The Princess Bride

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Chapter 1: The Proposal

The sun sank lower in the sky as the farmboy watched his love at the shore of the lake. They had been childhood friends, growing close over the years, and he had known since they were small that she was the one. He had been saving every penny he made to buy a ring, and this was the night he was going to propose.

He stepped forward, ready to express his feelings, when suddenly a gust of wind caught the corner of his jacket and he was swept off his feet onto a pirate ship!

Chapter 2: The Voyage

The farmboy quickly realised he was on the run. The captain of the pirate ship had been looking for a new recruit, and the farmboy had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was to be the ship’s navigator, and the voyage was to take him far away from the one he loved.

For weeks on end the farmboy worked on the ship, feeling more and more homesick with each passing day. He dreamt of the shoreline, of being reunited with his beloved, and of a life worthy of the love he had for her.

Chapter 3: The Island

One day, a distant island came into view. As the ship made its way closer, the farmboy noticed an eerie feeling emanating from the island. The crew was warned to stay away, but the farmboy was determined to explore.

What he found was a crumbling castle, overrun by a fierce dragon. He quickly realised the island held a great power and decided to take a risk.

Chapter 4: The Battle

The farmboy knew he had to fight the dragon if he ever wanted to be reunited with his love. He managed to overcome the beast in a fierce battle, and with his newfound strength, he freed the island from the dragon’s grasp.

He was hailed a hero, and the islanders asked him to take on the role of their king. With a heavy heart, the farmboy refused, knowing he needed to return home and continue his search for his true love.

Chapter 5: The Return

As the ship sailed away from the island, the farmboy looked back with heavy eyes. He had come so close to finding what he was looking for, but still his beloved had eluded him. The crew members noticed his sadness and comforted him, even giving him a secret map to help him find his way back home.

Arriving back at the shoreline, the farmboy was relieved to see his love still standing there, waiting.

Chapter 6: The Proposal (Again)

The farmboy stepped forward, and this time he was able to express his feelings without interruption. He presented her with the ring he had been saving for so long and asked for her hand in marriage.

The lovebirds embraced, both overflowing with joy and the knowledge that no matter what obstacles life throws their way, they will forever remain together.



We see a young farmboy, HARRY, tending to his crops. He is surrounded by rolling hills and fields of gold.

Grandfather (V.O.)

Once upon a time there was a young farmboy named Harry who lived with his family on a small farm in the countryside. He had always dreamed of a life of adventure on the open seas, and one day his wish was about to come true.

Suddenly, a figure appears in the distance. It’s a PIRATE!


Ahoy! Farmboy! I’m Captain Jack, and I’m looking for a brave soul to join my crew. Come with me and be a pirate!


Pirate? You mean, like Blackbeard?

The Pirate chuckles and nods his head.

Captain Jack

Aye, that I am. Will you come with me?

Harry looks around at the familiar landscape of his farm and decides.


Yes, I will.


We’re now at sea. The waves are crashing around the boat and a thunderstorm is rolling in. Harry is standing at the bow, looking out at the open sea. He takes a deep breath and smiles.

Grandfather (V.O.)

So, Harry became a pirate. He journeyed the seas in search of treasure, battling enemies and making friends along the way. But Harry always knew in his heart that his true quest was to find his one true love.

Suddenly, we hear a loud crash. A giant sea monster breaks through the surface of the water, roaring in anger. It looks like a giant squid!


What is that thing?!

Captain Jack

That’s no ordinary sea creature; that’s the Kraken! That beast will eat us all if we don’t act fast.

Harry readies his sword and prepares to fight.


Let’s do this!

The pirates and Harry battle the Kraken. Just when it looks as if they won’t win, lightning hits the creature and sends it fleeing.

Captain Jack

Well done, Harry! Now we can move on to our next adventure.

Harry smiles to himself, knowing that his journey to find his true love is still going strong.


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