The Bourne Ultimatum

In the face of buried secrets and relentless killers, one man’s search for truth turns into the ultimate fight for survival.

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Prologue: The Calm Before the Storm

Jason Bourne had found an unlikely sanctuary. A weather-beaten shack on the edge of a forgotten town, buried in the wilderness of a country whose name he’d rather not remember. There was peace here, a stark contrast to the violent whirlwind he’d been tangled in, and he’d clung onto it like a man desperate for breath.

Bourne spent his days fishing and hunting for sustenance, and the long nights reading and reflecting. His cabin filled with books— battered journals, worn-out novels, dust-coated newspapers, all scavenged from the nearby town. But regardless of his efforts to fill his daily routine with normalcy, the memories seeped in like water through cracks.

His past, embedded in the shadows of mystery, haunted him like a malevolent ghost. Even with the modest tranquility, his nights were often pierced with nightmares so vivid they left him gasping in the darkness, the specters of his past clawing at his consciousness.

Yet, he’d learned to live with it because sometimes, memories were all he had.

Chapter 1: Emerging Darkness

The scorching desert sun had already begun to set, casting long shadows that danced across the small, dusty settlement. Bourne was returning from his hunt, his ill-fated prey slung over his shoulder when a strange occurrence caught his attention. The usually quiet, almost desolate town was abuzz with activity. A group huddled around a small wooden structure that had recently been set up— a newsstand.

A London-based newspaper had reached this far-flung corner of the world, and news from the wider world rarely touched this isolated town. Intrigued, Bourne purchased a copy. He headed home, his curiosity piqued.

As night encroached, Bourne lit an oil lamp and began to read. The dim light flickered across the article that dominated the front page, and as words formed into sentences, his heart began to race. Operation Blackbriar.

The article was penned by an investigative journalist named Simon Ross, who claimed to have inside information about a covert operation run by a shadowy entity referred to as ‘The Company.’ Ross’s report indicated that Blackbriar was an upgrade to another secret project— Project Treadstone— a name that slammed into Bourne’s consciousness like a hammer on glass.

Suddenly, Bourne found himself standing at the edge of a dark abyss, his past whispering from the shadows. He was drawn to it, compelled to dive deep into the mystery that Ross was unraveling. And though he knew that what awaited could be tormented and painful, he also knew that the answers to his past lay within that darkness.

Bourne placed the newspaper down, his mind racing. He needed to find Simon Ross. More importantly, he needed to understand Operation Blackbriar. The echoes of his past gnawed at him, reminding him of the man he was, the man he could still be.

He spent the sleepless night planning his next moves— the resources he would need, the trails he would have to cover. Simon Ross had unintentionally awakened the beast. And as the first light of dawn touched the horizon, Jason Bourne knew he had to step out of peace into the chaos, into the heart of the storm once again.

His past was calling, and he would answer. Operation Blackbriar wasn’t just an upgrade to Treadstone— it was a key to unlocking the door he’d closed, a door leading to a past he both feared and yearned to remember. Bourne looked out into the sunrise, steeled himself, and stepped out of his sanctuary.

And so, the hunt began again. But this time, it was Bourne who was on the prowl, and the secrets of his past were the prey. Behind him, his peaceful haven stood as a testament to a dream he would have to leave behind. Ahead, lay a treacherous path teeming with danger, intrigue, and revelations that could shatter the world as he knew it.

Chapter 2: Rekindling Memories

It was an ordinary day when Jason Bourne, the enigma wrapped in lethal proficiency, found himself stepping out of his self-imposed exile. Forgotten whispers echoing in his mind, ghosts of a life he couldn’t remember.

The London sun was a cold shiver, unusually harsh on his faded memories. The bustling city was a stark contrast to the secluded life he’d led, a cacophony of discordant sounds that heightened his senses. It was here he was to meet Simon Ross, the provocateur of his past.

He spotted Ross at an outdoor café, nursing a coffee and a copy of the article that had stirred the hornet’s nest. Bourne approached with caution, not because he feared Ross, but because he feared what Ross represented – the gateway to his forgotten past.

“Jason Bourne?” Ross’s voice was a scratchy whisper, nearly drowned by the city noise. Bourne didn’t answer, his steel-grey eyes boring into the reporter’s soul.

Ross nervously fumbled with a manila envelope, the ashen tone of his face giving away his terror. Bourne took the envelope, providing Ross with an untold assurance of safety. Ross exhaled, his shoulders slumping in evident relief.

Inside the envelope lay fragments of a reality that Bourne had long forsaken—an old passport, a few photographs, a disjointed and cryptic trail of breadcrumbs leading down a rabbit hole. Bourne felt an electric charge course through his veins. These shards of evidence were like jigsaw puzzles, each piece meshing with the remnants of his memory, forming a disjointed image of his past life.

As much as he longed to block out his former self, to forget, he found himself inexplicably drawn towards the sinister magnetism of his past. A past wrapped in the enigma of Operation Blackbriar.

His conversation with Ross revealed more about Blackbriar: It was a black-ops program, a successor to Project Treadstone. The objective was horrifyingly simple: to create operatives with enhanced mental and physical capabilities, reducing them to government-controlled puppets.

Bourne stood motionless in the buzz of the city, losing himself in a torrent of memories. The innocent faces he had killed, the lies he had lived, and the web of deceit he was tangled in were all coming back to him.

Anarchy unleashed within him, a maelstrom of emotions too profound to comprehend. Suddenly he felt a chill run down his spine. His senses, honed to perceive danger, flickered to life like a switch had been flipped on.

He spun around just in time to catch a glimpse of a man in a long coat, trying to blend in with the crowd. His gaze held a malicious glint, a dead giveaway. Bourne had been discovered. The cat was out of the bag, and the hunt had begun.

The Company had found him. Yet, amid the dread and the underlying fear, Bourne felt a spark of renewed determination. If The Company wanted him, they would have to fight him. If they were his past, then they were also his way to redemption.

Bourne slipped away into the thrumming crowd, melting away like a ghost, his mind seething with plans and strategy. Time had already begun ticking for him. There was no turning back now. He had to unravel the secrets of Blackbriar, his past, and Simon Ross’s untimely death. But most importantly, he had to survive.

This chapter was just the beginning of a deadly game of cat and mouse, a dangerous dive into his forgotten past. A dance with memories, a dance Bourne was ready to lead.

Chapter 3: Unseen Enemies

Jason Bourne had long shook hands with danger; it was an old friend, an unwelcome but frequent visitor. As he walked the labyrinth of his newly reignited investigation, he felt the chilling breeze of peril blow across his path, an all-too-familiar sensation.

The alarm bells started the moment Bourne found Simon Ross dead. The reporter’s brutal demise hit Bourne like a punch to the gut, a chilling reminder of the ruthless entity he was up against – The Company.

Ross had been a lifeline to Bourne’s buried past. In the journalist’s obsession with the truth, Bourne saw an echo of his desperate search for identity. Now, his lifeline was severed, and Bourne was once again alone, surrounded by unseen predators.

Suddenly, every shadow loomed menacingly, every sound seemed amplified. The fear was not for himself, but for the innocents he could unwittingly drag into the deadly vortex swirling around him. Bourne knew he was being watched, stalked by the unseen agents of The Company.

The Company was no stranger to Bourne. He had grown used to evading their prying eyes. He slipped into his old survival tactics, disappearing into crowds, blending into the background, always on the move. Yet, he could feel their gaze on him, the icy fingers of the specter of danger curling around his hot pursuit for the truth.

While Bourne jumped from one location to another, each more obscure than the last, he kept piecing together what he could from Ross’s cryptic snippets. Operation Blackbriar was more than a name; it was a specter from his past, a threatening enigma that kept prodding at his slowly stirring memories.

The Company’s agents were stepping up their game. The pursuit was relentless, forcing Bourne to confront the fact that Operation Blackbriar could have colossal implications. The Company considered him a significant enough threat to unleash their best against him.

An ambush in Tangier, a narrow escape in Madrid, a close call in Moscow, Bourne was playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. Every narrow escape, every close call sent a rush of adrenaline through his body, rekindling the fighting spirit within him. But with each passing skirmish, he grew more determined, more resolute.

Bourne was not just a participant in this twisted game; he was a pawn, an unwilling player, manipulated by unseen puppeteers. He had been an instrument of their will before, his actions guided by their sinister hands, leaving a trail of victims in his wake. The knowledge of his manipulated past only fortified his resolve to dismantle The Company’s hold over him and countless others.

The power, scale, and scope of Operation Blackbriar and The Company’s reach started to take a concrete form in Bourne’s mind. It was not just a clandestine program; it was a ferocious beast, ruthless and relentless, seeking to devour anyone who dared challenge it.

Every wayfarer who met Bourne’s eyes wore the face of an enemy, every whisper in the wind bore the threat of danger. In this plight, he found the essential truth of his existence – solitude. Yet, it was in this solitude that his resolve hardened, steeled by the icy touch of the lurking danger.

Bourne’s quest was not simply about self-discovery anymore. It was a battle against his puppeteers, against the orchestrated chaos of the world around him, against his past, his programmed nature, and the fear that gripped his heart. Every move he made, every breath he took, was a fight for his very existence.

Chapter 3 concluded with Bourne embarking deeper into the treacherous terrain of his past, shrouded in the ominous shadow of Operation Blackbriar. His focus narrowing, resolve hardening, he knew the stakes were much higher than his own survival. He was teetering on the edge of a perilous precipice, one false step could plunge him into the deadly abyss. Yet, he was ready to dance with the devil for the truth, no matter how many unseen enemies lurked in the shadows.

Chapter 4: Treadstone’s Shadow

The rain-pocked streets of Amsterdam offered little comfort as Bourne hungrily devoured the information Ross had entrusted to him about Operation Blackbriar. Each word was a blow, knocking the breath out of him, tearing open old wounds he’d long locked away. He had hoped it was a mere extension of Treadstone, a continuation of the tortuous program he had been a part of. But it was far worse—it was a gory enhancement, daring in its audacity and chilling in its implications.

Raw edginess coiled in his gut, nagging him, telling him something was monumentally askew. Throughout his years in Treadstone, there had been an extent of control, a semblance of sanity beneath the brutal operations, a tether to the humanity they were defending. But now, Blackbriar was like a rampant beast that knew no limit, didn’t seem to care about collateral damage or moral ambiguities.

The Company was not only augmenting the program; they were augmenting themselves, becoming a more hazardous creation in the process, an entity that posed a sinister threat to the very freedoms they purported to defend. Bourne was a product of their initiative, a weapon forged in the furnaces of Treadstone. But this operation was a grand leap toward something even more horrific.

As Bourne delved deeper, more pieces of his shattered past started to come together. The missing blanks in his memory began to fill, not with relief, but with dread. The truth about his origins, his forgotten life as David Webb—the family he had, the life he led—everything was intertwined with this dark revelation.

Each memory that returned was like a punch to the gut, a stark reminder of the man he had been before Treadstone turned him into a weapon. It was a nightmare mingled with fragments of a past he was uncertain he wanted to recall—a life filled with ordinariness that was stolen from him, twisted and manipulated into the lethal fabric of Jason Bourne.

The specter of his past hung over him like a dark foreboding storm cloud, enveloping him in a chilling shroud of realizations. He had been chosen, molded as a precision instrument, a human killing machine. The man he had once been was obliterated, overwritten by the deadly assassin that now stood on the rain-soaked, silent streets.

With every step he took, Bourne could feel the ghost of Treadstone hovering over him. Its shadow was a constant reminder of the darkness that had once ensnared him, and now threatened to consume him again. He was haunted by the men he’d killed, the lives he’d casually snuffed out in service of an organization he was beginning to despise.

But with every revelation, every fresh bombshell, he also felt a burgeoning sense of determination. This wasn’t about survival anymore, or about piecing together his past. This was about redemption. He had a responsibility to every life he had taken, every life that Blackbriar threatened to ruin.

He would expose them for what they were. He would pull this sinister organization into the light and let the world see their true colors. He would tell his story, and in the process, hopefully salvage some fragment of his humanity. This was his fight now. He would not let anyone stand in his way. Not the Company, not their elite agents, and not even the chilling shadow of Treadstone.

His resolve solidified, Bourne stepped into the glow of a streetlamp, his eyes holding a spark of defiance. The Company wanted to erase him – Jason Bourne, David Webb, the man, and the weapon. He had been forged in the fires of their ambition, but he would not break. He would use their creation against them. He would be their downfall.

In the shadows of Treadstone, Bourne was reborn, not as a weapon, but as a fighter for the truth. It was a fight he would carry into the heart of The Company, a fight to the death. He was one man against a conglomerate of darkness, but he was Jason Bourne, and he was just getting started.

Chapter 5: Deadly Pursuit

The echoing footsteps of the past fastened themselves mercilessly to Jason Bourne’s present as the cold realization of Operation Blackbriar shook him to his core. He was now thrust from the shadows of anonymity into the harsh daylight of deadly pursuits. The relentless pursuit of The Company’s agents made every moment a thrilling dance with danger.

Through labyrinthine alleys of global cities, from the steep mountain paths of Kandahar to the crowded bylanes of Kolkata, Bourne became a ghostly figure. He slipped through the fingers of his relentless pursuers, leaving an indelible trail of chaos and conspiracy in his wake.

Meanwhile, The Company was not sitting idle. They deployed assets with only one order – to eradicate the anomaly, Jason Bourne. An intricate web of surveillance spread across the globe, with Bourne at the epicenter. Agents, armed with cutting-edge technology and lethal fighting skills, sprung into action, transforming Bourne’s investigation into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Each face Bourne encountered was a potential adversary or ally. Trust became a luxury he couldn’t afford, and every conversation he shared was laced with hidden danger. Yet, amidst the tumultuous storm of covert warfare, he maintained an ironclad focus – to find the truth about Operation Blackbriar and his muddled past.

One such pursuit led Bourne to the heart of Moscow. The city’s cobblestone streets and towering onion domes held unseen dangers at every turn. A high-speed chase ensued, with The Company’s top assassin, an enigma known only as ‘The Asset’, hot on Bourne’s tail. In the cold, stark light of the Russian winter, their deadly dance unfolded.

A fierce explosion burst forth as the two combatants wrestled with their deadly toys – the roaring engines of their vehicles and the lethal precision of their weapons intermixing with the bitter cold. Through narrow alleys and over icy bridges, they raced and clashed, a ballet of destruction that ended with a bang. The Asset’s car crashed into the frozen Moskva River’s edge, while Bourne disappeared into the crowd, slipping away like a specter into the thick Moscow fog.

Bourne’s journey then took him to the sun-drenched streets of Marrakech. The ancient city was a maze of vibrantly colored markets and narrow paths. Here, he hoped to find a key to unlocking the mystery of his past, a name he couldn’t quite remember. A highly skilled Company agent, code-named ‘Cobra’, confronted him, transforming the city’s narrow streets and bustling marketplaces into a war zone.

In the midst of unsuspecting locals and terrified tourists, Bourne squared off against Cobra. Their skirmish, brutal yet choreographed like a deadly dance, sent ripples of chaos through the city. Bourne engaged Cobra in a heart-pounding combat, employing every weapon at his disposal. From makeshift knives carven out of wood to utilizing the city’s unique architectural elements, Bourne demonstrated his deadly prowess.

Despite the chaos and pandemonium, he maintained an uncanny calm. His every move was precise, every step calculated – the result of intensive training and the sheer will to survive. He was relentless and unwavering in his pursuit. He had one goal in mind: to reach the heart of Operation Blackbriar and untangle his entwined past with The Company.

As the sun dipped under the Moroccan horizons, Bourne stood victorious over Cobra’s unconscious body. With a trail of chaos left in his wake, he slipped away into the heart of Marrakech, leaving another city in the throes of thrills and trepidation.

This relentless pursuit of truth did not deter Bourne. Instead, it fueled him. For he knew that there wouldn’t just be physical battles. There would be mental and emotional ones as well, as he delved deeper into the enigma that was Operation Blackbriar and his past. The chase had only just begun, and Jason Bourne was ready to run as many miles as it took, ready to fight as many battles as it would need, to uncover the truth, no matter how unsightly it might be.

Chapter 6: Dancing with the Devil

Jason Bourne, cloaked in the penetrating darkness, stands at the precipice of The Company’s stronghold. The imposing fortress, a dark symbol of clandestine operations and forgotten lives, looms ominously before him. Its shadowy silhouette against the moonlit sky, coupled with the weight of the deeds within its walls, resonates with his own life – filled with violence, secrets, and a desperate thirst for truth.

His journey to this decisive moment is a testament of his formidable prowess and indomitable spirit – a journey filled with relentless chases, explosive confrontations, and harrowing close calls with The Company’s incessantly pursuing, faceless enforcers. He had faced them, outsmarted them, outpaced them, but tonight was the reckoning hour.

He enters the stronghold, a labyrinth of secrets and silence where echoes of past misdeeds seem to hang in the air. His senses are on overdrive, his heart pounding in his ears as he advances through the dim corridors, every instinct alert. The danger is palpable, potent as a predator’s roar in the stillness of the night.

Crossing the threshold of the central control room, Bourne grips the locket of a past love in his hand, a tangible reminder of his humanity amidst the cruel whirlwind of his existence. He sees faces hidden behind computer screens, faces that know his face while their own remain concealed – the puppet masters of his orchestrated life.

A piercing alarm shatters the eerie tranquility. Red lights flash, the labyrinth awakens with a frenzy. A voice on the public address system barks orders, puncturing the tense silence and jolting the stronghold’s occupants into swift action. Bourne’s presence is known.

A wave of agents, fast and merciless, descends on him. He fights back with the grace of a hawk and the ferocity of a wounded lion, a deadly ballet of violence. His body moves with an ingrained, razor-sharp precision, an embodiment of the lethal weapon The Company had made him.

He dispatches the agents, one after the other, with a brutal efficiency. He feels rather than sees the next attack and pivots just in time, his assailant’s bullet barely missing him. The air is filled with the cacophony of gunfire, the metallic scent of spent cartridges, and the stark fear of men facing an adversary they can barely comprehend.

Bourne’s focus shifts as he hears a familiar voice, a ghost from another lifetime. He turns to see a man he recognizes from the flickers of his returning memory – the man who has haunted the hidden recesses of his scrambled mind. The puppeteer revealed.

Their eyes locked in a fierce confrontation, a silent duel before the imminent clash. As they circle each other, Bourne feels a rising tide of anger. It isn’t just the physical assault he’s preparing for; it’s a battle against the darkness that has shrouded his life, a war for his stolen identity and hijacked past.

The final showdown is a symphony of brutality and desperation. The puppeteer proves a formidable opponent, matching Bourne blow for blow, thrust for thrust. Their dance becomes a depiction of Bourne’s own struggle: his fight against the puppet masters pulling his strings, his battle for truth, his quest for redemption.

In the end, Bourne emerges bloodied and bruised but victorious. The puppeteer lies defeated, a silent testimony to Bourne’s relentless pursuit of truth. Bathed in the sallow glow of the stronghold’s emergency lights, he unearths the final pieces of his shattered past, the threads woven deep into the fabric of Operation Blackbriar. His tortured past is not a result of chance; it is a designed web of lies and manipulation. And for the first time in his haunted existence, Bourne dares to hope. Hope for absolution, for an end to the endless cycle of violence, for a chance to lay his ghosts to rest.

As the echoes of the final fight die out, Bourne stumbles out of The Company’s stronghold, a broken man bearing the weight of his newfound truth. Night fades into dawn as he steps into the light, the first rays of the sun a symbolic beacon of the dawn of his new life, unshackled from past torment, ready to confront his ultimatum.

Chapter 7: Unveiling the Ultimatum

In the heart of The Company’s labyrinthine stronghold, Jason Bourne found himself standing at the precipice of uncovered truths, his heart pounding with undeterred resolve. As the cold air brushed against his battle-hardened features, a cascade of bleak memories haunted him. Yet, the pain they inflicted paled in comparison to the burning need to expose Operation Blackbriar, to cease the birth of countless men like him.

The maze-like corridors of the stronghold echoed with an eeriness that sent chill waves of anticipation down Bourne’s spine. He moved like a shadow, stalking each corner with the predatory prowess of an experienced predator, his senses heightened to the slightest sound.

Behind every door and within every shadow, danger lurked. The walls bristled with hidden security, and the omnipresent hum of surveillance equipment filled the air with an electric tension. Bourne, however, moved with an assured grace, as though anticipating every patrol route, every camera sweep. Like a symphony of stealth and strategy, Bourne navigated the fortress undetected.

Entering a cavernous room filled with servers, Bourne scanned his surroundings swiftly. He knew the heartbeat of the operation lay within this room. Row after row of data banks pulsed with information, holding secrets too devastating for any one man to comprehend.

He connected his device to the main server, initiating a data siphon. Swiftly navigating through the guarded encryption, Bourne’s fingers danced on the keyboard, each typed command a step towards the full exposure of Operation Blackbriar.

Suddenly, an alarm pierced the silence. The stronghold seemed to awaken, thrumming with boundless energy. Bourne, however, didn’t flinch. He had anticipated this, prepared for it.

His pursuers came swiftly, a team of highly trained operatives keen on eliminating Bourne and preserving the secrets he threatened to broadcast. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensued, the stronghold transforming into a battleground.

Bullets whizzed past Bourne, chipping away at his hiding spots. He returned fire with lethal precision, his senses honed to their peak. The encounter was a ballet of grim death, a testament to the brutal efficiency of The Company’s training.

Despite the overwhelming force against him, Bourne moved with an unmatched determination, a human weapon fueled by a relentless drive for justice and redemption. Each takedown, each dodge was an exertion towards the truth, a grim step closer to the devastating climax of his journey.

Bourne was also a man battling his internal demons. With every life he took, every bullet he fired, he was confronted with the harsh reality of his existence. Yet, these moments of crisis did not weaken him; they only steeled his resolve, fuelling his struggle against those who sought to manipulate and control him.

As the fight ensued, the data transfer steadily progressed. Seeing the end within his grasp, Bourne rallied, unleashing a flurry of attacks that left his adversaries reeling. One by one, they fell, succumbing to the storm that was Jason Bourne.

Finally, the transfer completed. As the secrets of Operation Blackbriar began transmitting across the globe, Bourne could almost taste the imminent victory. The revelation of The Company’s vile machinations sparked a global uproar, shaking the foundations of their monstrous empire.

With the deed done, Bourne escaped, leaving the stronghold in disarray. As he disappeared into the night, he wasn’t merely a man on the run. He was a symbol of resistance, of willpower, and of justice.

But freedom came at a price. His life was now a never-ending chase, bound by shadows and hunted by unseen enemies. Yet, he embraced this fate. For he was Jason Bourne, a man born out of betrayal and corruption, who rose above it to shine a beacon of truth on the world’s darkest secrets.

The final chapter in Bourne’s life was written—not in the confines of a covert facility, but in the hearts and minds of those who beheld his struggle. And though his journey was fraught with dread and danger, it was, in the end, a testament to the indomitable spirit of one man against an empire of shadows.

Thus, the ultimatum was unveiled. A man’s quest for truth, a struggle against manipulation, and a relentless pursuit of justice. For it wasn’t merely the tale of Jason Bourne, but of every soul who dared to rise against the oppressive hand of secrecy and control—a story seared in the annals of history, never to be forgotten.

Some scenes from the movie The Bourne Ultimatum written by A.I.

Scene 1



A lone figure, JASON BOURNE, rough yet calm, sleeps fitfully. A NEWSPAPER with the headline “PROJECT BLACKBRIAR UNVEILED” flutters in his hands.

Suddenly, his eyes snap open. He scans the article quickly, his face registering shock.


SIMON ROSS, a nervous reporter in his mid-thirties, walks quickly among the bustling city crowd, glancing behind every few seconds. He looks down at the paper in his hand – the same article Bourne was reading.


Bourne paces, the newspaper cast aside. He picks up an old photograph, his eyes reflecting long-buried memories. He rubs his temples as if battling searing pain.

Suddenly, he picks up a PHONE.


(Getting the operator)

I need to make a call.


Simon’s PHONE rings. He picks it up, glancing around nervously.


(into the phone)



(V.O., through phone)

We need to talk.

Simon’s eyes go wide, and he swallows nervously.



Scene 2


Dimly lit, filled with murmuring PATRONS. At a shadowy corner table, SIMON ROSS, mid-40s, a hardened investigative reporter, sips his pint nervously. The door creaks open to reveal JASON BOURNE, a man with an unspoken aura of danger. He scans the room, locks eyes with Ross, and narrows his gaze.



Bourne sits across from Ross. Ross fumbles with a MANILA ENVELOPE, sliding it across the table to Bourne. Inside, DOCUMENTS with the word BLACKBRIAR printed across them.



This is everything, Bourne. All the classified stuff they didn’t want to surface.

Bourne flips open the envelope, his eyes scanning the documents.



Why are they calling it an upgrade? What did they upgrade from?



From you, Bourne. From Treadstone.

Bourne flinches, his expression hardens. FLASHBACKS of violent operations, quick and brutal, flood his mind. He grips the table, struggling to control his breath.






What have they done, Ross? What have they built?

Ross opens his mouth to answer when suddenly, a SILENCED GUNSHOT rings out from elsewhere in the pub. Ross slumps onto the table, a bullet hole in his head.

Bourne reacts instantly. His eyes scan the room and lock onto a shadowy figure, THE ASSASSIN, who swiftly exits the pub. Bourne grabs the documents and bolts after him.



Bourne bursts into the alley just in time to see the Assassin disappear around a corner. His eyes burn with determination.


(to himself)

I will find the truth.

He disappears into the labyrinthine city, leaving behind the sounds of approaching sirens.


Scene 3



The room is barely illuminated by the cold gleam of a laptop screen. On it, we see news articles on Operation Blackbriar. JASON BOURNE (40s, rugged, haunted) sits hunched over the machine, his eyes scanning through the information.

Suddenly, a PHONE RINGS. The sound is sharp in the otherwise silent room. Bourne picks it up.


(into phone)




SIMON ROSS (30s, nervous, journalistic instinct) is pacing in a dingy alley, phone in hand.


(into phone)

Bourne, they’re onto us.





I don’t know, but they’re coming for you.

Suddenly, Ross hears a sound behind him. He turns.


Two MEN IN BLACK SUITS approach from the darkness.


(into phone)

Bourne, I–

A scuffle, the line goes dead. Bourne listens to the silence.


(into phone)


But there’s no answer. Bourne looks at the phone, then at the laptop screen. The stakes have just risen – dramatically.



Bourne slips out just as the men come crashing through his front door. They’re too late; Bourne is already enroute to the next stage of his past’s dangerous unveiling.



Scene 4




A scarred, weather-beaten JASON BOURNE (40s, athletic, determined) navigates through the labyrinth of snow-covered alleys. He’s on the run, hunted, desperate.

In the distance, the menacing silhouette of THE COMPANY’s AGENTS (30s-40s, cold, efficient) are closing in.


Bourne bursts in, out of breath but alert. He quickly moves through the dark, cramped space. In a corner, he spots an old dust-covered PC and gets to work.


Bourne rapidly decodes encrypted files, revealing dark secrets of Operation Blackbriar. His face hardens as he makes a shocking discovery.


A series of rapid-fire images flash through Bourne’s mind — a brutal training session, a mysterious superior, a bloody gunshot.


He slams the computer shut, a grim determination in his eyes.


Bourne looks out the window, his gaze shifting from the quiet street below to the dark figures approaching in the distance. He quickly packs his things and slips out, unnoticed.


Bourne emerges from the shadows, a glint of resolution in his eyes. The full weight of his past and the sinister truth of Operation Blackbriar now rest on his shoulders.



It’s time to stop running. It’s time to fight.



Scene 5



A full moon casts a silver glow over the cityscape. The faint sounds of traffic hum below.

JASON BOURNE (40s, wiry, haunted eyes) hurries across the rooftop, a gun in his hand, his breath coming out in ragged gasps.

Suddenly, headlights flash across the rooftop. A BLACK SUV screeches towards Bourne. Two MEN step out, loaded with firepower.


(British accent, cold)

Bourne, it’s over.

Bourne eyes the men, but doesn’t lower his gun.


Not until I stop Blackbriar.

Bourne charges, firing. The men duck behind the SUV, returning fire. Bullets ricochet off the metal. Bourne rolls behind a skylight, the glass shattering above him.



Bourne leaps from the rooftop, landing in a pile of cardboard boxes. He winces, but recovers quickly, sprinting down the alley.

Suddenly, a GROUP OF MEN round the corner, guns blazing. Bourne ducks into a side alley, narrowly avoiding the bullets.


Bourne bursts onto a crowded street, blending into the sea of PEOPLE. Behind him, the men emerge, scanning the crowd.


The crowd parts like a sea, unknowing of the deadly game of cat and mouse playing out among them.


Bourne’s eyes – determined, focused. He’s getting closer to his target – Operation Blackbriar.



Author: AI