Free Willy

“In a world that tried to tame them, one boy and a whale wrote their own rules of freedom.”

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Deep beneath the shimmering turquoise surface of the vast Pacific Ocean, a family of Orca whales glided effortlessly. Among them, a young one named Willy, who reveled in the freedom of the open water. But their tranquil existence was shattered one fateful day when their peaceful exploration brought them into the path of a whaler’s ship. Fueled by greed, the whalers harpooned Willy, separating him from his family and selling him to a commercial theme park. An existence of delightful freedom was suddenly replaced with a life of captivity and performance.

Meanwhile, on the dry land nearby, another soul was stripped of his freedom. Jesse, a free-spirited teenager with a knack for trouble, found himself on the wrong side of the law too often. His latest act of vandalism at a local theme park landed him into foster care, forcing him abruptly into a life of discipline and routine. Unknown to them both, their paths would soon intertwine, creating a saga of friendship, adventure, and the quest for freedom.

Chapter 1: “New Beginnings”

The sun had barely begun to cast its golden rays over the city when Jesse was awakened by the enthusiastic morning chirps of birds outside his window. The room was foreign, as were the rules he was now supposed to live by. His foster parents, the Greenwoods, had a firm but fair approach, expecting him to take responsibility for his actions. A part of their strategy was his assignment at the theme park – the very one he had vandalized.

Enveloped in a mixture of resentment, regret, and apprehension, Jesse stepped into the park. The vibrant sights and sounds that usually enthralled visitors had quite the opposite effect on him. It reminded him of the stern magistrate, the shameful court order, and the piercing gaze of his new guardians. Yet, unbeknownst to him, an unexpected encounter awaited.

As part of his duties, Jesse was tasked with cleaning the park’s aquarium. The moment he stepped into the dimly lit, glass-enclosed space, he felt the electrifying energy of the underwater world. The air was thick with a salty mist that reminded him of the wild, untamed Pacific Ocean. And there, amid the coral and aquatic life, floated a majestic being – the captive Orca whale – Willy.

For a reason he couldn’t immediately comprehend, Jesse found himself drawn to the enigmatic creature. Willy, despite being surrounded by the echoes of children’s laughter and camera flashes, seemed as out of place and disconnected as Jesse himself felt. This shared sense of disruption, of removal from their natural environments, ignited an immediate bond between them.

In the days that followed, Jesse was consumed by an inexplicable curiosity about Willy. He found himself lingering long after his cleaning duties were over, watching the intelligent eyes of the whale follow him around. He began to learn about the creature, about his disheartening capture, and his life in the aquarium – a life that mirrored Jesse’s existence in the foster system. Disconnected from their families and thrust into an unfamiliar world, they were both victims of circumstance.

And so, the misfit boy and the captive whale, bound by their shared alienation and longing, began their unique and captivating journey, oblivious to the dramatic turns their lives were about to take. From the unsettling confines of a city theme park, a powerful saga of bonds, betrayal, and freedom would soon unfold, forever changing their lives.

Chapter 2: “A Unique Kinship”

The second chapter of this heart-tugging tale whirls open like a slow waltz with the morning fog. A new day had broken over the theme park, wrapping it in a cold dawn hug. As Jesse, our intrepid protagonist, sauntered towards the park for his daily clean-up duties, he was weighed down by the burden of regret and the rancor of his recent delinquency. But beneath the veneer of adolescent angst and the grueling punishment, a glimmer of curiosity ebbed, rippling with the faint echoes of an uncanny kinship.

Upon reaching the aquarium, the sight of the majestic Orca whale named Willy, as statuesque as the last, left Jesse spellbound, yet again. Despite the thick glass wall separating them, Jesse felt an overwhelming connection with Willy. He saw reflected in the creature’s dark, melancholy eyes a mirror image of his own loneliness, creating an invisible thread tying their fates together. This moment marked the birthplace of an unspoken bond, a tacit understanding, getting woven between a maladjusted boy and a separated whale.

The theme park, once a symbol of his recklessness, soon turned into a sanctuary where Jesse could share silent conversations with Willy. He spent his time watching the Orca glide effortlessly through the water, its large dorsal fin cutting a solitary figure, much like himself. He felt a strange solace in Willy’s presence and sought to understand his silent language. The days seemed to blend into a montage of feeding, watching, and reaching out to the lonely creature in the tank.

Word of this extraordinary relationship soon reached the ears of the theme park’s employees. Whispered conversations sprouted among them, conveying awe, skepticism, and curiosity about this unlikely companionship. It was here that Rae Lindley, the compassionate whale trainer in the park, noticed the peculiar chemistry between the boy and the Orca.

Rae, with her years of experience and understanding of Orca behavior, recognized the bond between Jesse and Willy as something rare and powerful. She extended an olive branch to the troubled Jesse, offering to guide him in interacting with Willy. Using her wisdom, Rae began to teach him the delicate balance between patience and assertion, illustrating the intricate dance of trust that forms between humans and marine creatures.

Though skeptical at first, Jesse began to trust Rae’s judgment, drawing from her wisdom to build a stronger bond with Willy. Rae’s instructions became his guiding light, a beacon steering him through the uncharted waters of human-whale interaction. Through Rae’s tutelage, Jesse began to outwardly communicate with Willy, building a unique language of friendship.

This chapter of bonding and relationship building seemed to be an oasis for Jesse, a safe haven where his past mistakes didn’t define him, and his future was as unpredictable as the ocean itself. He was just Jesse – the boy who found a friend in an Orca named Willy. Meanwhile, the world outside continued to spin in its usual rhythm, oblivious to the profound connection developing inside the confinements of the theme park’s aquarium.

However, this newfound peace was not destined to last. Unbeknownst to Jesse and Willy, greed had started to take root in the heart of the theme park’s owner, Dial, who had begun to see the duo’s bond as a potential gold mine. The stage of innocence and friendship was gradually being replaced by the ominous shadow of exploitation. Chapter ‘A Unique Kinship’ ends on a note of suspense, setting ground for the looming chaos that is soon to ensue. Will Jesse and Willy’s friendship withstand the oncoming storm, or will it crumble under the weight of greed and manipulation? The tale of ‘Free Willy’ is about to take an unexpected turn.

Chapter 3: “Training Days”

After weeks of navigating the tumultuous waters of changing foster homes and reconnoitering the parameters of his new life, Jesse hit an inflection point in his life – the bond with Willy. His mornings had morphed from dawdling around to rushing into the theme park, drawn by the lure of the vast sea creature who, like him, was both alienated and entrapped.

Under the soft warmth of the morning sun, Jesse found himself standing at the edge of the pool, armed with a wealth of knowledge imparted by friendly whale trainer, Rae. She was a woman of tall stature, with fiery red hair and eyes that sparkled with passion for marine life. Seeing the genuine bond forming between Jesse and Willy, she had taken it upon herself to guide Jesse on how to rightly interact with the Orca.

“Remember, Jesse,” she had told him, “Willy’s a wild animal, and even though he’s captive, he’s not tame. Respect is reciprocal. You treat him with kindness, he’ll respond similarly.” Craving the bond he had found in Willy, Jesse took her advice to heart.

Day by day, through a series of successful and unsuccessful attempts, he learned. He learned the signs of Willy’s moods, the tilt of his head that indicated curiosity, the splash of his tail that masked irritation. A silent language that echoed their shared experiences, echoed through the glassy water that separated them, creating a bridge seldom traversed by man and beast.

As Willy launched himself skyward in a majestic arc before plunging back into the water, Jesse mirrored his exhilaration, the thrill ricocheting through him. Together, they began crafting routines, a beautifully choreographed dance between human and animal, a testament to their friendship.

Each successful trick was punctuated by the mighty clap of Willy’s tail against the water, sending frothy cascades skyward, and the triumphant whoop from Jesse. And each failure was met with a shared understanding, a recognition of the need for patience and persistence.

Despite their growing camaraderie, the training days weren’t devoid of rocky moments. There were times when Willy, exhausted and frustrated, refused to participate, but Jesse’s unwavering dedication ensured the continuity of their training sessions. He’d sit quietly by the poolside during Willy’s stubborn moments, recounting tales of his childhood exploits, or humming soft melodies until the great beast would eventually nudge his snout against Jesse’s open palm, ready to start again.

Meanwhile, word about Jesse and Willy’s impressive routines reached the ears of Dial, the theme park owner. However, the duo remained oblivious to his attention, focused solely on their bond and the mutual growth they derived from their shared experiences.

For Jesse, Willy was no longer just an Orca separated from his pod, but a friend, a confidante, a beacon of hope in his otherwise turbulent world. And for Willy, Jesse was not just another human making him jump through hoops but a companion, a spark of joy in his confined existence.

The long days of training, the shared silence, the victories, and failures, they all wove into a harmonious symphony, resonating in the hearts of both the boy and the whale. As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, casting fiery hues over the theme park, their silhouettes against the radiant backdrop encapsulated the unspoken bond they had fostered.

Unbeknownst to them, their lives were about to take a twist. As the curtain closed on the training days, the stage was being set for a bigger play, a play where they were unwitting actors, a play orchestrated by the manipulative and greedy Dial. But for now, they relished their friendship, their bond, their shared existence, basking in the joy of having found in each other a mirror to their souls.

Chapter 4: “Sea Show Star”

Life had entered a rhythm for Jesse. His days were filled with the companionship of an orca whale with a distinct white mark and the wisdom of the warm-hearted trainer Rae. It was a period of learning and growing, not just for the boy and the whale, but for everyone who witnessed their bond.

Each morning, as the sun stretched its golden fingers over the horizon and the gentle ocean waves lapped against the edge of the theme park, Jesse would rush through his chores with newfound enthusiasm. The magnitude of his connection with Willy became his sanctuary, his escape from the world’s chaos, and his mission.

Under Rae’s patient tutelage, Jesse commanded Willy through a series of tricks that amazed the staff and park visitors alike. It was a sight to behold – the unruly teenager and the majestic orca whale, seemingly in a dance, awash in their shared rhythm and understanding. The audience gasped and applauded as Willy breached the water, arcing beautifully under Jesse’s direction, the water droplets glittering like diamonds in the sunlight.

Jesse was no longer just a wayward youth; he was Willy’s voice, his ally, and his friend. The pair were blissfully unaware of the brewing storm Randal Dial, the park owner, was stirring in the shadows of his office.

Dial was a businessman at his core, his eyes gleaming with greed and dollar signs every time he caught sight of Jesse and Willy’s routine. His mind buzzed with possibilities. The crowd’s reactions, the rapt audiences, the potential headlines – everything signaled an opportunity to cash in on the unique spectacle before him. Ethics and morality held no podium in his profit-driven mind.

His scheme began taking shape – a grand spectacle showcasing Jesse and Willy. He feared not the repercussions, viewing the orca and the boy as mere commodities for his gain. Dial rubbed his hands together in glee as he planned, oblivious to the brewing storm his actions were about to unleash.

On a regular day in the park, a meeting was held. Dial, with an unnerving smile, unveiled his plans to the park employees. “A grand sea show! Willy and his boy wonder, Jesse, at the center. Imagine the crowds! The ticket sales!” The echoing silence in the room was palpable.

Rae, her heart sinking, looked to the others for support. She was met with uncertain faces, trapped in a decision that weighed their livelihood against the welfare of the animals they cared for. The room buzzed with tension, and internal conflicts brewed.

The spectacle of the Sea Show Star had spiraled into motion, the news spreading like wildfire throughout the park. It reached Jesse through park gossip, sowing the seeds of dread in his heart. The shared world of peace and friendship he’d built with Willy felt threatened, overshadowed by Dial’s greedy gaze.

Dial, unaware of the unrest his announcement had provoked, reveled in his plan, convinced it would transform the park’s fortunes. All he saw were dollar signs, ignoring the bond between a boy and a whale that was growing stronger and deeper by the day.

The stage was set for a profound revelation, a clash of principles, and a daring resolution. Little did Dial realize the strength of the bond he aimed to exploit, the determination of a young boy, and the lengths they would go to protect what they held dear. The Sea Show Star’s opening curtain would soon fall, but not in the way Dial expected. The park’s adventure was about to take an unexpected turn, and everyone involved was heading towards a dramatic crossroads.

Chapter 5: “Unveiling the Scheme”

As the sun set in a dramatic orange and purple streak across the evening sky, the workers toiled away in the theme park, preparing for another day of games, laughter, and attractions. Unbeknownst to many, a clandestine meeting was taking place in the park director’s office. Dial, the park owner, was detailing a devious plan to his trusted executives to exploit Willy and Jesse’s bond for sheer profit. The air around them was dense with greed and cunning.

Meanwhile, Jesse was teaching Willy new tricks, his laughter echoing in the aquarium. It was a stark contrast to the dark plot brewing in the director’s office. The tricks were more complicated, but Willy seemed to understand Jesse’s instructions, his intelligent eyes catching every move the teen made. It was a pure display of a bond rooted in respect and understanding.

At the edge of the training pool, Rae Lindley watched the duo with mixed emotions. She marveled at their connection but was also burdened by the knowledge of Dial’s scheming. She knew she had to intervene, but how would she confront a ruthless businessman who only saw dollar signs when he looked at Willy and Jesse?

Early next morning, the park employees arrived to find leaflets scattered across the park. The leaflets announced a “Spectacular Orca Show” showcasing Jesse and Willy’s “unbreakable bond.” The news came as a shock to the employees who had witnessed Jesse and Willy’s palpable connection growing organically. It was clear that this was Dial’s next move to cash in on the phenomenal relationship that captivated everyone.

Back at the aquarium, Jesse found one such leaflet. His face paled as he read it, realizing that his and Willy’s relationship was being co-opted for mere entertainment. He looked at Willy, who seemed to sense Jesse’s despair, and swam towards him soothingly.

At that moment, Rae approached Jesse. She had been mulling over how best to approach the teenager about Dial’s plan, but seeing him discover it in this way confirmed her worst fears. It was time for her to step in. She took a deep breath and began, “Jesse, there’s something you need to know about Dial…”

In exquisite detail, Rae explained Dial’s avarice-driven plot to exploit Jesse and Willy’s relationship. She revealed the business projections, the marketing plan, and the relentless schedule of shows Dial had prepared for the duo. As Jesse listened, his heart hardened at the thought of Willy and himself becoming just another spectacle.

The news hit Jesse like a tidal wave, making him gasp for breath. He felt like he had been robbed, his private relationship with Willy violated and commodified. He looked at Willy, who was whistling and splashing about, oblivious to the looming threat. Jesse realized he had a mammoth task ahead – he needed to protect his friend.

The chapter ended on a stormy note. The tides of their peaceful existence had been disrupted. Jesse was no longer a misfit teenager forming a bond with an Orca; he was now a warrior, pledging to fight for his friend’s freedom. His determination was as fierce as the waves crashing against the rocky cliffs outside the theme park – he was ready to stand against the powerful tide of human greed.

Chapter 6: “The Great Escape”

Jesse’s heart pounded like a ritual drum in his chest as he stared out across the glistening water, backlit by a brilliant setting sun. Willy – his companion, his fellow lost soul, his friend, stared back at him with soulful eyes that held a myriad of emotions bottled within their depths. The bond between them had grown stronger over time, uniting them in ways neither had anticipated. This was more than just an unexpected friendship between a troubled teenager and a majestic Orca whale; it had become a confrontation between innocence and avarice, freedom and confinement, love and exploitation.

Jesse’s mind was a storm, filled with the dread of Dial’s greedy intentions and the determination to defy them. One thing was clear to him – Willy deserved to be free, to be united with his family, to swim in the vast ocean that had once been his home.

In the quiet solace of the night, an idea sparked in Jesse’s mind – an audacious and daring escape plan. He would wrest Willy from the chains of exploitation and guide him to freedom.

The following days were a blur of activity. Jesse began working tirelessly with Willy on their new ‘routine’. It was a charade for Dial’s benefit, one that masked their true intention – preparing Willy for his journey back to the open ocean.

Meanwhile, Jesse began to study the aquarium’s infrastructure, social dynamics, and security measures. He memorized everything – the changing of the guards, the routine checks, the timings of feeding – every detail that would influence their escape plan.

Rae Lindley, with her heart filled with trepidation, became a silent accomplice. She had introduced Jesse to Willy, fuelled their bond, and now, she was aiding their imminent escape. This was risky, she knew, but the thought of Willy’s bright, lively eyes dimming under the ruthless exploitation was unbearable.

The day of the plan’s execution dawned bright and clear. Jesse’s heart pounded as if it would burst from his chest. Everything was set. Each minute felt like an eternity as the clock ticked towards their chosen hour – the feeding time when security would be minimal.

With a final nod to Rae, Jesse dove into the water with Willy. Each practiced motion was executed with precision, seamlessly blending into their ‘routine’. Yet, underlying their synchronized movements was a shared sense of urgency and anticipation.

As the last trick concluded amidst the spectacle of shimmering water droplets and a thunderous applause, Jesse and Willy plunged into the deepest part of the pool, out of the crowd’s sight.

Rae, from the control room, held her breath as she punched the codes, overriding the safety systems. A low rumble echoed through the park as the vast gates to the sea were unlocked.

Jesse could feel his adrenaline spike. It was now or never. With a nod and a love-filled pat to Willy, he swam ahead, leading him towards the gate and freedom.

The alarms started blaring, echoing into the night like a symphony of anarchy. Lights flashed, casting an eccentric glow onto the water surface. The park employees were panicking, Dial’s face twisted in disbelief and rage.

Jesse knew they were running out of time. He couldn’t risk Dial shutting the gates. With every fiber of his being screaming for air, he swam with renewed determination, pushing themselves towards the exit.

Finally, they broke the surface on the other side of the gate, gasping for breath amidst the salty tang of the ocean breeze. Jesse looked back towards the park, his view distorted by the closing gates and the churning water.

It was done. Their great escape was a success.

Jesse turned to share his joy with Willy, his heart swelling at the sight of the Orca’s exultant breaches. He had done it – he had saved Willy from a life of exploitation and set him free, directing him towards the path of reunion, with his true family, in the boundless embrace of the ocean.

As the night descended, casting its lavish blanket of stars across the sky, Jesse couldn’t help but release a triumphant laugh. In the midst of chaos, against insurmountable odds, he had managed to orchestrate an escape that symbolized the triumph of courage over fear, of love over greed, and of freedom over confinement.

The Great Escape – it was a story of audacity, of friendship, of defiance, and of liberation. It was a story of Jesse and Willy, two lost souls who found redemption and purpose in each other’s company, forever engraving their unique bond into the annals of the theme park’s history.

Chapter 7: “Freedom at Last”

As the morning sun peeked through the gray dawn, bathing the sea in a warm golden hue, Jesse looked at the vast expanse of the ocean. His pulse quickened, palms sweaty with anticipation. He glanced at Willy, his powerful black and white body gleaming in the early morning light. Today was the day. The day of their audacious escape, the day Willy would finally be free.

The whale tank which had seemed immense at first, now loomed like a claustrophobic prison for Willy. The sight strengthened Jesse’s resolve. Dial’s malicious intentions would not ruin the life of his friend. Rae’s words echoed in his mind, “Willy belongs to the ocean, Jesse, not to greedy men.”

But the plan was fraught with danger. He knew the park’s security was tight and the 24-hour surveillance had left him sleepless at night. But he had to take a chance – for Willy’s sake, and his.

Jesse signaled to Willy through a series of complicated gestures, refined over their bond and mutual understanding. Willy responded with a low, soft whistle – he was ready. Jesse took a deep breath and began the plan.

With careful precision, he navigated through the park’s maze of facilities, using his knowledge of the park’s layout to his advantage. A quick splash of water here, a skillfully knocked over trash can there; it was a game of diversion, and Jesse played it with skillful expertise.

The climax came when he reached the water control panel. The complexity of the panel was daunting, but under Rae’s tutorage, he had learned just what to do. He exhaled, toggling the switches and turning the dials, setting the water level dangerously low in the security moat to help Willy’s escape. Alarm bells started to ring. Jesse’s heart pounded like a drum.

Back at the tank, Willy sensed the change, his intelligent eyes focused on the lowering water. Jesse reached him, the siren’s wail echoing around them. He whispered, “Time to go, Willy.”

As if understanding human language, Willy leaped with a splash that had Jesse drenched. But there was no time to dry off. They were on a mission. Jesse climbed onto Willy’s back and they headed toward the weakened security moat.

Jesse could hear the footfalls of security getting closer. Voices echoed, spiking his adrenaline even higher. With frightening velocity, they crashed into the moat. The lowered water level allowed Willy to cross over. It was a breathtakingly daring spectacle.

But they weren’t safe yet. Dial himself was now following the chase, cursing loudly. Shouts and screams filled the air as Jesse and Willy navigated the final hurdle – the park’s bay gate.

With a titanic leap fueled by desperation and the will to be free, Willy surmounted the gate. Time seemed to stand still as the giant whale flew over the barrier, Jesse clinging on, their silhouettes suspended against the breaking dawn.

With a colossal splash, they landed on the other side – the open ocean. Willy was home. Jesse had done it. Dial’s shouts turned to frustrated groans in the distance, but they were free – truly free.

As the cries of joy subsided, Jesse bid an emotional farewell to his friend, his bondmate – the whale who had breathed life back into his own desolate life. It was not without tears that he watched as Willy, the magnificent Orca, swam away into the vast blue, his black and white form gradually disappearing against the horizon.

The sun was now fully up, and Jesse, drenched and exhausted but triumphant, allowed himself a small smile. He had not only saved his friend but had also discovered a new sense of purpose and strength. The whale’s departure symbolized Jesse’s own journey towards a new beginning.

As he turned to face the guards, heart thumping with the thrill of victory and uncertainty of what came next, he knew he had made the right choice. For in freeing Willy, he had freed himself too.

It was a grand climax to a daring adventure – a testament to the tenacity of human spirit and unbreakable bonds of friendship. It was, above all, an ode to freedom – the greatest gift one could give or receive. This was the story of Jesse and Willy, theirs was a friendship that had triumphed against all odds.

Their adventure, however, was just beginning. The final chapter in their remarkable journey was unwritten. For now, they had won their freedom. Their spirit of adventure and courage would forever echo in the vastness of the sea and the hearts of those who dare to dream.

Some scenes from the movie Free Willy written by A.I.

Scene 1



Graffiti covers the park walls. In the flickering light, JESSE, 15, a skinny, restless orphan, nervously looks around. He finishes his last spray and runs off.



Jesse is eating breakfast with his new foster parents, GLEN and ANNIE. The atmosphere is tense.


We want you to feel at home here, Jesse.

Jesse doesn’t respond. He looks away, missing his previous life.



Jesse walks through the park, holding a mop and bucket. This is his penitence for damaging the park. He hesitates at the sight of the aquarium.



Jesse sees WILLY, a majestic Orca whale, for the first time. Willy seems sad and alone in his tank. Jesse CONNECTS with the creature immediately.



You and me both, Willy…


Scene 2


Jesse walks in, a mop and bucket in his hands. He seems lost in this gigantic underwater world. His eyes land on Willy, the majestic Orca, alone in his tank. He hesitates, then walks closer.



Hey there, big guy.

Willy swims closer, cautiously eyeing Jesse.


Got a name, huh?

Rae Lindley, the seasoned whale trainer, strides in, her eyes filled with gentle wisdom.


That’s Willy. Bit of a loner, like you.

Jesse looks surprised.


How’d you know–


I’ve seen my share of lost souls, son. Both human and… marine.

She gives Willy a fond look. Jesse takes it in – the mutual isolation, the sense of kinship.


Jesse and Rae are walking along the boundary of the Orca tank.


Why’s he here all alone?


Captured while still a baby. Never got the chance to be with his family.

Jesse looks struck. He glances at Willy, a new understanding in his eyes.


Guess he and I got something in common then…

Rae watches as Jesse walks away, a glint of hope in her eyes.



Scene 3


The sound of WATER SPLASHING against the sides of the huge tank echoes across the aquarium. JESSE (16), lean and wiry, tosses a ball in the water where WILLY, a magnificent Orca whale, playfully leaps to catch it.

RAE LINDLEY (40s), a warm, experienced whale trainer, watches them with a smile.


You’ve got a knack for this, Jesse.

Jesse looks at her, surprised.


Really? I’m just throwing the ball.


It’s more than that. Willy responds to you. It’s like he understands you.

Jesse blushes, embarrassed but pleased.


Rae stands next to Jesse at the edge of the tank, teaching him hand signals. Willy watches them.


Orca’s are intelligent creatures, Jesse. They communicate through movements and sounds.

She demonstrates a signal, and Willy leaps in the water, creating a spectacular SPLASH.

Jesse tries the signal, and Willy responds correctly. Jesse’s eyes light up.


I think we’re speaking the same language.

Rae chuckles.


You just might be.

They continue practicing, Jesse growing more confident. Willy is quick to respond, and they develop a series of tricks.


The bond between the boy and the whale strengthens, setting the stage for the trials they will face together in the upcoming chapters.

Scene 4


Various PARK EMPLOYEES work around large tanks. Jesse stands on a platform above a tank, while RAE supervises. WILLY, the majestic Orca, floats in the tank below.


(Watching Jesse)

Just remember to trust him, Jesse.


(looks at Willy)

Yeah…trust. Got it.

Jesse reaches out his hand and signals Willy. The Orca responds to his gesture, leaping high out of the water. RAE applauds.


DIAL, slick-looking in his business suit, watches Jesse and Willy’s performance via a CCTV system. His eyes shine with malice and greed.


(Barely audible)

Oh, the money this could bring…


Jesse rewards Willy with a fish. He pats the Orca’s head affectionately, unaware of the looming danger.


Dial walks briskly among the visitors, posing an overly charming smile. His gaze lands on a huge, empty stage nearby.


(Smiling to himself)

Soon, this place will be overflowing with money.


Rae watches Jesse and Willy with a worried expression, sensing something is not right.


(To herself)

I need to tell Jesse…


Scene 5



RAE, mid-30s, nurturing and wise, stands on the observation deck, watching JESSE, 16, rebellious yet tender-hearted, and WILLY, the majestic orca playfully splashing in the tank.

Suddenly, RICKY, an experienced employee bustles over.



Rae, we need to talk. It’s about Dial…

Rae turns, her face tense.



Rae and Ricky sit across from one another. Ricky explains DIAL’S plans, his face grave. Rae’s hands clench into fists.



That greedy, heartless…



We need to tell Jesse.

Rae pauses, concern etched on her face.



Rae finds Jesse lounging by Willy’s tank, they share a secret handshake. She takes a deep breath.



Jesse, there’s something you should know…

Jesse looks at her, his face showing surprise. Slowly, the screen fades into BLACK as Rae starts explaining.


Author: AI