Lost in Space

“In the boundless abyss of space, a family finds unity in adversity, exploring uncharted realms of danger and wonder.”

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In the annals of human history, the year 2058 was etched as the darkest hour. Earth, once vibrant with life, now garbed in the somber hues of decay, was on the last leg of her journey. Deserted streets echoed the tales of an era bygone; skeletal buildings loomed ominously over the remnants of civilizations. Humanity, despairing and desperate, teetered on the brink of extinction.

In the midst of the chaos, a flicker of hope emerged from the grim backdrop. The United Global Space Force had conceived an audacious plan – a space mission to colonize Alpha Prime, the only other habitable planet in the galaxy. A family of pioneers, the Robinsons, were chosen for this venture. Dr. John Robinson, a renowned astrophysicist, his brilliant engineer wife, Dr. Maureen Robinson, and their three children – Judy, Penny, and Will – were selected. History was about to be written. Unbeknownst to them, the universe had its own labyrinthine script.

Chapter 1: Departure

As the day of departure dawned, the Earth veiled itself in an ethereal twilight, as if in a mournful farewell to its children. The Robinsons peered at their doomed planet from the observation deck of their spaceship, the Jupiter 2, a sleek marvel equipped for the arduous journey.

The family was an amalgam of contrasting personalities. John, an unflinching man, braved the weight of humanity’s survival on his broad shoulders. His wife, Maureen, was the core of her family: resilient, caring, and intrepid. Judy, the eldest, a talented medical doctor, was a portrait of grace under pressure. Middle child Penny was less driven than her siblings; she was the heartbeat of the family, charming in her creative chaos. Will, the youngest, was a cognitive prodigy, a boy out of sync with his age.

The launch was a spectacle cloaked in both despondency and anticipation. Onlookers watched from afar, their teary eyes reflecting the glowing rocket. As the countdown echoed, so did the collective heartbeat of the human race. The rocket roared, its fiery plume piercing the darkened skies. Earth watched in silence as its last hope receded into the vast cosmos.

Once in space, the Robinsons navigated their new reality with precision. Routines were formed; tasks distributed. As days transcended into weeks, they started to adapt to the eerie silence of space, punctuated by the occasional bleeps of their ship. However, their tranquility was short-lived.

One fateful day, deep in the ship’s bowels, a mysterious shadow lurked. Dr. Smith, a man with a jaded past, had lain in wait, hiding amidst their supplies. His motives were shrouded in ambiguity, his actions, however, screamed malevolence. Armed with a saboteur’s instinct, he began his treacherous mission, a mission that would send the Robinsons hurtling towards uncertainty.

His fingers danced over the control panel, codes were entered, sequences bypassed, and the ship’s trajectory altered. Unaware, the Robinsons were tugged off their path, plunged into an odyssey they hadn’t signed up for. Thus, their extraordinary journey began – a journey fraught with danger and mystery, a journey into the depths of uncharted space.

As the Jupiter 2 veered into the cosmic abyss, the gravity of their situation began to sink in. The prospects looked grim; the stars were their only witnesses. To survive, the Robinsons would need to muster every ounce of courage, every shred of their resolve. Unbeknownst to them, their greatest adventure was just beginning.

And so, the tale of the Robinsons unfolded, an epic saga of survival and sacrifice, of courage and trepidity, of hope and despair. A saga that would redefine humanity’s tryst with destiny. Lost in space, the Robinsons had embarked on a journey that would not just test their individual mettle but also challenge their collective strength. Their story was about to change the course of human history.

Chapter 2: Sabotage

The journey had commenced under a hopeful star. But soon the Robinsons realized that the unknown cosmos was a beast of a different breed, one where danger lurked behind the veil of mesmerizing beauty.

The stowaway’s presence was first discovered not by the human crew, but by the vigilant Robot. Its sensors detected an anomaly, an unaccounted-for biological entity aboard the ship, the Jupiter 2. Word of this discovery triggered a wave of cold fear that crashed and broke upon the hearts of the family. The mission had been sabotaged, and the identity of their uninvited guest was soon revealed: Dr. Smith, a scoundrel of the highest order.

Smith, with his brooding eyes and a silver tongue, had managed to infiltrate the mission undetected. Now found, he stood in the gleaming light of the ship’s conservatory, a smug expression twisted on his sinister face. In his eyes, the Robinsons could see the reflection of their worst fears: delay, derailment, and possibly, death.

Despite the palpable tension, Dr. Smith remained unperturbed, playing a cat-and-mouse game with the family and the ship’s AI. The ship, thrown off course by his calculated sabotage, was hurtling towards an uncharted region of space at a terrifying speed, shaking like a frail leaf against a raging storm. The Robinsons, their mission already compromised, found themselves at the mercy of the unforgiving void of space, their meticulously planned trajectory now meaningless.

John Robinson, the family patriarch and an astrophysicist of great renown, was visibly tormented. His dreams for a sustainable future for humanity, of colonizing Alpha Prime now seemed like distant echoes, fading into the unfathomable abyss of the cosmos. His wife, Maureen, a brilliant bioengineer, stood by his side, her face a mask of restrained fear and determination. Their children—Judy, Penny, and Will—each handled the tension in their unique ways. Judy, a medical practitioner, handled the medical emergencies brought upon by the ensuing chaos. Penny, a writer and an explorer at heart, documented their journey with an uncanny calmness. Little Will, a prodigy, sought solace in his bond with the Robot, the mechanical marvel that had now become their guardian against the threats of the unknown cosmos.

Meanwhile, the ship spiraled wildly, flung through the eerie dance of celestial bodies and cosmic storms. As the Robinsons grappled with quelling their fears, the ship’s AI worked tirelessly to rectify the course, facing one bizarre phenomenon after another with a tireless resolve. Strange nebulae, uncharted black holes, and supernovae shrouded in otherworldly hues, each new sight was both a mesmerizing spectacle and a formidable challenge.

Inside, the ship was a contrasting picture of organized chaos. Alarms blared, lights flickered, and parts of the ship seemed to groan under the immense gravitational pull of the anomalies they passed. The crew worked round the clock, the line between day and night blurred by the stark exigencies of their situation.

In the heart of this maelstrom, Smith prowled, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, bracing for the right moment to manipulate the circumstances further to his advantage. He sought power, control, and survival, ready to sacrifice the Robinsons’ lives if necessary.

Little did the Robinsons know then that their voyage was beginning to shape into an adventure they hadn’t signed up for. Their dreams of a new settlement now seemed like a mirage, their hopes of survival hanging on a slim thread. The Sabotage had changed their course, their destiny, and their lives, forever. The only question that remained was: would the Robinsons stand a chance against the deadly cosmic dance they were now part of? Or would their dreams be lost in the esoteric orchestra of space, a song too complex and convoluted to be appreciable by the unprepared human mind? The journey towards the future of humanity was now enshrined in uncertainty, mystery, and the most thrilling adventure any human had ever embarked upon.

Chapter 3: Uncharted Territories

In the eerie silence of uncharted space, the Robinsons faced a reality that was far stranger and more precarious than they had ever imagined. As the Jupiter 2 rocketed through the cosmic black, the mysteries of the universe were unfolded before them in a dizzying kaleidoscope of shimmering nebulas, brilliant stars, and vast swathes of dark matter. The ship, once a beacon of human ingenuity, now seemed insignificant amidst the awe-inspiring tableau of the cosmos.

Professor Robinson, with his graying hair and wise eyes, commandeered the vessel with the grim determination of a man carrying the future of humanity on his shoulders. His wife, Maureen, was his pillar of strength; her unwavering resilience and scientific acumen helped them navigate the maelstrom of challenges that came their way.

Their children, Judy, Penny, and Will, were a microcosm of human potentiality. Judy, the eldest, had her father’s courage and her mother’s resourcefulness. Penny, the middle child, equipped with wisdom beyond her years, astounded everyone with her remarkable adaptability. The youngest, Will, was a child prodigy, his brilliance an essential beacon guiding them through the complexities of space.

The journey had its fair share of perils. Unexpectedly, they found themselves in the path of a malignant, sky-blackening meteor shower. With a hailstorm of blazing rocks plummeting towards them, it was the quick thinking of the family and the agile maneuvering of the Jupiter 2 that saved them from a fiery end.

Next, they encountered a bizarre celestial phenomenon, a colossal star with an intense gravitational pull. It lured the Jupiter 2 towards it, threatening to crush them with its immense gravitational force. It was a heart-stopping moment, the ship creaking under the pressure, the family bracing for the worst. But the sharp-witted Will, utilizing the knowledge he had gleaned from his many science texts, devised an ingenious plan that countered the star’s pull and propelled them to safety.

They came across alien life forms, some benevolent, others malicious. An encounter with a peaceful alien species known as the Zaybo offered a brief respite from their relentless trials. The Zaybo, with their advanced knowledge of cosmic navigation, provided valuable insights that helped the Robinsons better understand their constantly evolving environment.

However, every silver lining has a cloud, and in the vast expanse of the cosmos, this took the form of the Reticuli, an aggressive, predatory species. The family had to confront these fierce beings in a tense encounter that tested their wit, grit, and survival instincts.

Meanwhile, a simmering tension was growing within the confines of the Jupiter 2. The failure of the initial mission had brought disappointment and recriminations. The initial excitement of space exploration had given way to the grim reality of survival. Confined within the tight quarters of the ship, with no immediate escape, the Robinsons found their patience and unity tested.

Judy and Penny, once close, found their relationship strained. The constant life-and-death decisions they had to make each day bred resentment. Will, the innocent, was caught in the middle, trying to mediate between his sisters while grappling with the harsh reality of their circumstances.

Through it all, Maureen and Professor Robinson tried to keep the family together, reminding each other that their strength was in their unity. Their occasional disagreements shook the family dynamics, but they also provided an opportunity for the family members to voice their fears and insecurities, thereby strengthening their bond.

As the Jupiter 2 hurtled through uncharted space, the Robinsons learned that their journey was not just about finding a new home. It was also about discovering themselves, understanding each other, and rising above their fears. The journey was a crucible, forging them into a stronger, more resilient family, ready to face the unpredictable repercussions of their voyage in the ensuing chapters. The stage was set for more mysteries, adventures, and existential questions as they ventured deeper into the cosmic unknown.

Chapter 4: Unlikely Alliances

In the depths of uncharted space, far from the familiar constellations of Earth, the Jupiter 2 charted its course through a stunning nebula, flickering in hues of purple and gold. Inside the ship, the Robinson family were in a state of unrest due to the unexpected presence of Dr. Smith.

Dr. Zachary Smith, from the onset, had been a villain. His sabotage had doomed their mission and sent them spiraling into the unexplored cosmos. Yet the dynamics of their relationship had to shift out of necessity. Their current predicament transcended resentment and anger. Survival called for unity, and the Robinsons understood that.

Smith, on the other hand, despised the idea of coexistence. He was a loner, a man who had made it his life’s mission to disrupt and breed chaos. However, trapped within the confines of the Jupiter 2, he was forced to reconsider. He was adrift in an alien universe, and the Robinsons were his only chance of survival.

Thus, the delicate dance of reluctant collaboration began. Smith, always the schemer, had to shed his armor of deception. The Robinsons, in turn, had to suppress their deep-rooted resentment towards him. The process was slow and painstaking—each side testing the waters, gauging the other’s sincerity.

Part of their newfound relationship involved navigating challenges that space threw at them. One such challenge was an asteroid belt. The Robinsons, despite their knowledge and intellect, found it a nearly insurmountable task. Smith, however, possessed the unexpected skill of tactical navigation. And so, their first test of trust began.

To everyone’s surprise, Smith guided the Jupiter 2 through the asteroid storm. His skills in tactical navigation, once used for nefarious deeds, were now the saving grace of their mission. It was an act that sparked a change in their dynamics.

During their journey, they faced more dangerous situations, from spatial distortions to a dangerous race of alien scavengers. In each instance, the Robinsons found themselves relying on Smith. And Smith, much to his dismay, began to feel a sense of responsibility towards them.

Against this backdrop of cosmic threats, personal growth unfolded. John Robinson, stoically heading the mission, found himself valuing Smith’s contribution. His wife, Maureen, used her diplomatic abilities to ease the tension between her family and Smith. Judy, the eldest child, examined her medical oaths, coming to terms with Smith’s presence. Penny, the middle child, found Smith’s strategic cunning intriguing. Will, the youngest, intrigued by Smith’s knowledge of robotics, found an unlikely mentor in him.

Concurrently, the Robinsons also found themselves influencing Smith. Once a man who took perverse pleasure in causing chaos, he was slowly shifting. He learned about the importance of unity from John, diplomacy from Maureen, duty from Judy, creativity from Penny, and wonder from Will. It was a change he could not understand, but it nevertheless made him a part of the Robinson family.

In this unexpected corner of space, alliances were formed, personalities evolved, and a unique kind of harmony was found on the Jupiter 2. Smith’s reluctant transformation from an antagonist to an ally wasn’t an easy journey, but it was a necessary one. The Robinsons’ acceptance of a man who had once betrayed them was testament to their strong moral compass and resilience. It was a peculiar relationship, forged in space’s cold depths, hinged on survival, and solidified by mutual respect.

The chapter ended with a newfound restlessness in the Jupiter 2. The mission to Alpha Prime was still a distant dream. But now, bolstered by unexpected alliances, they were more motivated and better equipped to face the challenges that lay ahead in the mysteries of uncharted space.

Chapter 5: The Search for Alpha Prime

As the Jupiter 2 blazed a trail through the inky abyss of space, the Robinsons found themselves plunged into a vortex of unchartered territories, strange civilizations, and cosmic phenomena that defied the laws of physics as they knew them. Each day brought with it new challenges and discoveries that left them torn between wonder and dread—but the beacon of Alpha Prime lent them courage, its faint glimmer in the distance their only guide in the grand theatre of the cosmos.

John Robinson, the stern patriarch, knitted his brows as he looked at the flickering star-chart. The thrill of exploration was marred by the constant uncertainty and the nagging worry for his family’s safety. Beside him, his wife Maureen, a brilliant scientist and a compassionate mother, was engrossed in analyzing the data streaming in. Her eyes shimmered with the same curiosity that had initially propelled them onto this mission. Unfathomable space oddities and alien civilizations had become part of their daily life, but the spectacle of space never ceased to amaze them.

“One thing’s for certain,” she mused. “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Their children, Judy, Penny, and Will were equally important components of the ship. Judy, the eldest, was a skilled physician—a trait that constantly came under test in the alien environment. Penny, the writer, captured their journey in her journal, her words painting vivid images of the awe-inspiring celestial events they witnessed. Will, the youngest, was the innovative technician, his resourcefulness saving them from potential disasters.

On this particular day, the Jupiter 2 was cruising towards an unmarked galaxy. Foreboding nebulas and star clusters gave way to a unique planet whose presence was not recorded in any Earthly database—their first encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization. Its fluorescent bio-luminescence filled the void of space with color, painting murals of light even Van Gogh would envy. The planet was teeming with strange life, their existence challenging the fundamental theories of biology.

As the ship hovered over the civilization, they were greeted by the native inhabitants. The creatures were ethereal, their translucent bodies radiating light, communicating via a beautiful symphony of colors, a language of luminescence. The Robinsons exchanged technology and knowledge, establishing a momentous interstellar relationship.

However, space was a Pandora’s box of capricious delights and sudden dangers. Their journey to Alpha Prime was punctuated by not just alien encounters but also baffling cosmic events. They navigated through a field of rogue comets, the ship shaking violently as it struggled to avoid the flaming bodies. A near-miss with a volatile supernova left them with minor injuries and a major scare. Will’s ingenious solutions and Judy’s medical expertise saved them from what could’ve been a fatal catastrophe, their strategic decisions, and swift reactions marking their growth.

Yet, through each perilous event and stunning discovery, the beacon of Alpha Prime remained a steady constant. It was a symbol of hope, subtly whispering the promise of a safe haven. As the Robinsons found themselves immersed in the sublime ballet of cosmic events and the exhilarating dance of survival, the allure of Alpha Prime kept them grounded. Each family member’s skills and resiliency were put to test in the crucible of space, their individual growth charted through their experiences, their shared journey birthing an unspoken bond, a testament to their unity.

The chapter ended with the Robinsons exiting the fluorescent galaxy, leaving behind a beautiful planet and carrying memories of a stunning encounter. The journey towards Alpha Prime continued, the co-ordinates locked in their system as they raced through the serpentine routes of the cosmos. Their dream of reaching Alpha Prime was still alive, their spirit still burning bright against the backdrop of the infinite cosmos.

The Search for Alpha Prime was more than just a physical journey. It was a spirit test, an emotional crucible, and a kaleidoscope of human experiences against the grandeur of space. In the pursuit of their destination, the Robinsons had stumbled upon themselves in the most profound ways. As they hurtled through the universe, they realized that the journey was as important, if not more, than the destination. And that was the most beautiful part of The Search for Alpha Prime.

Chapter 6: Family Bonds

The arduous journey of uncertainty through the uncharted territories of space had taken a toll on the Robinsons, physically and mentally. Yet, these trials had also served to forge their bonds and unravel their individual strengths.

Maureen Robinson, a brilliant scientist and the matriarch of the family, was a woman of steel and velvet. She stood bold and strong, taming the chaos of the cosmos and shouldering her family’s worries with grace and wisdom. In her, the children found solace, John found support, and the ship found a compass. She was the nurturing force, the foundation keeping the family rooted amidst the alien vastness of space.

John, the mission commander and the father, was a man of unyielding resolve. Years in the military had shaped him into a man who knew the taste of fear, yet never succumbed to it. His courage was infectious; a beacon of hope in the darkest hours. He was the protective force, the armor safeguarding the family from the unknown dangers lurking in the cosmos.

Judy, the eldest of the Robinson brood, was a natural-born leader. Her medical skills had proven invaluable during their encounters with extraterrestrial life forms. She held an inner strength that belied her years, a resilience honed by adversity, and an unnerving calm in the face of the unknown. She was the healing force, the medicine soothing the physical and emotional wounds inflicted by the perils of space.

Penny, the middle child, was an enigma. Her love for books and quick wit helped lighten the atmosphere when the unseen future had them all in its grip. Her whimsical fantasies often gave way to innovative ideas, proving that an imaginative mind could be just as useful in survival as knowledge and strength. She was the inspiring force, the muse stoking the fires of creativity and morale in the bleak landscape of uncertainty.

Will, the youngest and the most ingenious among them, was a beacon of hope and potential. His affinity towards the ship’s AI system, Robot, was a testament to the bond between man and machine. He was the connective force, the bridge linking the human spirit with the unfathomable technology powering their journey.

Hidden in the shadows was the earlier antagonist, now their unwilling companion, Dr. Smith. A man of many complexities, his transformation from saboteur to ally was as puzzling as the cosmos outside. His self-serving intentions had mellowed down, sometimes even hinting at remorse. He was the reforming force, the emblem of redemption and the power of second chances.

Together, they were an unlikely constellation of human fragility and valor sailing in the cosmic ocean. They were a testament to the fact that even in the vast emptiness of space, the strength of human bonds could give purpose, the will to survive and navigate through the darkness.

The dynamics of the Robinsons was a dance of personalities, each individual orbiting around the family’s collective unity, much like planets around a sun. It was a spectacle of human perseverance; a symphony of survival that echoed through their spaceship, resonating in the core of their hearts and etching a tale of endurance in their minds.

And amidst all this, their ship, the Jupiter 2, bore stoic witness – a metallic cocoon sheltering a budding human experience from the cold, merciless cosmos. It was the silent force, the vessel carrying not just human lives, but also a cargo of dreams, hopes, courage, and the testament of human resilience against the odds of the universe.

So, they journeyed, borne on the wings of determination, unity, and an undying hope to find Alpha Prime. The bonds that had woven them so tightly were no longer just of blood, but of shared glances, understood silences, and an underlying rhythm of coexistence, painting a masterpiece of survival on the canvas of the cosmos.

The journey had pushed them all, transforming them from mere survivors to warriors, from a disjointed group to a solid unit. It wasn’t just about reaching Alpha Prime anymore; it was a journey of self-discovery, of building on their strengths, and transforming their weaknesses. It was an exploration that went beyond the cosmic realms, delving into the inner universes of courage, resilience, love, and unity. And that was the true space adventure – not the physical displacement through galaxies, but the metaphysical journey within.

Chapter 7: Final Confrontation

The vast depths of space stretched around the Jupiter 2, an endless expanse of darkness punctuated by the shimmer of distant stars. They did not gleam with the friendly twinkle of Earth’s nighttime sky. They were alien, distant, and cold, a constant reminder of the Robinsons’ isolation. Yet, amid the uncertainty and unending danger, something powerful had taken root – a deep-seated bond that had strengthened in adversity.

In the confined spaces of the Jupiter 2, they had become more than just a family on a mission; they were a team, a united front against the perils of the unknown universe. Judy, the biologist, who had displayed resilience that rivalled the enduring quartz, Will, the child prodigy, whose intelligence surmounted obstacles more formidable than the rarest meteors, and Penny, the quick-witted teenager, whose courage shone brighter than the hottest sun. Together with their parents, Maureen, a fearless leader, and John, the undaunted military man, and, of course, Dr. Smith, the initial saboteur turned reluctant ally – they were an indomitable force.

Their destination, Alpha Prime, had become more than a mission objective. It was a symbol of hope, a beacon that illuminated their path, overshadowed only by the looming cosmic anomaly that now threatened to extinguish it. An enormous vortex, pulsating with energy that defied the laws of physics, stood between them and their goal. It was the final hurdle, a test of everything they had learned, and every bond they had made on this journey.

As the Robinsons navigated toward the colossal anomaly, tension filled the ship. They launched probe after probe into the vortex, attempting to decipher its properties. Will and Dr. Smith, their heads together over a console, were lost in their own world of calculations and data analysis. Their unlikely alliance bore an uncomfortable tension, but it was this tension that fueled their search for answers.

Meanwhile, Judy and Penny helped their mother prepare the Jupiter 2 for potential eventualities. Their activities were punctuated by bursts of chatter, bursts of laughter even, but beneath it, the gravity of their situation held a silent presence. Through the fast-paced preparations, the family’s unity was their rock, their beacon amidst the chaos.

Finally, it was time. Data from the probes suggested a slender path of safe passage through the vortex, a window that would open for mere seconds. Every single calculation had to be perfect. A whisper of doubt, a single error, and they would be lost to the unforgiving anomaly.

John took the helm, his usually stoic face a mask of stern concentration. Maureen, her scientific expertise invaluable, stayed by his side, providing the necessary navigational input. The countdown began, and the ship hummed with anticipation.

Sweat trickled down John’s forehead as he prepared to thrust the Jupiter 2 into the vortex’s heart. “Hold on to something, everybody,” he barked, his voice echoing through the tense silence. Judy clutched at a railing, Penny gripped the edge of a console, and Will tightened his hold around Dr. Smith’s waist.

The ship lurched, catapulted into the terrifying force of the vortex. The Robinsons were thrown into a maelstrom of blinding energy and heart-stopping terror. Time felt disjointed, reality, a blur. And then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over. The Jupiter 2 emerged from the other side, greeted by the familiar starry canvas of space.

They had done it. They had traversed the untraversable. The sighs of relief were swallowed by their victory cheers. The vortex, their final challenge, was behind them. Alpha Prime beckoned in the distance, the promise of a new home, a new beginning for humanity.

The Robinsons had started their journey with the weight of mankind’s hope. Now, after fighting unimaginable odds, they carried something more: the profound knowledge of what home truly meant. It wasn’t just a planet or a destination. It was unity, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit that thrived even in the face of staggering adversity. Through their journey, they had discovered that home was where their family was, and they bore the promise of carrying this sentiment forward into their new world.

And so, our story ends. But for the Robinsons, it is merely the dawn of a new chapter. As they hurtle toward Alpha Prime, they carry not just the seeds of a new civilization but also the lesson of what it truly means to be lost and found in space.

Some scenes from the movie Lost in Space written by A.I.

Scene 1



In a room filled with packing crates and mementos of an old life, JOHN ROBINSON (40s, stoic, determined), MAUREEN ROBINSON (40s, intelligent, warm), JUDY ROBINSON (18, diligent, sincere), PENNY ROBINSON (15, curious, perceptive), and WILL ROBINSON (11, brilliant, innocent) gather around the room with an air of melancholy.


(looking at a family picture)

We’re really leaving it all behind, aren’t we?


(looks at her, reassuring)

We’re giving humanity a second chance, Maureen. That’s worth more than everything in this room.

Suddenly, the door creaks open. A mysterious figure, DR. SMITH (50s, cunning), sneaks in, shadows concealing his face. He moves stealthily towards an adjoining room, where the blueprints for their spaceship lie.



The Robinson Family, in their space suits, walk towards their spaceship, the Jupiter 2. There’s a palpable tension in the air. They board the ship, oblivious of the stowaway.


(looking out at Earth)

It’s our last look at home.


(exhales, nervous)

I just hope our new home is ready for us.

The engines ROAR to life, and as the countdown finishes, the ship BLASTS OFF into the starry sky, leaving a world on the brink behind.



Scene 2


In the control room, PROFESSOR JOHN ROBINSON (50s, charismatic, courageous), MAUREEN ROBINSON (40s, intelligent, nurturing) and their children JUDY, PENNY, and WILL are all present, awestruck by the vast cosmos before them.

Suddenly, an ALARM BLARES. Lights FLASH. Chaos ensues.



What’s happening?


(looking at control panel)

The navigation system is going haywire!

John rushes to the control panel, pushing buttons. Maureen joins him.


There’s been a sabotage!


The ship begins to spiral out of control.


A door slides open, revealing DR. SMITH (40s, cunning, menacing), trying to look innocent.


What seems to be the problem?

John glares at him, suspicion clear in his eyes.


(turns to Smith)

You! What did you do?

Dr. Smith smiles wickedly before collapsing suddenly. The ship spiraling into uncharted territories.


As the Robinsons scramble to regain control of the ship, their journey into the unknown begins. The sabotaged mission is about to take them deeper into space, and closer to danger, than they ever imagined. The stakes have never been higher.


Scene 3


Door slides open with a HISS. JOHN ROBINSON, mid-40s, chiseled and focused, enters, joining his wife, MAUREEN ROBINSON, brilliant scientist, at the main console.


What’s the situation, Maureen?


Our course is unstable, and we’re encountering unusual cosmic storms.

Suddenly, an ALARM blares. Unreadable alien symbols glow on the main screen. At a smaller console, their children, JUDY, PENNY, and WILL, react with concern.


Alien communication or another threat?


Or maybe they’re asking if we want to join their book club.

Their youngest, WILL, studies the odd symbols, intrigued.


Actually, I think it’s a star map…

Suddenly, the ship SHUDDERS violently.


DR. SMITH, the saboteur, watches chaos ensue from the monitors in his secret alcove.



Welcome to the uncharted territories, Robinsons.

The Robinsons continue to grapple with the anomaly, revealing the simmering conflict within the family amidst their shared danger.


Scene 4


DR. SMITH, middle-aged, charismatic in a villainous way, confronts the ROBINSON FAMILY in the main control room.


Believe me, I had no intention to end up lost with you all.

JOHN ROBINSON, the head of the family, stern, a natural-born leader, steps forward.


That doesn’t explain the sabotage, Smith.


It was a miscalculation… An unfortunate one at that.

JUDY, the eldest Robinson child, smart and courageous, intervenes.


We don’t have the luxury of discord here. We need to stick together.


And why would I trust you?

PENNY, the younger daughter, sharp and perceptive, offers an icy smile.


Because, Dr. Smith, we’re your only chance of survival.

DR. SMITH (chuckles):

I suppose the enemy you know is better than the one you don’t.

The unspoken agreement hangs in the air. A pact is formed, born out of necessity and the urgent need to survive.




The stage is set for a journey filled with mistrust, eventual camaraderie, and adventure in the heart of uncharted space.

Scene 5


The control room is bathed in an ethereal light from the interstellar marvel unfolding outside. The ROBINSONS – JOHN (50s, strong, wise), MAUREEN (40s, intelligent, caring), JUDY (20, determined, courageous), PENNY (15, witty, adventurous), and WILL (10, curious, gifted) – and DR. SMITH (40s, cunning, inscrutable) huddle around the navigational unit.


We’ve charted a course through the Cygnus system. It’s unexplored, but it’s our best shot at finding Alpha Prime.


What about the possible dangers, Maureen?


We can’t avoid risks, John. We’re venturing further into the unknown.

Cut to the viewing screen, showcasing a breathtaking nebula.


The Robinsons encounter a race of peaceful ALIENS, who guide them toward a wormhole that could shorten their path to Alpha Prime.

ALIEN LEADER (via translator)

Our ancestors tell tales of this wormhole. It’s a gateway to galaxies beyond our reach. Use it wisely, earthlings.


How do we know we can trust them?


We don’t have much of a choice, Dr. Smith.

The ship enters the wormhole, engulfed by a riot of colors. Suddenly, they burst out the other side, where an UNKNOWN PLANET looms ahead.


Is that…Alpha Prime?

His wide-eyed wonder reflects on the viewing screen as the ship moves towards the planet.


The journey is filled with suspense, uncertainty, and a strange sense of hope. The Robinsons face new trials while growing closer as a family and making unexpected allies. Their journey to Alpha Prime is fraught with danger, but also filled with discovery and awe-inspiring wonders of the universe.


Scene 6


*Judy ROBINSON (25, intelligent, tough, leader) at the pilot’s seat. John ROBINSON (50s, strong, scientist) standing, watching. The control deck is bathed in GREEN LIGHT from an alien planet visible through the large view screen.*


(looking at the controls)

We’re running low on fuel.



We need to find a place to make repairs.

*Will ROBINSON (12, precocious, curious) enters, carrying a robotic part.*


I’ve fixed the navigation system!

*Judy and John exchange glances.*



That’s my boy.

*Maureen ROBINSON (40s, smart, nurturing) enters with Penny ROBINSON (18, sarcastic, creative), who’s holding a book. Dr. SMITH (40s, cunning, untrustworthy) trails behind.*


We need a plan. And it starts with sticking together, as a family.


(wry smile)

And Dr. Smith, do you count as family now?

*Dr. Smith grimaces.*


(to Dr. Smith)

You’re part of this whether you like it or not. We’re all we’ve got.

*A sudden turbulence rocks the ship. The Robinsons tumble. Alarms FLASH.*



We’re caught in the planet’s gravity. Brace yourselves!

*They all hold onto something. Each other. They are a family. Fighting together.*



Author: AI