH is surprised to find that his date is STIFLER’S MOM. He remains poised as she unabashedly flirts with him. The scene turns comical as he ends up enjoying the night despite initial awkwardness.



The Prom King and Queen are announced. As the seniors cheer, the four friends share a look, hinting a silent pact: they have grown closer than ever before.



Author: AI