Con Air

“One man’s perilous flight home. In a sky full of predators, there’s no safe landing.”

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Under the grey, sullen sky, a war hero stood alone, shackled and bound yet radiating a resilience that only the truly battle-hardened possess. Cameron Poe, a highly decorated U.S Army Ranger, had been confined to an 8-foot cell for the past ten years. He had been arrested for defending his pregnant wife Tricia in a bar brawl, inadvertently killing one of her attackers. It was a case of justice turned upside down. As he basked in the feeble sunlight, a slight smile spread across his weathered face; Poe was set free. The thought of reuniting with his wife and meeting his daughter for the first time quickened his heartbeat. As a departing gift, the penal system offered him a ride home on the ‘Jailbird’- the name given to the dank, claustrophobic aircraft designed for dangerous convicts. Little did he know that he was willingly stepping into another brutal battleground.

Chapter 1: “Vows and Valor”

As Poe stood on the tarmac, the ‘Jailbird’ loomed in front of him like a steel predator. The plane was deemed the flying fortress for the “worst of the worst” criminals being transported to a new super-prison. He stepped aboard, accompanied by the cold gust of wind that echoed the chilling journey ahead. As Poe was led to his seat, the hum of the aircraft mingled with the gruff voices of the hardened convicts. Despite the chains that bound them, their gazes held malevolence that could shake the mightiest.

Among the motley crew, two individuals stood out — Cyrus ‘The Virus’ Grissom and Diamond Dog. Cyrus was a genius serial killer, known more for his cunning mind than the crimes he committed. With icy blue eyes that held a preternatural calm and a thin crooked smile that never quite reached them, Cyrus was the embodiment of danger. On the other hand, Diamond Dog was a black militant with a menacing aura. His physique itself was a weapon, enough to instill fear even among the fearless. Their lieutenant, Billy Bedlam, was a grim man with eyes that held untold secrets.

As the ‘Jailbird’ took flight, Poe found himself seated next to an old friend from his Army days, Mike “Baby-O” O’Dell. Known for his wise cracks and eternally optimistic outlook, Baby-O was serving time for possession. His presence was an unexpected comfort amidst the chaos.

Strapped in his seat, Poe peered out the small window, watching the ground retreat from view. He was leaving behind a decade of confinement, ready to embrace a future filled with promise. With the roar of the engines in his ears, his mind whispered Tricia’s name. He closed his eyes, holding on to the image of his wife. He made a silent vow: ‘I will come back to you, Tricia. No matter what.’

The stage was set for a battle against the odds. The prisoners, whose only goal was freedom, would stop at nothing, and Poe, driven by love, stood in their way. The atmosphere was electric, the tension palpable. The flight of the ‘Jailbird’ had just begun, and nobody knew where it was heading. All they knew was that they were about to witness a clash of titans, where survival was the biggest prize. The journey that started as a ticket to freedom was quickly turning into a struggle for survival, and Cameron Poe, the paroled Army ranger, was caught right in the middle of this storm.

Chapter 2: “Predators on the Prowl”

Cameron Poe, battle-hardened yet soft-spoken, found himself in a steel bird crammed with what society considered as the most lethal predators. Men so vile and grotesque, normal prisons couldn’t contain them. They had all been branded with monikers that shook the foundations of the justice system – “Cyrus ‘The Virus’ Grissom,” “Diamond Dog,” and “Billy Bedlam.” Poe was not one of them, but fate had placed him amidst this den of dangerous criminals.

Cyrus ‘The Virus,’ the puppeteer of criminal minds, was an agent of chaos, embodying evil brilliance. Dressed in shabby prison attire, he wore a smirk that echoed the tales of a hundred ruthless crimes. Notorious for his ingenious escape plans, he was the definitive nightmare of any law enforcement officer. Now, on the ‘Jailbird,’ he was a high-stakes gambler getting ready to toss his dice.

Diamond Dog, a fervent advocate for destructive revolution, was the muscle to Cyrus’s brains. His towering frame was etched with scars – souvenirs from his many battles. His eyes, two burning embers, were ignited with hatred for the system that had shackled him. The ‘Jailbird’ was his stage, and he was ready to perform.

Billy Bedlam, the third in this unholy triumvirate, was a serial killer with a twisted sense of humor. His wild, maniacal laugh resonated in Poe’s mind, a chilling testament to his violent escapades. Psychopathic tendencies masked by a chilling calm, Bedlam was the wild card in the notorious deck on the ‘Jailbird.’

As the plane soared higher, the tension within rose, threatening to burst. The guards were nervous, their hands twitching near their weapons, their eyes darting between the toughened convicts. The unease was contagious, and even Poe felt his heart quicken, but he kept his gaze steady, his face calm. He had been through worse; he had been through war.

The flight was a ticking time bomb, and amongst the volatile passengers, alliances were forming, whispers growing louder, and the air grew dense with the stench of brewing conspiracy. The predatory glint in Cyrus’s eye amplified, a visual whisper of the storm that was about to hit the ‘Jailbird.’ Diamond Dog’s clenched fists were already throbbing with violence he was ready to unleash. Bedlam, in his quiet corner, sketched menacing scenes of carnage on the frosty window of the plane with his sharp, dirty nails. Poe saw all this and knew he was in a dangerous game of survival. But he also had a promise to keep – to see his wife and daughter, to hug them, to be free with them.

As the ‘Jailbird’ cut through the menacing storm clouds, the criminals ready to claim it started their deadly dance. Inside this claustrophobic tube roaring at thousands of feet above the ground, Poe was trapped with the worst America had to offer.

It was no longer a prison transport; it was a dragon’s lair, hissing and churning, poised for an explosion. The unsuspecting world below carried on, oblivious to the terror that was unfurling high above them. As the thrashing storm outside battered the plane, the real storm was brewing inside. Brace for impact, the ‘Jailbird’ was about to witness a catastrophic mutiny.

Being a man of honor, a soldier, he knew he had to act. And as the first rumbles of mutiny echoed through the trembling aircraft, it was clear that the predators were on the prowl. It was not just a fight for survival; it was a battle for justice against the impending storm. Poe steeled himself, unknown that his journey was just beginning. The ‘Jailbird’ was about to fall, and the predators were ready to swoop.

Chapter 3: “Skybound Showdown”

The chapter blossoms into an inferno of tension as the secure prison transport, once a symbol of safety, turns into an hourglass of doom. Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom, a man whose nickname frames his reputation, wields an army of hardened criminals with calculated cruelty and near-surgical precision. The “Jailbird” becomes an iron cage, soaring thousands of feet above the ground.

In the early stages of the flight, the pervading sense of unease among the prisoners, the anticipation in the eyes of Poe—everything is set in an ominous silence. The wheels of chaos start to spin when Cyrus, with the ease of a seasoned predator, seizes control of the aircraft.

The noiseless tension shatters with the first act of rebellion. A prison guard, unprepared and caught off-guard, is taken hostage. A collective gasp floods the pressurized cabin, the air suddenly ripe with fear. Cyrus, cold and emotionless, wields authority like a whip over the trembling guard, the power imbalance tipping precariously.

The plane’s takeover is more than a mere challenge—it’s a brutal gauntlet that forces Poe into an impossible catch-22. The ranger in him yearns to tackle the threat head-on, but he must also play the part of the docile captive; his life, after all, is not the only one at stake.

His eyes drift to his diabetic friend whom he was seated next to at the start of the journey. Poe understands the implications of a high-stress situation and the toll it could take on the man’s rapidly declining health. He realizes that any reckless action on his part could unwittingly ignite a deadly chain reaction, endangering not just his friend, but every soul on board.

In the swirl of tension, Poe witnesses the transformation of the “Jailbird.” Like a grotesque creature of the night, the aircraft takes on the persona of its new master—resilient, deadly, and unyielding. Poe, caught in its iron belly, must now develop a strategy to combat their growing crisis.

Time seems to warp and stretch as Cyrus catalyzes his reign of terror. A devilish grin stretches across his face—this is his kingdom now. He roars out a new order of hierarchy, sending a shiver crawling down the spines of his captives. His voice echoes through the stripped-down interior of the plane, a grim reminder of their bleak situation.

And then, as if to cement their dismal reality, he nonchalantly discards the prison guard’s life. The sudden act of violence sends tremors through the captive audience, a stark wake-up call to the gravity of their predicament. Cyrus stands resolute among the chaos, a puppet master pulling the strings of fear among the cowed prisoners.

Deep within the disarray, Poe is stricken by the magnitude of the challenge before him. But the soldier in him comes alive in the face of adversity. He locks eyes with Cyrus, their silent exchange a veiled declaration of their deadly dance. An erstwhile hero now a captive and a deranged criminal now a monarch—two contrasting worlds converge mid-air.

Poe can no longer afford to be passive. His mind, a battlefield of its own, begins formulating a plan, calculating strategies, iterating possible scenarios. He understands that his very survival—along with the lives of others—depends on the steps he takes next.

As the chapter closes, it leaves behind a trail of suspense and an insatiable desire for the next move in this thrilling game of survival. It’s more than a story of a skyjacked plane; it’s a testament to a lone soldier’s resolve to stand against the impossible odds.

Chapter 4: “Cunning and Chaos”

The formidable roar of the plane’s engines was nothing compared to the jarring discord resonating through the cabin. It was a symphony of impending doom, composed by the most dangerous men in America. Cameron Poe, once a highly trained Army ranger turned reluctant passenger aboard ‘Jailbird’, was caught in the middle of this tumultuous turmoil.

Poe’s ice-blue eyes strayed to the seat opposite him. Looming in the claustrophobic aircraft interior was Billy Bedlam, a man whose outward appearance was no match for the twisted psyche within him. Beside him, Diamond Dog’s tight-lipped smile was akin to a shark’s, radiating a predatory confidence that sent chills down Poe’s spine. Across them, Cyrus, their psychotic maestro, sat in cold blooded tranquillity, his gaze fixed on the cloudy horizon, contemplating the unfolding anarchy with a cruel sense of pleasure.

Poe understood at that moment that his Army ranger instincts were not a remnant of his past, but an intrinsic part of him. A switch had been flipped inside him, and he was back in the battlefield. Only this time, the battlefield was a rapidly cruising aircraft miles above the ground, which now hosted a terrifying thriller of survival.

His attention was diverted by the jingle of keys. The warden’s keys. It was the signal he’d been waiting for. With a quick nod to Baby-O, his diabetic prison mate, Poe sprang into action.

His moves were swift, yet silent—like a leopard on a moonlit hunt. With precision, he lifted a piece of mirror shard he’d kept hidden, using it to reflect light onto a surveillance camera. Morse code. A secret military communication language. But would anyone on the ground decode it?

As he continued signaling, a swift flinch of his wrist sent the shard spinning into the air. It landed at the feet of Pinball, the nimble-fingered thief, the final piece of his scheme. The larcenist picked it up, catching Poe’s knowing glance. There was a mutual understanding. Pinball began scratching at the fuselage, amplifying Poe’s SOS call with an echo of desperation.

Suddenly, a sharp gasp echoed in the cabin. Poe straightened, his eyes catching the sight of Baby-O, his face contorting in discomfort. His insulin. He needed his insulin. But the diabetic supplies were with the authorities at the cockpit, now under the despots’ control. Time was running out, not only for Baby-O but also for their secret commotion.

Poe’s mind spun into overdrive. For the sake of his friend and his mission, he had to figure out a plan. A diversion perhaps? An opportunity presented itself soon enough when Billy Bedlam lunged at a guard. All eyes turned to them. Seizing the moment, Poe sprung onto his feet, delivering a powerful punch to the nearest con, triggering a melee.

The riot was the ideal cover. Poe raced towards the cockpit, his heart pounding in his chest as he dodged blows and hurled bodies, his surroundings a dizzying blur. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, his instincts guiding him closer to his goal with every passing second.

But as Poe neared the cockpit, he was yanked back. He spun around to find Cyrus, eyes gleaming with malice. The two engaged in a brutal tug of war, fists and grunts filling the air. Suddenly, the plane jerked violently, throwing both men off balance. The sudden turbulence created the perfect ruse for Poe to break free and continue his momentum.

Poe fought through a sea of bodies to the cockpit, finally seizing the diabetic supplies. But before he could administer it to Baby-O, Diamond Dog intercepted him. An intense face-off ensued, their hand-to-hand combat shaking the entire aircraft.

But amidst the chaos, the encoded message Poe devised through clever improvisation was being decoded on the ground. His Morse code, combined with the scratching sounds from Pinball, was picked up by a sharp agent, Larkin. Slowly, realization dawned on him. The plane was under hijack.

Inside the Jailbird, Poe had emerged victorious, handing the insulin to Baby-O just in time. Gasping for breath, his body bruised and battered, he looked out the window onto the sunset. He knew their secret was out by now. He had issued the call for help. Now, all he could hope was that the right ears had heard him. As he braced himself for what lay ahead, he could only imagine how this high altitude nightmare would unfold. The stakes were higher than ever, but so was his resolve. He was ready for the next phase.

And so, ended the “Cunning and Chaos,” with an ensemble of treacherous convicts, a turbulent flight, and a call of desperation. As the wheels of the plot churned relentlessly in the vast, open sky, the saga of survival was only set to escalate. For it was not just a struggle against the nefarious criminals, but also a race against time, trusting in the power of coded communication to trigger a rescue before the ‘Jailbird’s’ next dreadful descent.

Chapter 5: “Fly or Die”

The jet engine roared its fiery defiance against the force of gravity as the Jailbird raced through the blank canvas of the night sky. Within its metal belly, a battle just as heated brewed.

Cameron Poe had been a silent spectator thus far, but the escalating situation called for intervention. He knew the time for action was now or never. The group of ruthless criminals had taken control, and he had to protect the innocent while undermining their nefarious plans.

He felt a thread of cold sweat slither down his neck as he surveyed the prison cabin, now a war-ridden battlefield. The plane’s skeletal aluminum twins bolstered its structure. The overhead compartments, that should have housed prisoners’ meager belongings, now bore the brunt of the unfolding chaos.

Poe looked around at the criminals. There was a treacherous twinkle in Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom’s eyes, a glaze of madness over Billy Bedlam, the psychopath, and an air of violent defiance surrounding Diamond Dog, the black militant. It was a toxic mix of the worst America had to offer.

Taking a deep breath, Poe quickly devised an audacious plan, leveraging his Army ranger training. He stealthily moved to the back of the plane, avoiding the gaze of the hawk-eyed convicts. The task at hand was daunting, but he’d fought against impossible odds before.

He found the plane’s communication system hidden behind a panel, a lifeline to the outside world. Poe quickly scribbled an SOS note, knowing that the authorities were certainly tracking the plane’s movement. He rigged the message to a long piece of cord and tossed it out of a small lower hatch, hoping it would be seen. It was a desperate gamble, but desperation often fueled innovation.

Poe’s plan rippled through the metallic bird, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia among the criminals. Cyrus, sensing the change, prowled through the cabin. His once confident stride now mirrored the uncertainty brewing within him.

A sudden lull befell the plane. Even the jet engines seemed to hold their breath. Then suddenly, everything exploded into action. Spotting his message being jettisoned, Cyrus lunged at Poe, the realization dawning upon him. But Poe was ready, and mid-air, their bodies slammed into each other, igniting an adrenaline-fueled ballet of violence.

The struggle rocked the plane, the force of their duel resonated through the aircraft, causing turbulence. The fight was raw and brutal, a reflection of the complete disregard for the consequences, but Poe knew he had to do it.

As Poe launched a punch, Grissom retaliated, sending him crashing into a seat. However, the seat’s ribbon-like structure was intertwined with life-saving equipment. With a swift motion, Poe grabbed an oxygen mask and wrapped it around Cyrus, temporarily blinding him.

Seizing the opportunity, Poe attacked, his fists working like pistons, beating Grissom into submission. The rest of the convicts watched in silent horror as their leader crumpled onto the floor, unconscious.

With Cyrus down temporarily, Poe raced towards the controls. The Jailbird, caught in the heat of the fight, had lost its course. Las Vegas’ glittering Strip loomed in the windshield, a neon deathtrap.

With all his might, Poe pulled back on the plane’s control stick, desperately trying to gain altitude. But it was too late. The plane rammed into the iconic Sands Hotel, causing an ear-splitting explosion.

Poe braced for impact but was thrown off his feet as the plane skidded across the desert floor. The cabin was a cacophony of terrified screams and the wrenching sound of tearing metal.

The Jailbird, once a symbol of fear and oppression, was now a mangled wreckage in the heart of Las Vegas. As the dust settled, Poe, bruised but unbroken, unbuckled himself.

The fight was far from over. He needed to escape this twisted metal crypt and ensure the criminals do not pose a further threat. The next battle would be fought on the ground, in the heat of the Vegas desert. But for now, Poe had one thought, “Fly or die”. And fly he did.

Chapter 6: “Heat of Vegas”

The shimmering lights of Las Vegas were a stark contrast to the flaming wreckage of the ‘Jailbird’. The glitz and glamour of the city was suddenly upended as the prison plane turned into a flaming comet, crashing into the heart of the city. Cameron Poe, battered but unbowed, emerged from the wreckage. His heart pounded in sync with the pulsating lights of the city, the adrenaline coursing through his veins like high-voltage electricity.

His gaze fell on the garish neon lights of the casinos, momentarily dazed as he grappled with his new reality. He was a wanted man in a city of sin. His military training kicked in, scanning the area for threats. The convicts, led by the ruthless Cyrus Grissom, had already begun to scatter. Poe knew he could not afford to let them get away. His mission had just shifted from defending his life on an airborne prison to tracking down hardened criminals in a sprawling city.

Cyrus, just as menacing on terra firma, rallied his crew. Diamond Dog and Billy Bedlam had survived the crash, their dangerous minds whirling amidst the chaos. They were predators, unscrupulous and untamed, ready to paint the town red with mayhem and violence.

Car alarms wailed around them, their dissonance adding to the noise of the city. Poe, clinging to the shadows, watched as Cyrus outlined a plan. His tactical mind was already working overtime to anticipate their next move. His plan took shape — he would follow them, thwart them, and bring them in.

Meanwhile, the authorities had sprung into action. Poe could hear the distant wailing of sirens, and he knew that law enforcement was closing in. As if on cue, the havoc of the crash site was soon swarmed by a sea of flashing blue and red lights. The lawmen, swarming like ants, were ready to pounce on the convicts, and Poe knew he had to act fast.

The city streets were alive, humming with energy. The usual cacophony of tourists and gamblers was replaced by the hushed whispers of onlookers and curious bystanders. As Poe gave chase, the city’s vibrant mosaics became a blur. The rapid tempo of his heart seemed to echo in the rat-tat-tat of slot machines, the soft rustle of cards being shuffled, and the tinny jingle of coins in the casinos he sprinted past.

Against this unfolding chaos, Diamond Dog attempted a daring heist. A casino, packed with riches and unsuspecting patrons, was too tempting a target. Poe, using his razor-sharp instincts, anticipated this diversion and managed to foil the heist. But the chase was far from over.

In one thrilling encounter, Poe found himself face-to-face with Billy Bedlam in a dingy alley behind a bustling casino. Their brawl was brutal, two titanic forces clashing amidst the stench of trash cans and discarded chips. Poe’s survival instinct fought his physical exhaustion, narrowly pushing him to victory.

Through it all, Poe kept one objective in mind: he had to keep everyone safe. Despite being hunted, Poe could not shake off the ideals of his past as a soldier. He was still a protector, an honor-bound warrior who would not stand idle when innocent lives were at risk. The confluence of his past and present formed a cocktail of courage and strength that kept him moving, a beacon in a city swamped in chaos.

Cyrus, realizing that Poe was hot on their trail, attempted a desperate bid to escape. He hijacked a bus full of terrified tourists and began hurtling through the streets. Poe followed close behind, his senses heightened amidst the blare of sirens and the drone of helicopter blades above.

As the bus careened through the city, Poe weaved in and out of traffic on a commandeered motorbike. The chase was intense and thrilling, the cityscape a blur of neon and steel as Poe pursued them. Their deadly game of cat and mouse reached its climax as Poe, in a daring move, jumped onto the moving bus from his bike.

The chapter closed with Poe commandeering the rogue bus and forcing it to a stop just as the enforcement forces swooped in, capturing Cyrus and his accomplices. Despite the night’s high stakes and adrenaline, Poe knew this was only a momentary win. His battle was not over yet. He had to find his way back to his family. He was homeward bound. The heat of Vegas had tested him, and he emerged from it stronger than ever, ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

The chase sequence through the streets of Vegas, the encounters with the convicts, the thrilling capture, the promise of a reunion with his family – all these elements maintained a high level of intrigue and suspense throughout this chapter, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning the page to find out what happens next to Cameron Poe.

Chapter 7: “Homeward Bound”

The city of sin, Las Vegas, had turned into a battlefield. The twisted wreckage of the ‘Jailbird’ speared the heart of the city’s bustling strip, smoke billowing from the fuselage. Our protagonist, Cameron Poe, extricated himself from the downed plane, limping but alive. Poe’s gaze swept across the scene, settling on the crushed neon signs and mangled slot machines. His heart pounded with the urgency of the situation; it was far from over.

The convicts had scattered like seeds in the wind, driven by survival and the intoxicating scent of freedom. The most feared amongst them, Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom, was still at large, and for Poe, this wasn’t just about survival anymore; it was personal.

The Army Ranger training that had been imprinted onto every sinew and nerve in his body, leaped into overdrive. Months of grueling regimens, aimed at building not only physical endurance but mental resilience, prepared him for moments such as this. Poe’s mind was a labyrinth of strategies, contingencies, and maneuvers, painstakingly sorting through this chaos, like a grand master planning his next move in a high-stakes game of chess.

Poe darted through the scattered remnants of the plane, hyperaware of the splintered metal and the heat prickling his skin. His senses heightened, he spotted a broken figure limping toward the wreckage. Cyrus, as dangerous as a wounded predator, was within his reach.

He felt a surge of adrenaline and altered his trajectory, drawing closer to his target. As he did, he felt an uneasy prickle of awareness. Something was off. It was only when a swath of harsh sunlight reflected off a metal object in Cyrus’ hand did he realize what it was. A gun.

A game of cat and mouse ensued, with Poe shadowing Cyrus through the concrete jungle that was Las Vegas. The city had transformed into an alien landscape. They moved through casinos turned to ruins, passed faces etched with fear and uncertainty, their silent plea for salvation echoing in Poe’s ears.

The chase led them to an abandoned construction site where the skeletal structure of a building pierced through the dusk clouds, a haunting silhouette against the dying twilight. It was here that the climax of their saga would unfold.

Cyrus finally spotted Poe. A malicious grin spread across his face, like a spider spotting its prey. The air was ripe with tension as the two men circled each other. Cyrus’ hand tightened around his gun, his gaze never leaving that of Poe.

Unarmed but undeterred, Poe assessed his options. The element of surprise was his only advantage. He lunged at Cyrus, his own hands a pair of lethal weapons from years of military training. The fight was brutal and fast, a whirlwind of fists and grunts that echoed in the hollow shell of the unfinished building. Poe was undaunted by Cyrus’ manic energy, each hit Cyrus landed only fueling Poe’s resolve.

Their fight reverberated through the night, a sharp counterpoint to the city’s usual chorus of clinking coins and laughter. As dawn approached, their drawn-out battle reached its climax.

With a swift, precise move, Poe knocked the gun out of Cyrus’ grip, the weapon echoing as it skidded across the bare concrete. He then tackled Cyrus, his hands locking around his nemesis’ throat. He could see the terror dawning in Cyrus’ eyes and the fear as his criminal reign finally ended.

From outside the construction site, the blaring sirens grew louder. Poe looked over his shoulder to see the flashing lights of police cars moving towards them. Panting and bruised, Poe dragged Cyrus out into the open just as the police arrived.

Handing Cyrus over to the authorities, Poe felt a sense of relief wash over him. Despite the odds, he had triumphed. The nightmare was over.

In the distance, among the crowd of onlookers, Poe spotted his wife and daughter. His heart swelled with joy and longing as he moved towards them, his journey home finally complete. This triumphant conclusion served as a testament to his valor and dedication, a clear example of a hero’s journey against impossible odds.

The story stands as a testament to the power of love and duty, to the resilience in the face of danger and the courage to stand up against evil. It’s a thrilling ride from start to finish, a reminder that even in the darkest times, the human spirit endures. The thrilling climax, where Poe outsmarts and overpowers Cyrus the Virus, keeps readers on the edge of their seat until the very end. It’s not just an action-packed story; it’s a testament to the power of the human spirit in overcoming sheer terror, making the hero’s homeward journey an unforgettable one.

Some scenes from the movie Con Air written by A.I.

Scene 1



We see CAPTAIN CAMERON POE, a man in his early 40s, with a weathered face that reflects hardship, determination and a hint of sadness. He is seated alone, looking at a worn-out picture of his wife and unborn daughter.



You never know what freedom means until you’ve lost it.

Poe packs his belongings in a small bag. He looks more like a retired soldier than an inmate.


A GUARD comes with Poe’s release papers. Poe walks towards the EXIT, the guard following him. A last look at the prison that’s been his home for years.


Poe, remember this feeling the next time you want to play a hero.

Poe doesn’t respond, his eyes focused on the freedom that awaits.


Poe steps out, sunlight streams on his face. A BUS waits, “JAILBIRD” is emblazoned on the side.

Cut to: INT. BUS – DAY

Poe steps inside. He sees a motley crew of hardened CRIMINALS, including CYRUS “THE VIRUS” GRISSOM, DIAMOND DOG, and BILLY BEDLAM.


(sotto, voiceover)

God help us all…

The bus takes off. A look of determination settles on Poe’s face. The journey home won’t be an easy one.


Scene 2


Poe, rugged and world-worn but eyes alert, is cuffed to his seat as he is silently studying the group of dangerous criminals in the confined space of the plane.

Across him, Cyrus ‘The Virus’ Grissom, cunning and intense, gazes out the window. Beside him, Diamond Dog, massive, with a face that’s seen a thousand fights, casually observes their fellow passengers.

Billy Bedlam, unpredictable and erratic, paces the plane.

Suddenly, the INTERCOM CRACKLES to life.


This is your captain speaking. We are on course and will be arriving at our destination in a few hours.

Cyrus turns to Diamond Dog and speaks in a low, dangerous tone.



Time to put our plan into action.

Poe, overhearing this, tenses. He scans the plane, thinking, calculating. His eyes narrow as he watches Cyrus and Diamond Dog exchange significant glances. Time seems to slow.

Suddenly, Billy Bedlam lunges at a GUARD, drawing first blood. The plane erupts into chaos.


Scene 3



A thrum of nervous tension hangs in the air. PRISONERS are scattered across the cabin, seemingly calm. But behind each set of eyes, a storm brews.

CAMERON POE (40s, sturdy, with the gaze of a man who’s seen too much) sits in quiet contemplation. His gaze drifts to an OLD PHOTOGRAPH of his wife.

Suddenly, chaos ERUPTS.


CYRUS “THE VIRUS” GRISSOM (50s, dangerously intelligent, with a cold, predatory grin) rises. He cracks his NECK, a signal to his cohorts, DIAMOND DOG and BILLY BEDLAM.


(Game, almost gleeful)

Gentlemen, let’s take this bird home.


PRISONERS jump into action. GUARDS are ambushed, weapons are seized. The SKYJACKING begins.

Poe spots BABY-O (30s, sturdy yet kindly) going into diabetic shock. Poe’s eyes sharpen – he needs to act.


(Calm, determined)

Baby-O, hang in there. I’ll get your insulin.

Poe fights through the CHAOS, trying to reach the medical supplies. He evades the wild fray, deploying his Army RANGER skills.

The SKYJACKING is in full swing, but Poe, unnoticed in the chaos, has begun his own BATTLE – a battle for survival and duty.



Scene 4



ANGLE ON: CAMERON POE (40s, steely-eyed and muscular)

Nervously scanning the plane cabin, he eyes a homemade SHANK hidden behind a loose panel, remembers his training.

Poe proceeds to SKETCH a cryptic message on a napkin, planning to send it out with the next dead body drop.

BILLY BEDLAM (50s, psychopath with manic eyes) watches Poe.



Whatcha doing, hero?

Poe hides the napkin, cool as ice.


Just praying, Billy.

Billy chuckles and walks away. As he does, Poe subtly takes the shank.


Cyrus (50s, cunning and ruthless) speaks to his henchmen, DIAMOND DOG (40s, militant with a frightening presence)


Keep an eye on our ranger friend. He’s too quiet.

Diamond Dog nods, his gaze shifting to Poe as he walks away.



Poe manages to drop the body with the napkin attached. It descends rapidly towards the earth.



Poe’s clever move fuels suspicion among the convicts. The tension mounts as Cyrus and his men eye Poe warily.



Scene 5


Cameron POE (40, muscular, ex-Army Ranger) stands amongst the chaos, his eyes scanning the scene. BILLY BEDLAM (30s, insane) laughs maniacally while DIAMOND DOG (40s, militant) rallies the prisoners.



Cyrus “THE VIRUS” Grissom (50s, ruthless) is sitting in the pilot’s seat. He’s all smirk, toying with the control panel.


(looking back)

Enjoy the ride, gentlemen.



Poe spots a shiv lying on the floor. He moves towards it slowly, unnoticed.

Suddenly, a BEEPING sound. A hand-held INSULIN PUMP in Poe’s pocket. He stares at it, thinks about his diabetic friend BABY-O.

He has a choice – help his friend or fight back. He makes his decision.

Poe picks up the shiv and charges at Billy. It catches him off guard and they wrestle on the floor.



Inside the cockpit, the fight can be seen through the rear-view mirror. Cyrus’ eyes widen.


(into intercom)

Diamond! We’ve got trouble in the back.



The fight intensifies. Poe struggles. The plane rocks. A CRASH into the Nevada desert. The screen FADES TO BLACK.



Scene 6



The wreckage of the plane smolders in the middle of the strip. People are running in panic. Sirens wail in the distance.



CAMERON POE, bloodied, crawls out of the wrecked plane, clutching the insulin his diabetic friend needs.


Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom and Diamond Dog emerge from the wreckage, weapons ready. They spot Poe.



Look who decided to crash the party.


A tense chase begins, Poe weaving through the crowd, Cyrus and Dog in pursuit.


(whispering into hidden mic)

Larkin, I’m being pursued. My coordinates are…

Suddenly, bullets whistle past Poe. He ducks into an alley. The convicts close in.



Poe hides in the shadows, his breath ragged. Cyrus and Dog appear at one end of the alley, scanning the area.

Suddenly, Poe launches from his hiding spot, lunging at Cyrus. They struggle.


(To Cyrus, panting)

You should’ve stayed on the plane.

Their fight is brutal, a dance of survival in the alleyway. Diamond Dog joins, turning it into a deadly two-versus-one.

As the sirens grow louder, Poe manages to land a powerful punch to Cyrus, then tackles Dog. Using this distraction, he slips away.



Author: AI