“A desperate father. A dangerous game. When justice becomes the ultimate ransom.”

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In the heart of New York City, behind the tinted windows of a towering skyscraper, lived Robert Miller, a self-made billionaire known for his ruthless business acumen. His empire stretched from shipping to logistics, a titan in the world of commerce, and his life was a testament to ambition and success.

However, beneath the fine Italian suits and the assertive demeanor hid a doting father, who’d trade his empire for a simple smile on his son’s face. Joseph, a brilliant, spirited boy who mirrored his father’s determination, was the apple of Robert’s eye. Yet, in this cruel world, the prosperous often attract the envious; the existence of light inadvertently casts shadows.

As the city that never sleeps bustled beneath with life, high above in their penthouse, a storm was brewing — a tempest that would shake the foundations of their world.

Chapter 1: “The Bait”

The day started like any other. The sun painted the morning sky in hues of pink and gold, casting a warm glow over the City. Robert, after his daily workout, was preparing for an important board meeting. Joseph, on the other hand, was excited about an upcoming school trip. Unbeknownst to them, the day had a cruel twist in store.

As the chauffeured car vanished around the corner, carrying Joseph to school, Robert couldn’t help but feel an uncanny shiver. Dismissing it as pre-meeting jitters, he delved into his world of numbers, mergers, and acquisitions.

The phone rang a few hours later. The moment Robert heard the panicked, broken words of Joseph’s school teacher, his world turned upside down.

“He didn’t reach the school…gone…kidnapped,” she blurted, her voice choked with fear.

The rhythm of life stumbled. The air seemed to thicken, words became a blur, and the ground beneath seemed to sway. The room was suddenly, terrifyingly silent, save for the ominous echoes of those words.

As Robert raced through the city, his heart throbbed violently with a fear he had never known. The police station was a whirlwind of activity. Stern-faced detectives, frenzied questions, and a pervading sense of dread filled the air. But amid the chaos, Robert kept his composure, providing every detail to the determined yet weary officers, with his wife, Maria, clutching his hand tightly, her face pale with shock.

Late into the night, the couple found themselves back in their penthouse, their haven now turned into a vault of eerie silence. The phone rang, piercing the silence. Robert’s heart pounded – it was the call they had been waiting for.

“Your boy is with us. We want ten million dollars,” said a distorted voice, its icy tone snaking through the earpiece. The kidnapper’s cold, blatant demands hung in the air, chilling the already tense atmosphere.

Robert, despite his internal commotion, responded with measured calm. “I will…but let me speak to my son first.”

Following brief rustling, a frail voice echoed, “Dad…”. Before he could speak further, the line went dead, leaving a palpable sense of terror.

In the hours that followed, Robert found himself grappling with a twister of emotions; fear, anger, despair, and thirst for revenge. His empire, that he had so meticulously built, seemed meaningless as he was forced to confront a prospect more daunting than any business challenge – saving his son’s life.

As dawn broke, casting eerie shadows across the city, Robert embarked on a dangerous and desperate journey. A journey that would test his wits, resilience, and the depth of a father’s love. Little did he know, this treacherous journey had only just begun…

Chapter 2: “The Rendezvous”

The city was still asleep when Robert Miller woke up. It was a habit, honed by years of running an empire, overshadowed today by something more ominous. The silhouette of his mansion was a solemn phantom against the breaking dawn, the rooms inside drenched in an eerie silence.

Robert had spent the entire night pacing with the phone glued to his hand, hoping to hear his son’s voice. But the early morning light had brought in hollow echoes. His wife, Marianne, was upstairs, sedated, a pale shadow of her vibrant self. Their daughter, Sophia was with her, a forced maturity hardening her teenage features.

In the basement, detectives from the NYPD, led by Detective John Harper had set up a makeshift headquarters. Robert had given them carte blanche, putting his blind trust into the system he rarely had to depend on.

Robert’s heart pounded like a war drum in his chest as he descended the stairs. Harper, a man of action with a gaze that could pierce steel, nodded at him, his face grim. He was flanked by Anderson, a tech wizard who could track a butterfly in a hurricane, and Rachel, a sharp negotiator who could convince a lion to become vegetarian.

Harper began briefing Robert about the process. The demand from the kidnappers was straight forward – a drop-off in exchange for Joseph. The air was thick with tension, everyone aware of the stakes on the table. Robert listened, his body language unreadable. His mind was churning like a turbulent sea, but his face was stoic, betraying no trace of his inner turmoil.

Meanwhile, in an untraceable location, Joseph was kept in a dim-lit room, his senses heightened by the pervading uncertainty. Despite his terror, there was an inexplicable determination in his young and terrified eyes. In moments of weakness, he clung onto the stories of courage his father used to tell him before bed. The spirit of those tales gave him an unexpected strength. He knew he had to stay alive, stay brave. For his family. Especially for his father.

Back at the mansion, the phone rang, shattering the charged silence. It was the kidnappers. Harper gestured Robert to play along while Anderson traced the call. The voice, rough and yet eerily calm, laid out the instructions. The drop-off was to be made at a remote dockyard. No cops. Only Robert.

As Robert put down the receiver, his eyes caught his own reflection. He looked like a man being tested in the scorching flames of fear and uncertainty. Yet, painted in his eyes was the courage that he hoped his son was clinging onto.

This was the moment that would decide the fate of his son, his family, and his own soul. It was a rendezvous with destiny, one he wished he could evade, but knew he had no choice but to confront. With a heavy heart, he embarked on this perilous journey, ready to dive into the abyss for a chance to bring his son back.

Moving like a shadow in the night, he set his car into motion, his mind filled with memories of Joseph’s laughter, his dreams, and his ambitions. As the city lights blurred past, he pledged to himself. Whatever the cost, whatever the consequences, he would bring his son back, or die trying.

The world watched and waited as the saga of the Miller family unraveled, a testament of a father’s love and resilience, a chilling dance with danger set in motion. It was a rendezvous that held the breath of a city, the pulse of a nation, and the heartbeats of one desperate man, all hanging by a thread. The world was ready to see the unfolding of one man’s daring dance with destiny, a rendezvous that was just the beginning of a relentless pursuit to reclaim what was his.

Chapter 3: “The Surprise”

The day was clouded with uncertainty and anxiety as Robert braced himself for what was to come. He had cooperated with the police thus far, providing details, assisting in the investigation, and enduring the quietly suffocating presence of the authorities in his mansion. Yet, there was a lingering impulse, an irresistible urge to take charge of the situation. After all, his son’s life was hanging by a thread.

In the privacy of his study, Robert mulled over his plan. He had to think like them, the faceless kidnappers. What would they least expect? He ruminated over detective stories and crime thrillers, seeking inspiration from these fictional scenarios.

That’s when it hit him. A daring idea began to take root in his mind, fueled by desperation and a father’s love. He would not pay the ransom. No, he would turn the tables and offer it as a bounty on the heads of his son’s captors. It was a high-stakes gamble, he knew it, but nothing else seemed worthwhile anymore.

He knew he needed to break the news gently to his wife, Michelle. Seeing her crumble under the weight of their son’s disappearance had been harder than he’d care to admit. He found her in their son’s room, clinging to one of Joseph’s shirts.

“Michelle,” he began, holding her hands gently, “we need to change our strategy.”

“But we can’t risk it, Robert,” she whispered fearfully, her eyes welling up with tears.

“I know, sweetheart,” he replied, “but we have to outsmart them. This is our only chance.”

With a heavy heart, Michelle agreed. The couple informed the authorities about their unprecedented plan. To their surprise, the officials agreed, albeit reluctantly, to move forward with Robert’s idea. They saw hope in this semblance of a plan, albeit a dim one.

However, there was one more card that Robert had to play, a card that could make or break his plan. Broadcasting his intentions on live television. The idea made him shudder, yet it was his best shot to reach out to the common masses, to people who could potentially help find Joseph.

In a risky live TV address watched by millions, Robert announced his plan. He stood tall and resolute, his voice resonating with hope and steely determination. But behind the sturdy facade, he was a father battling with fear.

“I will not pay the ransom,” he declared. “Instead, I am offering this money as a reward. A reward for anyone who can bring these criminals to justice.”

His words echoed through countless homes, resonating with the viewers. The news spread like wildfire, whipping through the city, stirring hope and outrage in equal measures. The public was split, some lauding Robert’s audacity, some criticizing his reckless move. But what mattered to him was the spark of hope that his words had kindled.

As the day ended, Robert realized that the path ahead was filled with uncertainty. Yet, he clung to the hope that his unconventional gamble would put an end to this nightmare. He had finally taken control, and as he steeled himself for what was to come, he knew that the stakes had never been higher.

In a world where crime usually won, where the kidnappers always seemed to have the upper hand, Robert had dared to challenge the status quo. The ramifications of his bold move were yet to be seen, but he had set the ball rolling for a thrilling, unexpected turn of events in this high-stakes game of power and deceit.

Chapter 4: “The Unseen Enemy”

The high walls of Miller’s mansion seemed gravely still in the light of the premature dusk. Robert sat in his study, staring at the phone that had been ominously silent since morning. Detective Ava, a steely woman with a probing gaze – his ally in this nightmare, stood at the doorway. Her eyes were hidden behind her thick bangs, the worry lines crinkling her forehead into a map of concern.

Ava gingerly walked towards Robert, holding a paper. It was stained and wrinkled, undoubtedly from the kidnapper. “We decrypted the note, Robert,” she said, her voice as solemn as the occasion demanded.

Robert glanced at her and took the note. His heart pounded, as each word – each threat seemed to leap from the paper. A shiver ran down his spine. He’d willingly walk through hell for his son. But this? This was a betrayal of unimaginable proportions.

“The mole,” Robert spoke the words, tasting their bitterness in his mouth. It was hard to fathom that his worst enemy had been lurking in the shadows of his home, perhaps even smiling at his desperate state. “Who is it?” he asked, the calmness of his voice belying the storm raging inside him.

Ava looked discomforted. “We aren’t sure yet, but we have certain suspicions,” she said, hesitating. The truth was, they were all wary of pointing fingers. The kidnappers’ infiltrator could be anyone – a family friend, a trusted business associate, or even a faithful servant.

Robert clenched his fists, his nails digging into the palms. The sense of betrayal was a cruel puncture in the bubble of trust he’d fostered around him. Someone within his enclave, his sanctum, had turned against him. Abandoning his desperate family in their hour of need. He was being played, manipulated at leisure by his faceless adversaries.

As the days grew into nights, the tension simmered and multiplied. Ava headed the investigations, interrogating every person in the mansion, running through phone logs, credit card bills, GPS history, and a slew of other details. The house hummed with an eerie tension. Robert watched as familiar, friendly faces turned into potential suspects. He was stuck in a whirlpool of uncertainty, the water murky with suspicion and doubt.

Late at night, when the mansion fell into an uneasy silence, Robert would sit in his study – the same study where he had celebrated Joseph’s every triumph, his every victory. The walls echoed with the laughter and joy of the past, yet now, they seemed to mock him. Every picture, every paper, every keepsake, now seemed like a possible clue to the traitor’s identity.

One day, Robert’s eyes fell on an old photograph – a picture of him with his trusted right-hand man, Harry. Together, they had weathered many storms, basking in the glory of their victories. But now, could Harry be the one to have betrayed him?

This suspicion gnawed at Robert – a worm creeping slowly, gradually into the apple of his trust. The following day, with a heavy heart, he conveyed his suspicions to Ava. She inspected the photo, her eyes a well of sympathy. The joined puzzle of possibilities, probabilities, and allegations seemed to have no end or defined form.

Over the following days, the investigation continued, the magnifying lens of suspicion shifting restlessly over everyone in the mansion. An atmosphere of dread hung heavy over the house, as Robert continued to grapple with the bitter truth. He knew that the unseen enemy was among them, watching and waiting, puppeteering from the shadows.

The chapter ends as Robert, faced with a whirlpool of betrayals and allegations, trying to hold onto hope, amidst the mounting chaos. The unseen enemy still lurked in the shadows, his identity masked by the household’s countless faces, making the quest for Joseph’s freedom all the more agonizing.

Chapter 5: “The Deadly Game”

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, an intense game of life and death was being played. The pre-dawn gloom was thick with tension as NYPD officers, led by Detective Mike Hennessey, knitted around the labyrinthine streets and unlit alleys. But the real puppeteer of this bizarre theater was a man who had traded his wealth for the chance of something far more precious – the life of his son.

The ransom demand, once a dreaded anchor, was now a torpedo sailing towards its target. Robert had turned the tables, offering the ransom as the bounty, over national television. It was an audacious bid, one that reverberated across the city and into the hideout of the kidnappers. The deft move had turned a whole city into informers, every eye a potential threat to the kidnappers.

It was in this chaotic turmoil that Joseph’s strength bloomed. The young adolescent, abducted, had been thrust into a world of unimaginable fear. But he had the blood of his father, a testament to the resilience and strength that the Millers were known for. In the suffocating darkness of his captivity, Joseph was planning, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Back at the hub of the operation, the Miller home had been turned into an impromptu command center with screens flickering with surveillance footage and maps of the city. Robert was there, not as a bystander, but an active participant, his eyes darting between the screens. He had once ruled an empire, but now he carried a burden far heavier than any business decision.

The phone rang, cutting through the thick tension. A distorted voice, harsh and cold, sliced through the silence, “You shouldn’t have done that, Mr. Miller…” The threat was implicit and potent. The kidnappers were not going down without a fight. They had taken the broadcast as a declaration of war, a gauntlet thrown down in their path. Fear coursed through every person in the room, but Robert was calm. His eyes hardened, his grip on the phone tightened.

Concurrently, the city was now on edge. Ordinary citizens turned vigilantes, suspicion brewed in every corner, everyone was a potential kidnapper, every stranger was an informant. But amongst this chaos, there were those who sought to exploit it for their own gains. The underbelly of the city was stirring, criminals, gangsters, and opportunists – everyone wanted the bounty.

As the sun sank low in the sky, a new threat emerged; the mole in the team. Betrayal can often come from those you least expect. Officer Mason, the traitor weaved himself in the shadows, his loyalties swaying to the highest bidder. The readers were plunged into this unexpected twist, sharing Robert’s shock and betrayal. The mole was a ticking time bomb, his every move, every piece of information, a potential threat to Joseph’s safety.

In the ensuing chase, the narrative took a darker turn. A series of fast-paced, edge-of-seat events unfurled as the NYPD raced against time to apprehend the traitors within and the kidnappers without. The city’s network of informers, gangsters, and Robert’s own forces converged in a breathtaking clash. Innocent lives were caught in the crossfire, a stark reminder of the dangerous game Robert had initiated.

Each gunfire, every screech of tires, the frantic footfalls resonated with the heartbeat of the city as it held its breath. The game was deadly, the stakes higher than ever. The end, unknown. Robert was playing a game with no rules, every move sinking him deeper into unknown territories.

Joseph could hear the distant sounds of commotion, his heartbeat mirroring the chaos outside. His plan was simple – he would fight. He was his father’s son, after all. A last-ditch effort to escape, a struggle for life, added another layer of intensity to the chapter.

By the end of the day, the city had witnessed a whirlwind of events that would reverberate for days to come. The chapter drew to a close with the city under a pall of nervous anticipation. The deadly game was far from over. Robert had just begun to fight. The line between the hunter and the hunted blurred as the city prepared for another day of the high-stakes game of life and death.

Chapter 6: “The Face of Danger”

Robert had always been a man of action. A titan in New York’s transport industry, he was accustomed to the challenges of running a million-dollar empire, but nothing in his life had prepared him for the harrowing ordeal he was about to face. His son, Joseph, kidnapped from his own bedroom, and held hostage by an unknown enemy – an enemy that was now in front of him.

A chill pricked the back of his neck as he stared into the cold, ruthless eyes of the kidnappers. Their faces bore no expressions, almost like masks, twisted mockeries of human empathy. Every nerve in his body screamed danger, yet Robert stood strong, his every fiber pulsating with the coursing adrenaline. Standing before his son’s captors, every moment seemed to stretch into eternity, echoing steady beats of his heart.

The leader, a man he recognized as Leo Dutton – a dismissed driver from his company – spoke, his voice a low growl echoing through the dimly lit, sparse room. “Thought you were clever, eh, Miller? Thought your little TV stunt would work?” His face twisted into a sinister grin as he echoed Robert’s words from the live broadcast. Robert’s heart pounded, every inch of his businessman persona was stripped away by the man in front of him.

What sent chills down Robert’s spine was not the husky voice, but the revelation of Leo’s twisted past. A life marred by misfortune, steered by calculated survival instincts. It was difficult for readers to hold back a shiver as they leaned into Leo’s labyrinthine backstory. Leo narrated his life, the hardships, the perceived injustices he had suffered. His father had been a victim of corporate negligence, laid off without pension, eventually succumbing to a lonely death. His hate for the Miller family, and the elite class they represented, was not random, but a warped sense of justice that had festered for years.

Robert found himself grappling with this new knowledge. He stood still, attempting to make sense of this man’s twisted reasoning. His mind raced, a jumble of thoughts; anger, sympathy, revulsion and fear all coursed through him. The revelation had not only struck his composure but inevitably created a daunting barrier in his quest to save Joseph. His mind was a battlefield of emotion, catapulting the readers into the swirling vortex of his internal struggle.

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifted. The room plunged into a tense silence, the air seemed to thicken around them. The ring of a phone shattered the stillness. The voice at the other end was distorted, but the message was clear. The NYPD had found them. Panic seared through Leo as realization washed over him. In an act of desperation, he ordered his men to pack and move.

Robert’s eyes met Joseph’s, who had been silent all this while. The fear in his son’s eyes mirrored his own. In this moment, he was not just a business tycoon, but a desperate father whose son’s life hung in the balance. He exchanged a look with Joseph; a silent promise that he would bring him home, no matter the odds stacked against them.

As Leo and his men scrambled to leave, Robert saw his chance. The triumphant music in readers’ souls echoed his determination as he lunged towards Leo, attempting to disarm him. The room exploded into chaos, gunshots resonated through the air, as Robert fought tooth and nail against his son’s oppressors.

The chapter ended in a cliffhanger, leaving the readers on tenterhooks. They were left clutching their hearts, the suspense and tension hanging heavy as they anxiously awaited the climax in the final showdown. Would Robert emerge victorious, or would he succumb to Leo’s warped sense of justice?

In this roller-coaster of emotions, the author brilliantly paints a detailed picture of Robert’s perseverance against adversities, creating an atmosphere of tension, suspense, and anticipation that keeps readers hooked until the very end.

Chapter 7: “The Final Showdown”

The moon hung low in the grimy sky, casting ominous shadows in the abandoned factory where Joseph was held. The stinging cold wind gnawed at the bones, escalating the chilling dread that blanketed the scene. Robert—self-made billionaire, loving father, and a man pushed to his limits—stepped out of the car, his heart pounding in his chest like a war drum.

Back home, NYPD officers crowded around a radio, their attention fixated on the static-filled voice narrating their boss’s audacious move. A media frenzy buzzed outside Robert’s mansion, the world now captivated by a man’s daring chase of justice for his son.

Inside the dank factory, the kidnappers—a motley crew of desperate souls led by the diabolical Foster—tightened their grips on their weapons. Anger simmered in Foster’s eyes, his rage stoked by Robert’s defiance. In his eyes, Robert was not a desperate father but a man who’d challenged the balance of their world.

As Robert walked in, their gazes locked in a silent, deadly stand-off. Foster’s face etched a chilling portrait of a man driven by bitterness and resentment, a man whose life of hardship had led him to this perilous path. Opposite him stood Robert – resilient, magnanimous, a reflection of unyielding hope amidst fear.

Robert’s eyes fell on his son, bound and gagged, his spirit bruised but not broken. The sight steeled his resolve. He’d gone all in, putting his faith in this desperate gamble of reverse psychology.

Then, Robert broke the silence, “Here’s your chance, Foster. Give me the boy, and I’ll give you your freedom.”

Foster scoffed disdainfully, but an undercurrent of uncertainty seeped into his steely gaze. The stakes had turned too high, the consequences too colossal. The room held its breath, the air becoming a tangible entity of tension. The balance of power teetered precariously, each second a dance on the edge of the cliff.

On the other side of town, the police, armed with Robert’s information, stormed the accomplices’ hideouts, their quick, precise actions shattering the silence of the night and the lives of the unsuspecting traitors within. The air vibrated with anticipation, nerves frayed on both sides of the law.

Back at the factory, Foster was no stranger to desperation, but fear was an unfamiliar adversary. He calculated his odds, making Robert’s gamble his own. With a final, defiant glare, he released Joseph, pushing the bound boy towards his father.

The room erupted into chaos, bullets flying in all directions as Robert shielded his son, gunfire echoing like a tumultuous thunderstorm. The tension that had been building burst like a dam, washing over them with a fervour that spun the situation out of control.

Robert’s bravery rang clearer than any gunshot. Here was a man who had chosen to fight, not with power or influence, but with unyielding courage and an unbeatable will. His audacious decision had turned the tables on the oppressors, the shockwaves of his actions overturning their world.

The final showdown was a harrowing dance of wits, bravery, and desperation. Each bullet that zipped past became a testament to Robert’s defiance, each second a tribute to his unrivaled resolve. When the echoes of the last bullet died down, the factory held the echoes of a war waged and won.

Bloodied yet unbeaten, Robert emerged with Joseph in his arms, their victory a resounding testament to a father’s love. In the face of absolute terror, Robert had braved the storm, made a gamble that twisted the narrative, and reclaimed his world.

As the sun dawned, the darkness of the ordeal melted away, revealing the triumphant figures that stood tall. The world watched in awe as Robert Miller, the man who dared to defy his fate, embraced his son under the golden sunrise. Their silhouettes painted a picture of unyielding courage, infectious hope, and the invincible power of love.

In the end, Robert hadn’t just saved his son; he’d given the world a story of extraordinary bravery and an unforgettable lesson in love’s power to overcome the odds.

Some scenes from the movie Ransom written by A.I.

Scene 1



Wide shot of a grand mansion. Noise of traffic is drowned by the sound of child’s laughter.


ROBERT MILLER (50s, stern, wealthy) is playing with his son JOSEPH (10, playful, innocent). Laughter fills the room.


Robert bids goodbye to Joseph, who is getting into a school bus. They share a warm smile.


Robert receives a chilling phone call. His face falls.


(into phone)

What do you mean, he’s been kidnapped?


Robert’s wife LINDA (40s, elegant, anxious) breaks down as Robert hangs up the phone, his face pale.



They’ve taken Joseph.

Linda sobs uncontrollably. Robert holds back his tears, a look of determination creeping into his eyes.




Scene 2



The room is filled with NYPD DETECTIVES bustling around, taking notes, and talking on phones. ROBERT, in his late 50s, with rugged features and piercing eyes, sits on a couch, nervously engaging with the LEAD DETECTIVE.


(serious tone)

We’re doing everything we can, Robert. We will find Joseph.

Robert gives a curt nod. He glances at his wife, KAREN, who’s dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief, their daughter, LUCY, comforting her.


A dimly lit, grungy room. In a corner, JOSEPH, 13, with thick glasses and a fearful countenance, sits tied to a chair. But there’s an unsettling calmness about him.



Robert picks up a family photo, looks at Joseph’s smiling face. He takes a deep breath and addresses the Detective.



I want every street, every corner of this city searched. I want my son back.



We’re on it, Robert.

ANGLE ON: Robert’s determined face as the camera pulls back, underscoring the enormity of the situation while setting the tone for the complicated journey ahead.


Scene 3



Robert is pacing, sweaty palms clenched. DETECTIVE JONES, a tough, seasoned cop looks on, concern etched on his face. A television crew is setting up in the corner.


Robert, are you sure you want to do this?


I have to take control. It’s my only hope.

The television crew signals for Robert to start. He takes a deep breath, faces the camera.



To those who have my son, I have a message.



A group of masked KIDNAPPERS watch Robert’s broadcast. They are visibly nervous, shifting with discomfort.



Robert’s face is hardened, determined.


I’m not paying a single cent for a ransom. Instead, I’m offering this money as a bounty on your heads.



The kidnappers are panicked, shocked. The leader, GRANT, a cold, calculating man, smashes his fist into the television.



Robert’s eyes are teary, but his voice doesn’t waver.


Return my son, or the hunters become the hunted.


Scene 4



Robert, late 40s, sits at his mahogany desk, his gaze fixed on the flickering city lights outside the window. The room is filled with tension.


“Someone I trusted has turned against me… But who? And why?”

DETECTIVE WATERS, early 50s, a seasoned cop, leans over the map strewn across the table, marked with potential hideouts.


“Don’t let paranoia cloud your judgement, Robert. We’re close to finding Joseph.”

Robert walks over to the table, his glance piercing each mark on the map.

ROBERT: (chuckles)

“Paranoia? Or intuition, Detective?”

Suddenly, Robert’s phone buzzes. An incoming call from an anonymous number. His heart sinks. He picks up.


A DISTORTED VOICE says, “We see everything, Robert.”

Robert is taken aback.

ROBERT: (to Detective Waters)

“It’s them.”

Robert puts the call on speaker. The room falls silent, the tension palpable.


“You thought you could outsmart us? We have friends everywhere.”

Call ends with a chilling laughter echoing through the speaker.



FADE IN BLACK: “Chapter 5: The Deadly Game”

Scene 5


Robert (50s, sharp, resilient) stares at a PHOTO of his son, Joseph (17, bright eyes full of promise). His WIFE, Victoria (40s, elegant yet tormented), enters.


Robert, we should go with the plan – pay the ransom.

Robert looks at Victoria, sets down the photo.


No, I’ve got a different idea. If they want the money, they’ll have to win it.

Victoria furrows her eyebrows, taken aback.


On TV SCREENS across the city, Robert’s face appears. He’s live, about to make an announcement.


The money they asked for as ransom – I’ve decided to offer it as a bounty for their capture.

A wave of SHOCK, CONFUSION, and FEAR radiates through the city.


KIDNAPPERS (tough, ruthless) watch Robert’s announcement, shocked and furious. The LEADER (40s, cold, calculating) smashes his fist on a table.


This man’s playing games. Well, two can play.


Chaos ensues, everyone’s hunting for the kidnappers. The city turns into a battlefield, the citizens morphing into vigilantes.


The Police Chief (50s, stern) slams his fist on his desk, Robert across from him.


Miller, you’ve turned this city into a war zone!


I just gave us an army.


Scene 6



Sirens wail as police lights flash opposite a dimly lit warehouse. It’s the showdown we’ve all been waiting for.


ROBERT MILLER, mid-50s, rugged handsome, enters the warehouse with a determined look. Suddenly, the lights flicker on, revealing the KIDNAPPER (40s, sinister, calm).


(leaning, smirking)

Mr. Miller, we meet at last.



Where is my son?


All in due time. First, we need to chat about your stunt.

Robert stays silent, holding the Kidnapper’s gaze.


I admire your courage, offering my payout as a bounty on my head.



I just want my son.


(sudden rage)

So you think you can toy with us?

Suddenly, Joseph, 15, bruised but brave, is pushed into the light.






Robert moves towards Joseph but is stopped by the Kidnapper.


Not so fast, Miller.

The tension hangs in the air, the face-off is only beginning.



Author: AI