The Color Purple

A heart-wrenching tale of abuse, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between women.

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In the small town of Mount Olive, Mississippi, a girl was born to a family that was already suffering from poverty and hardship. That girl’s name was Celie, and from the very beginning of her life, she was faced with unimaginable pain and abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to protect her.

Celie’s father was a cruel man who took pleasure in beating and neglecting his wife and children. As the second oldest child, Celie was forced to grow up quickly to protect her younger siblings from their father’s wrath. But as she got older, Celie’s father turned his attention to her, and she became the target of his abuse.

At the young age of 14, Celie was married off to Mister Albert Johnson, a man who was just as cruel and abusive as her father. Life with Mister was no different from life with her father, and Celie continued to endure physical and emotional abuse on a daily basis. However, despite all the suffering, Celie’s spirit remained unbroken, and she held onto the hope that she would one day be reunited with her beloved sister Nettie.

Chapter 1: “The Beginning”

Celie’s childhood was a blur of abuse and pain. She couldn’t remember a time when her father wasn’t cruel, or when her mother wasn’t broken. Her earliest memories were of hiding under the bed, praying that her father wouldn’t find her. But he always did.

Celie’s mother died when she was just a baby, leaving her father to raise her and her younger siblings alone. But he was unfit to be a parent, and his abuse only escalated as the years passed. Celie’s brothers and sisters were all she had, and she did her best to protect them from their father’s wrath.

When Celie was 14 years old, her father sold her to Mister Albert Johnson, a man nearly twice her age. Mister was already married and had children, and he treated Celie as little more than a slave. He forbade her from speaking, beat her for any perceived disobedience, and raped her on a regular basis.

Celie felt trapped in her life with Mister, unable to leave or even dream of a better life. But one day, everything changed with the arrival of Shug Avery, a famous blues singer who was also Mister’s mistress.

Celie had heard about Shug before, and she had always been fascinated by the woman who could command the attention of so many people. When Shug arrived at Mister’s house, Celie couldn’t believe her luck. She was finally able to see a woman who was strong, beautiful, and independent.

At first, Celie was afraid of Shug. She had been taught to fear anyone who was different from her, and Shug was certainly different. But as the days passed, Celie found herself drawn to Shug’s vibrant personality and kind heart.

Shug took an interest in Celie, something no one had ever done before. She encouraged Celie to speak, to sing, and to dream. For the first time in her life, Celie began to hope for a better future, a life where she could be free of Mister’s abuse and find a way to be reunited with her sister Nettie.

As the days turned into weeks, Celie’s feelings for Shug deepened. She knew that Shug was with Mister, but she couldn’t help the way she felt. She longed to be close to Shug, to touch her, to be loved by her.

But Celie knew that her dreams were foolish. She was just a poor, uneducated black girl from the South. She had nothing to offer someone like Shug Avery. And besides, Shug was with Mister, a man who wouldn’t hesitate to hurt Celie if he found out about her feelings.

Despite all the obstacles in her way, Celie held onto her dream of a better life. She knew that she was stronger than anyone gave her credit for, and she was determined to find a way to escape the life she had been born into. She was destined for something greater, something that she couldn’t even imagine yet.

As she lay in bed that night, Celie whispered a prayer to the heavens. She prayed for strength, for courage, for a way to be free. And for the first time in her life, she felt a glimmer of hope.

Chapter 2: “A New Home”

Celie arrived at Mister’s house with nothing but a few belongings and the memory of her sister’s face. The house was old and in disrepair, but Celie did what she could to make it feel like a home. She cooked, cleaned, and tended to the children, all while being subject to Mister’s abuse and neglect.

Mister’s children, Harpo and Sofia, were not pleased with the new addition to their household. They made it clear that Celie was unwelcome and treated her poorly. Sofia, a strong and independent woman, was particularly harsh towards Celie. She didn’t understand why Celie didn’t stand up for herself and fight back against Mister’s mistreatment.

Despite the hostility from the children, Celie persevered. She found solace in her faith and in the occasional kind gesture from Mister’s sister, Kate. However, her life was about to become even more difficult with the arrival of Mister’s mistress, Shug Avery.

Shug was a famous blues singer, and Mister was infatuated with her. He would do anything for her, including neglecting Celie’s needs and mistreating her even more than before. Shug was aware of the abuse, but she didn’t seem to care. In fact, she often taunted Celie, calling her ugly and unworthy.

Celie was heartbroken and felt utterly alone. She longed for the love and companionship of another woman but didn’t know where to turn. She found herself drawn to Shug’s charisma and beauty, even though she knew that Shug was Mister’s mistress.

One day, while tending to Shug’s needs, Celie had a moment of intimacy with her. It was a fleeting moment, but it filled Celie with hope and longing. She began to dream of a life where she could be with Shug and escape the abuse of Mister.

But her dreams were short-lived. Mister found out about the moment shared between Celie and Shug, and he beat Celie severely. She was left bruised and broken, unable to find the strength to fight back or stand up for herself. It seemed like hope was lost.

As the weeks passed, Celie sank deeper into despair. She felt like she had nothing left to live for and that her life had no purpose. But then she remembered her sister and the promise of a better life. She realized that she needed to stay strong and persevere, no matter how difficult it might be.

Celie decided that she would not let Mister or anyone else dictate her life. She would find her voice and stand up for herself, no matter the cost. But little did she know that the road ahead would be filled with even more challenges and obstacles.

Chapter 3: “The Arrival of Shug Avery”

Celie’s life had been nothing but misery since the day her father decided to marry her off to Mister Albert Johnson. She had endured years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, all while living in a loveless marriage. However, everything changed when Shug Avery arrived.

Shug Avery was a blues singer and Mister’s mistress. When she arrived at their home, Celie was curious about her. She had heard about Shug’s wild lifestyle from Mister’s children, but she never expected to meet her. However, when she did, everything changed.

Shug was different from anyone Celie had ever met. She was confident, independent, and unapologetically herself. She was also beautiful, with curly hair and a curvy figure that left many men mesmerized. When she entered Mister’s home, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Celie was immediately drawn to Shug, and so was everyone else. Mister showered Shug with gifts and attention, and even his children were eager to be around her. However, it was Celie who formed the closest bond with Shug.

From the moment they met, Celie felt a connection with Shug. They often spent hours talking together, with Celie listening to Shug’s stories and advice. Shug recognized the pain and suffering Celie had endured, and she did everything she could to help her.

Shug was the first person who showed Celie genuine love and affection. She would hold Celie’s hand, stroke her hair, and give her hugs. For Celie, it was like finally finding someone who cared about her.

As Shug’s relationship with Mister began to sour, he became increasingly cruel to Celie. He would beat her and belittle her, all while showering Shug with attention. However, Shug never let Mister’s behavior go unnoticed. She would speak up for Celie and protect her whenever she could.

Despite the disapproval of the other residents in their town, Shug and Celie’s friendship blossomed. They would often sing together, with Shug teaching Celie how to find her voice. Celie had never felt more alive than when she was with Shug.

Celie’s feelings for Shug began to deepen over time. She found herself thinking about Shug, dreaming about her, and longing for her touch. She had never experienced these feelings before, and she didn’t know what to make of them.

One day, after a particularly difficult fight with Mister, Shug came to Celie’s room to comfort her. As they talked, Shug leaned in and kissed Celie. Celie was shocked, but also overjoyed. It was the first time anyone had shown her such affection.

Their relationship continued to grow, with Shug showing Celie the true meaning of love and intimacy. However, their relationship was not without its challenges. After all, they were living in a time and place where their love was seen as taboo.

As the years went by, Celie continued to learn and grow from her experiences with Shug. She found her voice, stood up to Mister, and even took over the family business. Shug continued to be her rock, offering comfort and support whenever she needed it.

In the end, Shug and Celie’s relationship served as a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark and unforgiving world. It was a reminder that love can conquer all, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Chapter 4: “The Bond Between Women”

Celie’s time with Shug Avery had changed her in a way she couldn’t have imagined. She had always felt alone in the world, but now she had someone who cared about her and understood what she was going through. Shug was a beautiful woman, a blues singer who was Mister’s mistress, and Celie’s feelings for her had grown stronger with each passing day.

Shug had taken Celie under her wing, teaching her about the world outside of her small town, and opening her eyes to the beauty of life. Celie had never felt so alive, and she couldn’t help but feel attracted to Shug. She had never had any kind of relationship with a woman before, but she found herself wanting to be close to Shug in a way that she couldn’t explain.

One day, while Mister was away, Shug took Celie into her room and showed her the world of love and passion. Celie was hesitant at first, but Shug was patient and understanding, and eventually, Celie surrendered to her desires.

It was a night that Celie would never forget. Shug had shown her how to love and be loved, and Celie felt like she had finally found a place where she belonged. For the first time in her life, she was happy.

But their happiness was short-lived. Mister came home early and caught them in the act. He was furious, and he beat Shug and Celie mercilessly. Shug was bruised and battered, but she refused to leave Celie. Together, they made a decision to leave Mister and start a new life together.

Their journey was not easy. They had to hide from Mister, and they faced many obstacles along the way. But they were determined to be together, and they finally found a small town where they could start over.

Celie had never felt so alive. She was in love with Shug, and she didn’t care who knew it. They set up a home together, and they spent their days singing and making love. They were happy, but they knew that their happiness was fragile. Mister was still out there somewhere, and they knew that he would not rest until he found them.

One day, while they were out walking, they ran into Sofia, a woman who had once been married to Mister’s son Harpo. Sofia had been beaten and abused by Harpo, but she had fought back and was now a strong woman who didn’t take any nonsense from anyone.

Celie and Shug were immediately drawn to Sofia, and they welcomed her into their home. Together, the three women formed a bond that was unbreakable. They looked out for each other, and they supported each other through thick and thin.

But their happiness was once again threatened when Mister finally found them. He came to their home, demanding that Celie come back to him. But Celie refused, and she stood up to him in a way that she never thought she could. She had found her voice, and she was not going to let anyone take it away from her.

In the end, Mister left, defeated. Celie, Shug, and Sofia were safe once again, and they knew that they had each other. They had formed a bond that could withstand anything, and they were not going to let anyone tear them apart.

As they sat together on the porch, watching the sun go down, Celie realized that she had finally found a family. She had Shug, Sofia, and Nettie waiting for her in Africa. She had people who loved and cared for her, and she knew that no matter what happened next, she would always have them by her side.

Chapter 5: “Finding Her Voice”

Celie had spent years being abused, degraded, and humiliated by Mister and his children. She had been forced to endure unimaginable pain and suffering, all while being silenced and made to feel small. But something inside of her had changed since the arrival of Shug Avery. Celie was no longer willing to accept Mister’s mistreatment. She had found her voice, and she was determined to use it.

It started small. She would speak up when Mister was being particularly cruel, telling him that she wouldn’t stand for his mistreatment any longer. And while he still hit her, something had shifted in their dynamic. Celie no longer cowered in fear. She stood tall, looking him in the eye, determined not to let him break her spirit.

Shug had been a catalyst for this change in Celie. She had shown Celie what it meant to be strong and independent, to not rely on a man for validation or happiness. And while Celie had developed feelings for Shug, she knew that their relationship was more than just romantic. Shug was a mentor, a friend, and someone who had shown Celie that life could be different. It could be better.

Celie’s newfound confidence didn’t just manifest in her relationship with Mister. She also started to speak up in other areas of her life. When the other women in the community would gossip about her, Celie would calmly confront them, telling them that she didn’t appreciate their words. And while some of the women still looked down on her, others started to see her in a new light. They saw a woman who was strong, who didn’t let the opinions of others bring her down.

It wasn’t just the women in her community that noticed Celie’s transformation. Mister’s children also saw the change in their stepmother. They had grown used to tormenting her, to making her life miserable. But now, they were starting to see Celie as a force to be reckoned with. They stopped trying to push her buttons, knowing that she wouldn’t tolerate their mistreatment any longer.

Perhaps the most surprising change came in Celie’s relationship with Mister. While he was still abusive, Celie no longer feared him. She stood up to him when he was being cruel, and would often call him out on his behavior. It was a small victory, but one that meant the world to Celie. She was no longer the meek and submissive woman that he had married. She was someone who could not be broken.

This newfound confidence also allowed Celie to explore her own interests and passions. She had always loved to sew, but never had the opportunity to pursue it. Now, she spent her free time creating beautiful clothes and quilts. It was a way for her to express herself, to show the world that she was more than just a victim of abuse.

Of course, there were still moments of fear and doubt. Mister was still a powerful figure in her life, and she knew that he could hurt her at any moment. But those moments were becoming fewer and farther between. Celie had found her voice, and she was determined to use it. She knew that she deserved better than the life she had been living, and she was starting to believe that she could achieve it.

In the end, it was Shug who taught Celie the most important lesson. She had shown Celie what it meant to truly love oneself, to not let the opinions of others dictate one’s life. And while Celie still had a long way to go, she knew that she was on the right path. She was no longer a victim. She was a survivor, and she was determined to make a life for herself that was filled with love, happiness, and self-respect.

Chapter 6: “The Truth Revealed”

Celie’s life had been filled with pain and suffering, but she held on to her hope of one day being reunited with her sister Nettie. Despite Mister’s attempts to keep them apart, Celie never gave up on her dream of seeing her sister again.

One day, as Celie was working in the fields, she overheard a conversation that would change her life forever. She heard Mister talking to someone about a letter that he had intercepted from Nettie. Celie’s heart raced as she realized that Nettie was alive and had been writing to her all along.

Celie knew that she had to find that letter, but she also knew that it would be dangerous. She waited until Mister was asleep and snuck into his room, searching for the letter. After a few minutes of searching, she found it hidden under his mattress. Tears streamed down her face as she read the words that Nettie had written to her.

Nettie’s letter revealed the truth about their family and their past, something that Celie had never known before. Nettie had been living with a missionary family in Africa, and she had been writing to Celie all along. Nettie’s letters had been intercepted by Mister, who had been keeping them from Celie all these years.

As Celie read the letter, she learned that their father had not been their real father, and that their mother’s lover was actually their biological father. Nettie had also been caring for Celie’s children, whom she had believed were dead. Nettie’s letter offered Celie hope and a chance at a better life.

Filled with determination, Celie knew that she had to find a way to leave Mister and find Nettie. She began to plan her escape, knowing that it would be difficult and dangerous. She confided in Shug, who promised to help her in any way she could.

With Shug’s help, Celie was able to escape from Mister’s grasp and began her journey to find Nettie. She traveled for weeks, facing many obstacles along the way. She encountered dangerous animals, treacherous terrain, and hostile people who sought to harm her.

Despite these challenges, Celie pressed on, driven by her love for Nettie and her desire to be reunited with her sister. She refused to let anything stand in her way, even when she was at her weakest and most vulnerable.

Finally, after weeks of travel, Celie arrived at the village where Nettie was living. As she walked through the village, she saw Nettie waiting for her, with tears streaming down her face. The sisters embraced, crying tears of joy and relief.

They spent many hours catching up, sharing stories about their lives and their experiences. Celie was overjoyed to learn that her children were alive and well, and that they were living with Nettie and her husband. She was grateful to Nettie for taking care of her children when she couldn’t, and for being a source of love and support throughout her life.

As the sun began to set, Celie and Nettie sat together, watching the sky as it turned from orange to pink to purple. They knew that their journey was far from over, but they also knew that they were not alone. They had each other, and they had hope for a better future.

As they sat together, watching the sunset, Celie felt a sense of peace and contentment that she had never known before. She knew that her journey had been long and difficult, but it had also been worth it. She had found her sister, and she had found a new hope for her life.

As the stars began to twinkle in the sky above them, Celie held Nettie’s hand, feeling grateful for the love and support that she had found in her sister. She knew that their journey was far from over, but she was ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead, as long as she had Nettie by her side.

Chapter 7: “The Journey to Africa”

Celie set out on her journey to Africa to find her long-lost sister, Nettie. She was determined to find her sister, no matter what obstacles and challenges she encountered along the way.

As she traveled through the African continent, Celie was taken aback by the sheer beauty and diversity of the land. She marveled at the vast and sprawling deserts, the dense tropical jungles, and the winding rivers that flowed through the lush green landscapes.

Despite all the wonder and excitement of her journey, Celie knew that finding Nettie would be a difficult task. She had no idea where to look or even how to begin her search. But, she was fueled by the memories of her sister, and the hope of being reunited with her once again.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Celie traveled through countless cities, towns, and villages, meeting new people, and encountering a myriad of cultures and traditions. She was granted food and shelter by kind strangers, and she was able to appreciate their different ways of life.

As she neared the end of her journey, Celie was filled with both excitement and apprehension. She had come so far and accomplished so much but she still had yet to find her sister. She knew that at any moment, her hopes and dreams could be shattered.

Finally, after months of searching and asking around, Celie caught wind of a village where a group of people who looked like her sister lived. She rushed to the village, her heart beating faster with every step.

When she arrived, she was met with a group of friendly and welcoming people. They offered her food and water, and Celie couldn’t help but feel grateful for their kindness. She knew that she was getting closer to finding Nettie.

Celie explained her situation to the villagers, and they were sympathetic to her plight. They knew of a woman who had come to their village many years ago, and they thought that it could be Nettie.

Celie’s heart raced with excitement as she followed the villagers to a small hut, where a woman was sitting outside, weaving a basket. As Celie approached the woman, she recognized her immediately. It was Nettie!

They embraced each other, tears streaming down their faces. Celie finally found the one person who had always been there for her. They sat and talked for hours, catching up on all the years they had missed.

Nettie told Celie about the time she had spent in Africa, teaching the locals and learning about their way of life. She showed Celie the different artifacts and trinkets she had collected throughout her travels, and Celie was fascinated.

As they sat together, Celie realized that her journey had not been in vain. She had traveled across the world, met new people, and experienced different cultures, all in the quest to find her sister. It was a journey that had led her to some of the most beautiful and life-changing experiences she had ever had.

Eventually, it was time for Celie to return home, but this time, she did not feel alone. She had Nettie by her side, and that was all that mattered. As they said their goodbyes, Celie felt a sense of contentment that she had never experienced before.

The journey to Africa had been an arduous one, filled with challenges and obstacles, but in the end, it had been worth it. Celie had found her sister, and in doing so, she had found something else as well. She had found herself.

Chapter 8: “The Reunion”

Celie’s heart races with anticipation as she takes every step closer to her sister, Nettie, whom she has spent a lifetime yearning for. As she nears the village, she sees children running towards her. She thinks of her own children, whom she left with Mister to start her journey to Africa. She wonders what kind of men and women they have turned out to be.

A woman approaches Celie, and Celie realizes it’s her sister, Nettie! The two embrace, and Celie is finally whole again. For the first time in a long time, she feels truly happy.

Nettie has been living with the Olinka tribe as a missionary, and she has adopted two children, Olivia and Adam. Celie is overjoyed to meet her niece and nephew. As they walk towards the village together, Nettie tells Celie about her life, with all of its ups and downs. Celie marvels at her sister’s bravery and strength.

Nettie’s husband, Samuel, joins them, and Celie is struck by how kind he is. He welcomes Celie with open arms, grateful that she is Nettie’s sister. They sit down together, and Nettie serves them food that she has prepared. Celie can’t believe she’s finally sitting with her sister, eating food she has cooked. Everything feels so unreal.

As the night wears on, Celie learns more about her niece and nephew, and she is amazed at how intelligent they are. She feels like she’s missed so much, but she is grateful for the time that she has with them now.

As the night draws to a close, Nettie takes Celie to see the tiny house that she has built for her. Celie is overcome with emotion when she sees it. It’s small, but it’s hers. She feels like she finally has a place to call home.

Celie and Nettie stay up late into the night, talking about their lives and everything that has happened over the years. Celie tells Nettie about Mister, and Nettie tells her about Samuel. They talk about their parents and their childhood.

The next morning, Celie wakes up early, eager to start the day. She takes a walk around the village and is amazed at the beauty of it all. She watches the children playing and feels like she’s finally found a home.

Nettie introduces Celie to the village elders, and they welcome her with open arms. They tell her stories about their lives and their traditions, and Celie is fascinated by everything.

As the days pass, Celie begins to feel more and more at home in the village. She helps Nettie with the children and assists with the missionary work. She feels useful and fulfilled, and she is grateful for the opportunity to start over.

One day, while Celie is working in the fields, she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around, and it’s Shug! Celie is in shock, but she is overjoyed to see her old friend. Shug has come to visit Nettie and Celie, and they spend the day catching up and reminiscing about old times.

That night, as they sit around the fire, Celie realizes how far she has come. She has survived abuse, neglect, and bigotry, but she has persevered, always holding onto the dream of being reunited with her sister. And now, she finally has everything that she’s ever wanted. She has her sister, her niece and nephew, and even her old friend, Shug. She has found a place where she belongs, and she knows that she will never leave it behind.

Chapter 9: “The End of an Era”

As Celie looks back on her life, she feels grateful for the love and support she received from the women in her life. She thinks about how far she’s come since she was a young girl enduring abuse from her father and being married off to Mister without a say in the matter.

Celie feels especially grateful for the bond she formed with Shug Avery, who helped her find her voice and stand up for herself. Celie thinks about how she used to feel so small and insignificant, but with Shug’s help, she was able to find her strength and become a powerful woman in her own right.

As Celie reflects on her journey to Africa to find Nettie, she remembers the many obstacles and challenges she faced along the way. But she never gave up hope, and in the end, she was rewarded with the joy of being reunited with her sister.

Celie thinks about how Nettie and her family have enriched her life in so many ways. She thinks about how happy she is to have a sense of belonging and purpose, something she never felt when she was with Mister.

But as Celie looks to the future, she knows that her time on this earth is limited. She thinks about all the experiences she’s had, both good and bad, and wonders what comes next.

Suddenly, Celie hears a voice calling out to her. It’s Shug, who has come to visit her. Celie feels a rush of emotions as she sees her old friend, thinking about how much they’ve been through together.

Shug tells Celie that she’s dying, and Celie feels a deep sadness wash over her. She wonders how life will go on without her dear friend by her side.

Shug tells Celie not to worry, that she’ll always be with her in spirit. She tells Celie that she’s proud of the woman she’s become, and that she knows she’ll continue to do great things even after Shug’s gone.

Celie holds Shug’s hand tightly, feeling a sense of warmth and comfort from her touch. She thinks about all the memories they’ve shared, and the love they’ve given each other through the years.

As Shug takes her last breath, Celie feels a sense of peace wash over her. She knows that Shug is now in a better place, free from pain and suffering.

Celie thinks about all the lessons she’s learned from Shug, and all the ways she’s grown as a person because of her presence in her life. She knows that she’ll always carry Shug’s memory with her, and that she’ll continue to make her proud.

As the sun begins to set, Celie sits by Shug’s side, feeling a sense of gratitude for the life she’s lived. She knows that she’s been through a lot, but that she’s also experienced so much love and joy along the way.

As the stars begin to twinkle in the sky, Celie looks up and feels a sense of peace wash over her. She knows that Shug is now free, and that she’ll always be with her in spirit, guiding her through the rest of her journey in life.

With a deep sigh, Celie gets up from her spot by Shug’s side and begins to walk back to her house. She knows that life will never be the same without her dear friend, but that she’ll carry on, just as she always has.

As she walks, Celie thinks about all the love and support she’s received over the years, from Shug, Nettie, and so many others. She knows that she’s been blessed to have such wonderful people in her life, and she feels a sense of awe and wonder at how much love there is in the world.

And as Celie makes her way back home, she feels a sense of hope in her heart. She knows that even though life can be hard and full of challenges, there is always love to be found, and that with that love, anything is possible.

Some scenes from the movie The Color Purple written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see a young girl, CELIE, walking down a dirt road. She’s dirty, plain looking and unremarkable.

She arrives at a small house and goes inside. We see a man, CELIE’S FATHER, sitting at the table. He’s drunk, angry and abusive.

CELIE’S FATHER: “What’s takin’ you so long girl? You supposed to be cookin’ me some supper!”

CELIE quietly begins to make dinner.

CELIE’S FATHER: “You know you ain’t nothin’, right? Not pretty, not smart, not nothin’.”

CELIE nods silently, tears streaming down her face.

CELIE’S FATHER: “You lucky I ain’t throw you out on the street yet.”

Celie’s father gets up from the table and walks towards her menacingly.

CELIE’S FATHER: “But I got me a plan for you. I’m gonna marry you off to a man who’ll take care of you.”

Celie’s eyes widen in fear.




Celie is walking down the aisle in a wedding dress. We see her fiancé, MISTER, waiting at the altar. He’s a stern, intimidating presence.

CELIE: “I do.”

MISTER: “You my wife now. You do what I say.”

Celie nods, defeated.




Celie is cleaning the house, while Mister’s children harass and insult her.

MISTER’S SON: “You’re ugly. You’re stupid. Daddy shoulda married someone better than you.”

Celie’s eyes fill with tears, but she doesn’t say anything.




Celie is lying in bed, bruised and battered. She begins to pray.

CELIE: “Dear God, I’m poor, I’m black, and I’m ugly. Please make me beautiful.”

Suddenly, she hears a noise outside her window.




We see a shadowy figure climbing up to Celie’s window. It’s SHUG AVERY, a glamorous blues singer and Mister’s mistress.

SHUG: “Hey there, pretty lady. Mind if I come in?”

Celie hesitates, but then unlocks the window.


Scene 2

Genre: Drama

Logline: In the South during the 1900s, a young African-American woman named Celie is forced into a life of abuse and oppression, but with the help of her friends and the power of self-discovery, she finds the courage to stand up against the injustices around her.

Character Development:

– Celie: A meek and timid young woman who has endured a lifetime of abuse from her father and husband.

– Mister: Celie’s abusive and controlling husband who sees her as nothing more than a servant.

– Harpo: Mister’s son who struggles with his own ideas of masculinity and toxic masculinity.

– Shug Avery: A beautiful and talented blues singer who becomes a confidante and mentor to Celie.

Setting: A small town in the Deep South during the early 1900s.

Scene 2: “A New Home”


Celie is unpacking her belongings in her new home, a small and dilapidated house owned by Mister. She is surrounded by boxes and bags, looking overwhelmed and scared. Mister enters the room, his presence immediately oppressive and domineering.

MISTER: (gruffly) You better get used to this place, girl. It ain’t much, but it’s all you got.

Celie looks up at him with fear in her eyes, but says nothing.

MISTER: (cont’d) And don’t be expecting no fancy meals or pretty dresses. You’re here to work, nothing more.

Celie nods silently, unsure of what to say.

MISTER: (cont’d) And if you step out of line, you’ll regret it.

With that, he stalks out of the room, leaving Celie alone with her thoughts.

Celie: (to herself) Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

Scene 3

Genre: Drama

Logline: Celie endures incredible abuse and bigotry in the South but forms a bond with blues singer Shug Avery, who helps her find her voice and reveals the truth about her sister, leading to a journey of self-discovery and ultimately, redemption.


Celie is in the kitchen, preparing food, when Shug Avery walks in. Celie is taken aback by her beauty. Shug looks around the room and spots Celie.



Well, hello there.





What’s your name?




Celie. That’s a pretty name.

Celie blushes.


So, what’s for dinner?


(turning around to face her)

I’m making greens and cornbread.



Sounds delicious.

Celie hands her a plate of food and Shug takes a bite.


Mmm. This is amazing. You’re a great cook.



Thank you.


So, Celie, what do you like to do?



I don’t really do much. I work in the fields all day.



Well, that’s going to change. From now on, you’re going to spend your days with me.

Celie looks confused.


I’m going to need a personal maid and assistant when I’m performing. And from the looks of it, you’re the perfect person for the job.






Really. Trust me, Celie, your life is about to change.

Celie looks at Shug, feeling a glimmer of hope for the first time in a long time.


Scene 4

Scene 4: “The Bond Between Women”


Celie, Shug and Mister are sitting in the living room. Shug is playing the piano and singing. Celie’s eyes are fixated on Shug as she sings.



“You ain’t nothin’ but the blues, mama”

Celie leans in closer to Shug.


(to Shug)

You sure can sing.



Thank you, sug.

Mister scoffs.


(to Shug)

You’re wasting your time with that one. She ain’t nothing but a dog.

Shug looks at Mister with disgust.


(to Mister)

You say that because you don’t know what real love is.

Mister glares at Shug, but she continues to play the piano.


(to Shug)

Can you teach me how to sing like that?

Shug stops playing the piano and turns to Celie.



Of course, sug. All you gotta do is open your heart and let the music flow.

Celie nods, eager to learn.


(to Shug)

That’s enough of that. Come to bed, Shug.

Shug stands up and nods towards Celie.


(to Celie)

We’ll continue tomorrow, sug. Goodnight.

Celie watches as Shug and Mister leave the room.


Celie is lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling.


I didn’t know what I was feeling, but my heart was bursting with a love I had never known before.

She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.


The End.

Scene 5

Setting: Rural Georgia, 1930s


– Celie, a timid and abused African-American woman

– Mister, Celie’s cruel and abusive husband

– Shug Avery, a beautiful blues singer and Mister’s mistress

– Sofia, Celie’s strong-willed friend

– Harpo, Mister’s son and Sofia’s husband


Celie is sitting at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes. Mister enters the room, looking angry.

MISTER: “Celie! Where’s my dinner? I ain’t got all day!”

Celie looks up at him, her eyes filled with fear.

CELIE: “I’m sorry, Mister. It’ll be ready soon.”

MISTER: “You better hurry up. And when you’re done, you can clean the porch. It’s a mess.”

Celie nods silently and goes back to peeling the potatoes. Shug Avery enters the room, looking glamorous as ever. She notices Celie’s sad expression and walks over to her.

SHUG AVERY: “Hey, beautiful. What’s wrong?”

CELIE: “Nothing, Shug. Mister’s just in a bad mood.”

SHUG AVERY: “Well, don’t let him get you down. You’re stronger than you think.”

Celie smiles weakly, unsure of how to respond. Mister approaches Shug, eyeing her up and down.

MISTER: “You look mighty fine today, Shug. Why don’t you come sit with me?”

Shug looks at him disdainfully.

SHUG AVERY: “No thanks, Mister. I’d rather sit with Celie.”

Mister scowls and storms out of the room. Harpo enters, looking worried.

HARPO: “Hey, mama. Sofia’s mad at me again. What should I do?”

Sofia enters, looking fierce.

SOFIA: “You should stop trying to control me, Harpo. I’m my own woman, and I won’t let you or anyone else tell me what to do.”

Harpo looks defeated as Sofia walks out of the room. Shug turns to Celie, a mischievous glint in her eye.

SHUG AVERY: “You know what, Celie? We should go out and have some fun tonight. Let’s show Mister and Harpo that women can have a good time too!”

Celie looks surprised but excited at the prospect of going out with Shug. They share a smile as the scene fades to black.

Author: AI