Léon: The Professional

A hitman and his protege. Together they seek redemption and a new beginning amidst the concrete jungle.

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The sounds of screams and gunshots pierced the quiet night, echoing through the apartment building. Léon, the top hitman in New York, had just arrived home from his latest job, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. He heard a commotion coming from the apartment next door, and he knew he had to investigate.

As he opened the door, he saw the carnage before him. Dead bodies lay strewn across the floor, blood dripping from their wounds. Léon knew immediately who was responsible – a loose-cannon DEA agent named Stansfield. He had been watching him for weeks, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. But now, Stansfield had gone too far. Léon knew he had to act fast to protect himself and the one survivor of the massacre – a 12-year-old girl named Mathilda.

Chapter 1: The Professional

Léon had always prided himself on being a professional. He was efficient, reliable, and discreet. He never asked questions or got involved in the politics of his clients. He simply did his job and collected his pay. But when he found himself with a traumatized 12-year-old girl on his hands, he realized that being a hitman was not enough.

Mathilda was the only survivor of the massacre next door. She had witnessed her entire family being brutally murdered by Stansfield and his team. Léon didn’t know what to do with her, but he couldn’t just leave her on her own. He took her in and tried to make her as comfortable as possible in his small, dingy apartment.

At first, Mathilda was scared and withdrawn. She refused to talk or eat and spent most of her time hiding under the covers. But as the days passed, she slowly started to open up to Léon. He was surprised at how much he enjoyed spending time with her. They had a routine – he would teach her how to read and write, and she would help him cook and clean. They were an odd duo, but they made it work.

One day, Mathilda asked a question that caught Léon off guard. “Are you a hitman?” she asked, her big brown eyes looking up at him with curiosity. Léon hesitated before answering. He had never talked about his job with anyone before, but there was something about Mathilda that made him want to be honest with her.

“Yes, I am,” he said, his voice low and steady. “But that doesn’t mean you have to be like me. You’re still young, and you have your whole life ahead of you.”

Mathilda didn’t say anything for a long time, but when she did, her words surprised him. “I want to be like you,” she said, determination in her voice. “I want to learn how to protect myself and get revenge on Stansfield for what he did.”

Léon was taken aback by her words. He had never considered teaching anyone else his skills, but he could see the fire in Mathilda’s eyes. She was serious about this, and he knew he couldn’t just brush her off.

“Okay,” he said finally. “I’ll teach you what you need to know. But you have to promise me that you won’t use these skills unless it’s absolutely necessary. And you can never tell anyone about what I’m teaching you.”

Mathilda nodded eagerly, and Léon began to teach her the basics of self-defense and marksmanship. She was a quick learner and surprised him with her natural talent. Léon knew that he had to be careful while teaching her, though. He didn’t want her to become a killer like him.

As the days turned into weeks, Léon and Mathilda’s relationship grew stronger. They became close, almost like father and daughter. Léon had never had a family of his own, and he found himself becoming protective of Mathilda. He knew that Stansfield was still out there, and he had to keep Mathilda safe at all costs.

But Léon’s world was about to get even more complicated. Stansfield had started to investigate the massacre, and he suspected that Léon knew more than he was letting on. He started to put pressure on him, threatening to expose his true identity as a hitman. Léon knew that he had to be careful, but he also knew that he couldn’t just sit back and let Stansfield win.

Léon and Mathilda hatched a plan to take down Stansfield. They set a trap for him in a crowded restaurant, and they engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Stansfield was a skilled adversary, but Léon and Mathilda had the element of surprise on their side. They managed to outsmart him and bring him to justice.

After the showdown, Léon and Mathilda had to leave everything behind. They knew that they couldn’t stay in New York, so they embarked on a journey to start fresh and build a new life together. Léon had found a new purpose in life – to protect Mathilda at all costs.

Chapter 2: The Unwilling Custodian

Léon wakes up to the sound of Mathilda’s voice. She’s pacing back and forth, muttering to herself. Léon sits up and rubs his eyes. He’s still tired from last night’s job. He turns to Mathilda and sees that she’s holding a picture of her family.

“Léon, I can’t stop thinking about them,” Mathilda says, tears streaming down her face. “Why did they have to die?”

Léon doesn’t know how to comfort her. He’s not used to dealing with emotional outbursts. He’s always been a man of action, not words. But he knows that he can’t just ignore Mathilda’s pain.

“Mathilda, I know it’s hard,” Léon says, his voice soft. “But you have to be strong. We have to focus on getting revenge on Stansfield.”

Mathilda nods, but Léon can see that the pain is still there. He knows that he has to distract her. He gets up from the bed and goes to the kitchen.

“Want some milk?” he asks, pouring a glass for Mathilda.

Mathilda nods and takes the glass. She sips it slowly, her eyes fixed on the picture.

“Léon, can you teach me how to shoot?” she asks suddenly.

Léon almost drops the milk carton. He’s not sure if he heard her right.

“What?” he asks, turning to face her.

“I want to learn how to shoot,” Mathilda says, determination in her voice. “I want to get revenge on Stansfield.”

Léon stares at her for a moment, weighing his options. He knows that he shouldn’t involve Mathilda in his work, but he can see that she’s serious.

“Okay,” he says finally. “I’ll teach you.”

Mathilda’s face lights up, and Léon feels a pang in his chest. He knows that he’s going to regret this, but he can’t say no to her.

“First, we need to get you a gun,” Léon says, standing up. “Come on, let’s go shopping.”

They head out to a nearby gun store, and Léon helps Mathilda pick out a small handgun. He shows her how to load it and how to aim.

“Remember, Mathilda,” he says, his voice serious. “This is not a toy. You can hurt yourself or someone else if you’re not careful.”

Mathilda nods, and Léon can see the determination in her eyes. He knows that he has to be careful with her. He doesn’t want her to get hurt.

They spend the rest of the day practicing in an abandoned parking lot. Léon shows Mathilda how to shoot at targets, and he corrects her posture and technique. Mathilda is a fast learner, and she’s soon hitting the targets with deadly accuracy.

Léon watches her with a mix of pride and fear. He knows that Mathilda has the potential to be a great hitman, but he also knows that she’s just a child. He wonders if he’s made a mistake by involving her in his work.

As the sun sets, they head back to their apartment. Mathilda is still fired up from the day’s training, but Léon is exhausted. He collapses on the couch and closes his eyes.

“Léon, can we do this every day?” Mathilda asks, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Léon almost says no, but he sees the look on Mathilda’s face. He can’t deny her the chance to learn how to defend herself.

“Okay, Mathilda,” he says, his voice resigned. “We’ll train every day.”

Mathilda grins, and Léon knows that he’s in for a lot of work. He wonders how he’s going to keep her safe while teaching her how to kill. But he knows that he can’t back out now. He’s made a promise, and he intends to keep it.

As they settle in for the night, Léon can’t help but think about the future. He wonders if he’s creating a monster or if he’s giving Mathilda the tools she needs to survive. He knows that only time will tell.

Chapter 3: Bonding Time

Mathilda woke up early, feeling more rested than she had in weeks. She got dressed quietly, not wanting to wake Léon, and decided to make breakfast for them. She remembered the ingredients they had and started to plan out a menu. She wanted to surprise Léon and show him how much she appreciated everything he had done for her.

As she cooked, Mathilda thought about their training sessions. Léon had taught her how to use different types of guns, how to reload quickly, and how to aim for the head. She had also learned hand-to-hand combat and how to defend herself in close quarters. Mathilda had always been a quick learner, and she was glad to have these skills under her belt.

When Léon woke up, he was surprised to find Mathilda in the kitchen making breakfast. He had gotten used to doing everything himself, and it was nice to have someone else take care of him for a change. They sat down to eat, and Mathilda couldn’t help but smile as Léon complimented her on the food.

After breakfast, they decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Léon wanted to show Mathilda where he worked and some of his favorite spots in the city. They walked through Central Park, enjoying the fresh air and the scenery. Mathilda was fascinated by the different types of trees and flowers, and Léon explained some of the history of the park.

As they walked, Léon noticed that Mathilda was quieter than usual. He asked her what was on her mind, and she hesitated before speaking. “Léon, I know that we’re training for something big, but I was wondering if we could just… take a break for a while. Do something fun, like go to the movies or something?”

Léon was surprised by Mathilda’s request. He had been so focused on their training that he hadn’t thought about doing anything else. But he realized that Mathilda was right. They needed a break from all the hard work and the constant threat of danger.

“Okay,” he said with a smile. “Let’s go to the movies.”

They walked to a nearby theater and looked at the different movie posters. Mathilda was excited to see that there was a new action movie playing. Léon wasn’t a big fan of movies, but he didn’t mind watching them with Mathilda.

They bought their tickets and settled into their seats. As the lights dimmed and the previews started, Mathilda leaned over to Léon and whispered, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Léon. I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

Léon smiled and put his arm around her, feeling grateful for the first time in a long time. He knew that they had a long way to go before they could take down Stansfield, but he was glad to have Mathilda by his side. She had become like a daughter to him, and he would do anything to protect her.

The movie started, and they got lost in the action on screen. Mathilda cheered when the hero won, and Léon chuckled at her enthusiasm. For a brief moment, they forgot about their troubles and just enjoyed being together.

As they walked home, they talked about the movie and their favorite parts. Mathilda asked Léon if he had ever been to the movies before, and he shook his head. “No, I haven’t. I guess it’s never been a priority for me.”

“Well, now that you’ve been, we have to go more often,” Mathilda said with a grin.

Léon laughed. “Sure, why not?”

As they reached their apartment building, they both felt a twinge of unease. They knew that Stansfield was still out there, and they couldn’t let their guard down for a moment. But for now, they were just happy to have each other’s company and a break from their training. They went to bed that night feeling a little more relaxed and a little more hopeful for the future.

Chapter 4: The Plan

Léon sat across from Mathilda, his face stern, his gaze unwavering. He listened intently as Mathilda explained her plan for revenge against Stansfield.

“We need to hit him where it hurts,” Mathilda said, her voice shaking slightly. “We need to make him suffer like he made us suffer.”

Léon raised an eyebrow. “And how do you propose we do that?”

Mathilda leaned forward, her eyes shining with determination. “We need to go after his money. That’s the only thing that matters to him. If we can take that away, we’ll have won.”

Léon considered this for a moment. It was a risky plan, but he could see the fire in Mathilda’s eyes. She was serious about this. And he knew that if anyone could pull it off, it was her.

“All right,” he said finally. “Let’s hear the details.”

Mathilda grinned, and began to lay out her plan.


The plan was simple, but risky. They would break into Stansfield’s mansion and steal as much money as they could. But they had to be careful. Stansfield had security cameras and guards patrolling the grounds at all times.

Mathilda had done her research, though. She knew that the security cameras were motion-activated, and that there was a blind spot near the back of the house. They would have to make their move quickly and quietly, but she was confident they could do it.

Léon had his reservations, but he trusted Mathilda. He knew that she could handle herself in a crisis, and he would do anything to help her get revenge.

They spent the next few days planning and rehearsing. They went over every detail, from the timing of the cameras to the layout of the mansion. They practiced their moves until they were second nature, until they could do it blindfolded.

Finally, the night of the heist arrived. They dressed in dark clothing and made their way to Stansfield’s mansion, sticking to the shadows and staying out of sight.

Mathilda led the way, creeping along the wall until they reached the blind spot. She signaled to Léon, who nodded and stepped forward.

He made quick work of the security camera, disabling it with a single bullet. Then he motioned for Mathilda to follow him.

They slipped inside the mansion, moving like ghosts through the darkened halls. They could hear faint snoring coming from the bedrooms, but no one stirred as they passed.

They made their way to the study, where Stansfield kept his safe. Mathilda produced a set of lockpicks, and set to work on the lock.

Léon kept watch, his eyes scanning the room for any sign of danger. He was tense, his heart racing, but he knew that he had to stay alert.

Finally, Mathilda cracked the safe. She grinned and pulled out stacks of cash, stuffing them into a bag.

But just as she was about to finish, they heard a sound from outside. Someone was coming.

Léon grabbed Mathilda’s arm and motioned for her to follow him. They bolted out of the room and ran down the hall, trying to stay ahead of whoever was coming.

But they were too late. They turned a corner and found themselves face to face with Stansfield and several of his guards.

Stansfield grinned, his eyes cold. “Well, well, well,” he said. “What do we have here?”

Mathilda stepped forward, her hand on her gun. “We’re taking what’s ours,” she said. “You took away everything we had. It’s only fair that we take something from you.”

Stansfield laughed. “You’re a feisty one, aren’t you? But you’re no match for me. Guards, take them down.”

The guards moved forward, but Léon and Mathilda were ready. They fought back with a ferocity that surprised even Stansfield. They ducked and weaved, dodging bullets and returning fire.

The fight was a blur of movement and noise, but in the end, Léon and Mathilda emerged victorious. Stansfield lay on the ground, unconscious, while his guards were either dead or fleeing for their lives.

Léon looked at Mathilda, his eyes shining with pride. She had done it. She had gotten her revenge.

But as they made their way out of the mansion, Léon couldn’t shake the feeling that they had just made a huge mistake. They had crossed a line, and there was no going back.

Chapter 5: The Hit

Mathilda’s training is put to the test when they go on a hit together. Léon gives her a gun, and she has to shoot a target. Mathilda is scared, but she remembers the lessons Léon taught her. They successfully complete the hit, and Mathilda feels alive for the first time since her family died.

Mathilda couldn’t believe she had just completed her first hit. The adrenaline was still pumping through her veins as she and Léon left the scene, the body of their target lying lifeless on the ground. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that she had done something that most kids her age could never even dream of.

As they made their way back to the apartment, Léon praised Mathilda for her excellent performance. “You did great,” he said, patting her on the back. “You’re a natural.” Mathilda couldn’t help but smile, feeling proud of herself for the first time in a long time.

Once they arrived back at the apartment, Léon immediately went into clean-up mode. He meticulously wiped down every surface, making sure to remove any incriminating evidence. Mathilda watched in awe as he worked, amazed at his attention to detail.

As they sat down for dinner, Mathilda asked Léon if they could go on more hits together. “I loved it,” she said, her eyes shining with excitement. “I want to do it again.”

Léon hesitated for a moment, knowing the risks involved. But he also knew that Mathilda had a natural talent for the job, and that he could teach her how to do it safely. “Okay,” he finally said, nodding his head. “But only if I think it’s safe.”

Over the next few weeks, Mathilda and Léon went on several more hits together. Mathilda’s confidence grew with each one, and she became more comfortable with the violence that came with the job. Léon was impressed with her progress, but he never forgot that he was responsible for her safety.

One day, Léon received a call from his employer, Tony, asking him to take care of a job for him. The target was a notorious drug dealer, and Tony was willing to pay top dollar for the hit.

Léon knew that this job would be dangerous, but the payout was too good to pass up. He decided to bring Mathilda along, knowing that she had the skills to help him.

They spent the next few days planning the hit, studying the target’s movements and finding the best place to strike. Mathilda was nervous, but she felt a sense of purpose knowing that they were taking down someone who was responsible for so much pain and suffering.

Finally, the day of the hit arrived. Mathilda and Léon made their way to the target’s hideout, moving silently through the shadows. They took out the guards, one by one, until they finally reached the target’s room.

Léon kicked down the door, and they both rushed into the room, guns blazing. The target was caught off guard, and he didn’t stand a chance against them. Mathilda shot him in the head, and the room fell silent.

As they made their way back to the apartment, Léon couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. They had completed the job without any issues, and he knew that they were both getting better at what they did.

Mathilda was beaming with pride, knowing that she had helped to take down someone who had caused so much pain and destruction. She couldn’t wait for their next job, and she was grateful for Léon’s guidance and support.

But little did they know, their latest hit had put them on the radar of Stansfield, the DEA agent who had killed Mathilda’s family. And he was determined to find out who was responsible for the murders he had committed.

Chapter 6: The Investigation

Stansfield had been on Léon’s tail ever since the massacre happened. Léon knew that it was only a matter of time before Stansfield caught up to him. He tried to stay under the radar, but Stansfield was relentless. He started to put pressure on Léon by sending his men to follow him and Mathilda.

Léon knew that he had to do something to throw Stansfield off his trail. He decided to lay low for a while, so he took Mathilda to a small town a few hours away from New York. They rented a small apartment and tried to blend in with the locals. Léon took odd jobs to make ends meet, and Mathilda started to go to school.

Despite their best efforts, Stansfield eventually found them. Léon knew that he had to act fast to protect Mathilda. He sat down with Mathilda and explained the situation to her. She was scared, but she trusted Léon.

Léon came up with a plan to take down Stansfield. He knew that Stansfield was a skilled adversary, but he believed that he could outsmart him. He started to gather information about Stansfield’s operations, and he discovered that Stansfield was involved in some shady business deals. Léon knew that he could use this information to his advantage.

One day, Léon and Mathilda went to a diner in town. As they were eating breakfast, Stansfield and his men walked in. Léon knew that this was his chance to take down Stansfield once and for all.

Léon signaled for Mathilda to hide under the table. He then walked up to Stansfield and pretended to be surprised to see him. “Stansfield, what are you doing here?” he asked.

Stansfield smirked. “I could ask you the same thing, Léon. What are you doing in this town?”

Léon shrugged. “Just passing through. What about you?”

Stansfield leaned in closer. “I’m here on business. And I have a feeling that you’re involved.”

Léon played dumb. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Stansfield chuckled. “Don’t play dumb with me, Léon. I know that you’re involved in this somehow. And I’m going to find out how.”

Léon stood his ground. “I’m not involved in anything, Stansfield. And even if I was, what’s it to you?”

Stansfield’s eyes narrowed. “It’s everything to me. You and that girl are a threat to my operation. And I can’t have that.”

Léon knew that he had to act fast. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a gun. Stansfield and his men did the same. A deadly standoff ensued. Léon knew that he had to make a move.

He fired his gun, and chaos erupted. Mathilda crawled out from under the table and started firing as well. Stansfield’s men were caught off guard, and they were quickly taken down. Stansfield himself put up a good fight, but Léon and Mathilda were able to overpower him.

In the end, Stansfield was left lying on the ground, defeated. Léon and Mathilda had won. They knew that they had to leave town as soon as possible before the authorities arrived.

As they drove away, Mathilda turned to Léon. “Are we going to be okay now?”

Léon smiled. “Yes, Mathilda. We’re going to be just fine.”

Chapter 7: The Showdown

Léon and Mathilda execute their plan to take down Stansfield at a crowded restaurant. The tension is high as they wait for Stansfield to arrive. Mathilda tries to keep her nerves in check, but Léon can see the fear in her eyes. He puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and she takes a deep breath.

When Stansfield walks in, Léon and Mathilda are ready. Stansfield takes a seat at a table in the center of the restaurant, surrounded by his men. Léon and Mathilda approach from opposite sides, their guns drawn. The other patrons start to panic and flee the scene.

Stansfield sees Léon and Mathilda and recognizes them immediately. He starts to reach for his own gun, but Léon is quicker. He shoots Stansfield’s gun out of his hand, and Mathilda fires a shot into the ceiling to get everyone’s attention.

“Drop your weapons,” Léon orders Stansfield’s men. “This is between us.”

Stansfield’s men hesitate for a moment, but they eventually comply. Léon and Mathilda have them surrounded, and they don’t stand a chance.

Stansfield starts to laugh. “You think you’ve won?” he says. “You have no idea what you’re up against.”

Léon and Mathilda keep their guns trained on Stansfield, but they’re both on edge. They know that Stansfield is unpredictable and dangerous.

Suddenly, Stansfield reaches for something under the table. Léon and Mathilda react instinctively and fire their guns. There’s a moment of silence as everyone waits to see what’s happened.

Stansfield falls to the ground, and Léon and Mathilda rush over to him. They see that he was reaching for his cellphone, not a weapon.

“He was calling for backup,” Léon realizes.

Mathilda looks at Stansfield’s lifeless body with a mix of satisfaction and sadness. She’s avenged her family, but at what cost?

“Let’s go,” Léon says, snapping her out of her thoughts.

They leave the restaurant as quickly as they can, blending into the chaos of the surrounding streets. Léon knows that they can’t stick around for long, so they head back to their apartment to pack their bags.

As they’re packing, Mathilda starts to cry. “It’s over,” she says. “We did it.”

Léon nods. “It’s over,” he agrees.

But they both know that this isn’t the end. They’ve crossed a line, and there’s no going back. They’ll never be able to live a normal life again.

They finish packing and leave the apartment for the last time. Léon steals a car, and they drive out of the city as fast as they can. They don’t know where they’re going, but they know that they’re in it together.

Chapter 8: The Aftermath

Léon and Mathilda drove for hours, leaving New York City far behind as they crossed the state line into Pennsylvania. Léon had been driving all night, and Mathilda had dozed off in the passenger seat. They had to leave everything behind: Léon’s apartment, his safe house, his life as a hitman. It was time to start fresh.

As they drove through the rolling hills, Léon couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. He had never felt so exposed before. Without his arsenal of weapons and his network of contacts, he felt vulnerable. But he knew that he had to keep going. He had to protect Mathilda at all costs.

Finally, the sun began to rise, and Léon pulled off the highway to find a motel where they could rest for a few hours. As they checked in, Mathilda looked around the small room and sighed.

“It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing,” Léon said, trying to reassure her.

Mathilda nodded, but he could tell that she was still worried.

Léon went outside to get some fresh air and to clear his head. He had been so focused on getting out of New York that he hadn’t thought about what they would do next. He knew that they couldn’t stay in one place for too long, but he didn’t have a plan.

As he walked around the motel, he noticed a small hardware store across the street. He went inside and started browsing the aisles. He needed a way to protect himself and Mathilda. He picked up a roll of duct tape and some rope, and then he noticed a shotgun on display behind the counter.

He had never used a shotgun before, but he knew that it was a powerful weapon. He decided to buy it, along with a box of shells. As he walked back to the motel, he felt a sense of relief. He had a plan. He would keep Mathilda safe, no matter what.

When he got back to the room, he saw that Mathilda was still asleep. He unloaded the shotgun and put it under the bed, out of sight. He didn’t want to scare her, but he knew that he had to be prepared for anything.

As they drove out of the motel parking lot a few hours later, Léon decided that they would head south. He had heard that there were some small towns in Virginia where they could blend in and start over. He didn’t know much about the area, but he figured that it was worth a shot.

They drove for hours through the countryside, passing through small towns and big cities. Mathilda had started to come out of her shell again, talking and laughing with Léon. It was like they were on a road trip, except that they were running from the law.

Finally, they reached a small town called Middletown. Léon had read that it was quiet and peaceful, with a friendly community. It sounded perfect. They found a cheap motel on the outskirts of town and settled in.

The first few days in Middletown were strange for Léon and Mathilda. They were used to the hustle and bustle of New York, but Middletown was slow and steady. They spent most of their time in the motel room, watching TV and ordering takeout. Léon didn’t want to draw attention to themselves, so they stayed out of sight.

But Mathilda was restless. She had always been a curious child, and she wanted to explore. Léon was hesitant at first, but he knew that he couldn’t keep her cooped up forever. So, one afternoon, he took her to the local park.

It was a small park, but it had a playground and a pond. Mathilda ran to the swings, and Léon sat down on a bench to watch her. He had never been much of a people person, but he had to admit that it was nice to be around families and children.

As he watched Mathilda play, he noticed a woman walking towards them. She was in her mid-thirties, with long brown hair and a kind face. Léon tensed up, but he tried to stay calm.

“Hi there,” the woman said, smiling at Mathilda. “She’s a cute kid. Is she your daughter?”

Léon hesitated, not sure how to respond. But then he saw the kindness in the woman’s eyes, and he decided to take a chance.

“No, she’s not my daughter,” he said. “We’re just passing through town.”

The woman introduced herself as Bethany, and they chatted for a few minutes. She was a stay-at-home mom, and she had two kids of her own. Léon didn’t say much, but he could tell that Mathilda was enjoying herself.

As they were leaving the park, Bethany handed Léon a slip of paper with her phone number on it.

“If you ever need anything, just give me a call,” she said. “It’s always nice to have friends in a new town.”

Léon was hesitant, but he took the paper, tucking it into his pocket. He didn’t know if he could trust Bethany, but he appreciated the gesture.

As they walked back to the motel, Léon couldn’t help but feel a sense of hope. Maybe they could start a new life in Middletown. Maybe they could make a home here.

But he knew that they had to be careful. They were still on the run, and one slip-up could cost them everything. He had to stay alert, for Mathilda’s sake.

As they approached the motel room, Léon noticed something strange. The door was ajar. He tensed up, reaching for the shotgun under the bed.

He slowly pushed the door open, and then he saw him. Stansfield.


After settling down in a new town, Léon and Mathilda tried to lead a normal life. They kept a low profile, but Léon’s past as a hitman caught up with him.

Chapter 9: The Future

Léon and Mathilda had been living peacefully in their new town for a couple of years. Mathilda was now a teenager, and she was doing well in school. Léon had taken odd jobs to make ends meet, but he still struggled to let go of his past.

One day, Léon received a visit from an old acquaintance, Tony. Tony used to be in the business with Léon, but he had retired and moved to a secluded cabin in the woods. Tony told Léon that he had heard rumors that someone was trying to find him. Léon knew that it was only a matter of time before his past caught up with him.

Léon tried to convince Mathilda to leave town with him, but she refused. She didn’t want to leave her friends and her life behind. Léon knew that he had to face his past alone.

A few days later, Léon received a call from a man named Vito. Vito was a crime boss in New York, and he had a job for Léon. Léon tried to refuse, but Vito threatened to hurt Mathilda if he didn’t comply.

Léon reluctantly went back to New York. He knew that this was a trap, but he had no choice. He had to protect Mathilda.

When Léon arrived in New York, he discovered that Vito had set him up. The job was a suicide mission. Léon was outnumbered and outgunned. But he didn’t give up. He fought his way through Vito’s men, using all the skills he had learned over the years.

Finally, Léon reached Vito. They engaged in a brutal fight, but Léon emerged victorious. He had avenged his past and protected his future.

Léon returned to his new town, battered and bruised. Mathilda was relieved to see him alive. They hugged each other tightly, grateful for the time they had together.

From that day on, Léon knew that he had to keep looking over his shoulder. His past would always be a part of him, but he had learned to live with it. He had found a new family in Mathilda, and he would do anything to protect her.

The end.

Some scenes from the A.I. movie Léon: The Professional

Scene 1



The camera pans over the cityscape of New York, focusing on a dark alley. We see a silhouetted figure, LÉON, emerge from the shadows. He is dressed in all black with a stoic expression on his face.



Léon enters his apartment and begins to clean his weapons with precision. The camera pans around his sparsely furnished apartment, showing us his attention to detail and his solitary lifestyle.



We see the lights flicker on and off in one of the windows of an adjacent apartment building. Suddenly, gunshots ring out, followed by screams.



Léon hears the commotion outside and cautiously approaches his window. He sees a DEA agent, STANSFIELD, and his team storming the building next door.



Stansfield and his team enter an apartment and begin shooting at the occupants inside.



Léon watches in horror as he sees the family next door, including a young girl, brutally murdered. He looks away, unable to bear watching any longer.



Stansfield exits the building, wiping blood off his face. He smirks to himself as he walks away, satisfied with his work.



Léon is shaken by what he witnessed. He knows he needs to stay low and avoid getting involved, but he can’t shake the image of the young girl who was left behind.


Scene 2


Léon and Mathilda sit on the couch, surrounded by dozens of guns of all shapes and sizes.


Now, the first lesson is about handling the gun. You see, the gun is not just a weapon. It’s an extension of your arm. You have to treat it with respect.

Mathilda looks at the guns nervously.


I don’t know if I can do this.

Léon puts his arm around her.


Don’t worry, Mathilda. I’ll be right here with you.

He picks up a gun and shows it to her.


Now, the first thing you have to do is check if it’s loaded.

He opens the chamber and shows her.


See? Empty.

Mathilda takes the gun and examines it.


Okay, what’s next?

Léon smiles.


Now, we learn how to aim.

He shows her how to hold the gun and how to aim at a target on the wall.


Good. Now, breathe in and out. Steady your hand. And… shoot.

Mathilda pulls the trigger, and the gun makes a loud noise. She jumps in surprise.


Wow, I did it!

Léon pats her on the back.


Good job, Mathilda. You have talent.

Mathilda grins.


Can we do it again?

Léon nods.


Sure, we have all night.

They spend the next few hours practicing shooting, reloading, and aiming. Mathilda becomes more confident with each shot.


Léon and Mathilda are exhausted but happy. They sit on the couch, surrounded by empty bullet shells.


(sighs) That was so much fun.

Léon smiles.


I’m glad you enjoyed it. But remember, the gun is not a toy. You have to use it responsibly.

Mathilda nods.


I know. I won’t forget.

Léon gets up and stretches.


Well, it’s time for bed. We have a big day tomorrow.

Mathilda yawns.


Okay. Goodnight, Léon.

Léon kisses her on the forehead.


Goodnight, Mathilda.

He turns off the lights, and they go to bed, exhausted but excited for what’s to come.


Scene 3


Detective Williams sits at his desk, pouring over case files. He’s tired, and it shows. He rubs his eyes and takes a sip of coffee from the mug on his desk. His partner, Detective Lopez, walks in.


(New York accent)

“Hey, Williams, you look like shit.”

Williams looks up, slightly annoyed.


“What do you want, Lopez?”


“You hear about that hit on 58th street?”


“What hit?”


“Some guy on a bike blasted a guy in a suit right in the middle of the street.”

Detective Williams furrows his brow.


“Any witnesses?”


“None yet, but we’re going door-to-door. Figured I’d give you a heads up.”

Detective Williams nods, then goes back to his files. Detective Lopez lingers for a moment, then leaves the room.


Léon is sitting in a corner, cleaning his pistol. Mathilda is asleep on a pile of blankets. Léon finishes cleaning his gun, then puts it away. He checks on Mathilda, then leaves the building.


Léon walks through the streets, keeping his head down. He hears a rustling in the alley next to him. He stops, and looks over. He sees a figure moving in the shadows.

Léon reaches for his gun, but before he can draw it, a figure jumps out of the shadows and tackles him. They roll on the ground, struggling for control. Léon realizes that it’s Stansfield, the DEA agent who killed Mathilda’s family.


“Where is she, Léon? Where’s the girl?”

Léon manages to gain the upper hand, and pins Stansfield to the ground.


“You stay away from her. You hear me?”

Stansfield struggles, but Léon has him trapped.


“She’s mine, Léon. You can’t protect her forever.”

Léon hesitates, then decides to let Stansfield go. He stands up and walks away, leaving Stansfield on the ground, defeated.


Léon returns to the building, and checks on Mathilda. She’s still asleep. Léon sits down next to her, and watches over her, his gun at the ready.


Scene 4

Scene 1: Int. Léon’s apartment – Day

Léon is training Mathilda on how to clean a gun. He’s teaching her how to disassemble it, clean it, and reassemble it. Mathilda is nervous but eager to learn.

Léon: “You have to be careful with guns, Mathilda. They’re not toys.”

Mathilda: “I know, Léon. I just want to be ready.”

Léon: “Ready for what?”

Mathilda hesitates for a moment before answering.

Mathilda: “Ready to protect myself. And you, if I have to.”

Léon looks at her, surprised but proud.

Léon: “You’re a smart girl, Mathilda. But it’s important to know when not to use a gun too. Violence should always be the last resort.”

Mathilda nods, taking in Léon’s advice.

Scene 2: Int. Mathilda’s school – Day

Mathilda is sitting in her classroom, daydreaming. The teacher is lecturing about history, but Mathilda is not interested. She’s staring out the window, lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly, the classroom door bursts open and a man in a suit walks in, looking for Mathilda.

Man: “Mathilda Lando?”

Mathilda: “Yes?”

Man: “Your mother sent me to pick you up.”

Mathilda gets up from her desk, confused.

Mathilda: “My mother? What’s going on?”

Man: “She’s in trouble. You need to come with me.”

Mathilda grabs her backpack and follows the man out of the classroom, wondering what’s happening.

Scene 3: Int. The Lando’s house – Day

Mathilda and the man arrive at the Lando’s house. Mathilda’s mother is sitting on the couch, sobbing. There are two men in the room, who seem to be discussing something with her.

Mathilda’s mother: “Mathilda, thank god you’re here. These men are from the DEA. They think I know something about a drug shipment that’s coming in.”

Mathilda is stunned. This is the first time she’s hearing about any of this.

Man 1: “Mrs. Lando, we need your cooperation. We know you’re involved with the drug cartel. You need to tell us everything you know.”

Mathilda’s mother is silent, looking scared.

Man 2: “We can protect you, Mrs. Lando. But you need to help us first.”

Mathilda looks around the room, feeling helpless.

Scene 4: Int. Léon’s apartment – Evening

Mathilda bursts into Léon’s apartment, crying.

Mathilda: “Léon, they took my mother! The DEA, they think she’s involved in drugs!”

Léon is surprised, but he keeps his cool.

Léon: “Do you know where they took her?”

Mathilda shakes her head.

Mathilda: “No, I don’t. They just said they’d protect her if she cooperated.”

Léon: “Ok, we’ll have to find out where she is. We’ll get her back, Mathilda. I promise.”

Mathilda looks at Léon with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Mathilda: “Thank you, Léon. You’re the only one I can count on.”

Léon puts his arm around Mathilda, reassuring her.

Léon: “I’ll always be here for you, Mathilda. Always.”

Scene 5

Screenplay – Chapter 5



Mathilda is sitting on the couch, her eyes glued to the TV screen. Léon enters the room and stands behind her, watching over her shoulder.


What are you watching?


A cooking show. I’m trying to learn new recipes.



You’re gonna put me out of a job.

Mathilda giggles and turns to face him.


Hey, Léon, can I ask you something?


Of course.


Do you ever get scared?

Léon’s smile vanishes, and he sits down next to her on the couch.


What do you mean?


Like, when you go on a job, do you ever get scared that something might go wrong?

Léon looks down at his hands.


I used to, when I started out. But after a while, you learn to control your fear.


How do you control it?


You focus on the task at hand. You block everything else out.

Mathilda looks at him, searching for something in his expression.


Do you ever regret what you do?

Léon takes a deep breath.


Sometimes. But I know that what I do is necessary. I’m not a bad person, Mathilda. I just have a different job than most people.

Mathilda nods, and Léon puts his arm around her.


And I’ll always protect you, no matter what.

Mathilda leans into him and closes her eyes.


Scene 6

Scene 6: The Showdown



Mathilda and Léon are sitting at a table in a crowded restaurant. Stansfield walks in and spots them. He approaches their table.

STANSFIELD: (smiling) Well, well, well. Look who I found.

Léon and Mathilda remain calm.

LÉON: What do you want, Stansfield?

STANSFIELD: I want you to tell me who gave you that information about the drug bust.

LÉON: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

STANSFIELD: (leans in close to Léon) Don’t play dumb with me, Léon. You know more than you’re letting on.

Mathilda slowly reaches under the table and pulls out a gun. She aims it at Stansfield.

MATHILDA: Leave him alone, or I’ll shoot.

Stansfield chuckles.

STANSFIELD: (to Léon) Looks like the little girl has some spunk.

Léon remains calm, but Mathilda is shaking.

LÉON: Mathilda, put the gun down.

STANSFIELD: (to Mathilda) Go ahead, pull the trigger. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Mathilda’s finger tightens on the trigger, but she can’t bring herself to fire.

STANSFIELD: (laughing) You’re just a scared little girl. Put the gun down before someone gets hurt.

Léon takes advantage of the distraction and kicks Stansfield under the table. Stansfield falls to the ground, and Léon and Mathilda make a run for it.


Léon and Mathilda run through the busy streets of New York, trying to lose Stansfield.

STANSFIELD: (over a walkie-talkie) They’re heading west on 53rd street. I need backup.

A group of police cars and helicopters close in on them.

LÉON: We need to split up.

MATHILDA: No way. I’m not leaving you.

LÉON: (firmly) Go to the park. I’ll meet you there.

Mathilda nods and runs in the opposite direction.

Léon stops running and stands in the middle of the street. The police cars and helicopters surround him.

STANSFIELD: (through a megaphone) Léon, give up now. There’s nowhere to run.

Léon slowly reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a grenade. He pulls the pin and holds it up for everyone to see.

LÉON: (calmly) Let me go, or we all go.

The police back away slowly, and Léon walks away with his hands up.


Scene 7


Mathilda and Léon sit at a table, nervously waiting for Stansfield to arrive. Mathilda fiddles with her gun while Léon calmly sips his drink.


What if he doesn’t come?


He’ll come. He’s too arrogant to pass up the opportunity to gloat.

Mathilda nods, but she can’t shake the feeling of unease. Suddenly, the door opens, and Stansfield walks in. He scans the room before spotting Mathilda and Léon. He makes his way over to their table, a smug smile on his face.


Well, well, well. Look who it is. The little girl and her pet hitman.

Mathilda stands up, her gun trained on Stansfield. Léon stands up too, ready to protect her if necessary.


You killed my family. You destroyed my life. And now, it’s time for you to pay.

Stansfield laughs, unfazed by Mathilda’s threat.


You’re a little too late for revenge, sweetheart. You should have thought about that before you crossed me.

Mathilda doesn’t waver. She pulls the trigger, but her gun jams. Stansfield takes advantage of the moment and pulls out his own gun.

Léon jumps into action, disarming Stansfield and throwing him to the ground. Mathilda stands back, watching as Léon and Stansfield engage in a brutal fight.

Finally, Léon gains the upper hand and pins Stansfield to the ground. He looks at Mathilda, nodding his head in approval.


It’s done.

Mathilda takes a deep breath, relief washing over her. She holsters her gun and walks over to Léon. They share a long hug, finally free of the burden that has haunted them for so long.


Author: AI