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William Munny had not been in these parts for some time. The old gunslinger had long since hung his six guns and tucked away his holster, leaving behind the life of a hired gun and settling on a quiet homestead with his wife and family.

The prairie town of Tombstone, Arizona had grown and changed since his last visit. It was a bustling, prosperous little place now, with its citizens busy in their mercantile and saloon trades.

But William Munny had been in Tombstone for one purpose, and that was to find someone that could help him with a job. His old partner, Ned Logan, had contacted him with a proposition—one last job that could help out a small rancher who was being extorted by a dangerous gang of criminals.

It had taken some time for Munny to even consider taking on the task, but eventually, he was convinced by Logan and a young man named Will. The three had agreed that together they were strong enough to stop the criminal element in Tombstone… but none of them was prepared for the danger that was to come.

Chapter 1

William Munny, Ned Logan, and Will rode into town, not sure of what they were getting themselves into. While the streets were full of hustle and bustle, you could still sense the dark cloud of danger hovering over the town.

The trio made their way to the small ranch on the outskirts of town, where they were welcomed by the owner, a man named Carver. He explained to them how he had been extorted for years by a dangerous gang led by a man called Jack Hooker, and that he had finally had enough.

It was upon this confession that William Munny decided to take the job. He was sure that with the help of Ned and Will, they could bring an end to Jack Hooker and his gang’s reign of terror in Tombstone.

Chapter 2

They first had to locate Jack Hooker and his gang, and so the trio split up to scout around town. From what they had heard, the gang had holed up in the old abandoned mine outside of town, and this was backed up by what they heard from some of the locals.

William, Ned, and Will had decided they would need to confront the gang in order to bring justice to Carver and the other ranchers. With William leading the way, they made their way to the old mine, fully prepared for what they might find.

When they were close enough, they saw Jack Hooker and his gang, lounging around their campfire. The three men knew that they had to act fast, and so they charged forward, guns blazing.

Chapter 3

Jack Hooker and his gang were taken completely by surprise, and had no chance to fight back against the sudden onslaught of gunfire. In no time, the gang was arrested and taken into custody.

The news of their capture spread quickly throughout Tombstone, and soon the stories of William Munny and his posse of justice-seekers were being told throughout the town.

The citizens of Tombstone were so grateful to William Munny and his crew that they offered to pay them handsomely for their service. William agreed, but only if the money was used to help out the ranchers who had been extorted by Jack Hooker.

The townspeople agreed and with that, William, Ned, and Will rode off from Tombstone into the sunset, their mission complete.

Chapter 4

When the trio arrived back at the ranch, they found a celebration in full swing. Carver had invited the citizens of Tombstone out to his ranch to thank William for what he had done.

The party went on for hours, with toasts, songs, and stories being shared. William Munny was celebrated as a hero as the citizens of Tombstone thanked him for his courageous act.

The party eventually ended, and as the citizens of Tombstone left the ranch, they had one thing to say to William Munny—that they would never forget what he had done.


William Munny had indeed retired his guns and holster and returned to the quiet homestead he shared with his wife and family. He had saved the small ranchers of Tombstone, and brought justice to the dangerous criminals who had been terrorizing them.

William Munny had indeed earned his place in history—as one of the last true gunslingers of the old West.

Retired Old West Gunslinger

Scene 1


The camera pans in slowly and pans out to reveal a small Western town with a big saloon, sheriff office and a stagecoach station.

The camera focuses on a figure sitting in the middle of the street, sipping from a bottle of whiskey. It is WILLIAM MUNNY, an old, retired gunslinger.


(looking around, taking a sip from his bottle)

Been a long time, since I been here. Dependin’ on the wind, I ain’t sure I still even belong here.

Suddenly, a loud voice is heard coming from the saloon.


William Munny?

Munny takes another sip from his bottle and looks up.


You still here?

Munny stands up and looks towards the saloon.


Still here.

From the saloon, a figure emerges. It is an OLD MAN, Munny’s old partner, who was presumed dead.



Glad to have you back, partner.

Munny looks at his old partner and smiles.


Good to see you.

Suddenly, a young man emerges from the saloon. He looks at Munny with admiration.


You’re William Munny?


That’s me.


It’s an honor to meet you, sir. I’m Jack, your new partner.

Muny takes another sip from his bottle and smiles.


Let’s get to work then.

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