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A Scanner Darkly

“In a dystopian future, an undercover cop’s identity blurs while fighting against a mind-altering drug invasion – who…

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

“In the quest to conquer death, can one outrun the monstrous creation of their own hands?” Watch the…

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“In the chilling grip of creation and chaos, where life dances on the edge of death.” Watch the…

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The Chronicles of Riddick

“In the shadow of destruction, humanity’s last hope is a convict on the run.” Watch the original version…

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Pitch Black

“When darkness falls, survival isn’t a choice, it’s a primal instinct.” Watch the original version of Pitch Black…

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The Abyss

“Dive into the unknown, where the world’s deepest secrets are buried beneath waves and wonders await in the…

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“In the heart of every crop circle lies a secret, in the courage of a family, humanity’s last…

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Dark City

“In a world cloaked in darkness, one man’s forgotten past holds the power to let in the light.”…

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Short Circuit

“One robot’s hilarious journey to humanity; a heartwarming tale of friendship, discovery, and unexpected heroism.” Watch the original…

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“In the world of artificial intelligence, where reality blurs with fiction, survival is the ultimate adventure.” Watch the…