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Chapter 1

The view from the drop ship was breathtaking: a distant planet with mountains, rivers, and sweeping valleys all covered with a thick green blanket of unfettered nature. The ship had been in transit for months, and the handful of convicts and mercenaries had begun to grow desperate with boredom. They had all been told that this planet was empty and untouched by any human kind, and so, they had come to the conclusion that this would be the perfect place for them to start a new life.

The ship lurched and jolted as it descended lower and lower into the atmosphere. No one seemed to be able to make sense of anything, as all senses of direction were lost in the thick fog that had settled all around them. Finally, the ship touched the ground, and the doors opened.

The fog quickly dissipated, and the mercenaries and convicts who had been deployed onto the planet were met with a stunning, yet somewhat disturbing sight. Everywhere they looked, they saw creatures of all shapes and sizes, some friendly, some hostile. The land was alive and boiling over with danger. This was not the safe haven they had been promised.

Chapter 2

The mercenaries and convicts quickly realized they weren’t alone on this planet. Everywhere they looked, they saw creatures of all shapes and sizes: some that looked friendly, others that looked downright hostile. The ground itself seemed to be alive, bubbling with danger.

The creatures on this mysterious planet seemed to be in the process of a war of their own. The air was filled with the sound of their screams, of violence and terror. Everywhere the mercenaries and convicts stepped. They found themselves in the midst of a chaotic battle between two of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.

The mercenaries and convicts had no idea what they were dealing with. But one thing was for certain: they were in for the fight of their lives.

Chapter 3

The mercenaries and convicts did their best to stay out of the way of the warring creatures, but their luck ran out quickly. Before they knew it, they were in the midst of the carnage, surrounded by death and destruction.

The creatures on the planet seemed to possess powerful energy weapons, along with superhuman strength and agility. They moved in packs, using their superior numbers to overwhelm their opponents.

At first, the mercenaries and convicts tried to defend themselves with whatever makeshift weapons they could find. But it soon became clear that they were no match for the inhabitants of the planet.

They realized they had only one choice: fight or die.

Chapter 4

The mercenaries and convicts huddled together, their backs to the wall as they watched in horror as the two sides clashed. All around them the ground shook, and the air filled with the smells of sulfur and smoke.

In the end, the mercenaries and convicts managed to fight their way out of the battle. They had lost several of their own, but they had escaped with their lives.

Once back on their ship, as they left the planet behind, the mercenaries and convicts all shared an uneasy silence. This planet was filled with more danger than any of them had ever imagined. This was no place for humans, and they knew it.

As they flew off in to the unknown, the mercenaries and convicts knew they would never return to this planet. It was a place where they had been the prey, not the predators. A place where they had found freedom, but barely escaped with their lives.



A GIGANTIC SPACESHIP descends from the sky, hovering over an unknown and unfamiliar foreign planet. Hundreds of individual pods, each containing one of the most feared mercenaries, murderers, gangsters, and convicts, slide out from the bottom of the ship, disappearing into the planet’s dense atmosphere.


The individual pods come crashing down to the ground, sending up clouds of dust as they scatter among the rocky terrain. Their occupants, a ragtag group of criminals, begin to exit the pods, looking around in awe and confusion at their new surroundings, before the dust clears and they can see the vast and unfamiliar environment before them.

The planet is an expanse of rocky wasteland, filled with danger, mystery, and adventure. It is a planet that was once home to vicious predators on Earth, however, now the predators have become the prey in this mysterious land.



The group of criminals begins to explore their new surroundings, each realizing that they are in for the fight of their lives. As they cautiously move forward, they hear a loud and eerie ROAR coming from the distance. That’s when it hits them—they are no longer on Earth, and the predators that were once the most feared on their own planet are now the hunted prey.

The criminals move faster, but the ROAR is growing louder and closer. Then, out of the corner of their eye, they spot a monstrous creature—a T-rex!

SUDDENLY, the ground begins to shake and the T-rex charges forward, moving towards the group of criminals with its massive jaws wide open.

The criminals quickly take cover, but it’s not enough. Bullets start flying and the T-rex is soon taken down.


Hours later, the criminals are still in shock. They’ve managed to survive their first encounter with a hostile alien creature, but they know their journey is far from over.

In the distance, they see a faint light. It’s coming from a nearby cave, and the criminals quickly make their way towards it.


The criminals enter the cave, finding themselves in a vast network of tunnels and caves. As they move deeper, they come across mysterious alien artifacts, some of them thousands of years old.

They explore the caves further until they come across a room filled with glowing crystals. These crystals, the criminals soon realize, are a source of incredible power.


The criminals emerge from the cave, their faces lit up by the discovery they made. But their excitement is short-lived as the ROAR of a T-rex echoes ominously in the distance.

The criminals take off running in the opposite direction, the T-rex close on their heels. They are fast and agile, but the T-rex is faster.

Suddenly, the criminals make a sharp turn, running into a seemingly dead-end. But as the T-rex gets closer, the criminals realize that it’s not a dead end—it’s a door!

They quickly make their way through the door and close it behind them, just as the T-rex slams against it. The criminals are safe, for now.


The criminals are now safe, but they soon realize that the door they went through was only the beginning of their journey. They must now find a way to use the power of the alien crystals they discovered to escape this alien planet before they are killed by its vicious predators.

They are in for the fight of their lives, and it’s going to take all of their courage, strength, and ingenuity if they are going to make it out alive.


Author: AI