Journey to the stars, discover the truth within.

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As the night sky blanketed the city, Dr. Mark Powell made his way to the mental institution, where he was about to start his new job as a psychiatrist. He was eager to make a difference in the lives of his patients, but he never expected to encounter someone like Prot.

Chapter 1: Arrival

Dr. Powell arrived at the institution early in the morning, ready to meet his first patient. After going through the files, he noticed the name ‘Prot,’ who had been transferred from another facility. The file stated that Prot was a delusional patient who claimed to be an alien from a distant planet. Dr. Powell had read many such cases during his years of training, and he thought this would be just another case of a delusional patient.

When Dr. Powell entered the room, he was shocked to see Prot standing at the window, with his arms outstretched as if he was touching something in the air. Prot turned around and looked at Dr. Powell with a smile that made him uneasy.

“Good morning, Dr. Powell. I have been expecting you,” said Prot in a calm and collected voice.

Dr. Powell stood there, stunned for a moment, then cleared his throat and said, “Good morning, Prot. I’m Dr. Powell, your new psychiatrist. I hope we can work together to find a solution to your problems.”

Prot nodded and took a seat. Dr. Powell sat opposite him and began the session.

“So, Prot, can you tell me more about yourself and why you are here?”

Prot looked at Dr. Powell and said, “I’m from the planet K-PAX, which is located in the Andromeda galaxy, approximately one thousand light-years from Earth.”

Dr. Powell raised an eyebrow and tried to hide his skepticism. “Tell me more about K-PAX.”

Prot began to share his knowledge of the universe, describing the wonders and mysteries of the cosmos in great detail, leaving Dr. Powell perplexed and fascinated.

“I know this all seems unbelievable, Dr. Powell, but I can prove it to you. Just give me some time,” said Prot with a reassuring smile.

Dr. Powell couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But there was something about Prot that made him curious. He wanted to investigate the case further.

As the weeks went by, Dr. Powell met with Prot several times, trying to find any clues to support his claim. He talked to other patients who had met Prot and found out that they had all been positively influenced by him.

Dr. Powell also noticed something peculiar in Prot’s behavior. It was as if he had experienced severe trauma, and he was using his delusion as a coping mechanism. He shared his observations with his colleagues, but they were all skeptical.

One day, Dr. Powell decided to confront Prot with the evidence that he had gathered. As they sat in their session, he handed Prot a book on the mysteries of the universe and asked him to explain a particular concept that only a handful of experts knew about.

Prot sat there for a moment, and then he started to speak. He talked about the concept with such depth and clarity that it left Dr. Powell speechless.

“How did you know that?” asked Dr. Powell, stunned.

Prot looked at him and smiled. “I told you, Dr. Powell. I’m from K-PAX. I possess knowledge that could not have been learned on Earth.”

Dr. Powell was at a loss. He didn’t know what to believe anymore. He had spent weeks trying to find a solution to Prot’s delusions, but now he realized that he had been looking at it from the wrong perspective.

As the session ended, Prot made a request to Dr. Powell, which changed everything. Dr. Powell was left to ponder the meaning of Prot’s words and actions, and how they had affected his own life.

Little did he know that his encounter with Prot would be the beginning of a journey that would take him on an adventure of a lifetime.

Chapter 2: The Investigation Begins

Dr. Powell was intrigued by Prot’s claims of being from a distant planet, K-PAX. He had never encountered such a delusion before, and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. He began to investigate Prot’s case, looking for any evidence that could support or disprove his claims.

One day, Dr. Powell sat down with Prot and asked him to explain in detail about his planet and its inhabitants. Prot’s answers were intelligent and thought-provoking. He described a planet that was vastly different from Earth, with a different atmosphere, climate, and way of life. He talked about the K-PAXians, a highly evolved race of beings who had mastered the art of telepathy, and who had solved many of the universe’s most profound mysteries.

Dr. Powell was impressed by Prot’s knowledge, but he also knew that it could be a product of a highly creative mind. He decided to speak with other patients who had had contact with Prot to get their perspective on him. What he found surprised him.

Many of the patients who had contact with Prot spoke highly of him. They said that he had a calming influence on them and that his presence made them feel safe. Some even claimed that Prot had cured them of their mental illnesses. Dr. Powell couldn’t ignore the positive effect that Prot was having on his patients, but he also knew that it could be a part of his delusion.

Dr. Powell also noticed that Prot’s behavior was similar to that of someone who had experienced severe trauma. He hypothesized that Prot’s claims of being from another planet could be a coping mechanism for dealing with some past trauma.

Dr. Powell decided to explore this theory further. He asked Prot about his childhood, but Prot was vague, and his memories were muddled. Dr. Powell wondered if Prot may have suffered some abuse or trauma, which had led to his delusion. He decided to dig deeper into Prot’s past.

Dr. Powell spoke with Prot’s family members and ex-girlfriends, hoping to find out more about his past. What he found was surprising. None of them could recall anything unusual about Prot’s childhood, and none of them had any knowledge of traumatic events that could have led to his delusion.

Dr. Powell was stumped. He had no idea why Prot would believe he was from another planet. He decided to keep investigating, hoping that something would come up.

One day, Dr. Powell stumbled upon an article about a scientific experiment that had been conducted on a group of people who claimed to be from other planets. The experiment involved exposing the group to hypnotic suggestion, which induced vivid hallucinations of alien encounters. The group had been convinced that they had been abducted by aliens, and that they had been examined and experimented on.

Dr. Powell wondered if something similar could have happened to Prot. He decided to try a similar experiment, and he hypnotized Prot, using a suggestion to induce a hallucination of an alien encounter.

Prot’s reaction surprised Dr. Powell. Instead of reacting as if he was re-living an experience, he seemed interested, and he started talking about the aliens and the planet he was from. His answers were coherent, and he provided more details about his home planet and its inhabitants.

Dr. Powell was amazed by the results of the experiment. He still didn’t believe that Prot was from another planet, but he couldn’t explain his knowledge and his behavior. He decided that he needed to keep investigating, and that he needed to keep an open mind. Prot was proving to be one of the most interesting patients he had ever encountered, and there was something about him that he couldn’t explain.

Chapter 3: The Truth Revealed

Dr. Powell had always considered himself a rational, scientific person. He was a psychiatrist, after all, trained to understand and treat mental illnesses. So, when he first met Prot, he was convinced that he was just another delusional patient. But as he continued to work with him, something started to nudge at the back of his mind. There was something different about Prot, something that he couldn’t quite explain.

It started with the way that Prot talked about the universe. He spoke of planets and galaxies that Dr. Powell had never heard of before, and he seemed to have an almost intuitive understanding of physics and astronomy. Dr. Powell found himself intrigued by the things that Prot was saying, despite his initial skepticism.

As time went on, Dr. Powell started to notice other things about Prot that didn’t fit with his diagnosis. For one thing, Prot never showed any signs of anxiety or stress, despite being in a mental institution. He was always calm and composed, even when discussing things that would make most people feel uneasy.

And then there were the strange coincidences. Dr. Powell had been doing some research on the planets that Prot had mentioned, trying to see if there was any scientific basis for his claims. One evening, as he was leaving the hospital, he saw a bright light in the sky. It looked like a star, but it was much brighter than any star he had ever seen before. When he got home, he did some research and discovered that the light had been caused by a meteor that had entered the Earth’s atmosphere that evening. What was strange was that the meteor had come from the general direction of the planet that Prot claimed to be from.

All of these things gnawed at Dr. Powell. He was a scientist at heart, and he couldn’t explain the coincidences or the intuitive knowledge that Prot seemed to possess. He started to suspect that there might be more to Prot’s delusion than he had initially thought.

One day, Dr. Powell decided to confront Prot with his suspicions. He had gathered all of the evidence he could find, and he was convinced that Prot would be unable to explain away everything. He sat down with Prot, who was sitting calmly in his chair, and began to lay out his case.

“Prot, I’ve been doing some research,” he began. “And I’ve found some things that I can’t explain. Like the fact that you seem to know things about the universe that I’ve never heard of before. And the fact that you never seem to get anxious or stressed, even though you’re in a mental institution.”

Prot listened to Dr. Powell, his expression unchanged. When Dr. Powell finished, Prot spoke.

“Dr. Powell, you’re right that I’m not from this planet,” he said calmly. “But I’m not delusional. I really am from K-PAX.”

Dr. Powell was taken aback by Prot’s admission. He had expected him to deny everything, to cling to his delusion no matter what evidence was presented to him. Instead, Prot seemed completely calm and composed, as if he were simply stating a fact.

“How is that possible?” Dr. Powell asked, almost desperately.

Prot smiled. “Let me show you,” he said. “Close your eyes and concentrate.”

Dr. Powell did as Prot asked, not sure what to expect. Suddenly, he felt a sensation of weightlessness, as if he were floating in mid-air. When he opened his eyes, he found himself floating in space, surrounded by stars.

He looked around, feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. Prot was beside him, looking almost amused.

“This is impossible,” Dr. Powell said. “We can’t be here.”

“We’re not really here,” Prot said. “This is just an astral projection, a way of showing you the truth.”

Dr. Powell looked around, taking in the beauty of the stars and the vastness of space. He felt a sense of awe that he had never experienced before.

“Look at that star,” Prot said, pointing to a bright light in the distance. “That’s K-PAX.”

Dr. Powell looked at the star, feeling a sense of wonder. He couldn’t believe that he was actually seeing the planet that Prot claimed to be from. But as he looked closer, he saw something that made his heart skip a beat.

There was a planet orbiting the star, but it wasn’t like any planet he had ever seen before. It was a small, rocky planet, with no atmosphere and no signs of life. But it was identical to the drawings that Prot had made of K-PAX.

“How is this possible?” Dr. Powell asked again, feeling a sense of urgency.

Prot turned to him, his expression serious. “Dr. Powell, it’s not important how it’s possible. What’s important is that you understand that I’m telling the truth. I really am from K-PAX, and I need your help.”

Dr. Powell felt a sense of responsibility wash over him. He had been so focused on proving Prot wrong that he hadn’t considered the possibility that he might be telling the truth. And now, faced with the evidence, he couldn’t deny it any longer.

“Okay,” he said. “What do you need me to do?”

Prot smiled, looking relieved. “I need you to help me go home.”

Chapter 4: The Journey

Dr. Powell couldn’t believe what he was experiencing. He was traveling through the galaxy, guided by Prot, an alleged alien from the planet K-PAX. They had left Earth behind, and everything Dr. Powell knew about the universe was being challenged with every passing moment.

As they traveled through the vast expanse of space, Prot shared with Dr. Powell the wonders of the universe. He spoke of the complexities of the stars, the formation of galaxies, and the mysteries of dark matter. Dr. Powell listened intently, fascinated by the knowledge that Prot possessed.

They visited distant planets, some with thriving civilizations and others that were barren and lifeless. Prot explained the immense distances between each planet and how different forms of life could thrive in different environments. Dr. Powell was amazed by the variety and complexity of the universe.

As they traveled further, Dr. Powell noticed something changing within him. He had always been a skeptic, a man who relied on facts and data to make sense of the world around him. But with every passing moment, he was becoming more open-minded, more willing to accept the possibilities of the universe.

Prot seemed to sense this change in Dr. Powell, and he maintained a calm and reassuring presence throughout their journey. He encouraged Dr. Powell to ask questions, and he patiently answered each one of them.

Dr. Powell was particularly struck by Prot’s description of time. Prot explained that time was not a linear concept, but rather a series of interconnected events that could be experienced simultaneously. He spoke of how, in his home planet of K-PAX, time was understood in a way that Earthlings could never comprehend.

As the journey continued, Dr. Powell began to see Prot in a new light. He was no longer just a patient with a delusion, but a being with a vast knowledge of the universe. Dr. Powell realized that he had been wrong to dismiss Prot’s claims as mere hallucinations. There was something more profound at play, something that Dr. Powell was only just beginning to understand.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the journey came to an end. Dr. Powell found himself back on Earth, in his office, with Prot sitting across from him. He felt a sense of loss, as if something precious had been taken away from him.

But as Prot prepared to leave Earth, he turned to Dr. Powell and said something that would change Dr. Powell’s life forever.

“Remember what I’ve shown you,” Prot said. “Remember that there is more to the universe than what you can see with your eyes. Remember that everything is connected, and that every action has a consequence. And perhaps most importantly, remember that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times.”

With those words, Prot disappeared, leaving Dr. Powell alone in his office.

Dr. Powell sat in silence for a long time, contemplating everything that had happened. He realized that his perspective on life had been forever changed. He saw the world in a new light, with newfound wonder and curiosity.

As he looked up at the sky, he wondered what other mysteries lay beyond the stars. And for the first time, he didn’t have all the answers. But he was willing to keep searching, to keep exploring, to keep learning. Because, as Prot had shown him, there was always more to the universe than met the eye.

Chapter 5: The Return

Dr. Powell was in awe as Prot showed him the wonders of the universe during their journey through the galaxy. They had left Earth far behind and were now in a different part of the galaxy, where Dr. Powell had never been before. Prot guided him through the stars, pointing out different galaxies and explaining their unique characteristics.

As they traveled further, Dr. Powell’s mind was opened to a whole new perspective of the universe. Prot explained how everything was connected, from the smallest of particles to the largest of galaxies. Dr. Powell asked countless questions, and Prot always had an answer.

“Is there life on other planets?” Dr. Powell asked.

“Of course,” Prot replied. “Life is abundant in the universe. There are countless civilizations out there, each with their own unique characteristics and ways of life.”

Dr. Powell marveled at the thought of all the different forms of life that existed in the universe. It was a humbling experience, as he realized how small Earth was compared to the vastness of the cosmos.

After what felt like an eternity, they finally arrived back on Earth. Dr. Powell felt different, as if he had been given a newfound purpose. He looked at the world with a new set of eyes, seeing things he had never noticed before.

As they entered the mental institution, the other patients and staff members greeted them with open arms. Prot had become a beacon of hope for everyone there, offering a sense of calm and tranquility that was hard to come by in such a chaotic environment.

Dr. Powell felt a strong sense of gratitude towards Prot. He had changed his life in ways he never thought possible. He looked at Prot as more than just a patient now, but as a teacher who had shown him the true nature of the universe.

Prot knew that his time on Earth was coming to an end. He had fulfilled his mission, and now it was time for him to return to his own world. Dr. Powell felt a sense of loss at the thought of Prot leaving, but knew that his journey had been completed.

As they sat outside the mental institution, looking up at the stars, Prot spoke to Dr. Powell one last time.

“I have one request before I leave,” Prot said.

“What is it?” Dr. Powell asked.

“I want you to continue to share the knowledge I have given you with others. Spread the message of the universe and the connectedness of all things. Do not let my teachings die with me.”

Dr. Powell nodded, tears streaming down his face. He knew that Prot’s request would be a lifelong mission. He would continue to share the knowledge he had gained, knowing that it was a gift that needed to be shared with the world.

Prot stood up, looking towards the stars.

“It is time for me to go,” he said.

Dr. Powell stood up as well, not wanting to let him go.

“Thank you for everything,” Dr. Powell said.

Prot turned to him, a smile on his face.

“Thank you for believing in me,” Prot said.

With that, Prot vanished into thin air, leaving Dr. Powell standing there, amazed and humbled by the experience.

Dr. Powell knew that life would never be the same again. He had been given a gift, one that he would cherish for the rest of his life. As he looked up at the stars, he knew that there was more to the universe than he had ever imagined. The possibilities were endless, and he was ready to embrace them.

Chapter 6: The Departure

Dr. Powell sits in his office, staring out the window. He can’t shake the feeling of loss that has enveloped him since Prot’s departure was announced. He had become so invested in Prot’s case, and his departure felt like a personal blow. He had come to see Prot as more than just a patient, but as a friend and a teacher who had opened his mind to new possibilities.

As Dr. Powell sits lost in thought, he hears a knock at the door. He looks up and sees Prot standing in front of him, dressed in his white jumpsuit.

“May I come in, Dr. Powell?” Prot asks.

Dr. Powell nods, unable to find his voice. Prot walks in and takes a seat in front of Dr. Powell’s desk.

“I wanted to say goodbye, in person,” Prot says.

Dr. Powell nods again, still unable to speak.

“I know my departure is difficult for you, Dr. Powell. But I want you to know that our time together has meant a great deal to me. You have been a true friend and confidant, and I will never forget what you have done for me.”

Dr. Powell finally finds his voice. “I should be thanking you, Prot. You have taught me so much, and I will always be grateful for the time we spent together.”

Prot smiles. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Dr. Powell. I have a favor to ask of you.”

Dr. Powell looks at Prot, curiosity on his face.

“I would like for you to take care of my daughter, Bess,” Prot says. “She will be arriving here on Earth soon, and I worry about her. I know that you will take good care of her, and that she will be safe with you.”

Dr. Powell is stunned. “Your daughter? I had no idea.”

Prot nods. “I didn’t want to burden you with that information. But now I must ask this of you. Will you do it?”

Dr. Powell nods, tears in his eyes. “Of course, Prot. I will do everything in my power to help her.”

Prot smiles. “Thank you, Dr. Powell. I knew I could count on you.”

There is a moment of silence between them before Prot stands up. “I must go now, Dr. Powell. My time here is almost up.”

Dr. Powell stands up as well, feeling a lump in his throat. “Goodbye, Prot. It was an honor to know you.”

Prot walks over to Dr. Powell and places his hand on his shoulder. “We will meet again, Dr. Powell. Of that, I am certain.”

Dr. Powell nods, watching as Prot walks out of his office and down the hallway. He stands there for a few moments, lost in thought, before returning to his desk.

As he sits down, he notices a small object on his desk. It’s a round stone, smooth and cool to the touch. Dr. Powell picks it up and examines it, wondering where Prot could have gotten it.

Suddenly, he realizes what it is. It’s a stone from K-PAX, a piece of the planet that Prot had called home. Dr. Powell feels a wave of emotion wash over him as he holds the stone in his hand. It’s a tangible reminder of everything Prot had taught him, and a symbol of the bond they had formed.

Dr. Powell puts the stone in his pocket, determined to keep it close to him always. He knows that Prot’s departure has changed him in ways he can’t fully comprehend yet, but he feels grateful for the experience.

As he sits there, lost in thought, Dr. Powell wonders what other wonders and mysteries the universe holds. He’s no longer content with just the mundane and ordinary, and he knows he will spend the rest of his life searching for the extraordinary.

Chapter 7: The Aftermath

Dr. Powell sat in his office, staring out the window, lost in thought. It had been weeks since Prot’s departure, but he still couldn’t shake the impact that the alien’s presence had left on him. He had been forever altered by the experience.

As he sat there, he thought back to his first meeting with Prot. He had been skeptical, even dismissive, of the patient’s claims of being from another planet. But as he delved deeper into Prot’s case, he found himself becoming more and more intrigued.

It wasn’t just the knowledge that Prot possessed, although that was impressive in and of itself. It was the way that Prot interacted with the other patients that Dr. Powell found so fascinating. Patients who had previously been unresponsive or hostile were suddenly opening up to Prot, confiding in him, even taking on tasks that they had previously refused to do.

As Dr. Powell continued his investigation, he found himself being drawn into Prot’s world. The alien’s knowledge of the universe was captivating, and Dr. Powell found himself experiencing a sense of wonder that he hadn’t felt since he was a child.

It was during their journey through the galaxy that Dr. Powell truly began to understand the extent of Prot’s knowledge. The alien showed him wonders that he had never even dreamed of, and Dr. Powell was filled with a sense of awe and reverence.

But it wasn’t until Prot’s departure that Dr. Powell truly understood the impact that the alien had had on his life. As he sat in his office, staring out the window, he thought back to their last conversation.

“Doctor,” Prot had said, “you have everything you need.”

At the time, Dr. Powell had been confused by the statement. But as he thought about it now, he realized that Prot had been telling him something important.

He had been telling him that he already had everything he needed to be happy, to be fulfilled. That he didn’t need to search the galaxy for answers, that they were already within him.

Dr. Powell sat there, lost in thought, when his phone rang. It was his wife, calling to let him know that she had picked up their son from school.

As he hung up the phone and got up from his desk, he realized that Prot had been right. He did have everything he needed. He had a loving wife, a healthy son, a fulfilling job. He didn’t need to search the galaxy for answers, because they were already right in front of him.

As he left his office and headed home, he felt a sense of peace that he hadn’t felt in years. The experience with Prot had left him forever changed, but in a way that he was grateful for.

As he pulled into his driveway and walked into his house, he heard his son calling out to him. He ran to meet the young boy, lifting him up in his arms and twirling him around.

In that moment, Dr. Powell knew that he had found what he had been searching for. That all the knowledge in the universe couldn’t compare to the love of his family.

He looked up at the stars that night, wondering if Prot was still out there somewhere. But he didn’t feel the same sense of longing that he had before.

He knew that Prot had given him a gift, one that he would always cherish. And as he laid in bed that night, he felt a sense of peace and contentment that he hadn’t felt in years.

The End.

Some scenes from the movie K-PAX written by A.I.

Scene 1


A taxi pulls up to the entrance of the mental institution. PROT (30s) steps out, wearing a white suit and sunglasses. He walks towards the entrance, carrying a small bag.


Prot meets with his psychiatrist, DR. POWELL (40s), in an examination room.

DR. POWELL: So, Prot, can you tell me where you’re from?

PROT: K-PAX, 1000 light years away from here.

DR. POWELL looks at Prot skeptically.

DR. POWELL: And how did you get here?

PROT: I hitched a ride on the beam of light.

DR. POWELL: (chuckles) That’s quite a story. And what do you know about Earth?

PROT: I’ve been studying your planet for quite some time. You’re a very interesting species.

DR. POWELL: And what do you think of humans?

PROT: (smiling) You’re a fascinating lot. So much potential, yet so much to learn.

DR. POWELL: (intrigued) Tell me more about your planet.

Prot proceeds to describe K-PAX and the wonders of the universe. Dr. Powell listens intently, fascinated by Prot’s knowledge.

DR. POWELL: (to himself) This is unlike any delusion I’ve ever encountered.

The scene ends with Prot and Dr. Powell continuing their conversation, setting the stage for an intriguing journey of discovery and exploration.

Scene 2


Dr. Powell walks through the halls of the mental institution, deep in thought. He approaches a group of patients sitting on a bench.


(to the patients)

Excuse me, have any of you had contact with a patient named Prot?


(looking up)

Oh yeah, Prot! He’s the one who talks about being an alien, right?


(chimes in)

Yeah, he’s really cool. He always has something interesting to say.



Interesting? What does he talk about?


(wrapping his arms around his knees)

He talks about different planets, galaxies, time travel, all that stuff.


(narrows his eyes)

And you believe him?



Even if he’s just making it all up, he’s still more interesting than most of the people here.

Dr. Powell nods and makes a note in his notebook.


Thank you for your time.

He continues down the hallway, deep in thought. As he turns the corner, he comes face to face with Prot. They lock eyes for a moment before Prot nods and continues walking.


(calling after him)

Prot! Can we talk?

Prot stops and turns around, looking at Dr. Powell expectantly.


I’d like to learn more about you, if that’s alright.

Prot nods and they continue walking together down the hallway.


I’d love to tell you more about K-PAX.

Dr. Powell looks at Prot curiously, his skepticism fading. The journey of discovery has begun.

Scene 3



DR. POWELL and PROT sit across from each other in a small room. A tense silence fills the air.


(showing Prot a chart)

Can you tell me what this is?


(studying the chart)

That’s a model of your solar system.



And how do you know that?



Because I’ve been there.

DR. POWELL takes a deep breath, struggling to comprehend the situation.



You’ve been to our solar system? That’s quite a claim.



It’s not a claim. It’s the truth.

DR. POWELL scribbles something down on his notepad.



I don’t think I can help you.


(raising an eyebrow)

Why not?



You seem to know more about the universe than I do.



Good. Then you’re starting to see things my way.


Scene 4



Dr. Powell sits in his office, deep in thought. Prot enters the room, a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.


Are you ready, Doctor?



I suppose so. Where are we headed?


(smiling back)

To the stars, of course.

Dr. Powell stands, and Prot leads him out of the room.


Prot and Dr. Powell step outside, and the scenery around them changes. They are now standing in the middle of a bustling spaceport.



This is where we depart. Are you ready for the journey?


(still in awe)

Absolutely. Let’s go.

Prot leads Dr. Powell to a sleek, silver spaceship. The two get inside, and the doors close behind them.


Dr. Powell looks around the spaceship, wide-eyed.



This is amazing. How is this possible?



It’s all physics, Doctor. Don’t worry, you’ll understand soon enough.

The spaceship suddenly takes off, and Dr. Powell holds on tight to his seat.


The spaceship soars through the stars, planets and galaxies passing by in a blur. Dr. Powell looks out of the window, his mouth hanging open in awe.


You see, Doctor, there’s no need for war or conflict in the universe. There’s enough for everyone to share.


Dr. Powell turns to Prot, a serious expression on his face.



But what about the conflicts on Earth? How do we solve those?



Just like we solve everything else, Doctor. With compassion and understanding.

Dr. Powell nods, a newfound sense of hope in his eyes.


The spaceship suddenly comes to a stop, and Dr. Powell looks out the window to see a beautiful planet in front of them.



Welcome to K-PAX, Doctor.

Dr. Powell steps out of the spaceship, and Prot follows him. They take in the sights around them – other beings walking around, alien landscapes, and flying vehicles.



This is incredible. I can’t believe it’s real.



It is, Doctor. And it’s just the beginning.


Scene 5



Prot and Dr. Powell are floating in space, surrounded by galaxies and nebulas. They are both wearing special suits that enable them to breathe in the vacuum of space.


(staring in wonder)

This is incredible. I never imagined such beauty existed.



It’s even more magnificent than you could ever imagine. I’ve seen thousands of worlds and still can’t get enough of the universe.



Prot, I have to ask you…are you really an alien?



I’m sorry, Dr. Powell. I’m not what you think I am. I’m just a man, suffering from a traumatic experience that I can’t fully remember.



What? But all the evidence points to you being an alien.



I know. I created the persona of Prot as a coping mechanism for the trauma I experienced. I thought if I convinced myself I was an alien, I could escape my pain.



I understand, Prot. But why didn’t you tell me the truth from the beginning?


(looking at Dr. Powell)

Because I could sense that you needed to believe in something greater than yourself. And in turn, I needed to believe in something greater than my own suffering.



I see. So, what happens now?



We continue our journey, together. And perhaps, we’ll discover something even greater than the universe.


(smiling back)

I’m with you, Prot.

They continue floating, their gaze fixed on the wonders of the universe.


Scene 6



Dr. Powell is sitting across from Prot, who is looking out the window.



Prot, it’s time for you to prepare for your departure.

Prot turns to Dr. Powell, his eyes filled with a sense of sadness.



Thank you, Dr. Powell. I have enjoyed my time here.


(feeling emotional)

It has been an honor to work with you. I have never met anyone like you before.

Prot looks at Dr. Powell with a sense of understanding.



Before I go, I have a request.

Dr. Powell nods, eager to hear what Prot has to say.



I would like you to take care of Robert. He is a patient who has been struggling, and I believe that you can help him.

Dr. Powell looks surprised by the request.



Why me? Why not someone else?

Prot looks at Dr. Powell with a sense of knowing.



Because you have the ability to see beyond the surface, and to understand the deeper meaning behind things. Robert needs someone like you to help him.

Dr. Powell nods, understanding the importance of Prot’s request.



I will do my best to help him.

Prot nods, looking satisfied.



Thank you. And remember, Dr. Powell, there is still so much to discover.

Dr. Powell nods, feeling a sense of wonder and curiosity.



I will never forget that.

Prot stands up, preparing to leave.



Thank you for everything, Dr. Powell. You have been a good friend.

Dr. Powell stands up, feeling emotional.


(feeling emotional)

You have taught me so much, Prot. I will never forget you.

Prot smiles, then slowly fades away into the light.



Author: AI